Paramore releases 'Monster' for 'Transformers' movie: Is the now-trio dissing their departed bandmates?


Image Credit: Jonathan Shensa/PR Photos

Although “Monster” is the first official single from Paramore following the acrimonious departure of founding members Josh and Zac Farro, you wouldn’t be able to tell the band is two members short just from listening.

The remaining trio stays the marketably melancholy course on this song for the Transformers: Dark of the Moon soundtrack.

“Monster” is exactly the kind of dark, tightly-constructed emo you would expect from Paramore. Sure, it’s a tad sludgier than their usual fare, but the crisp, angular guitar work keeps the track from sounding too close to ’90s alt-rock.

The most interesting thing about this single, however, are the lyrics: My (conspiracy) theory is this song is about airing rock stars’ dirty laundry, and not Robots in Disguise. Listen to it here:

“Now that you’re gone, the world is ours,” lead singer Hayley Williams declares. And yeah, Megatron could conceivably utter that sentence, but she’s probably not singing this song from the perspective of the Decepticon overlord.

Of course, it could be just a meaningless filler lyric, but the whole song is addressed to an unnamed naysayer: “I’m not the villain despite what you’re always preaching,” etc.

The band’s split was an infamously rocky one; following the Farro brothers’ exit, the surviving members released a statement saying, in part, “None of us were really shocked—for the past year it hasn’t seemed as if they wanted to be around anymore.”

Unhappy with the implications of that official statement, Josh Farro pulled no punches with his blog response. He alleged that Paramore had turned into “a manufactured product of a major label” and devolved from a collective effort to Williams’ solo project. (In fact, the current iteration of Paramore has admitted that Williams is the only band member technically signed to Atlantic Records.) So it wouldn’t be shocking if the remaining three members still have a beef with the Farro brothers.

What do you think about this new Paramore song? Can you detect a musical difference without the Farro brothers? Is it another success, or not what you were hoping for?

And when it comes to creating a soundtrack to Autobots fighting Decepticons, does this even hold a candle to the works of Stan Bush?

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  • E-Hustle

    Never cared for this group of emo’s, but that chick is F’N hot! With that said, it was a diss, and I am sure this Transformers movie will fail in regards to story, acting, and over the top tired explosions.

    • their best sh1t is probz behind them

      decode is a great song… i don’t care that they suck, decode is a great song

      • lover

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        ~~There are many bands out there with only one or two members actually signed to the label – it’s quite uncommon for all members of a band to be signed.

      • Tom

        It’s so hardcore and alternative they had to pay to play it on the radio.

    • Tor

      They’re not generally emos. Give their first album a listen sometime.

    • Daniel

      They’re not emos! The band is really cool, and one of my favorite bands. I just hate that Hayley b****, because she’s the reason why the Farro brothers left!

      • Stormy

        It isn’t HER fault people pay more attention to the frontwoman than the rest of the band!! People care more about the singer than they do the rest of the band because they think the band wouldn’t exist without a singer
        they think she’s the biggest part of the band. She’s not, she’s important, but nomore than everyone else
        so DON’T blame HAYLEY because the brothers could’t handle how much attention she got :)
        They felt like they were riding on the tail of her dream? that didn’t atter durring the first two albums! It was after all the attention they got that they were bothered, I personally think they couldnt handle all the attention she got :)

  • Dr. Linus

    Dude I’d be pissed if I were in a group and only the lead singer was officially signed by the label.

    • Berae

      There are many bands out there with only one or two members actually signed to the label – it’s quite uncommon for all members of a band to be signed.

      • @ Berae

        No. It’s not uncommon for all members to be signed. Yes some only sign some members but usually it’s the whole band.

      • Rich

        Not exactly common, but it definitely happens: Bon Jovi… Matchbox 20… Counting Crows… among MANY others…

    • Tom

      That’s because they aren’t really a band. Face it.

  • Pittner

    I’ve never cared for this band either. When a band has a female lead singer, they always have to be concerned that the record companies will really emphasize the frontwoman and make her to be the most important part. Even more so than the male lead singers.

  • a

    Stop trying to pretend Paramore’s lyrics mean something.

    • Tom

      Commercially generated angst for lazy emo kids that have no taste in real alternative music?

      • dalton

        people like you are hilarious. you go to a site to listen to a song or check on the status of a band but then talk smack about them. people like you are in a serious identity chrisis

    • dalton

      wtf u mean their lyrics dont mean something dumbass,,,every artist that writes means something in their lyrics

  • Marylet Datuin

    so glad that Paramore is back with a new song :)
    and yeah, E-hustle, they’re not emos. Just so you know. So please don’t call ‘em that, all right? :) thanks.

    Anyway,this is a nice comeback for Paramore. And although I feel that they could have done better for a new song, this is good enough :) Love ya, paramore! :)

    • Defiant1

      Holy smiley face Batman.

      • Emma

        I know this popular joke but where is it from?

  • jj

    personally i hate it when someone calls themselves a band or group when it’s really just one person. Just be honest, Paramore. If she’s the group and the other guys are just her backing band, so be it. But don’t pretend to actually be a group that is all equal. And that also went for Destiny’s Child, Xscape, SWV, etc…

    • Defiant1

      That’s not true of the bands you mentioned. Also, can the lead singer of this band play all the instruments?

      • BC

        Hayley can play the guitar, drums, and piano.

  • auds

    Gag me. Does this band do ANYTHING but make songs for crappy movie’s soundtracks & have an ugly flat chested orange haired chick? I don’t understand the obsession men have with this boring flat chested tiny twerp.

    • nicole

      Jealous much? I have to say that I have not been a big fan of Paramore since the split because certain things have come to light that just showed how much of a band that they aren’t, but whoa! They do make good music, just because it is not your cup of tea does not make it crappy. Picking at people is never the answer. Shame on you for picking at Hayley. She may be flat-chested, but boy does she have a voice on her.

      • Defiant1

        Don’t worry nicole, I’m willing to bet auds has a rather small package.

      • Pittner

        You people really should try to come up with better insults than someone just being jealous or them having small packages.

      • @ Pittner

        Actually it’s the perfect comeback since the original dude was saying she had small t!ts. Get with the program.

      • Tom

        Bewbes are important when they have nothing else going on.

  • deedeedragons

    Damn! I wanted another crappy Linkin Park song.

    • Tor

      There’s one on the album.

      • Kitty

        Hahahahahahaha nicely put.

      • Tom

        Boom! Roasted.

  • Skye Hill

    This song is as awful as the rest of their emo crap. They make music for morons.

    • Ghj147

      then why the hell are you even commenting on this then?

    • ryan

      your an idiot…. they are not emo.

      • matt

        “your an idiot”

        I just love when people do this. Since ryan might not get the irony I’ll point it out. It’s “you’re.”

    • Stormy

      No, Katy Perry is for morons, Ke$ha is for morons, LIL WAYNE is for MORONS

      Paramore is a band that makes you look at life and say “damn, I never thought of it THAT way.”
      And they aren’t emo, they’re alternitive/punk

  • Matthew

    There is so much more to this whole story. This song is aimed at Josh Farro not Zac Farro. Zac left the band with a high head and tried to do his own thing but josh hes just a dick, the whole ‘manufactured band’ thing was all made up. she was the first to get signed and then the rest did, because she started of solo but then joined paramore. He added insult to injruy buy then saying in kerrang but saying he didnt miss paramore at all. So that means he also hated the fans. If you listen to the whole song it tell the whole thing about suck a wanker josh is becuase he didnt let it go wereas everybody else did. the three are just hitting back at what he said and then did it so much better.

  • Bec

    PARAMORE IS AWESOME! How about you listen to some of the other songs before you start bagging them out. And they are not emo! And they don’t just make songs for soundtracks. And Hayley mentioned that this song isn’t about the Farro brother’s departure. And Hayley is not UGLY! How could you day that? And who care’s if she’s flat chested. And the band are all really down to earth. And Paramore is a BAND, it’s not just Hayley. It mustn’t be that bad if Jeremy and Taylor stayed, the Farro brother’s musn’t be able to face up to the fact that Hayley is, yeah, the face of the band. Everyone loves the boys just as much (at least the fans do).

    • poisy

      Well said buddy :) we love everyone in paramore equally!!

  • poisy

    Fck all of you who insulted her and the BAND! If you don’t like they music than say you don’t like it there’s no need to be asshles about it get a life you asshles,I love paramore and I know they are a band,you people just want them to fail,the farros left for more than that reason go read the blog,they were to holy and better than hayley so they thought,btw hayley can play acoustic,rythem guitar,key board and piano and play it well!, taylor in this song played electric guitar and rythem and also drums and helped write the songs,I wonder what all of you can play or write or even sing,and why the hell did you read or and listen to this song if you don’t even like them,please this is not high school grow the fck up and be a decent human being,you don’t have to like this song at all but don’t be mean about the people who made it,diss the song,and there’s gonna be way more ppl that love it than hate it

    • lalala

      Use a period sometimes and the space bar after a comma. Thanks.

      • Stephen Hawking

        Poisy will get punctuation once second grade rolls around for her.

  • poisy

    Oh and PS iv played this song hundreds of times already and I’m playing it right now :P

  • stoltobot

    Paramore would be a good band if they ditched the generic sounding singer.

    • poisy

      Paramore are a good band dude

  • Demore

    Im Tired Of Hearing That Hayley Is A B**** You Could Take Joshs Word For It, But You Weren’t There To See What Really Broke The Band Down So How The Hell Can You Form Such A Strong Opinion About Her? And If You Dont Care Why Do You Have Time To Comment? Seriously Why?

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