Scotty McCreery's second single 'Out of Summertime' leaks online


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Well, that was fast.

American Idol champ Scotty McCreery’s first single, “I Love You This Big,” has only been out for about two weeks, but what’s likely to be his second single, “Out of Summertime,” has already leaked on the internet.

Based purely on a few cursory listens, there’s big potential in his latest effort. Compared to “This Big,” “Summertime” is more uptempo, with twangy runs that would tickle nearly anyone at a county fair. And that’s just about right: Scotty intones in the song, “What we felt on that ferris wheel, was just too right and just too real.”

Surprise: It’s a love song! Nods to the title comes early and often in the song, too: “She could have been mine, but we ran out of summertime.” But the seasonal references don’t stop there: “She was hot as July, sweet as sunshine.”

Armed with that fair-weather formula and McCreery’s currently hot status, “Summertime” certainly has the opportunity to burn up the country charts during the coming, hot months.

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  • Q

    I can’t believe Alfred E. Neuman won American Idol.

    • LOL

      He’s learning to say “Would you like fries with that?” as we speak.

      • rachel

        You do know he’s actually doing well sales wise, as well as on the radio right?

      • Vince from NYC

        I bet every top ten American Idol contestant makes more money than you do and every will.. Maybe they aren’t gigantic music stars but all made a pretty penny from the tour and are probably getting some kind of consistant small time gig. Some on broadway, some as backup singers or working in studios. There are other ways to make money in the entertainment biz besides selling millions of records.

      • Ghost of Pia

        I hope he saves his money. Otherwise, he’ll be flipping burgers and slingin’ fries sooner than he thinks.

      • Charlie


      • danw

        Vince from NYC: You are SO right. Something that I know but I occasionally forget.

      • Skye Hill

        Shhhh you’re going to upset the morons.

      • MultiPass

        I hope he does porn

      • H. L. Lozano

        All these guys are jealous because their acne medication is not working. So instead of dating they spend their time on Scotty’s page making negative comments.

      • Bobby Greene

        If he is it’s bacause he’ll own the chain of outlets you’re referring to.

    • mima

      same thing i just thought “Alfred E Neuman “What me Worry? look on his face…the song will be a big hit with country kids…just like ol scotty… lucky ducky scotty

      • janetc

        Jerks! Spread your hatred somewhere else!

    • edmonton girl

      I can’t believe you are still making that very tired joke. You don’t want to listen, then don’t. He’s a good kid and does not deserve this constant mockery about his appearance, especially from some loser hiding behind his or her computer.

    • cyrlopez

      Scotty is sooo cute. Do I sense some jealousy?

    • cyrlopez

      Scotty is cute and very talented. He will be around for a long time.

    • H. L. Lozano

      Believe it. Now go get a life.

    • Joy

      You are one jealous person. He has more talent in his little pinky than you have in your whole body.Didn’t your mama tell you “if you don’t have something good to say, then don’t say anything at all??? Oh that’s were just crawling out from under your rock. Get a life. You might have some descent friends if you take the time to LIKE YOURSELF. GO SCOTTY… YOU ARE ONE GREAT PERSON AND SINGER. YOU WILL GO VERY FAR IN THE COUNTRY GENRE. GOD BLESS OUR SCOTTY

      • Booo

        As a female, Scotty is not cute. He’s just all right looking. And I’m so sick of the “j” word being thrown around on comment boards when someone dislikes a celeb. No one is jealous of his back of the throat, old school country singing self.

    • H. L. Lozano

      Believe it now go het a life!

  • ej


    • J

      “Leaked.” Yeah, right. This was fast-tracked because “I Love You This Big” is so terrible. I like this one well enough, but I don’t know if I’d pay for it.

  • DenverDave

    I don’t know what the time-table is for releasing this song, but the sooner the better. What a great song for the season!

  • Anon

    I like the kid but hearing his second single just reminded me of how much I dislike country music. Good Luck on your career though

    • janetc

      Thank you for expressing your dislike in a tactful way (unlike others on here)! :)

  • andrea

    love it

  • Jaime

    I haven’t quit listening to it! It’s super catchy & super cute! Definitely a hit-maker for Scotty!!:) Hope it gets officially released soon & is on the airwaves in time for summer!:)

    • Christian

      Oh shut the f**k up and hop off the 17 yr old boy’s d!(k u h0!

      • kt

        Wow, really? I was a HUGE Haley fan, but I absolutely love this song too. Grow up…

      • janetc

        Wow, great comment coming from a guy named Christian! Guess you don’t live up to your name!!

      • Booo

        Love it, Christian! My kind of person!

  • Chris G

    I can see his eyebrows going a mile-a-minute on this song.

  • Gaga4573

    OMG WOW i hate country music, and i realized it due to this idiot. and i thought american idol was supposed to produce pop artists like Britney, Justin Timberlake, etc. And theyre all from the South – so racist

    • rachel

      Where does it say Idol is supposed to produce pop artists? I’m not even a fan of country, but you’re the one who sounds like a racist moron.

    • Bren

      Oh really? Idol is supposed to produce pop artists? It’s not American Pop Idol. It’s American Idol – covers all genres. The most successful artist from the show is a country artist – Carrie Underwood.

    • Amy

      Idol doesn’t have to just do pop, pop isn’t real. Country is about expressing your true feelings and the artists that sing it can really connect with their fans. Can you really connect to anything Brittany or like, Justin Beiber has ever sang?

      • Dave

        Country music is about getting drunk and beating your woman.

    • MissMel

      A)Do you even know what racism is? How in God’s name is the fact that these people are from the South make equate to racism in your mind? B) You do realize the both Britney and Justin are from the South right?

      • Squishmar

        LOL! I was thinking the exact same thing.

    • Patti

      I dont care if there are some of you who are so closed mined about country. I like all music. Get over it Scotty is good and I say he will be around awhile with the right music……..Go scotty

      • MD

        Patti – well said a good song is a good song no matter what genre!

      • Booo

        I like all music, too, and Scotty is horrible.

    • Meli

      Southerners are supposed to be so racist, yet you lump a bunch of people together and assign a trait to them because of where they live? I guess that makes you and everyone where you live nothing but a bunch ignorant douchebags, doesn’t it?

      • Booo

        I’m from the south. The majority kind of is. Sorry…

    • Far Out

      Racist? Stop drinking the liberal zoobie coolaid! Read and learn.

    • elle

      Music does not only refer to “POP”. You should know better than that. C’mon don’t be shallow-minded. Yes, everyone has his own preference to their kind of music. If you don’t appreciate country, then don’t listen to it or worse, don’t read articles about Scotty and keep your ignorance and bitterness to yourself. GO SCOTTY!!!

  • B-scot

    Better that his first song and he has to lock in his young girl fans quickly before that move on to someone new, since he will semi-flop in sales without them.

  • Lannie

    The guy is FANTASTIC..>The song is FANTASTIC…Award shows are waiting for his songs and he’ll be best new performer of the eyar…LOVE HIMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

    • kathi

      Scotty is awesome, he will be a big star…

      • Trey

        No he won’t.

      • TorontoTom

        This time next year, you won’t even remember him.

      • Goat Girl

        @Toronto Tom… Gawd I hope so.

    • jaxguy

      He is so ordinary that it does not shock me so many love him. We are a country of bumpkins anyway. He’ll do ok for a while and then goodbye!

  • Hyde

    This sounds like a herd of suck.

    This fugitive from Mayberry sucks.

    If you like him, you have no taste, and YOU suck.

    No wonder the music industry is garbage. People like this idiot are getting all the press, while songwriters and artists who are actually GOOD toil in obscurity.

    I hope he’s involved in a plane crash and is silenced forever.

    • teeree

      Idiots wish for bad luck to happen to people, no one asked you to listen. He’s rubber you’re glue…IDIOT!

      • Booo

        Oh that’s grown up. How old are you? 12? You know there’s a law that you shouldn’t be on social media right now. LOL

    • jerry hamilton

      I think your last sentence is in such poor taste. If you do not like his music, change the station. Country music is the one genre that people still buy records.

      • Booo

        Because it’s popular in middle America where internet speed sucks and iTunes aren’t prevalent. Most people who like country still buy CDs. LOL! I haven’t bought a CD in like 7 years. LOL

    • Linda

      There aren’t any Mods on this site? this post wishing tragedy to an innocent young lad should be deleted! so reprehensible,Hyde!

    • retta

      i think than remark was stupid and god will punsh you for it you may or one member of your flamily might be on a plane and it kills them so shut your mouth up

    • judy

      Your are such a idiot to wish someone to have a plane crash. If you dont like country then why the heck are you here mouthing off? You must be a very terrible human to wish that on someone. Since you dont like country no one is forcing you to listen to it. Hopefully nothing bad happens to you for saying such things. I know God will forgive you.

      • Squishmar

        But… but… retta just said God would punish him for that remark? Which is it? I’m so confused.

    • DJ

      WOW I don’t know whether to think your an fuc#&@ ass*** or just feel sorry for you. Your life must really suck to wish death on a 17 year old kid, or is it that you are just a fuc*&$ pric#, which is it?

    • Charlie

      They really need to ban people like you from posting. You might want to remember, what go round comes round, so I wouldn’t get on any planes any time soon if I was you. And by the way, yes I meant to type round instead of around ’cause I’m from the South. Gotta go burn some rubber, while I spit out of the window of my pickup.

      • Squishmar

        Did you also mean to type ‘go’ instead of ‘goes’?

    • H. L. Lozano

      What a pathetic life you must be leading wasting your time thinking you can can write worthless phrases.

      • H. L. Lozano

        Don’t you have anything better to do like sticking needles in your eyes?

    • Squishmar

      Wow. The troll wins on this one! He’ll be so happy by all your responses. You really should have ignored him.

    • shella

      thats horrible you prick if you dont like it dont listen…go scotty

  • Bren

    It’s a great summer song and much better than the first ‘coronation’ song. They should just forget that one and release this one now!

  • Mylissa

    The new song is great! will be a hit for sure !

    *Disclaimer – don’t listen to Scotty or follow his music career if you are jealous. Just appreciate the music and go with it!

    • Hyde

      There’s nothing to appreciate. This guy is a glorified game show winner, and is having his “career” handed to him when he’s done NOTHING to earn it.

      Again, eying the skies… let that silver bird go down, down, down…

      • maitaisoo

        Can’t you mods remove this poster and his posts? He’s wishing that Scotty dies in a plane crash… SHEEEESH

      • retta

        you ar right hyde needs to be remove from here

      • maggiegrace

        ” no weapon formed against will prosper & every tongue tongue that shall rise against thee in judgement GOD shall condem..Isaiah:54:17…To all naysayers against Scotty…AMEN !!!I wouldnt speak out against GOD’S annointed…WISE UP !!!!

      • judy

        Someone should delete all of your stupid comments about wishing death on a 17 yr old boy. What an idiot. You know he wouldnt be saying things like that to you just because you dont like country music. To bad you are not as good a person as he is. I pitty a person like you.

      • DJ

        Its not that he doesn’t like country music, it’s just because he is a miserable person, excuse me a world class Pric#

      • Charlie

        What are you some kind of “That 70’s Show” wannabe?

      • Eurydice

        Well, aren’t you a special kind of stupid. Every winner of American Idol has done just as much to earn it as Scotty has – and every one of them has had a career “handed to them.” It’s not the contestants’ fault if you don’t like how the show works.

      • Booo

        First of all, your scripture has no place here. No I’m not an athiest but the way my fellow Christians throw scripture around makes me understand why there are so many athiests. Secondly, I’m sorry that only people who want to kiss Scotty’s backside should be allowed to post here. You don’t know him personally. He’s not your friend, your son, your brother, cousin, etc. so calm the heck down.

      • Squishmar

        To maggiegrace: I think the phrase you’re looking for is, “Karma’s a b!tch!”

  • Sue

    It’s a great song! I sure some people would just stop posting ugly things. If you don’t like country music, ok! Who cares!!!!

    • Hyde

      This doesn’t qualify as country. It is muzak and blasphemes the genre.

      Real country comes in four forms: Charlie Daniels, Hank Jr., Johnny Cash, and Willie Nelson. Everything else is C R A P.

      But then most country fans today are genetic mutated retards living in a house full of everything bought from Walmart. Too stupid to know what good is, and too full of false self-esteem and Mt. Dew Code Red to be able to find it.

      • retta

        gbet him off here i think he on drugs or just drunk

      • judy

        How the he** do you know where most country music fans live you big dumb idiot. If you dont like Scotty then just dont listen to him. No one is putting a gun to your head and making you listen.

      • DJ

        Hyde I figured it out, you get off on this don’t you. Confrontation.

      • Squishmar

        What is your excuse, retta? Just a second-grade education?

      • Squishmar

        Wow, DJ, you’re quick. Yes, obviously Hyde is a troll. And you guys keep feeding him. Don’t feed the trolls!

  • Lisa

    Scotty is awesome and deserves the best in life! he has amazing talent!those who are negative are just jealous they will never have that chance or talent! grow up people be happy for others…or get lost in your own misery….

    • Mark

      I agree with you Lisa!

    • Booo

      I’m a female. Not jealous. He sucks! Sit on it and rotate.

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