Lupe Fiasco calls President Obama 'the biggest terrorist in the United States of America'


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Yesterday Chicago rhymer Lupe Fiasco dipped his slip-on shoes into the mud during a routine interview on CBS’ What’s Trending with Shira Lazar to promote his recent (and well-liked by EW) album LASERS, calling fellow Chicagoan and U.S. President Barack Obama a terrorist.

Read what he said after the jump.

“To me,” Lupe began, “the biggest terrorist is Obama in the United States of America. I’m trying to fight the terrorism that’s causing the other forms of terrorism. You know the root cause of terrorists is the stuff the U.S. government allows to happen. The foreign policies that we have in place in different countries that inspire people to become terrorists.”

When asked if who he’ll vote for come 2012, he echoed the sentiments of “Words I Never Said,” saying he doesn’t plan on participating in the voting process because he doesn’t believe he can fully support any candidate.

“No, I don’t vote,” he said. “I don’t get involved in politics. It’s meaningless. If I’m going to say I stand behind this person and write on a piece of paper that says, ‘Yeah, I stand for this person,’ then I have to take responsibility for everything he does cause that’s just who I am as a human being. So politicians aren’t going to do that because I don’t want you to bomb some village in the middle of nowhere.”

Fiasco‘s anti-establishment stance is well documented. For those just now being introduced to him, look no further than his latest single, “Words I Never Said,” for his views on politics:

“Limbaugh is a racist/ Glenn Beck is a racist/ Gaza strip was getting bombed/ Obama didn’t say s—/ That’s why I ain’t vote for him/ next one either/ I’m a part of the problem/ My problem is I’m peaceful.”

Many of Lupe’s fans appreciate his candor. But even though they were heavily rationalized, his explanation for why President Obama’s a terrorist and why he doesn’t vote is sure to irk a few.

What do you think of Lupe’s views? Agree? Disagree? Let us know in the comments section.

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  • Klint

    His hyperbole is pointless, but few would argue that US foreign policy since the turn of the millenium has made the world a safer place. Most of that has nothing to do with Obama of course, but he hasn’t done much to help.

    • MultiPass

      Vapid pop star looking for attention. Whatever.

      • Brett

        He speaks a lot of words, but says nothing of substance. It’s easy to criticize, but refusing to vote is simply a cop out.

      • Sarah Palin

        I for one am glad Lupita Fresco isn’t voting; I encourage her and all her friends to just sit out 2012; what’s the worst that could happen?

    • Lupe Please

      How dare he not vote after millions died, not only so he could have the right to vote, but also so that his sorry behind could even be considered relevant enough to be interviewed! Where did he think Civil Rights came from? Sorry individual who just lost a fan….

  • Katie G

    Perhaps this is the problem with the American 2 party system. In Canada there are 3 major parties, and lots of smaller organizations. With such diverse political parties you can always find someone to stand behind – even if the probability of them winning a seat is small. To me, voting is my civic duty. I can either stand up and be counted, or sit down and shut up. If you don’t vote, I don’t think you have the right to complain.
    I adore Lupe, I listen to his music on a very regular basis. But I’m going to agree to disagree with him on this one.

    • @ katie G

      But in Canada you don’t have diversity of opinion. So it wouldn’t matter if you had 10 parties. Which is why it is easy to get things done.(IE gay marriage, health care) You can walk down the street here and have a multitude of different opinions from people who would not vote for the others party if their life depended on it. Alternatively.. you have Stephen Harper and will have him for a long time.

      • Katie G

        Um … and who says we all voted for Stephen Harper? The guy only got 43% of the vote.
        There are plently of diverse opinions in Canada. The difference is that we don’t have crazy hysterical super right wingers who would rule out of the bible. THAT is what we lack in Canada – and I am ever so grateful.

        But there’s definitely diversity in the country – if there wasn’t, we wouldn’t have lived with miniority governments for as long as we did.

      • Tajah

        Trust me, Harper was not voted for by the majority here. Here’s hoping to only 4 years!!

    • SallyinChicago

      @Katie G: I love the Canadian and British systems. Ours needs a total makeover. We need a Constitution for the 21st century.

    • maggie25

      I don’t think our multi-party system in Canada is perfect, but we definitely do have diversity of opinion. It’s not easy to get things done here. People fought for health care. People fought for gay marriage. Just because people were able to accomplish something doesn’t mean it was easy.

    • Mandy

      As a Canadian, I can tell you that we definately have diversity of opinions. I am a very liberal person living in a very conservative Alberta. Trust me, there are plenty of people here who I disagree with.
      That being said, we tend to have fewer extremists. That and we value human rights more.
      Canadians would never be willing to give up our healthcare and I know many people who are darn proud that gays can marry here.
      America will catch up eventually.

    • Lupe Please

      @Katie I love your innocence, but here is the problem: No one has any problem talking bad about Obama in the US because he is black and they think that it is ok. Yet when Pres Bush, who almost let thousands die in Katrina-BTW the majority of those people either still live in trailers or are still displaced. And Obama can’t do anything about it because as soon as he does, people will start to complain that he is helping blacks too much. The only person to call Bush out was Kanye West, and everybody tried to hang him for it. But people can call Obama anything they want and it’s ok. America is in a sad place right now……

      • Nick

        I may have to disagree with you on that point…Bush was called more than Obama ever will…the level of protesting and voter disapproval was much higher during Bush’s reign. As far as anyone calling him out listen to the band Anti-Flag, they would call out Bush all the time…I also attended a rock against Bush concert with over 50 bands. But the one thing I can def agree with you on is the country truly is in a sad plave place, it is a shell of what it used to be

  • pat

    If you don’t vote, keep your dang mouth shut.

    • Baba Booey Can’t Throw

      First, I have no idea who this jackhole is. Second, I’m supposed to take seriously someone using the name “fiasco?” Third, if you don’t vote, then you don’t really have the right to complain because by NOT voting you’re part of the problem.

      • Tajah

        Except that people who do, and people who don’t, have to live under that government that IS elected and everyone has the right to free speech so technically everyone has the right to complain and will complain about the government. It’s what people do.

      • Donknottz

        This jackhole debuted # 1 on the billboard chart with his last album this year and his whole message is Peace. Horrible thing these days I guess.

    • Shannon S.

      I think it’s the exact opposite…I voted for Obama, and now I feel like I need to keep my mouth shut every time I see him do something I don’t like. Seriously, what right do I have to complain…I helped put him there! If you don’t vote because you’re just lazy, that’s one thing. But if you don’t vote because you have issues with our government, or how the president’s position of power is used, then that’s your right and I have no problem with that.

      • maggie25

        I think his reasoning isn’t great for not voting, but I have never been able to agree with people who say if you don’t vote you can’t complain, but it would take too long for me to get my thoughts out here.
        @Shannon S.: I think since you voted for Obama it is more than okay to complain if he disappoints you. He is supposed to be representing you (and everyone else in America) not the other way around.

      • SaraS

        Well said Shannon.

      • Lupe Please

        @Shannon what exactly has Obama done wrong? Are you aware that he has achieved more things for this country in the first 2 years of his presidency than Bush 2 did his whole 8 years in office? So what exactly is the problem? No one is perfect and no one can do it all; that is a fantasy that I think most Americans had when they voted. Now reality has set in and you have an issue with the man. If you look at his campaign promises, he has done EVERYTHING he said he was going to do-a lot of you people just didn’t listen. You were too wrapped up in JayZ and Brad Pitt to even hear what the man was saying. You should feel bad, about voting because he was popular, not because you knew his platform….PS-Fox News is a racist rag, you might want to refrain from watching.

  • PedroBilt the Scottish Love Machine

    awwww, whats wrong Lupe? “No, I don’t vote,” he said. “I don’t get involved in politics”. sure buddy. You are hot garbage. People don’t listen to you. The streets dont talk about you. You are a poor man’s Common. An unthinking man’s thinking man’s rapper. You read some articles online and now you think you are preachin the truth. Idiot

    • blackytwothumbs

      When’s the last time Common said anything about establishment. He’s too busy playing thugs in Hollywood. Obama most certainly isn’t a terrorist but I get his point. My problem is the attitude one has to be completely right, or word everything perfectly, or be well versed in politics before they’re allowed to express an opinion. WE NEED NEW AND FRESH AND RADICAL OPINIONS. Even if corruption is to continue, at least dazzle me a little. The wool over our eyes is see through and politics has become stale, leaving people smart enough to know it’s BS but with no power or platform to do something about it weary. As far as Lupe, make up your mind folks. You don’t like it when we talk about guns, drugs, hoes etc, but MAN do you get pissed when we talk about government. There’s an abundance of truth in his statement.

      • Chichi

        Yeah, that’s what we need, people who spurt out half-azz knowledge without being truly informed. Having and opinion means nothing if you don’t have clear and knowledgeable information and that seems to be something that Lupe lacks.

    • Kate

      “hot garbage”-that’s hilarious!

  • M&M

    Any given US president is a puppet/ mouthpiece for the real masters of this country: the Banking System. Welcome to Indentured-Servitude-Land everybody.

    • Tajah

      Truth. In every modern country.

  • festool

    If he does not vote, he should not complain. And I would say calling Obama a terrorist is a bit extreme. He is a lousy President and will continue to drive our country down both econmically and politically if re-elected, but he is not a terrorist.

    • Jay

      I wouldn’t call Obama a “lousy president”. You could make an argument that his presidential term isn’t going well, but I place very little of that blame on Obama himself. The system is broken and from what I have seen, his ideas and policies are often good & fair before the parties start to go at them. The end result is usually less than ideal, but that is not the fault of the Prez.
      The partisan divide is the biggest reason for our problems.

  • No More, No More

    So, who’s Lupe Fiasco?

    • Tiva

      Never heard of him either. He seems like a thoughtless moron who doesn’t understand what he’s pontificating about.

      • Marka

        So I guess anyone who disagrees with you is a moron.Lupe is right and has the courage to tell it like it is.Obama continues Bush’s foreign policies.Why the hell is the US getting militarily involved in Libya when it is 14 trillion dollars in debt.Why not go into Zimbabwe where Mugabe continues to brutally oppress his people or Congo where thousands of women are being raped?

        In the hip hop community and wider music industry,Lupe is known as a highly intelligent and conscious artist who speaks out against disrespecting women in hip hop and the corrupt political and social establishment.While he does vote he contributes to making a change in socety by his activism and a philantrophy.

      • geaqzy

        I definetly agree. Obama like the rest of our political establishment aren’t anchored by principals, but by service to power. Service to power means continuing the vile policies perpetuated by our government here and broad. Obama like the rest of the establishment is shielded by the corporate media. Our corporate media is a multi-billion dollar industry whose primary task is to enslave the human mind by what is termed `manufacturing consent`. When the public mind is in bongage it is easy to manipulate `the bewildered herd` into becoming materialistic and apathetic when it comes to serious decision making in society.People like Lupe who attempt to speak out against this system are crusified as a warning to others. I applaud Lupe because for someone with such money and fame, he can easily be swallowed by the shallow life of material addiction. Lupe instead fights to give a voice to the voiceless.

      • Dante

        This “thoughtless moron” is the voice of intellectual hiphop in today’s society. He has a problem with voting, I have a problem with people trashing someone they’ve never heard of, you obviously have problems in the head. You don’t have to own a glock to be a rapper, and you don’t have to be in politics to be intelligent, and that’s where he falls in.

    • steph

      that’s exactly what I was thinking. I don’t think his opinion matters.

  • Jas

    I’ve always said “none” should be an option on the voting ballots. It lets the winner know that they still won but X% voted against you and X% didn’t like you or the other candidate. We shouldn’t be forced to choose between the lesser of two evils.

  • timelord

    well he is absolutely right.

    1. obama knows that most of al qaeda leaders are holed up in pakistan. but instead of forcing them to arrest all of them the US has decided to stop putting too much pressure on pakistan because it fears that might jeopardize an already fragile relationship

    2. the ex president of pakistan pervez musharraf has openly come out and said that his government assisted the terrorists to carry out attacks against india. but still the US doesn’t hold pakistan to account.

    3. all of the terrorists engaged in attacks on india are located in pakistan. infact they are given security by the ISI. when there was an attack on the US (9/11) it went to war to apprehend the terrorists behind the attack. but terrorists from pakistan have attacked the indian parliament, mumbai hotels and caused the deaths of thousands of people in kashmir. but the US advises india not to take any military action against pakistan. there is the obvious double standard.

    4. ultimately the motives of the US are selfish. as long as its objectives are achieved,it shall turn a blind eye to everything else thats going on

    • Theresa

      The same could be said for GWB no? So is it really the President that’s in office or the office itself?

      • @ theresa

        sweetie, that horse has been beat so many times it’s dust. it’s time to move on from GWB and start realizing that there is a new president.

      • Bob

        @theresa-but it is our historical and intellectual duty to remember not only what GWB has wrought, but what BO will have done years from now, in the terms of future presidents. That is just history. “Those who don’t know the past are condemned to repeat it.” Santayana. The absolute value of historical study is this. So in the terrible admin of GWB, we need to look at how his policies shaped today. And in BO’s policies, we need to look at how they’ll shape tomorrow.

      • Bob

        @Myself-Actually the quote is: “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” George Santayana. I like unintentional irony!

  • Borg

    Is EW owned by fox news?? Over the last year this site’s reporting on celebrities has been politically charged and very conseritve. This story is NON-news. It’s feels like the editors are trying to start wedge issues about celebrities. Give me a break. I think this is my last visit here. I don’t like how repressed the writers are.

    • Kt

      LOL. I think that’s the first time I’ve ever seen someone accuse EW of being conservative and compare them to Fox News.

    • Kelcie

      With all of EW’s Gaga and Glee love, I don’t think they are particualrly conservative…

  • Bobby’s Robot

    I trust his opinion on political discourse as much as I do Sarah Palin’s. Why would EW even waste space on such an irrelevant statement by a B-list musician.

  • me,Baby,ME

    When I first saw this posting, I started writing what turned out to be a several hundred word reply on the subject, considering each of Fiasco’s points critically and addressing each from both sides of the argument (succinctly, of course)…But that got erased before posting, so I’ve decided to leave with an observation that I think may unify many on the board: People who vote and complain about the nation’s problems=citizens… People who complain about the poor state of affairs in this country but refuse to participate in the process to change said state of affairs even despite the long, long, minority struggle to gain a voice in this nation, if only within the voting booth=effin’ CRYBABIES!

    Perhaps not as long and impassioned as my original, but at least I made one point. Love Fiasco’s music, but as a minority, I find his decision to remove himself from a process that has empowered all citizens equally to be quite troublesome. Voting is a privilege, not a right. He’s perpetuating an anti-perfectionist fallacy that leads many young minorities to forgo the process, and serves to further marginalize a specific group of men within this nation. Everybody should have the privilege to vote at some time in their lives, the fact that he chooses not to simply forces me to reiterate pat’s “If you don’t vote, keep your mouth shut” point. I’m a very young voter, much younger that Fiasco, but I am somewhat troubled by the notion that this sense of removal from political voice is spreading to a newer generation. It’s obvious that he is an intelligent man, but he may not understand that people who follow his paradigm of inaction will only further serve to disenfranchise and perpetuate ignorance throughout the American populace, with particular regards to the minorities that Fiasco often seeks to enlighten with his music… Just thoughts, but I don’t think I’m too far off here.

    • Kt

      Love your comments.

    • Tiva

      Thank you.

    • Kelcie

      Well said, and I agree. Every social issue comes back to the power of people to vote at the polls, rally against or for legislation, and vote with our dollars. It’s fine to voice your opinion but there’s only so much talking can do. There come a point when you need to act, and if you don’t act with the avenues that are given to you, then what right do you really have to speak on the matter?

    • Marka

      You’re missing his point.He is not encouraging people not to vote,he’s saying he doesn’t cause to him both parties are no different from eath other.They are both corrupt and evil and if you think the electoral process is as fair and transparent as they make it out to be,then you are living in ‘la la land’.

      And maybe he feels that being active in helping his community is more productive and gives real results than casting his ‘so called vote’.

  • MT

    Lupe Fiasco is the typical guy who criticizes anybody’s shoes but walks around barefoot, who thinks every player on the field sucks but is seated courtside and can’t even dribble.
    Talk is cheap, Lupe. Especially when you’re not taking any risk.

  • esquirrel

    His view is typical of most “anti-establishment” rappers. It’s a position of convience until they(rappers) make more cash; then the tune is different.

  • BB

    You know when Republicans call President Obama a terrorist at least they give the pretense of being involved.

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