Shania Twain announces 'Still the One,' a two-year residency at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas


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For Shania Twain, the road back to musical relevance has been long and arduous one, as we’ve recently seen in the country superstar’s painful story of betrayal — and its aftermath —¬†told in detail on Oprah; in a shocking tell-all book, From This Moment On; and on her OWN reality show Why Not? But now, it seems, Shania is ready for a full-on musical comeback: She announced today in a press conference that she’ll headline her own Celine Dion-style show, Shania: Still the One, at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, opening Dec. 1, 2012. Expect “all of her biggest hits,” according to the just-launched website for the show, where you can buy tickets for the two-year residency beginning June 19.

“I will let my imagination run wild,” she said at the press conference announcing the show. “I’m going to go nuts creatively.” And she shed light on how her journey since her divorce and remarriage has helped her get to this point where she can perform again. “It’s been a healing year,” Twain said. “I’ve learned how to commit myself and put that into healing, instead of fear and anxiety, which is a big turnaround.”

Twain also recently announced that she’ll premiere her first new single in six years, “Today Is Your Day,” on the season finale of her OWN show, Why Not?, this Sunday, June 12.

Do you think a residency in Veags is a good move for Shania? Are you willing to shell out the sure-to-be-sky-high price to see her perform? Sound off below.

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  • scorpo

    Good for her!

    • tom

      to al the haters: Shania music rocks! She was not just country! She was pop…rock and everything in between. (sorry scorpo using your post for reply)…… She made country music the pop that it is….then faith hill tried….and did well as well….miss swift needs to learn…..i want to hear something fun….not about your stupid 15 year old boyfriend….i get that was her age…..but 40 year olds jamming to it……i would rather listen to miss shania or faith anyday! THAT DON’T IMPRESS ME MUCH! THE WOMEN IN ME! ANY MAN OF MINE!…..Her music is awesome and yes I am a man….call me a fruit if you like!

      • @tom

        Dude!!! Please, check your punctuation (and the definition of a run-on sentence).

      • Ron Buttsucker

        Really? That’s the best you got? Correct his punctuation? LOL. Don’t look now but the tape is loose on your glasses.

    • Mral

      Honestly, I think she’ll do great although she has big shoes to fill with Caesars Palace being a former home to Celine Dion, Bette Midler, Cher and Elton John.

      • Peter G

        At one point Shania was even a bigger selling artist than Celine, Elton and by far Bette and Cher. No problems filling their shoes!

      • Jethro Bodine

        Shania Twain’s concerts were always on a much bigger scale than all of the acts you mentioned except Elton John’s. But certainly as big as Elton John’s. Of course in Vegas every new act takes advantage of the newest technology so whoever is the latest will have the greatest.

      • PN

        I think that her stage production and show will be just as big as Celine, Elton and even Cher’s shows. She will be successful there–her fans are still loyal and they still play her songs on the radio,especially You’re Still the One and even that remix of That Don’t Impress Me Much that sounded like Diddy remixed it.



  • Chris

    That’s going to be a boring show.

    • Jessica marciel

      So dont go

    • Mike

      maybe not as boring as your comment. But, hey I guess I was interested enough to respond! Nice work!

    • Sidney Wang

      Apparently you’ve never seen her concerts.

  • Luckyduck4u


  • ugh

    Nothing against her as a person but her music is god-awful. Vegas should be a good fit.

    • Sidney Wang

      Beats what you’ve done.

  • country boy

    thats good for her but I thought country music was kind of dead. rich people sinnging hard luck stories just aint country.

    • Sam Diamond

      First, she never sang hard luck stories, they were pretty much up beat positive songs (Up!, for example). Country is still the largest market in the country. You have a computer boy, look things up on it, then someday you can buy yourself some shoes.

  • Melokesm

    Went to one her concerts in college and had a great time! I bet she will be great in Vegas!

    • gig

      I also saw her in concert! She put on a great show. I’m sure she still has it! Go Shania!

  • Erin

    I thought she couldn’t sing anymore – I’m confused.

    • Tom

      Yes, that’s what I thought. My understanding is she is trying to find her voice again, or was that a selling point for her show/book?

      • Cheri

        Yeah… so much for that.

      • Jessica marciel

        I am a voice coach, trauma can make you lose it, hard work brings it back, she worked hard, people you need to research these things before judging.

    • Cheri

      Her come-back? That don’t impress me much.

      • kikiD

        Ha ha ha good one. so how come nothing has ever come out about the affair she was also having while married?

      • Jane

        Because she never had one.

    • Cheri

      That don’t impress me much.

  • Brandon

    Sounds good to me even though I never saw this one coming I am pretty sure its going to be a hit and I think she’ll love doing it there is such an energy in Vegas that just can’t be explained.

  • Flip

    I’m more interested in a new album—any news on that?

    • Jessica marciel

      She recently got her voice back, it still will take time to build the stamina she will need to work Vegas, giver her a year, you,ll see a new c d soon.

    • Sam Diamond

      A hit show brings a new album. Example, Donny & Marie.

  • Jo

    She may be somewhat relevant again, but she won’t ever have radio hits again. Her last few singles were bigger hits on AC radio than even on country radio, and Nashville, as much money as she generated in the late 90s-early 00s, has never really embraced her.This Vegas gig proves that she is already and adult contemporary artist, which are rarely touched by pop radio. Not to say that she couldn’t have a surprise pop hit, like Cher did in 99 with “Believe”, but the pop landscape is so different today…

    • Mo

      I don’t consider Taylor Swift country either and yet she is marketed as a country artist.

      • Milo Perrier

        Oh she’s country, has a country sound and beat, but country is many styles from bluegrass to rock-a-billy to western to Nashville to Southern Rock. In the same way that rock encompasses Punk, Hard Rock, Soft Rock, Rock-N-Roll. And of course there are crossovers.

    • Cheri


    • Milo Perrier

      Radio hits? What century are you from? Not the 21st Century. Radio hits no longer drive the music industry, not since talk radio. iTunes (and You Tube) is the factor now and its open to anyone of any genre and any age. Welcome to 2011, glad to have you with us.

  • Ellen

    “The First Lady of Country Music”???
    I had no idea that Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton, and Reba had all died, and they all could claim that title more thoroughly than Shania. Yes, Twain is the best-selling female singer in the country genre, but let’s be honest..she was never country. She was always pop with a twang. PLus, if her sales made her Country’s Finest, then shouldn’t Twilight be one of the most outstanding achievements in filmmaking history?

    • sky blue

      Hence why she is considered a country crossover artist. If it wasn’t for Shania, Taylor Swift wouldn’t have the success she is having today. It’s just like in R&B, you have Beyonce/ Usher and you also have the more traditional artists like Mary J. Blige and John Legend. You shouldn’t downplay Shania’s impact on country because she did bridge the divide between the genres, and it is because of her that a lot of people began appreciating the genre(including me).

      • Cheri

        Hype… no real long standing talent. Hope she makes money on the book and fades.

      • @tom

        Actually, Garth Brooks bridged the divide between pop-rock and country a few years before Shania. And lest we forget, Dolly Parton did it before him. And Patsy Cline did it before all three of them.

      • Wilbur

        Shania’s extraordinary commercial success was just that. Her impact on country music had nothing to do with musical artistry or songwriting craft but with how country singers were marketed. After Shania, female country singers started acting “sexier” and every producer on Music Row worked diligently looking for the next stunningly gorgeous thrush with long, flowing locks, tight jeans and navel-showing tops. Her music was arena-ready, clap-and-drum pseudo-Def Leppard pop-rock with some steel guitars and violins, produced by rock uber-producer Mutt Lange. Let’s not act like her legacy is musical, because it is not. If anything, her poptry diluted country music even more, after Garth had infused it with the bombast of rock spectacles.

      • PN

        I think that Shania Twain and Faith Hill each had this country sound but with pop beats under some of their songs. Taylor Swift is like that now with her last two albums. It’s that kind of song that pop radio likes, but some country songs just don’t sound that well on pop stations to me–when they get too popular, the originality and realness of the songs gets lost. It’s like they’re desperate to be on the radio the same time as Beyonce, Rihanna, Britney and the collaboration songs. Some artists need to stick with their own sounds and not try too hard to be on the pop tip without abandoning their country fan base.

  • michael

    I’m excited. And i’m very happy for her.

  • Jessica marciel

    I live here in Vegas, lucky me, Can,t Wait to see her, love her so much, bring it on Shania!!

    • Jessica marciel

      Omg you people, she is a great writer, was one before her marraige and she will be again, if she isn,t your thing, then dont say anything, learn to be nice, stay quiet and let the people who like her have their day.

      • Weene

        She is not a “great writer”. Her biggest hits were written by Mutt, and her own songs were trite, bland and generic. She really hasn’t left any kind of musical legacy that doesn’t have to do with sales, stats, and commercial success.

  • Jenelle

    I am so going to see her.

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