Justin Timberlake on his music career: 'I don't have a single song ready to go'


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Currently, there is no shortage of Justin Timberlake in show business. The guy is headlining two upcoming comedies (Bad Teacher and Friends With Benefits) and just recently ruled one of the best episodes of Saturday Night Live in a long time.

But if you love JT for his elastic pipes and sweet dance moves, you’re probably pretty bummed, and you’ll stay bummed for a while.

“I don’t have a single song ready to go,” Timberlake recently told Playboy. “People keep asking me when a new song or album is coming out, and I don’t know what to say. Music is not my focus right now. It may be someday. It could happen next month or next year but right now it’s not where it’s at for me.”

Of course, that conflicts with what Timberlake told our reporter back in March, when he suggested that he always has something musical up his sleeve. “I feel like I’m always writing music and working on songs,” he said. ”But to make an album, you have to find a group of songs that speak to something that might not be on the radio currently and make sense for you personally. It’s right around the corner, I think.”

Outside of a few guest appearances and the occasional tag-team with Andy Samberg, Timberlake hasn’t recorded any proper music since 2006’s Grammy-winning FutureSex/LoveSounds. In the interim, he has carved himself quite an acting career, gaining good critical and popular marks in mainstream stuff (Yogi Bear, The Love Guru) and artier fare (The Social Network, Southland Tales).

Do you think Timberlake should get back to his musical roots, or is he doing too well as an actor to waste his time in the studio? Sound off in the comments!

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  • PN

    I think he wants to focus on acting. I can be patient with his music–he’s just not into it right now.

    • Jeremy

      I agree. I would rather wait for a CD that he is focused on and happy with than one that he forced out just to please the fans and critics. When he’s into it, it will be great. Until then, I’ll just settle for the old stuff.

    • Sharlin

      JT is a funny guy, for real… but please get back to what you are awesome at!!!!!!

      • Tom

        Mission Accomplished :)

    • Matt

      Whatever brings him the most joy. Oh wait, whatever brings him the most money and notoriety.

    • AK

      It’s just too bad, really, because his music is great. His movies? Not so much…

  • Nikki

    I don’t mind that JT is working in movies, but he should really work on another album. I miss his stuff on the radio.

    • Tom

      He doesn’t need to make new music. We have plenty of his old stuff already.

    • Miss Talk

      Well, I don’t blame him. Music right now is crap.
      Plus, Kanye said he was seated next to JT when the Dixie Chicks won the Grammy for Album of The Year and Justin went livid. He worked really hard for Future Sex/LoveSounds and he got robbed. I guess he is over the BS. He’s over the BS, BeyoncĂ© is over the BS, everybody relevant is over it.

      • Bebe

        HIS music was always crap, though.

      • Justin

        @Miss Talk I completely agree with what you stated. These superstar recording acts (mainly Beyonce and Timberlake) refuse to follow this ELECTRO POP TREND that took over around 2008. That was the last time Bey released I Am Sasha Fierce and two years after Justin’s FutureSex record. Beyonce said HECK NO to electro pop and her records sales are paying the price b/c people refuse to see Beyonce outside of the dance pop format. She doesn’t want to be compared to Gaga Katy or Rihanna who have all surpassed her in chart glory. Same for Timberlake. I can’t imagine him ENJOYING the music in Top 40 let alone creating it!

      • Justin

        In other words he isn’t ispired by pop’s current sound he would naturally be asked to emulate for Top 40 success. he is waiting until radio changes. And he’s not alone.

      • Tom

        Well there is always Past Sex and Love Smells. Run with it.

      • Nancy

        Boom! Roasted.

      • Ben

        If he truly went livid, then he is as big of a baby and bad loser as Kanye West.

      • Penny

        Aren’t they all though?

      • AK

        @Justin: Did you listen to “FutureSex/LoveSounds”? It would have fit perfectly onto pop radio in this day and age.

  • ST

    I haven’t seen him in a lot as an actor (just “The Social Network) but I really liked him in that and I’m looking forward to “Bad Teacher” and “Friends with Benefits”. I love every time he’s on SNL as well. I would like a new CD from him sometime soon BUT at least he hasn’t vanished. Since he’s still out there in the public eye, we’re still wanting more so that works in his favor. Better that he take his time and produce a really good album than throw something together when he’s not feeling it.

  • bruno

    dear justin,
    please start singing again. SNL is one thing. let’s not let this get to your head now.
    thank you.

    • JJ

      I second that. Also, JT you better thank Andy Samberg for HIS skits that you appear in because your hammy Disney Channel level of comedic nuance and timing is greatly masked whn he helps you out.

      • WoW

        Do you even have a sense of humor? You do realize that Justin improvs a lot of that and has helped write the skits right? I get so annoyed with judgemental people, and those with tunnel vision.

  • Davi Arruda

    I really think u are the new King Of POP justin, please come back and bring back Michael Jackson´s magic back. You are the only one that can do IT!

    • Justin

      Comparing his music and style to MJ is one thing but calling him the new “King of POP” is a huge stretch. Since kicking off his solo career 9 years ago he has only released to TWO full lenghth records. And although some of that material was brilliantly done how much credit can actually be given to Timberlake for it? How can someone who mimics the styles of Prince Michael jackson or even George Michael be considered the “king” of anything. If anything he is merely the “Prince of Pop” or a “King” in training.

  • UGH

    The most overrated entertainer of recent history.
    Just go away.

    • KC

      It might be a tie between Tina Fey and Timberlake on that one.

    • Nancy

      I’ve never really listened to any of his music, sorry to say.

    • T.C

      Overrated? are you high or are you just part of this stupid pop culture thats taking place now? like seriously how is he the most overrated out of all the artists that have stepped into the music industry when he has received commercial success for songs/albums that contain what is real pop and music…so yea good hating though

  • Michael

    I think I am one of the few who does not find Justin to be all that entertaining as an actor. I just don’t think he’s very good at it. I can’t stand when he’s on SNL…he’s definitely game for it and gives it his all, but I just don’t think he’s good! I love him as a singer, though, and I would love it if he would find some time to return to what he’s good at!

  • Kevin

    This is understandable. Why walk away from acting when everything seems to be going so well? His last album was amazing and if it we have to wait a while longer for another that’s fine. He has reached a point in his career that most entertainers only dream of. So I don’t blame him for taking his time. He’s earned it.

    • Gary

      Wait a while longer?? People it’s been 5 years since his last album! I’m glad he’s found success as an actor, but think of everything that has happened in the past 5 years……5 years is too long to drop albums in today’s culture

      • WoW

        Trying telling that to Dr. Dre…

  • xx100

    Justin will put out music when he’s good and ready and feels inspired. Like he did say, that could be next month or next year. I respect that he dosen’t just throw out this techno/club autotuned crap because every other pop artist is right now.

  • Joe

    Just like George Michael. One hit solo album, then not another significant piece of music again. Maybe it’s writer’s block. That can be vicious to a musician. At least we he acts someone writes for him.

    • Ben

      You must not know much about George Michael. He followed Faith with several excellent albums. Took his time, but he has amassed a decent discography.

  • will g alvira

    Guess he got tired of making music.

    • Tom

      I think he was great on SNL. He doesn’t need to try to reclaim former glory.

    • Penny

      I guess he ran out of things that rhyme with baby.

  • Mike

    He and is career are doing just fine; he shouldn’t feel the need to make a new record until he is ready to do so.

    • Nancy

      Got Adele on the iTunes right now. You should check her out. She is incredible sounding. I’m not missing anything.

  • Jon

    I predict he’ll be this generation’s Mark Wahlberg. After a while he’ll say the whole music career was just to build up enough money so he could launch his acting career.

  • Brian

    While I can admit that JT is beginning to find his place in the acting community it’s tough to imagine him not making any new music. As a fan for almost 15 years now you can understand his hesitation, what does he have left to accomplish in music. He has multiple Grammy’s, sold out several world tours, produces hit after chart-topping hit; but it seems like his heart isn’t in it right now. Justin, make the movies – keep making us laugh. He will eventually get the “vibe” again and make another album…the sexy will be back again. Or…*NSYNC reunion…anyone, anyone?!?

  • Adam

    I just want Friends with Benefits to come out and bomb already. How many starring rolls does this guy have to get before movie bosses realize that even despite his talent, men do not want to root for Justin Timberlake in movies. He was good in the social network but it’s success had little to do with him. He seems like the Jennifer Aniston of film, he keeps making bombs, and keeps being rewarded with rolls because he’s famous.

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