Selena Gomez's 'Love You Like a Love Song' music video: Watch it here

With pop music, you know what’s fun? Watching a starlet come into her own. And that’s exactly what’s happening with Disney delight and Justin Bieber love Selena Gomez, who just released the video for her newest pop jam, “Love You Like a Love Song,” from her latest album, When the Sun Goes Down.

From the start—which finds a hugely, beautifully coiffed Ms. Gomez being called up on stage at an Asian karaoke joint to sing her song the clip is pure candy, a light-and-fluffy treat. She has a lot of fun with the karaoke theme, as we see her morph through several different, visually stunning scenes during the song, with lyrics on the screen to boot.

My favorite Selena iteration? When she’s singing/riding in the convertible with her James Dean-ish man, mostly because of the seriously sultry cat-lady glasses she wears. (There’s some other killer eye wear in the clip, too.) The whole thing just screams: Fun!

Watch here:

Are you charmed by Selena’s “Love Song” video?

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  • mediocre music

    Remember when kids shows were about regular normal kids – the pinnacle of which was Boy Meets World – no one was famous, no one was trying to be an actress/movie star/fashion peddler – those were the days, no every starlet has to be a singer despite not having any skill

    • mediocre music

      Watching Selena Gomez reminds of the hilarious Sparah commerical Virgin Mobile has with the fake celebrity couple and the agent sates the actress has a new hit single, she states she can’t sing, and the agent wistfully states, “I remember when that used to matter”. That is Selena and every other teeny bopper there is

      • Janice

        These EW writers need a visit from Pedobear.
        And they need to be smacked upside the head for writing in the tone of a 9 year girl addressing other 9 year old girls.

      • taketwo

        To mediocre (like your brain) :I remember when people use to have respect for each no matter who they were.Now if could we only get rid of insensitive mean spirited idiots like you the world would be a better place.

      • I hate you

        Your so wrong cause Selena can sing. Your a slut/whore and the only reason why your saying this is cause you want to be don’t be blabbing your mouth off. Cause you have no right to be talking about selena. Cause in real life I bet you are a nobody. Your gonna go to hell, and I will see you there also!!!!!

    • Adolpho

      She should get a nosejob. She has gorgeous alabaster skin, but that nose needs to go because it shows her true ethnicity.

      • Winnie50

        I think you should look up the definition of alabaster, because you have no idea what you’re talking about. And anyway, what is wrong with her showing her ethnicity. I think you are just jealous of all the money she has, that you don’t.

      • anonymous

        really a nose job? no she she is fine just the way she is…

      • beggy

        And what is wrong with that, raicist much? She embraces the fact that she’s part latin

      • taketwo

        Nose job? Shows her true ethnicity? What are you a beauty queen critic? Everybody’s nose is different and if it bothers them they can get a nose job. If you don’t like it TOUGH!It’s easy to criticize someone who is in the public eye and we don’t know what you look like.And which ethnicity are talking about? Mexican or Italian? You sound a racist.

      • Dave

        c’mon man, really?

      • Tom

        Gomes is awesome.. Beiber’s awesome..

        Hey wait?

      • Jujubee82

        I think she doesn’t.

    • danny green

      ive been trying to pin point you on the radio love you like a love song babbie is a hit trust me ireally really like,love it

    • krista

      haha that is true but selena gomez isnt bad compared to alot of others

  • Winnie50

    The song is pretty boring overall, but the vido is entertaining. Even though she can’t really sing, you can’t deny that Selena is beautiful. It just makes you wonder more and more what the heck she is doing with Justin Beiber. Maybe it is in fact all for the publicity.

    • Sharlin

      I think she has a pretty good voice for her age.

      • Jujubee82

        I agree.

    • taketwo

      If it’s boring it’s because you don’t understand the song. She said this song was going to be different and weird. It’s about a girl who is deeply in love and she has all this thoughts and visions of how her mind has these weird scenes come to her mind. Now as for her singing. I keep hearing she can’t sing yet her albums have gone gold and some singles have gone platinum.If everybody thought like you she wouldn’t be under contract with Hollywood Records and making millions off her music and concerts.

    • I hate you

      To Winnie50: I know right Justin Browne is so Ughh and Selena Gomez is so pretty.

    • anoyamos

      You suck shes goregous

  • Carrie

    What a boring song. I’m sure it’ll be a big hit for her, anyway. The part where she’s wearing a tie and silver lipstick is a little disturbing. She looks like a young Filipino boy. It’s also a little creepy when she’s with that guy w/ the long blonde hair. He looks like he’s in another age group.

    • what 159

      its not boring

      • leslie

        Yes,this is boring as HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Selena Sucks !!!!!!!!

    • taketwo

      To Carrie:If you find this video boring it’s because you’re too young to understand it.She said in interview this video was going to be different.This is her interpretation of a girl who is deeply in love and how her thoughts can run wild.

      • leslie

        It doesn’t matter she SUCKS!!!!!!! I hope I commence. More people to hate her ;)

    • leslie

      I now right she’s so stupid .Anyways she SUCKS!!!!!!

    • TJ

      The hippy guy is only 22, fyi. And seriously hot, look him up google “Oliver Seitz model” click on the link called modelmayhem

  • bradley

    I think it’s a decent song. She’s beautiful for sure, but the video is a little weird. But suprisingly enough, I really like that song.

  • Megan

    The kind of absolutely soulless pap that Disney peddles nowadays makes you long for the likes of Debbie Gibson and Hanson. Yes, their music was equally cotton-candy airy, but at least they could write, arrange, play instruments and produce their records. In fact, the # 1 hit “Foolish Beat” made Gibson the youngest person to single-handedly write, produce, arrange and sing a number-one single entirely on their own. These girls nowadays are absolute puppets.

  • KC

    Boy. I’d say she’s got one foot in the sl!t door much like Miley before her.

  • Miranda

    She was on Jimmy Fallon last night performing and dear god shes terrible live. It’s sad to think all her songs are autotuned like crazy because she for reals can NOT sing.

    • leslie

      I love you miranda for saying that selena sucks at singing I honestly think she SUCKS at everything .Who doesn’t hate her?????

  • Yafa

    stop hating selena, she doesn’t need a nosejob. shes perfect thje way she is.

  • فاطمة ابراهيم عيد


  • Kat

    Miley Cryus wannabe

    • elly

      Selena Gomez wannabe

      • leslie


    • lauren

      Nobody wants to be Miley Cyrus

      • leslie


    • PN

      I don’t think she sounds like Miley Cyrus at all. Selena Gomez has her own kind of pop sound to me.

  • your name

    What? I fell asleep during the video

    • leslie

      I always feel bored,disgusted and sleepy when people talk to me about selena I just think she SUCKS at everything even at acting. She’s not succesful comparing to all female singers.That’s the reason she can’t be famous like beyonce,or rhiana .Finally that’s the rason she’s using my famous justin .selena is using him for money fame and how famous he is.

      • Garrett

        Actually, Justin Bieber is HERS! and considering shes rich, famous, and a great singer/actress (despite how she sings live, but cmon have u heard rihanna live lately?). Justin Bieber needs to die tho, im alright with the gays but not when they be datin quality girls!

  • what 159

    she is perfect the way she is i love her

    • what 159

      she is not a miley wannabe shes awesome leave her alone

  • Hannah

    i don’t like her at all!

    • Montana

      Yur jus jealious

    • leslie


  • Anna

    LOVE this song ! ★★★★★

    • Amanda

      HATE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!:(

      • I hate you

        To Amanda:Wow the reason you don’t like this song is becuse you are jeleous of Selena she is so talented and I bet in real life your so not. So your an idiot. And your opinion sucks!!!!

      • adriana

        Me 2 I hate selena she’s good at Nothing but amanda you are the tanlented I love how u dance ;)

    • engimsh

      thank you for site.iam engineering chemistry in iran if question in chemistry or math im ready the answer the question .thank you

      • yara

        wt wt u r hate selena?


    you know what? all of you, who comment,are kind of jeleous person and af course abnormal you guys cant see her her developement SHE DOESN`T CARE ABOUT WHAT YOU SAY CUZ YOU ARETHE PEOPLE WHO JUST KNOW TO SAY BAD ABOUT SUCCESSFUL PERSONS LIKE SELENA

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