Aguilera, Levine, Shelton, and Green return for season two of 'The Voice': Why we're glad


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It’s official: Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton will all return to The Voice next season.

And that’s good news, because even though Javier Colon walked away with the MVP title, a hit single, and a bunch of confetti stuck to his head, the show was really all about the judges. This season played like a Wizard of Oz for each team leader.

Adam Levine got a heart. Watch the former Voice bully get a little misty-eyed during Javier’s performance with Stevie Nicks!

Christina Aguilera showed some brains. After her national anthem flub and arrest for public intoxication, it was nice to hear her speaking somewhat knowledgeably about pitch. Or when talking quite didn’t work, opening her mouth and letting that powerhouse, pull-that-microphone-away-from-your-mouth-girl! voice do the talking.

Cee Lo Green got a personality. Sure, his hit song “F— You” was already mega-famous, but middle America didn’t really understand who this country-music-loving, electro-soul-singing Liberace of Pop was until the show premiered and he waved his superfreak flag high above his bald head.

And Blake Shelton got a name. Yes, country fans always knew him well. But now maybe pop fans will stop calling him Mr. Miranda Lambert.

The Voice was supposed to get pop stars to help out unknowns, but it seemed things worked the other way around. Watching them mentor their singers, it was easier to remember that Levine, Aguilera, Shelton, and Green were once unknowns themselves, and that they could very easily go back to that place. (Aguilera almost did this year, before her relevance was rescued by the show, just like the credibility of a certain Idol diva.)

Somehow, that made it easier to root for their careers, perhaps because they seemed more human, or at least as human as a roaring, red-leather dinosaur decked out in shoulder spikes can be. And nothing boosts their reputations quite like giving a second chance to a onetime major label guy like Javier Colon, who can belt out a ballad like Ne-Yo, but has the same nothing-special personality of the guy who sells vests at J. Crew. Pop stars: if they’re not just like us, at least they want people like us to succeed.

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  • whatevs

    Two articles about the exact same thing in a row?

    • Rolo Tomasi

      There are so many articles about this show today they are starting to repeat themselves

      • Kenny

        Lydia, first of all, what the hell was that spam in the beginning? Secondly… We didn’t know him as Mr. Mirando Lambert because we didn’t know who he was. I’d never heard of him before.

  • Gloria

    I am glad to see them coming back. What I hate to keep seeing is the rigging of the judging by the public to jam through the unworthy as happened last night. This man, Javier Colon, could have tried supporting the family he says he’s doing this for by trying out for UPS with a regular salary and benefits. He butchered In the Arms of an Angel. And it was all downhill from there but was saved by the same voting system that has ruined American Idol.

    • BradMan

      Hey Gloria. A clarification question on the rigged voting system… Are you saying that the producers ignored the public vote (as they sometimes do on American Idol) or that the producers, because they know better, should ignore the public voting? I too was dissapointed that Javiar won as he doesn’t have the extra heart and soul that the others do. Go Vicki Go!

    • black barbie

      This is great news! Can’t wait for next season. I wonder which American Idol alums will try out for season 2 of The Voice.

    • Jennbunny

      I agree with BradMan and Gloria. Javier totally butchered in the arms of an angel and Fix you. I could not stand him and he is totally forgettable. Anyway goodluck to him and to all three, I hope their coaches do more for them even when the show is over.

    • Carlos

      You butchered the song title. The title is “Angel”.

    • Jeta

      I don't think being gay make any dnereffice. He is so wonderful, I love watching him. Anyone heard his latest news?

  • Thomas

    Gloria– you’re crazy– butchered In the Arms of an Angel?? Downhill?? He was the hands down favorite the entire length of the show, from his audition to his Duet w/ Stevie… obviously you have no idea what you’re talking about… let me guess– you think Beverly should have won right?? Get serious– Javier was the best and Dia was a very close second– America DEFINITELY got it right… wake up already..

    • jen

      The song is ANGEL. Sheesh people!

  • Ballere

    Javier was NOT the best! And he showed absolutely no respect for his coach, Adam Levine. He was SO full of himself….watch his body language and do not buy in to the words – (“so thankful, a blessing”) all fake hype. Remember he’s been close and failed before. Must be a reason. Very artificial character.

    • tnsmoke

      No wonder I never got into American Idol or other talent competition shows. SO much ugliness when people don’t get their way! All 4 deserved to win but Javier and Dia were the 2 who TOUCHED voters the most, as the iTunes chart showed constantly since the show started. Their songs are still on the top 100 songs.

      • CEeCEE

        WEEELLL Said @tnsmoke

  • Sven

    I hope they can be more critical next season. Their comments were, for the most part, worthless during the actual program. Perhaps behind the scenes they offered substantive comments. But on air, they were a waste of air time.

  • Jess

    I am surprised tha Cee Lo is back after his gesture at the end of the finals. NBC has neesed up by allowing him to return. They apparently don’t want a family show here.

    • Jess

      messed up

    • Scott

      Please let The Voice be for grownups — not EVERYTHING needs to be a family show. Have fun with Idol/X Factor and their insipid tween Disney-lite mentalities. P.S. if your kid is old enough to know what Cee-Lo meant with his gesture, then you need to chill out. If your kid is too young to know what it meant… then he wouldn’t know. So the problem is?

      • Jess

        You obviously don’t have chldren or if you do I feel sorry for he people that have to interact with your kids since you don’t have a problem with kids being tought this behavior. It is network TV during prime time and even tough people like you don’t care about the morals and integrety of the children today I hope most people do. If you want a show that has that type of behavior watch teh quality MTV reality shows!

      • Shar

        Jess, not all network prime time shows are kid-appropriate. I’m not sure about you, but I don’t let my five year old watch a lot of the shows on at night. If you do, then its your own choice to let them watch it, if you don’t like something, then change the channel to Nick Jr. There is nothing wrong with shows being “grown-up shows”, including singing competitions like The Voice. It’s up the individual parent to monitor what their kids watch, and if its not “family-friendly”, then simply don’t let them watch it. You watch it after they go to bed like all the other parents out there. And if your kid is young enough that you are worried about them understanding that gesture, then what are they doing watching a show at 10pm anyway?

    • Shar

      ummm, The Voice was never billed as a “family show.” If all the curse words dropped this season, the more mature song selection/back up dancing, Christina asking all the guys to take their pants off, and the fact they didn’t let anyone under 13 into the auditorium(I think that was the age, might have been 16)didn’t tip you off to that, then I think you missed something there. There’s a reason it didn’t regularly air at 8pm. It was always billed as a “grown-up” show.

      • Jess

        That is interesting Shar. I wonder where you live since it was always on at 7pm or 8pm where I live. So my kids weren’t watching a show at 10 pm. I do understand it is up to me to monitor what my kids watch. That is why I said it is to bad. I like to concept of the show unfortunately NBC has low moral standards in Prime time so I can’t let my children watch it.

  • Stephanie

    This is the worst piece of inaccurate journalism that I have read in a long time. YOU are the one who needs to “wake up already”. Blake Shelton has never been known by pop fans as Mr. Miranda Lambert. Doesn’t anyone hold you accountable for what you write?

    • black barbie

      Chill out Stephanie. The writer was simply stating that mainstream America had never heard of him, and those who had simply knew that he was engaged to Miranda. I never heard of him until he presented an award at this year’s Grammy Awards.

    • Charles

      It’s a blog post, Stephanie. Just because you don’t agree with her description of a pre-Voice Blake Shelton, doesn’t make her article inaccurate.

    • courtney

      Stephanie. RELAX.

    • Steve

      I think she was a bit ridiculous in calling Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine and Xtina near unknown at this point. Seriously???
      However, she did have a point about Blake Shelton. I can’t say that I know much anything about Miranda Lambert but I have certainly heard her name and I know what she does for a living. But I had never heard of Blake Shelton before this show came on and I don’t know anyone who did. I am from the Northeast though where country is not exactly king.

      • Kenny

        Cee Lo, Adam, and Christina all released albums or singles that all went to the top of the charts within the past year. I’d hardly call any of them unknown. I’d actually say that almost everyone knew who they were before the show started, which is what made the show great.

  • tnsmoke

    Glad they all will be back, even Christina but feel that every 2 years they should change the coaching panel to new ones. I would love to see Vince Gill be a coach, he is so talented and respected by all types of musical artists, and has recorded with probably 500 or more since the 80’s. He’s had records put out in the 80’s that didn’t do well then went to another label where he was nurtured by a new producer and became a super star. The talent was always there. That’s why Dia and Javier’s prior record deals don’t mean they didn’t deserve to get a 2nd chance on The Voice. Lots of names can be suggested for new coaches when the time comes.

  • Jase

    Every failure Christina had in the last year made headline news (on this website even). People who are falling into irrelevancy don’t make headline news. If you’re irrelevant nobody cares. Christina Aguilera was never in danger of being irrelevant. Stay pressed EW.

    • fancypants

      You’re right. People dissect her every move and then call her “irrelevant”. How does that make any sense? Okay, if she’s irrelevant, why are you talking about her, why do you even know what she’s been up to?

    • Steve

      Exactly, absolutely ridiculous!

      Anyway I’m glad all four are back (something I sure would not be able to say about Idol. By the end of the season Nigel, Randy and JLo had me sick to my stomach. Steven was ok since he alone refused to be producers stooge puppet and steam roll talented non-chosen one singers.)

  • RCB

    I think it’s about time that viewers learn that winning a reality singing competition does not necessarily mean s/he is the best singer. Winning just means s/he got the most number of votes. They are not the same.

  • Celine

    Any one of the four could have won this thing and I would be happy. They are all talented and I enjoyed watching every one of them (which is more than I can say for a number of the AI winners/contenders). It is sad to me that almost before the final vote is announced, there are people so ready and happy to malign the winner (i.e., Ballere, Gloria, etal). I don’t believe this contest was rigged. I do believe AI is rigged. What happened to if you can’t say something nice, why not at least give the poor guy a little space and time to enjoy his win before you start cutting him up?…disgusting!

    • Lavigne

      This could not pssiobly have been more helpful!

  • Hanna

    Hated this Voice.Aguliera ,never was a fan of hers,she’s just not smart,Mr Green can sing but can’t speak,hard to listen to him, Blake is great human being and singer,Mr Levine is fake.And singers?The bunch of average voices.Mr Colon’s voice is annoying.Not impressed with anybody.The same miserable wannabes as AI.Too bad.I started watching with an interest and checked out early.

    • um

      If you promise to re-type this with proper punctuation, I’ll promise to try to read it.

  • Pop Vulture

    I’m surprised, and I don’t know how I feel about this. I’m sad that Xtina is going to be back, and hope next season she can be more about her team and less about herself. I was sort of hoping there would be different high-profile coaches each year…

    • first lady

      I disagree. Christina seemed very invested in her team & she looked like she genuinely cared for them, unlike the other coaches who only cared about winning the competition.

      • shaun

        I disagree as well. I think her and Adam were the most involved with their team…..

  • Oksana

    Who is Miranda Lambert?
    Xavier did butcher songs and he sings every song exactly the same. His albums must be totally boring. Theres a reason he never made it.
    I feel Vicci was the strongest emotional singer but I would have been just as happy if Dia would have won.
    Xavier is going to be the “Ruben Studdard” of The Voice.

    • AK

      Exactly. I don’t think pop fans know who Blake Shelton or Miranda Lambert are.

      • Steve

        Indeed. I never heard of Blake Shelton before this show and while I knew Miranda Lambert was a country song I would not be able to name a single song of hers and I wouldn’t have been able to pick her voice out.

    • courtney

      It’s Javier… not Xavier. Those are two completely different names.

    • Steve

      Yeah Vicci was awesome.

      • Shuaibu

        Tapez votre catemnmoire Vous pouvez utiliser ces tags HTML: <a> <abbr> <acronym> <b> <blockquote> <cite> <code> <del> <em> <i> <q> <strike> <strong>

    • Jan

      Xavier might be the next Javier.

  • Rolo Tomasi

    Anybody know where I can read a bunch of articles about The Voice?

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