Lady Gaga to guest judge on 'SYTYCD'


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Lady Gaga will be a guest judge on So You Think You Can Dance. A rep for the Fox show confirmed to EW that the pop diva will be featured later this season. Gaga will “give great advice on how to handle yourself, how to be creative with what you do, and how to be a fabulous performer,” producer and judge Nigel Lythgoe told Yahoo recently. “Her help is going to be invaluable.”

Gaga also guest judged on American Idol last season, coaching future winner Scotty McCreery in her rather phallic heels. The wild star certainly is known to cut a rug in her videos and is schooled often by renowned choreographer Laurieann Gibson.

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  • Barry

    Can’t we keep this beast off of TV?

    • Anna

      Can’t we keep this beast off of the message boards?

      • LOL

        I would put Vin Diesel’s balls in my mouth if i could, but they’re wayyy too big.

      • Barry

        No, you can’t!

      • John

        So she is going to judge on a reality tv show? Interesting.

      • Flop This Way

        R I P Gaga.

      • whatever

        Another article about the over-exposed Lady Gaga?


    • Tyrone

      Yay. Success!

      • Queen of 99cents

        Enough of this Madonna copycat!

    • sherri p

      Ditto, the only thing this w h o r e could do to suprise me is act like a normal human being. She has lost all shock value, now everything she does just proves what a classless person she is.

      • Newsflash

        Marilyn Manson redux.

    • Michael

      I agree. Lady Gaga the media h&%%.She has gottwn so oversatured, it is sickening.

    • dgaaabelt


      t s h i r t s -12

      s h o e s -35

      b i k i n i -17


      f r e e——– s h i p p i n g

    • Jsmooth

      Gaga haters fall in three categories:
      a.) Delusional: these are the haters who think their “favorite” artist is outselling Gaga, selling out shows, and selling albums. These people are pathetic because britney, katy, kesha and rihanna can’t sell half of what gaga can sell or perform to the point of having a tour bigger than Monster’s Ball.
      b.) Madonna worshippers: these haters think everything Madonna did was NEW and innovatoive when in reality she ripped off marylyn Monroe for her images and videos (even Burning Up and Hung Up!)…lol. She also can attribute her style from 1980-2011 to none other than ABBA!
      c.) Superficial ugly people. These people think they are cute and Gaga isn’t. But in reality they look a hot mess and gaga could care less.

      • SaraS

        Haha!! Nice.

      • @Jsmooth

        You are wrong – there is only one category – those who prefer to be entertained without being grossed out with crude visuals and garish tricks.

      • Queen with No Crown

        @JUgly Gaga is ugly and so are you!


        you were born ugly…hot mess

      • @queen

        you look like Hatchet Face from Cry Baby

      • Queen with No Crown

        Lady Gaga is the ugliest pop star ever created and she has the ugliest rat faced, midget, buck toothed fat PALE monsters! She looks 40 years old, gaining weight, with the fattest flop album known in music! Albums are literally sitting on shelves in the United States! Ugliest, floptastic video for Edge Of Glory! HaHa! JSMOOTH looks like bald Gaga! Gaga is Hatchet Face for REAL, ugly b!tch! Adele is whooping her googly eyed a$$.

      • @queen

        you have a receding hair line, bridge teeth, overbite, and seriously looks like hatchet face. Yoo look worst than a rat. The people who ever got called that look 100 times better than you! Stop using my material. Gaga is #2 worldwide and ugly britney is #40.

      • AntMan

        JSmooth, dat was awesome! :highfive:

      • B.

        Is it really necessary to throw negativity at one another in the form of cyber-cruelty? Is it really necessary to talk so terribly about someone, celebrity or not? Is it really necessary to bash the external appearance of another human being? No, it’s not. I mean, “gaining weight,” “bridge teeth,” and “hot mess?” Really?

        Honestly, it’s about time to round up all of your maturity, shed your arrogant ways, and grow up.

    • Jenna

      The thing about it is that Gaga can’t dance. She’s hella awkward.

  • Me

    She is a horrendous dancer. How on earth is she giving advice to people who could dance her under the table whilst using only one leg?

    • Chris

      She was a good dancer in the Judas video. Not so much in her other videos.

      • Tyrone

        I have a lifetime pass on universal studios tour now.

      • John

        Did you check out Adele? Her music is incredible.

    • Jack

      She’s a great dancer, very sharp. If you don’t like the moves talk to her weirdo choreographer.
      Beyonce and Britney’s is better.

      • True Blue

        I would LOVE to have a word with her choreographer alright…

    • jap

      Yeah. Gaga is horrendous dancer. She writes catchy tunes and has great vocal, but can’t dance at all

  • LOL

    Even Gaga can’t save this show. Just cancel it.

    • SaraS

      It’s true… the choreography is so uninspired and I see them repeating what they’ve done every season before. Nigel and Mary are just ANNOYING.
      But Kristen Chenoweth was really fun on the show last week, and she had great things to say – I could see Gaga doing a great job. It will be interesting to hear her opinions.

      • Douglas

        You’re joking? Right? Chenoweth, with her nails-scrapped-on-a-chalkboard voice was, as she always is, unbearable. And all she did was praise people and yell at people to shut doors and windows. She never had ANY criticism for any of them. If they made that Chenoeth creature a regular judge, I’d have to stop watching. I can not stand her.

      • Blue

        This is way more hpleufl than anything else I’ve looked at.

    • Douglas

      If you don’t like it, don’t watch it, but there’s no reason to cancel a show millions of us still like.

    • jen

      The show used to actually be about the dancers. Now it’s about the judges and nothing but the judges. I’ve given up.

      • AK

        Are we watching the same thing? One ridiculous judges’ moment this season (which I actually thought was kind of hilarious) does not take away from the fact that the emphasis on this show is (and always has been) about the contestants.

      • jen

        AK – ummm, when they show spends more time focusing on the judges yapping, shrieking and giving each other tongue baths than the dancers then the show is clearly not about the dancers. Try actually watchng it.

  • vin

    This could be fun to watch actually! While I am not a huge fan of hers, I do like “Edge of Glory”, “Pokeerface”, and “Bad Romance” and have to admit she has the “it” factor. Curious abouth er clothing choice that night though (her clothes are way out there).

    • BeeMonster

      why is every one sooo stupid. leave her alone shes famous cos you watch her didn’t your mothers teach you.. if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. man all i can say is your jealous.. just cos you aren’t creative. aha low lives get a day job. do somethin with your lives<3

      • vin

        OK so I have four things to say:

        1)chill out…you’ll live longer.
        2)I never said she wasn’t creative….I actually think she is very creative and unique.
        3) I have a day job….I doubt you do. It is spelt “because” by the way not “cos”. “cos” is a shorter version of saying cosine.
        4) I am not hating on her or anything just saying that it would be fun to see even though I am not a huge fan of hers.

      • vin

        also, I can assume you are a huge fan of hers….thats great! BUT, don’y hate on people that say something that isn’t entirely positve about her.

      • Finally!

        Thank you! jsut because somebody has an opinion about her that isn’t She is great doesn’t mean hwer fugly monsters can attack the rest of us.

      • thank goodness somebody has a brain

        Thank you! She is overrated.

  • Alex

    too bad she can’t dance for s**t.

  • Sven

    Won’t bother watching that week, as there is nothing that she could possibly add of value. Shame, as this is the one reality show worth watching…

  • Anne

    I read that SYTYCD ratings are down. Also, GAGA’s sales are down. I don’t know how these two are going to help each other out.

    • Chris

      Her sales are definitely not done. Her album is the highest selling album of the year so far.

      • Tyrone

        Time to buy my own island.

      • 3e42

        She had the biggest debut sales this year, but it is in no way the highest selling album of the year…that title still belongs ot Adele.

      • Mike

        Her album is most definitely NOT the highest selling album of the year. Its huge debut week was largely due to’s special pricing of .99 for the mp3 version (which they did two separate days of her debut week). The sales plummeted in the second week, and by week 3 it was already out of the top spot, replaced by Adele, who has spent a staggering number of weeks in the top spot and, as 3e42 stated, has sold the most best this year. Gaga’s album dropped to 8th place in just its 4th week of release–so yes, as the original OP stated, her sales figures are down. The 1+ million of week one was an anomaly due to that special pricing.

        That said, as much as Gaga’s antics tire me–and no, she’s not a great dancer by any stretch of the imagination, so her inclusion on this show is as puzzling as Paula Abdul and J. Lo’s on Idol–she always wins me back with the music itself. It’s a shame Born This Way has been met, after the intial hype, with a bit of a collective yawn, because I think it’s actually quite good.

      • Mike

        Yikes–the “most best”…should’ve reread before I posted, lol.

      • Noelbelle

        Born This Way (the album) sold a ton of copies because it was promotionally priced on Amazon (I think for 99 cents) the week it debuted. When it returned to regular price, sales dropped dramatically. I think it was like 80 percent or something.

      • Noelbelle

        Oops…I guess Mike already covered that…

      • Jessie

        99 Cents buys you a lot of CD’s. It also buys you enough crow to feed the ego so one can spout how they sold X number of copies. Gaga had to resort to this stunt? I thought she was the biggest star in the universe? With all her self-praise, BTW should be still selling like hotcakes…it’s NOT.

      • Queen Bey

        99cents…thats a sheer desperation. What a hoax she is!

  • Ha Ha Ha

    Q: What did the banana say to the vibrator?
    A: Why are YOU shaking? She’s going to eat me!

    • Matt


  • BJohnson

    She’s not there to judge, she scoping for another dancer since she has Mark, who looks fabulous on her team!

  • Backfat Betty

    I still can’t get over her turquoise pit hair in that picture. Am I the only one who noticed that?

  • manny

    you haters need to stop! gaga is amazing and she gives great advice! she knows how to bring it! when she was on AI she gave them great advice and if they would of done everything gaga said, they would of put on a great show!!!! so just get over it and stop hating cause ur haters are just mad!

    • DION

      Thats right Manny,the haters need 2 get a life!They think there hurting but there only adding 2 the Hoopla!

      • Jen

        More like POOPLA!

    • jen

      English class. Look into it.

    • AK

      Mad that she is probably going to end up wasting our time by offering no valuable or constructive criticism for these dancers? You bet!

    • Sam

      yeah…that’s why one of the guys was weirded out when she touched him? Gaga seems to be always ‘ON’. Stephanie is the lost little girl. I would cringe if Gaga ever gave me advice. Especially from someone who needs to wear a mask and outrageous outfits to make news.

  • A/24

    She cant dance very well though. They should of got beyonce or shakira. Now they can dance.

  • Anonymous

    Ugh why? I watch this show to see the dancers, not obnoxious guest judges.

  • Lady Gaga is Popular?

    Her outrageous antics and risqué lyrics have made her the world’s most powerful celebrity – not bad for a spoilt piano-virtuoso daddy’s girl educated at private school…

    THE announcement in the Newark Star-Ledger was hardly designed to set the world alight. In a column headed New Jersey People it announced that Joseph ­Germanotta, previously president of the business development company Global Touch Inc and a man with 10 years’ experience in telecoms and data services, had been made ­president and chief operating officer of Infocrossing Inc, a company ­hosting the servers, routers and switches for the new-fangled internet.

    The item, published on the eve of the new millennium in December 1999, might have added that Mr Germanotta, known to his friends as Joe, was a family man with a wife called Cynthia, two daughters called Stefani and Natali, and an apartment on Manhattan’s smart Upper West Side.

    Stefani, if anyone wanted to know, was a demure 13-year-old attending the conservative but prestigious ­Convent of the Sacred Heart, where two of her schoolmates were the Hilton hotel heiresses Paris and Nicky. Although Joe was crazy about his ­fellow New Jerseyite Bruce Springsteen he was determined that his daughter would have refined achievements and she had studied classical piano from an early age.

    Yesterday, barely more than a ­decade on, that same Stefani Germanotta was named the world’s most powerful celebrity by the business magazine Forbes, knocking Oprah Winfrey off the top spot. As the magazine noted, she has 10 million Twitter followers and 32 million Facebook friends. A million people downloaded her recent single Born This Way in five days, making it the fastest-selling song in the history of iTunes, the online music shop. For good measure Forbes also named her the world’s seventh most powerful woman.

    These days she is universally known as Lady Gaga and there is nothing remotely refined about her. The respectable, upwardly mobile girl from a well-heeled Manhattan background has reinvented herself as the world’s most showy performance artist. She has variously appeared with fire blazing from her breasts, dressed from head to toe in nothing but meat, and sitting on the lavatory in a music video. She has also become the queen of pop whose every new single creates global headlines and a breathless rush for downloads, with suggestive lyrics such as: “I want to take a ride on your disco stick.”

    Taking Madonna, Andy Warhol and Grace Jones as her heroes and also borrowing from the showmanship of Freddie Mercury, she is a striking contrast to the manufactured sameness of most of the pop industry. As one music critic says: “She is a self-invented, self-composing, self-­choreographed pop missile on a mission to explode preconceptions.”

    Gaga’s rise to the top would make a meteor look sluggish. Her first single was released in Britain less than two-and- a-half years ago and she has still only released one album. Yet by the time she appeared on BBC1’s Graham Norton Show last week – in a Miss Havisham-style wedding dress and veil over a gold-spiked headdress with Gothic tear-drop make-up – she was the undisputed empress of the studio. Repeatedly interrupted by a man shouting “I love you Gaga!” from the audience, she effortlessly upstaged Oscar-winners Gwyneth Paltrow and Geoffrey Rush as if she had been world famous all her life.

    At her expensive Catholic convent school she was something of a misfit. “I never saw those girls for more than 10 seconds down the hallways,” she has said of the Hilton sisters. “I was the arty girl, the theatre chick. I dressed differently and I came from a different social class from the other girls.” Yet she never showed quite how different she really was. “I suppressed all those eccentricities about myself so I could fit in,” she says. “Once I was free, I was able to be myself. I pulled Gaga out of me and I found that all of the things about myself that I so desperately tried to suppress for so many years were the very things that all my art and music friends thought were so lovely about me, so I embraced them.”

    She enrolled at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts where she wrote a thesis on Spencer Tunick, the photographer who assembles crowds of naked ­people in locations around the world. But then she dropped out of college and moved to the grungy Lower East Side where she started appearing half-naked in burlesque shows alongside drag queens and gogo boys. Acquiring a hefty cocaine habit, she started to experiment with the extravagant ­costumes that are now her trademark.

    Her father was horrified. He stopped talking to her for a while – to her distress – after coming to see her at one of these dives. “I was performing in a leopard G-string and a black tank top,” she recalled. “He thought I was crazy. It wasn’t, ‘She’s inappropriate’ or ‘She’s a bad girl’ or ‘She’s a slut.’ He thought I was nuts, that I was doing drugs and had lost my mind and had no concept of reality any more. It was an issue of sanity.”

    She had indeed lost the plot for a while. But then she remembered her ferocious ambition and packed in her drug habit. By 2006 she had hooked up with a New Jersey-based record producer called Rob Fusari who encouraged her – in the face of her great initial reluctance – to add dance beats to the songs she had written. She was still determined to develop a look that would get people talking but Fusari invented her new name, derived from the Queen song Radio Ga Ga. “That’s it,” she told him. “Don’t ever call me Stefani again.”

    Her album was called The Fame, and fame was what it brought her. She remains the first artist in the ­history of the US Billboard chart to have all her first six singles reach number one. At the same time she has remained as much an artist – using herself as her canvas – as a pop star. “What makes Gaga different from Madonna is that she’s a performance artist operating in the mainstream,” celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton has said. “She takes Grace Jones and Yoko Ono and makes it pop.”

    Insisting that she never turns off the Gaga persona and never appearing in any costume less than outrageous, she has left feminist theoreticians wrangling over whether she is a cynical self-packager or a force for something greater. The American academic Camille Paglia denounced her fundamental lack of sex appeal (even her most devoted fans agree that she is not particularly pretty).

    “How could a figure so calculated and artificial, so clinical and strangely antiseptic, so stripped of genuine eroticism have become the icon of her generation?” Paglia wrote. “Can it be that Gaga represents the exhausted end of the sexual revolution?”

    As another writer countered, that missed the point. “For her fans, one of Gaga’s key attractions is precisely her ­dismissal of traditional, feminine sex appeal, of the need to be charming, of the values and aesthetic of other female singers: the ripe, pert bodies, the pretty, familiar costumes,” she wrote. She added that the vocally bisexual singer’s apparent lack of interest in dating makes her even more unique: “Gaga has carved out a space where she can stand alone and that loneliness actually heightens, rather than diminishes her power.”

    To stimulate debate at that level, whatever you think of Gaga herself, is quite extraordinary for a 25-year-old with only one album to her name. Her second is out next week and it’s a fair bet that the records will go on being smashed and the chatter, both high and low-brow, will continue.

    Happily for the lady once known as Stefani, relations with her parents are now fully restored. So proudly has Joe Germanotta embraced his daughter’s career that he now sports a tattoo in the shape of the lightning strike she sometimes paints on her face.

    As the woman who last year earned £56million cheerily told Graham ­Norton: “Dad’s very happy now.”

    • Kelly

      You realize no one has time to read this, right?

      • Trudy Q

        I can’t wait until they make a wax figure of this man.

      • allie

        @Kelly – lol!

      • Angelgeevega

        I love Lady Gaga and all but Kelly, your speaking the truth. Just keep it simple, short, and grammatically correct. Hahaha

    • Sue Ann

      Just learn to cut and paste, did you?

    • Noelbelle

      I didn’t even know you were allowed to put that many characters into a comment.

      • Jen

        Not everything is Twitter.

    • thank goodness somebody has a brain


    • nancy

      I read a little bit of it. I thought Gaga said she was poor growing up.

    • Palooka Jones

      You are the truly the Dostoyevsky of Lady Gaga biographers. I can hardly wait for your next tome, “War And Peace And Nicki Minaj”.

      • Matt


  • Kathy

    They should get her choreographer to judge not her to judge sytycd.

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