Pia Toscano signs with Interscope Records


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Looks like Interscope chairman and American Idol mentor Jimmy Iovine really took those “I’ll Stand By You” lyrics to heart. A spokesperson for Pia Toscano confirmed to EW that the season 10 ninth-place finisher has signed a recording deal with Interscope Records. Her debut album will come out later this year, and her first single, “This Time” — an acoustic guitar and beat-driven track by Ester Dean — will drop July 12 just in time for Toscano to perform it as part of her set on this summer’s American Idols LIVE! tour.

As long as this album isn’t called The Princess Pia, and as long as white jumpsuit enthusiast (saboteur?) Gwen Stefani isn’t costume-directing the cover, I am PUMPED about this news. You?

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    • LOL

      American Idol fears Pia.

      • Reality Check Time

        If Pia doesn’t succeed as a recording artist, she can try acting. She could play a sexy Klingon chick in a Star trek movie as she has the perfect fivehead for it.

      • LOL

        Oh thank God! Pia is safe everyone—Pia is safe! It’s also reported that she will re-record the new theme song for the worldwide re-release of “Fast Five,” called “Love Has Got Ahold Of Our Two Hearts (And Love Just Won’t Let Go For Now),” which is a tremendous POWER BALLAD! Call your radio station and DEMAND that Pia be given her chance—her birthright! Make them play this song! Go protest if they don’t! The battle is now for Pia… it’s for love… and for light itself. Pia.

      • Dave

        I think Pia would enjoy my body.

      • Pee Uh

        Good for her. I just hope my radio doen;t play it.

      • Me

        She annoyed me. Give Casey, Haley, Paul, and James a album!!!

      • stevennal

        Hello everyone….OMG ,My friend Rachal, a 33 yrs lady, has announced her wedding with an excellent man. It’s amazing, she said she just posted her profile on an interrcial community called~~~ BlackWhiteCupid.C óM ~~~ – and received his chat invitations a few days later. Then, everything went so well that I can’t believe it’s true! Every love story will unfold on it’s own. You may give it a try or tell your friends—but I predict that she will only be around for one album and then she will fade into the abyss we call the American Idol graveyard. ;) ;) ;)

    • LD

      She definitely needs a little of my mangurt.

  • We heart AB

    Thank gawd Annie Barrett is back!

    • Regina George

      Yay! Annie’s out of hibernation! She’s barely posted any articles the past few weeks.

  • Winnie50

    Pia is one of the most overrated contestants to come out of America Idol. Her “early” departure from the show was completely warranted because she is boring on a snooze inducing level. She may have a decent (I use this term loosely) voice, but I predict that she will only be around for one album and then she will fade into the abyss we call the American Idol graveyard.

    • Regina George

      Hater. PIA TOSCANO IS AWESOME!!!! :) :) :)

      • Winnie50

        Just wait, you’ll see. If she couldn’t get enough people to vote to keep her on the show, how does she figure she can convince them to pay $13 for her album or $50 + for a concert ticket. I’m not convinced she has the goods to do that.

      • CandaceTX

        also, people overlook that this was Pia’s 5TH ATTEMPT to make American Idol. She’d been turned away 5 times before, people. She ain’t all that.

      • Sol

        More power to her, but good grief she is a boring singer.

      • Cari

        @Winnie50 I’d be way more likely to buy her album or (especially) see her in concert than I ever would be to vote on American Idol. I think she’s awesome (and had by far the best voice this season), but I don’t watch Idol until the day after it airs usually, so the voting window is closed even if I wanted to spend my free time listening to a busy signal.

    • racefan111

      @ Winnie50: One album? That’s typical for today’s “artists”. If she sang country and posed for a sexy cover, she might last for a couple albums….

      • JulieB

        But she DOESN’T sing country, and there’s already enough female artists who are masters of T & A to populate a small country. I don’t think she’ll go past the 1st album either.

    • Jonathan

      I’m not sure what you would warrant as being a good voice, much less a great voice, if you think Pia is merely decent. She has one of the best voices to come out of American Idol, easily there with Kelly and Carrie.

      • Newsflash

        Too bad none of Kelly’s and Carrie’s charisma went with it. She’s plaster. YUCK!

      • gg

        A great voice doesn’t make a great artist. She’s missing … artistry. No stage presence, no apparent connection to the song. She hits the notes. She’s like a computer…without the personality.

      • jamesnyc

        Are you kidding? There hasn’t been anyone even close to Kelly Clarkson in any year. She has more vocal chops than any of them. The show should be renamed “American Teen Idol” b/c no one but teenagers are going to waste their time voting…

      • Jess

        Carrie wasn’t charismatic until AFTER she won Idol!!

      • John M.

        To jamesnyc: that last sentence should “and Southerners” after teenagers. Consider where all but one of the winners are from.

      • Bond Girl

        Right on Jonathan, she does have a great voice and
        is beautiful to look at. I like her better than Celine…

    • soonerwife

      I agree with you–if you really listen to her sing, she always screeches on the high notes–it’s very unpleasant–not even CLOSE to Kelly. She is beautiful and seems like a sweet person, so I wish her the best, but no, she is not a great singer. (imo, of course)

      • JOHN

        TRUST ME.

    • gg

      Agreed – boring, no connection to the music, no passion, no joie de vivre. Most shocking? Uh, I think not…

    • Sherri

      I kind of agree with you. Although she does have the ‘look,’ she’s very boring and one dimensional to listen to. I wish her well, but it won’t be me buying her album.

    • John

      Oh really well then Pia can keep Fantasia, Reuben, Taylor, Jordan, David, Kris, and Lee company at that IDOL GRAVEYARD. Since none of those losers found success either. You stupid moron.

      • John

        And Scotty will be there soon too!

      • excepiton

        Your right about all but fantasia she just won two grammys

      • sternum

        i hear almost all of these people (not fantasia or rueben) on the radio daily.

    • Mark

      You’re an idiot. She should have won the show. Scotty! Are you serious! A mediocre country singer? There are a thousand guys walking the streets of Nashville who can sing better. Pita was and is fantastic. This crap about her not moving around enough or being boring is nonsense. Some of the greatest singers in history are boring performers. Streisand, Ella, Stevie Wonder, and many more.

      • Squishmar

        Moving around does not constitute charisma. You can stand perfectly still and convey emotion (Streisand); you can move your head while playing piano and convey pure joy and energy (Stevie Wonder; and you can stand there and convey pure artistry (Ella). Pia has a decent voice, but she could be doing handstands and cartwheels and still not be interesting.

      • daphne

        @Squishmar how perfectly said. This news is a snooze.

    • Jess

      To be honest, I completely forgot about Pia’s existence and was surprised that record labels were apparently still interested enough to sign her. Can’t remember what her singing sounds like and I have no interest in buying any of her stuff, but good luck to her anyway.

  • shaun

    What was wrong with Gwen Stefani’s jumpsuit she made? It made Pia look really good (instead of her usual short dresses) and had such a unique style…..

    • Eurydice

      That jumpsuit was straight out of the early 80’s. You can wear a vintage-inspired outfit as long as all of you doesn’t look vintage, but Pia’s already got an old-fashioned style – she looked like somebody’s mom at a swinging singles party.

    • kahuna

      Ugh. That jumpsuit is probably responsible for Pia going home. It was hideous.

  • Andy

    Okay, now Haley.

    • Kevin Slowey


      • Hales Ya!

        YES! YES! YES!

      • GabeBabe

        If this doesn’t happen soon, Haley fans may have to start a riot wherever the executives of this record company work ;)

    • nunnya

      Haley better get signed.

    • gg

      Haley, Haley, Haley!!

      James, James, James!!

  • LOL

    Annie Barrett is my homegirl :-)

  • S

    Haha, The Princess Pia. I’m interested to see what she’ll do with that voice of hers.. hopefully nothing we’ve seen time and time again. Seriously, though, Haley better be next!

    • Kevin Slowey

      Yeah I really want haley!

      • Terry

        I want Haley too. And also I hope she gets signed. ;)

      • Squishmar


  • Jed

    Those AI albums rarely if ever sell well as a whole, so just another artist releasing a CD and then calling it a day.

    • CandaceTX

      hope Dia, Javier, Vicci, or Beverly’s come out on the same day. :P

    • Seth

      I wish her all the best in the role of _____________in the Broadway musical __________ which she will be cast in come 2013.

  • Brian Seacrest

    Hopefully she makes fun, upbeat music that also showcases her vocal talent. Too many (boring) ballads killed her chance on the show. Id rather get an album from James Durbin though!

    • Min

      Ugh. Really? Durbin was just a desperate Adam Lambert wannabe, but without the same chops.

      • gg

        Hahahaha..you’re funny. Adam Lambert got by on his attempt to bring back glamrock. James actually can sing.

  • L

    Good for her. Can’t wait to buy her record.

  • GSOgymrat

    Yeah! Looking forward to hearing the new song.

  • Christina

    This was bound to happen. Good to see its official

  • Who Craig

    Annie barret you will keep it cute when referring to like that! Don’t you dare shade my queen! >:o

    • LOL


  • TorontoTom

    I would be SHOCKED if any of this year’s Idol snoozers makes it big. Despite the judges telling us how great they were (cause Nigel told them they had to), they as a group are lack-lustre & average with no charisma or star quality. Pia’s CD will bomb.

    • Andy

      Agreed. Not sure what the big deal was. She’s pretty, but the voice, no big deal. She ain’t no Kelly Clarkson, that’s for dang sure.

  • jason

    She is hot..

    • Kt

      Eh. Butterface. Lovely voice though…but no sincere artistry (or at least that’s how it came across to me). Personally, I couldn’t care less about her CD but I do wish her well regardless.

    • Betsy

      It’s funny how after such a short time, with no real chance to develop that artistry, people dismiss her. Pia has the vocals, her stage presence and performance will only grow as she develops those skills. She was one of the best natural singers in AI this year, way better than Lauren and Scotty, but she was dismissed due to bad judging.

      I wish her all the luck and look forward to her CD.

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