Rebecca Black's new single and video 'My Moment' has arrived -- watch it here!


The wait is over!

The question over how exactly viral sensation Rebecca Black would follow-up her unexpected success with “Friday” has come to an end—the 14-year-old YouTube star just dropped the video for her new single, “My Moment.” And boy, oh boy, it’s a doozy.

Just like “Friday,” it’s main theme is repetition, repetition, repetition:

Over and over, we hear the sweet but very self-empowered Black tell us that this is her moment. The sentiment is simple, just as you might expect: “This is my moment, my moment / It’s my time, flying high, feels like my moment, my moment / I’ve waited for so long but not everybody knows this is my moment, my moment.”

As you might expect, Black also uses the song as an opportunity to address the many “haters” who made fun of her for the silliness of “Friday.” “Weren’t you the one who said that I would be nothing?” she says to open the tune. “Well, I’m about to prove you wrong.” Later she breaks it down and addresses the “haters” directly. “Haters, said I’ll see you later / Can’t talk to you right now / I’m getting my payback / Said I’m doing big things, things you never dreamed of / I hope you are happy / ‘Cause I’m about to blow up.” Wait, didn’t she already blow up?

The accompanying video is also just about what you’d expect: red carpet scenes, supposed fabulousness, her in a car (again, and again in the backseat—which one should she take?!), a dance sequence that shows off the talents of several former So You Think You Can Dance contestants. All in all, pretty inoffensive stuff.

The sad truth of it is that this isn’t total drivel, but it’s not so bad that it’s good, like “Friday” was. Will anything ever be able to match the awful goodness of that video? Seems very unlikely we’ll see such genius again from Black.

Tell us readers, what’d you think of the song? The video? Do you think this is indeed Rebecca Black’s “Moment”?

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  • PeterBilt

    yeah take that Lady Gaga. the new queen of bad music has arrived to take over the throne

    • Lisa S

      This Tanner guy is a creeper. EW has hit rock bottom.

      • Tom

        There is no word that rhymes with moment. Try it.

    • kyle

      no.. no she hasnt.. lol. rebecca black and lady gaga, are millions of miles away from even close to being similarly talented, your silly little boy lol.

  • Nerwen Aldarion

    It gets stuck in your head just like Friday.

    It is slightly less bad then Friday

    Slightly less annoying then Friday.

    Which means it isn’t quite as funny so it just is kind of blah.

    At least we know that she can still use autotune like nobody can!

    • kate

      Totally agree. It’s not something I want to watch over and over again like Friday…and laugh at it, but then kinda start to love it.

    • Liam

      Is English your first language? If so, you should know the difference between “then” and “than”.

      • Nancy

        Well this is what happens when you rip off a song originally written by Bob Dylan. That Karma for u baby!

  • Chris

    I love the video and for one reason. ROBERT!!!!!! So glad he continues to work after So You Think You Can Dance.

    • Al

      Kent is in there too, briefly.

  • Santana

    She looks like Rachel Berry.

    • Miss Talk

      And like Britney Spears in ‘Womanizer’.

  • Paul

    Is that Chelsea Handler at 2:16?

    • Mike

      Are you high?

    • dipshat

      How you could you watch a Rebecca Black video if you weren’t high?

  • Chris in Virginia

    I don’t really give a rat’s behind about Rebecca Black, but her story is so odd that I would love if she actually became a big music star. Doubtful, but it’s fun to think about all the real musicians in the world and their heads exploding when she gets her first Grammy.

    • Amy Winehouse

      Oh no you didn’t.

  • Mike

    I’ve heard worse

    • Nathan

      Yeah, like Friday.

      • Jenny


      • Person


  • Terry

    Really, how is this any worse than the tripe that Britney unleashes every few years? The difference is that Britney was lucky to make it in 1999 and now she has enough money and clout to use even better Autotune and sound engineers and better production values for her video. heck, she can’t even dance anymore, at least she used to be a kickass dancer. Black is not worse, not better than the countless teen pop stars that have crowded the airwaves since the beginning of time.

    • Winnie50

      @Terry Amen to this! I have been confused by Britney Spears’ success ever since her second album (anyone that grew up in the late 90’s early 2000’s can’t deny that the first album was catchy). She would have been better off to take her millions back when she was 21 or 22 and move to a remote Island and never have to work again. Then maybe she would still have her sanity and control of her own money. Just sayin…

    • Nathan

      I’m no fan of Britney Spears, but this is much much worse than anything she’s ever done.

    • Anna

      So true Terry. I used to like Britney spears when she could dance because atleast she was fun to watch. I think Rebecca Black is now just like all the other teen pop stars. I wish her well though I think she had to overcome aot of negativity with “Friday” and she has gots to go back out there againa after that.

  • Why

    How much did Rebecca Black pay you to promote her latest “video”? It seems nobody gives a damn about her except you!

  • Michael

    At least she is actually singing, better than how poor Friday was.

  • Shea

    To her credit, she doesn’t actually sound half bad.

    • Nathan

      Doesn’t sound half good either.

      • Chuck Bartowski

        I love you Nathan. Haha.

        Meet pop culture’s latest disease: Rebecca Black. Her face looks like a skid mark on a toilet. And let’s just say her voice matches that face.

      • Chuck Bartowski

        P.S. Why don’t women like me?

  • Juan Marco Polo

    Rebecca Black = Robin Sparkles

    • miss k


  • Nathan

    This song’s actually worse than Friday because it doesn’t have that “so bad, it’s entertaining” thing going for it, I’d have said “so bad, it’s good” but we all know Friday was not good.

  • Jason in MI

    Good enough not to be embarrassing.

    Not good enough to be anything much more.

    I’d say it’s perfect, then.

    • whew

      Oh snap! But oh so true these days.

  • Cat

    She’s no worse than the other autotune singers out there and it seems like her voice has gotten less nasal.

    • A2

      She is alot worse than the other pop stars. they have some talent. Rebecca doesn’t have any. She famous for being bad. It’s worse that she gets famous when someone who’s talented doesn’t. Ke$ha, rihanna, and katy perry are alot better than rebecca.

      • alan of montreal

        those 3 are very sexually-charged performers–Rebecca Black is only 14. She does the same kind of bubble gum pop that most artists her age put out–fluffy and meaningless, but harmless enough.

      • Tai

        I’m not of the belief that Rebecca Black is some great talent but then again of the artists you listed neither are rhinanna or ke$ha. Their continued success is due to have catchy beats and being considered attractive. They both lack real talent. Katy Perry is decent but infinitely more tolerable (at least to me) than either Ke$ha or Rhianna.

        I think once Rebecca Black gets older she too can start wearing practically nothing, “sing” over a clever beat and be a star too. Its not about talent anymore. Hasn’t been for awhile.

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