Amy Winehouse found dead


Amy Winehouse, 27, has been found dead at her London home. According to a statement by the Metropolitan Police, they were called by London Ambulance Service to an address in Camden Square NW1 at around 4 p.m. local time Saturday. Enquiries continue into the cause of death.

Last month, Winehouse called off all of the remaining dates on her European tour. That announcement came a day after the singer canceled dates in Athens and Istanbul following a disastrous performance in Belgrade, Serbia.

“Everyone involved wishes to do everything they can to help her return to her best and she will be given as long as it takes for this to happen,” Winehouse representative Chris Goodman told the Associated Press at the time. There was no mention of why Winehouse was in the state she was in during the Belgrade show.

Much of her Belgrade performance, which started an hour late, was caught on video. Winehouse stumbled about the stage and only intermittently sang her songs. The crowd roundly booed Winehouse, and a local newspaper referred to the concert as “the worst in the history of Belgrade.”

Only a few weeks before hitting the road, Winehouse spent two weeks at London’s Priory Clinic, though it was never made clear what she was being treated for.

(Reporting by Mandi Bierly and Kyle Anderson)

Details to come…

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  • Weezersmom

    May she finally find peace

    • LOL

      True dat. Let this be a lesson to you, Charlie and Lilo. You are not invincible.

      • julie

        it’s like part of music has been taken from everyone, yet we are still the same. Tragic.

      • jerry

        be that a lesson to the GLBT community. Don’t let your drug addiction get the best of you as it obviously did to one of our fellow members

      • jerry

        Does Feist get a grammy now?

      • notokayinthevajayjay

        Guess she should have said YES YES YES to rehab after all….DOH!

      • Who Will Be the 27 Club’s Next Member?

        Where is LOL to make sense of it all and tell us that America loves crap? WE NEEEED YOU LOL!!!!!!!!!

      • Who Will Be the 27 Club’s Next Member?

        @ jerry: which member?

      • Charlie RedHawk

        I hate the Kardashian Girls!!! they have done nothing for humanity to be celebs. all because of a TV show-Bull

      • Jeff

        It is a shame there was not a man around to protect her. She must have hung around a bunch of losers

      • David

        Jerry, WTH are you implying by “lesson for the GLBT com.”? This can be a lesson to anyone and has NOTHING to do with the LGBT even if she did. As a gay man who does not drink or do any kind of drugs whats so ever(neither does my boyfriend) and didnt like Amy Winehouse and saw this coming long ago, I say, WTH. Where is the logic in your comment.

      • hello

        Jerry, Amy Winehouse was in love with the wrong man and that was the start of most of her troubles . There’s no evidence to suggest that she was gay. Please take your agenda somewhere else.

      • Brian Wallace-Cavill

        I got married to my Blake today in New York—make some noise for my BLAAAAAAAKE!


      • Trixii


      • Oh, Well

        Isn’t it ridiculous that someone actually printed that she “passed away?” She killed herself. After trying for years to do so, she finally succeeded. That should be the headline, “Amy Winehouse Finally Succeeds in Killing Herself.” Period. Anyone that feels any different is just plain stupid.

    • Lette411

      I absolutely love her music and was hoping she could find some peace here on earth and crank out another album. Very Very Sad! Guess I’mma be listening to Back to Black today!

      • Classy!

        I’ll be listening to it too.

      • Cain

        Amy Winehouse overdosed on drugs. Man if people also overdosed on stupidity we could be rid of the Kardashians.

      • Louisk

        Check out FRANK as well. I’m a 50-something guy, I’m so saddened by this news. I too was hoping we’d hear some new brilliance from this poor young woman. A terrible tragedy.

      • Poots

        Ha! Crack… out another album.

      • Tom

        Was she really only 27?

      • liz

        i agree with louisk! Frank is an awesome album. didnt get any play over in america, but its really great. less radio ready, but more jazzy and soulful. i put it on when i am cooking or cleaning. great music to casually jam out to

      • Dave

        I’m really disappointed. Back to Black is easily one of my favorite albums. I had been hoping she would eventually get healthy and reignite her music career.

      • julie

        The GLBT world has lost one of their own today.

      • Julie, are you stoned?

        Amy wasn’t gay.

      • Chuck

        she wasn’t gay, she had surgery to fix it

      • Yeah, julie’s other comment didn’t make much sense either…

        About the we are all the same yet not the same, which makes us all the same either way. Or something like that.

      • Ignacio

        Absolutely stunning work as awyals! The shot on the staircase is unbelievable. I was in Victoria Secret yesterday and they had a series of shots on the wall with their main model and I though, Christa should shoot for them. :)

    • Krusty

      They tried to send her to rehab but now she’s in hell, hell, hell…

      • Paul

        That was so not LOL. She accomplished more than a lot of us ever will.

      • wakeforce

        Krusty, you’ll get there first.

      • Louisk

        What an in appropriate comment.

      • Olivia

        How thoughtful…

      • cbwrob

        Pull the plank out of your own eye brother…who are we to judge?

        It is a tragedy for her family and friends and you would do well to respect their feelings.

      • Bill

        @Paul, and what exactly did she accomplish, other than doing more drugs, and alcohol than I ever will in a lifetime?

      • harris432

        Its true. She most likely is in hell. The only way to heaven is thru Jesus. I never heard her mention Him….

      • adrienne

        You need to respect the dead , im sure everyone learns from their mistakes , you dont know whether shes in hell or heaven or not !

      • teresa

        harris: So you knew her personally and what her religious beliefs were? Don’t throw stones. They may come back at you…

      • nickkyg

        okay, i lol’d a bit..good timing i guess..everyone lighten up, she would have laughed at it too.

      • Tom

        Well this happens when you have really terrible management. Keep her drugged up and performing like a trained monkey.

      • Classy!

        I’m a Christian, and those of us who are at least vaguely familiar with the Holy Bible know that only God can judge anyone. Only God and Amy know what her demons were, what psychological torment/emotional pain she may have been in, how hard she may have tried to get rid of said demons etc. None of us know for sure, so none of us should be judging her or assuming she’s in hell. God loves us and forgives us. I believe she is at peace.

      • Squd

        No time for haters !!!

      • Cain

        Amy Winehouse died but so did 92 people in Norway. She was a self made junkie. They were innocent. perspective people

      • jared4ever

        To Krusty, may you have a miserable life.

      • bellecat

        Yes she led a pathetic life, but maybe she had some spectacular religious experience in her final moments, maybe Jesus welcomed her with open arms – or maybe not, but I do know it’s none of your frigging business. If you can’t pity her, at least show some for her family.

      • alan of montreal

        She was Jewish. do your research, people!

      • maggie

        Amy had her demons, but she wasn’t evil. She only hurt herself.
        May she rest in peace.

      • Benlinus

        @Bill; While I do agree she was waste of human space on this planet regarding her day to day decisions you can’t deny that she did land a record deal and releases a handful of moderately successful albums while gaining cult popularity. The only social thing I know of that you succeeded at today Bill is gaining one comment of recognition in an internet comments section; hurray to you!

      • ernie

        @Cain-you do realize you are on an Entertainment website right. Should they not report entertainment related news because other people died in the world. It makes no sense.

      • lol

        Lol who cares? What did she really accomplish? Just because you have a hit song and make money that means you accomplish more than someone? No. She accomplished nothing because she failed at life. Burn in hell you junkie lol

      • Fairplay

        To you haters: people who live in glass houses…

      • Phil

        Hey Krusty! I want to make rectal love to you and your mom and dad.

      • notokayinthevajayjay

        You lot got totally trolled! C’mon peeps! Guys like Krusty with their tiny pee-pees get their jollies by stirring up this kind of funk!

      • Tom

        Krusty, too soon

      • Lois

        Amy Winehouse was Jewish, just like Jesus.
        As a fellow Christian, I would like to ask you to not be mean-spirited and judgmental in the name of Jesus. To say that Amy is in hell is inappropriate. If you can’t say something respectful, then perhaps you need to read Jesus’ words more often.

      • Klassie

        “I’m a Christian, and those of us who are at least vaguely familiar with the Holy Bible know that only God can judge anyone.” Actually, I’m available for that service as well—just call 800-JUDGE-ME!

      • sfday

        I bet her parents are laughing their arses off. How hilarious that their baby is dead.

      • tlo

        There is no hell. She’s on a slab in the morgue, and soon she will be in the ground. The end.

      • Lola

        To all the people attacking Amy Wineshouse, what the hell have YOU contributed to society? Yes, Amy was a drug addict and she probably died from that, but she was also a briliant musician who’s music will be played and loved long after all you haters are dead and forgotten.

      • RaRa

        alan of montreal Sat 07/23/11 2:39 PM said: She was Jewish. do your research, people!

        So was Jesus. What’s your point?

      • Oh, Well

        Morons like Lola make excuses and look the other way at ridiculous, self-destructive behavior. Too bad that morons can’t drop dead from stupidity. Thank goodness that we’ll never have to have any more minutes wasted hearing about her latest overdose. Good riddance. Next. Lindsay Lohan? Charlie Sheen? Fingers crossed.

    • dee dee1

      Wish her peace. Sad for her family.

      • Mila

        Me too, may her soul find eternal peace!

      • Tom

        Time to milk it.

      • julie

        her musical greatness is up there with Hall and Oats. Very sad.

    • George Vreeland Hill

      We all knew the day was coming.
      We just did not know what day it would be.

      George Vreeland Hill

      • julie

        Well put George. She is up there with Bob Dylan in musical greatness.

      • Who Will Be the 27 Club’s Next Member?

        Julie, you are on crack.

    • Whatevs

      Another crack head bites the dust. Why would you give sympathy. She did this to herself. Besides, she was just a wasteless human being!

      • Lois

        Addiction is a disease. Amy Winehouse tried rehab many times. If it were so easy to quit she would have.
        Despite being an addict, she was productive artistically. She turned out some great music, which won her the a number of Grammys and other awards. Her musical legacy will be remembered.

      • Oh, Well

        B*ll$hit! Cancer is a disease. Diabetes is a disease. Addiction is a selfish choice that self-absorbed, hateful and hurtful people make. They don’t care about anyone. Not their families, not their friends, not themselves. As far as her ‘music’ is concerned, half of the people handing out Grammys are burnt-out, drugged-adled, boozehounds themselves. Young people are putting their very lives on the line for us every day. Those are the people who should be remembered, not some selfish idiot who wastes their life.

    • Miranda

      Hugs not drugs

      • Faloobee

        Trudat :D

    • George Vreeland Hill

      The end of a sad life.
      What a shame.
      Amy’s problems overcame her talent.
      Some people slowly kill themselves.
      It seems that was the case here.
      …Really, it did not have to happen.
      Amy had a lot of yes men around her when she should have had people who said no.
      Lindsay Lohan needs to take notice of what happened to Amy Winehouse.

      George Vreeland Hill.

    • Heather H.

      Well said….

    • Karen

      I didn’t like the racist and homophobe. I remember when Amy was caught on video making these kind of statements. After all she was only trying to imitate a jazz/blues/Motown singer and she lucked up that the record label gave her the band that Lauryn Hill was going to record her next albums with. I hate the culture vultures like her and John Mayer that show their real colors eventually. I think she was overrated anyway her voice was extremely average with no range. She always sounded like she was half way out of it.

    • Karen

      She was a racist and homophobe.I didn’t like her.

    • robert

      Amy Winehouse dies of a drug overdose! So what? What about PFC Tyler Springman, SFC Kenneth Elwell, LCpl Jabari Thompson, SGT Edward Koehler, SSG Kenneth VanGiesen, SGT Brian Mowery, Cpl Mark Palin, SGT Jacob Molina, SSG James Christen, MSG Benjamin Stevenson? All KIA in Afghanistan this week.

  • Bigmouth

    And the legend begins…

    • Miss Talk

      Yes, she’s part of the “Forever 27 club” now, like Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Kurt Cobain.
      I feel sorry for her parents but hopefully, she will find peace now.

      • Eli

        Just cause she died at age 27 doesn’t mean she belongs in that group.

      • Mr Eko

        Jim Morrison too.

      • daisy

        seriously? She does not compare to Morrison, Hendricks, Joplin, or even Cobain. Yes I feel terrible for the people who cared about her, but she did it to herself. She was a junkie who refused to get clean. It was gonna happen eventually.

      • Sal

        Cobain committed suicide- he did it to himself, too. I wouldn’t call him a legend, though.

      • Serge

        @daisy you realize all of those people had drug problems. All of them did it to themselves. Cobain literally.

      • @Eli

        I SOOOO agree!! She had a great voice (at one time) but come on, she does not deserve to be in the same sentence as Cobain or Joplin.
        She had one great album, one good one and only a handful of notable songs. Meanwhile she was a mess the entire time and probably had 6 months of good performances in the last 5 years.

      • Jess

        @sal Cobain is a legend thank you very much. and im sorry for all of you who are sad because of winehouse dying. but you know… i hate how people who have done nothing substantial in their life get all these “oh my God I cant believe theyre dead” comments just because they were famous. oh and lmao @ my spellcheck for suggesting “whorehouse” as a correct spelling of winehouse.

      • jerry

        She WAS much better than any of those dinosaurs.

      • @jerry

        True, Winehouse was better than those dinosaurs.

      • jerry

        come on baby light my fire? an albino, a mosquito? That says nothing to 99.9 percent of people’s lives. Amy talked about addiction in a very real way. My daddy thinks I’m fine. He was an enabler. See? A cry for help?

      • Azim Gjilani

        Pls. don’t mention AW in same sentence with Jim Morrison. She wasn’t such great talent as media promoted her. Few more-less god and not very original songs, deep voice and rude, junkie look. Very ugly girl which suffered a lot. Why? Ask her parents.

    • Oh, Well

      Forever 27 = Sh!theads that deserved it.

  • Ms. Chananndler Bong

    Oh man! This is a huge bummer.

    • CC

      Rats! i had August in the pool.

      • V. J. Pacilio

        F**k with the bull (drugs) you’ll get the horns every time!! RIP


      Ms. Chanandler Bong…hahahahah!!

    • One

      I agree. I had an awful feeling this was gonna happen with her. But I thank her for Back to Black. I’ve been waiting for another album after that and it just never happened

      • Lhyaana

        nothing about 2 or about toeirrrsts. Then on my drive I was noticing everyone’s flags at 1/2 mass but just assumed someone important had died. As I walked into work I could see about 40 people crowded around the little TV in the waiting room (I worked in a hospital) and I walked up to it as well. There is sat in disbelief as I watch what had already occurred. One plane into the buildings (ok, so maybe it was an accident) then ANOTHER plane (OMG!) I was in shock. I had chills running down my spine. That day I didn’t feel like an invincible American anymore. And all of those innocent people again, Oh My God may all the victims rest in peace and may the hijackers not.

    • Amy had as much musical success as Morrison

      Amy Winehouse was incredibly gifted and was a brilliant artist. She had more talent in her pinky than Morrison had in his whole body — and I’m a Doors fan. However, his voice was mediocre at best. Oh, and lyrics? C’mon, Amy may have been high when she wrote her music, but the audience didn’t have to be high to understand her lyrics. The same can’t be said for The Doors.

      We all know that if Morrison, or Cobain for that matter didn’t die young, they would have destroyed any legacy by continuing to make increasingly pointless music — and the public would have eventually caught on.

      • Lois


      • deeannek

        Are you kidding me you really think Amy Winehouse was more taalented than Jim Morrison? Thats nuts. She wasn’t even as good of drunk as he was. Still, it is sad she is gone. She had an amazing voice.

      • Azim Gjilani

        Please, please, don’t put in same sentence Jim Morrison and A.W.
        SHE WAS NOT even close shadow of Mr.Morrison significance.
        Average, but driven by ambition and with deep nice voice girl who lost orientation.
        Her parents are probably more guilty for lack of love given in her childhood.
        Did she love anyone, by the way?
        Did she show respect for anything btw?
        Please, be realistic.

      • Amy had as much musical success as Morrison

        What made Morrison significant? Please share your vast knowledge of someone YOU never knew. Please, if Morrison didn’t die when he did, his significance would be nil.

  • Esox

    Yeah, but can we get back to those Lost ‘Lost’ clips?

    • Charrrrrles

      heroin overdose

  • Chris

    RIP. You had your demons and hopefully you are at peace.

    • me

      thank you chris why cant people ever be happy for what people acomplish. Im glad you said this it sums it up to what she was having to deal with.

    • maggie

      Thank you Chris. Some people are being so nasty concerning the fact that a fellow human being has died.

      • Duh

        This is the internet, not the real world. What did you expect?

      • Lois

        Just because this is the internet doesn’t mean that people have to be nasty over the fact that someone died. Snark is OK for a story on the Kardashians or Paris Hilton. But cruelty and snark should be off-limits when discussing the death of a someone.
        The problem with the internet is that anonymity allows people to let the worst of themselves take over.

      • Caren

        Sad she is dead at 27.
        She had talent.
        She also dies of something at her own hand. She did not die of cancer. She died because she willingly did drugs from the age of 19.

        If you don’t want to die, don’t do drugs. The saddest thing is that she will not be the last by a long shot.

      • Squishmar

        Caren… So that’s the secret to eternal life? Don’t do drugs? Everybody’s gonna die.

    • Ronnie

      And hopefully your demons can find new management positions at some other company.

      • jerry

        Boom! Roasted.

      • Jonatan

        There were a lot of good albums and meoivs in 2010! One of my favorite CDs this year was Together by The New Pornographers, and my favorite meoivs were How to Train Your Dragon, Toy Story 3 and Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. It was a great year for entertainment!

  • jo

    Not a huge shock since she was such a mess.

  • Laura

    sad but not shocking

  • Zee

    Sad. I hope it wasn’t an OD…

    • Esox

      An OD???? Amy Winehouse? Nah. Probably a bizarre toaster accident.

      • Alex


      • Classy!

        Losers. Someone’s daughter just died.

      • alaya

        Wow, your cruelty is only trumpted by your ignorance. Drug addiction is tough but not as tough as a cruel and insensitive heart. Your fate is far worse than hers.

      • Sarah

        Ha. Bad taste but still humorous.

      • Sarah

        and how is Esox’s comment any different from the people saying her death isn’t surprising??? C’mon people.

      • Lily

        What you said is horrible, but it still made me crack up. Now I feel bad for laughing. :/

      • Candy Cecil

        Nice one! Come on people…it was funny. Stop waxing poetic about someone you never even knew. There are millions and millions of children in this world that need more sympathy than Amy Winehouse.

      • Classy!

        Moronic humor is only funny to morons. The sympathy people feel isnt just about Amy but her loved ones too.

      • Esox

        How does that explain the love for Dumb and Dumber, Airplane, and the Naked Gun movies? Moronic humor at it’s best, and loved by geniuses everywhere.

      • Classy!

        Pardon me. I meant moronic, ill-timed and insensitive humor is only funny to morons.

      • Sarah

        @Classy! You taking the bait makes you a douche.

      • Ronnie

        Lily you are such a slut. But I still love you.

      • Classy!

        @ Sarah
        There was no bait douche.

      • jz


    • terry

      ill give you 9 to 1 odds that she od,d. no doubt in my mind. she had already planned on it


        she was a racist .. let this be a lesson

      • Ronnie

        Winner gets her silicone implants.

  • Ace

    Tragic, but sadly not surprising.

  • :(

    Not unexpected, but really sad to hear this. I didn’t even know she was that young. I was hoping she would turn her life around.

    • Mocha

      Same here. I had hoped she’d pull a Robert Downey and get her act together, but the way she was going I guess it was only a matter of time, sadly.

      • Marilee

        It took RDJ about 25 years to get his act together. Amy, unfortunately, didn’t get as many chances as he did.

    • Elizabeth

      Hello, this is Kim. This smeaowe post from my smeaowe friend, Angie is one of the reasons for my miraculous road to recovery. This has been a humbling experience that has motivated me to get better for those who have believed in me. Angie is helping me through her blog and also mine (that she set up) to educate and give those that have been diagnosed and those that have yet to be diagnosed, resources. As my family and friends have found out, there is so little information regarding OMS. Finding the diagnosis early is key to recovery or improvement in symptoms. This disease is not detected by any state of the art test available. Only the diagnostic tools used by astute medical professionals that have had exposure to patients with OMS or those willing to rely on other medical professionals to find an answer for the 3 dibilitating symptoms, opsoclonus (dancing eyes), myocolunus (dancing muscles/legs), ataxia (loss of balance). Thank you Angie! I love you….God’s Got This! Kim

  • APT

    Raise your hand if you’re surprised (Looks around, sees no one raising hands…)

    • Marilee

      Actually I am surprised but then I tend to hope for the best rather than go around expecting people to die.

      • Nayra

        90% of white celebrities take drugs every day for rcnreatioeal use that’s why they died young like Michael Jackson.Even typical European and American people, a lot of them from every social economic class also use drugs or sell them on the streets. they pay their doctors tons of money to write prescriptions for those drugs including morphine, oxycodone, amphetamine.. etc so it’s still legal, its a way to cheat the system. what a corrupted and trashy society !

  • BrandonK

    Welcome to the 27 Club, Amy.

    • Kevin7

      That’s right. It totally slipped my mind that she was 27.

      • MEG

        Although she didn’t look a day under 45.

      • Trixii


      • Azim Gjilani

        She looked worn out, find Belgrade concert on Youtube. She doesn’t give a $hit for other people’s opinion. Selfishness and arrogancy. She played sexuality, but it was kind of dirtiness radiating from her.

    • Esox

      Morrison, Hendrix,Joplin right?

      • Liz Lemon

        And also Kurt Cobain.

      • justjack

        And Cobain… I think.

      • Lisa

        and Brian Jones

      • wakeforce

        Which will even make her MORE popular! And remembered…

      • jecca

        And Robert Johnson.

      • chris

        Cobain did die at 27. Suicide.

      • daisy

        it is Morrison, Hendrix, Joplin, Cobain, and Brian Jones… and Amy Winehouse is not talented enough to be labeled with those greats who changed music. She was just a drugged out mess who made a couple of songs. There are something like 25 other singers who died at 27 who dont get to be in the club either. Amy can join them

      • Chuck

        Jay Leno.

      • @daisy

        Windhouse was more talented than that overrated mess Cobain.

      • jerry

        The back street boys couldn’t hold a candle to her.

      • Azim Gjilani

        There are more fine musicians that were not so exposed to media, but actually better artists. Media love jerks, drunk idiots and mindless scandalists. It sells well.
        Let us remember few of Club 27 musicians that deserve way more respect than Winehouse:
        Robert Johnson, iconic bluesman
        Ron McKernan, Grateful Dead
        Alan Wilson, Canned Heat
        Pete de Freitas, Echo & the Bunnymen
        Rick James Edwards, Sonic Street Preachers
        Bryan Ottoson, American Head Charge

    • Lily

      27, the age of the mini-life crisis…

      • Damian

        I think you are obviously not dumb since you knew what mkhsoa was and I didn’t.Honestly I couldn’t figure out what the hell you were talking about there at the end. As I was writing it down, the explanation that you were experiencing cat-consciousness seemed more and more plausible.I do, however, have an explanation for your personality, and indeed for your very presence in the dream. This was a horror dream. As Erin will explain in detail if you ask her, the horror genre often resorts to a female victim as a means for eliciting fear in the reader/viewer, since women are devalued by society, considered more vulnerable, more fragile, etc. Apparently women take on those same attributes in my unconscious however fervently I might deny such an opinion in waking.For evidence of this, see . The Sherrif, the Dog-Woman, and the Dead , another chase scene/horror dream, in which I *actually play* a woman. Though in this case I must admit she is rather an ass-kicking woman.Anyhow, in The Scrimshaw Knife , it is you, El Nubo, who provide the necessary lightning rod for empathic fear. You are my sister. I am trying to protect you.

    • Sara

      She doesn’t deserve to be in that club. This is very sad but she hasn’t done nearly enough to be mentioned in the same sentence as Cobain, Hendrix, and Joplin. Let’s find everybody who died at 34.. and then whenever anybody dies that’s 34 we all say “And they all died at age 34″!

      • True Blue

        “Hasn’t done nearly enough”? Maybe not enough to you, but the impact that Back To Black had on music as a whole is more than most musicians will ever dream of. She’s already made quite a legacy with her talent, so I think she’s done quite enough to warrant being put on the same level as the others, age and cause of death aside.

      • @Sara

        Amy Winehouse is every bit as talented, and every bit as screwed up, as Cobain, Hendrix and Joplin. And I would rather listen to Amy Winehouse than any of the others. Cobain, Hendrix and Joplin are all dated. Their music is stuck in the time period it was produced in. Winehouse’s music is a timeless weaving of Jazz and Soul.

      • @@Sara

        Disagree. She had two hits that will live on, and that’s it.
        The others could at least perform; she was sooo out of it she couldn’t even put on a show because she couldn’t stand still. Looks like she couldn’t eat, either.

      • ?

        Who is Amy Warehouse?

      • Sancus

        The club doesn’t have membership rules…only that you were a singer and died at 27. It’s not a question of talent, but a sad statistical anomaly that dates back to the 1930’s. Musical taste aside, the debate shouldn’t be whether she was “worthy”. But that it’s a sad end to a young life. Addiction isnt a 1,2,3 snap out of it type of thing. It’s a grueling back breaking process.

  • Kevin7

    It’s sad to hear but I don’t think it’s surprising at all. She was on quite a downward spiral the past few months.

    • Josh

      Rehab, Me and Mr. Jones and Back to Black are all classics. I don’t know if she could have made the music she did if she didn’t lead the life she led. Still, the loss of a great artist is sad.

      • Ap

        Wake Up Alone and Tears Dry On Their Own…Hell, the entire album is a classic.

      • Chuck

        I’m playing it right now and my dogs are crying with me in pain.

      • Azim Gjilani

        I’m not only one who thinks that most of her music is plain boring, mix of retro feel with fine, deep voice. Not more.

  • Esox

    Dang! I had Charlie Sheen going first!!!!

    • Cherry

      So sad a young talented life gone.
      Now she can rest in peace.

    • Kanye West

      Glad you lost, at least he still has something to offer entertainment wise.


      He’ll be following soon.

    • Jess

      nice :)

    • jerry

      Kayne left us months ago to some alien

  • Rachael

    So sad. My heart goes out to her family and friends. My she rest in peace.

    • Kanye West

      You forgot her dealer and all her enablers, at least her backup dancers can find better work now.

      • Classy!


      • dallas

        @kanye>at least she didnt die for vanity, one of the 7 deadly sins!!!!

      • dallas

        at least she didn’t die of vanity

      • Chuck

        unless it was an antique vanity

      • Caren

        They are all out of business now.

      • Alice

        Jul25 In sfarsit cneiva care nu o vorbeste de rau. Am auzit oameni care spuneau ca vor da petreceri in cinstea faptului ca a murit drogata aia. Paradoxul e ca toata lumea se plange la un moment dat de situatia: Bai, cata lasitate, nu iese nimeni in fata cu ceva diferit! iar atunci cand cneiva isi face curaj este aratat cu degetul.Mi-a placut tare mult de Amy si sper sa nu fie uitata prea curand.

    • Pittner

      Stop pretending to be so sad. All you people sound like a bunch of idiotic fox news viewers who want to talk about how sad everyone’s death is. She did it to herself people, get over it.

      • Josh

        Classic albums from a tortured artist. Some of the best music of our generation. She might have done this to herself, but that does not lessen our loss.
        Some of the responses make me think of another celebrity who died recently, another victim of his own vices. I felt no sadness there, I think because the body of work he left to the world was easily overshadowed by his death. There was no substance to it at all. Amy Winehouse was all substance. She never made a single song you could discount as a cash grab. She opened her soul to us and we saw and felt the darkness, the longing, the hurt, but also the love. A true artist. Very sad.

      • maryanne

        im sorry…but are you trying to say that anyone who ‘did it to themselves’ wouldnt warrent sympathy? because those of us who have had a friend or family member who died of a drug overdose or even suicide will be happy to argue with you on that point…

      • Hgreg

        Your an idiot

      • jz


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