Amy Winehouse joins the 'Forever 27 Club'


Image Credit: Jan Persson/Redferns

It’s almost enough to make you believe in numerology. Amy Winehouse’s death today — at 27 — makes her the sixth rock star to die at exactly that tragically young age.

The founding member of the “Forever 27 Club,” as it has come to be known, was ex-Rolling Stones guitarist Brian Jones, who was discovered dead at the bottom of his swimming pool in East Sussex, England, on July 3, 1969. The Coroner’s report ruled it “death by misadventure.” Jimi Hendrix died about a year later — at 27, too — in a London hotel room on the morning of September 18, 1970, after combining too many sleeping pills with too much red wine. Janis Joplin, 27, was found just two weeks later dead inside her psychedelically painted Porsche in the parking lot of the Landmark Motor Hotel in Los Angeles. The cause of her death was ruled a probable overdose of heroin. 

Twenty-seven-year-old Jim Morrison died in the bathtub of his Paris apartment on June 3, 1971. No autopsy was performed — ”heart failure,” was the official cause of death — shrouding his demise in mystery to this day (some people think it was all a hoax and that Morrison never died). The penultimate member — now that Winehouse has joined this tragically sad group — was Kurt Cobain, who was found dead of a self-inflicted shotgun wound on April 5, 1994, less than two months after his 27th birthday.

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  • joe

    “They tried to make me go to rehab,
    But I said no, no, no”

    Well that explains a lot :/

    • azereta

      No one is perfect.

      • abadstroller

        Agreed. People, have some compassion for another human being. We all have pain, and some of us are fortunate enough survive it and how we may unwisely self-medicate for it.

      • stopspamming

        zhua and linda – you guys spamming the krap out of this board with your female user names and your worthless-azz scam websites. KNOCK IT OFF.

    • Mally-G

      Too Soon!!?

    • Classy!

      Your so original.

      • Lassie


      • Junie

        Lassie, don’t you have anything better to do than prance around the internet correcting grammar mistakes? No? OK.

    • SamJ

      I developed fatal heart disease at 27. Got a heart transplant at 28. Now I am 31.

      p.s. I am not a Rockstar

      • Mike

        Good for you !

      • travisdogg

        ahhh, that’s why i’ve never heard of you before. great story

    • Who Will Be the 27 Club’s Next Member?

      Lilo? Kim Kardashian? Paris Hilton? I mean, Amy Winehouse had some minor hits, but if one of these girls died—it would bring the music industry to its knees. The idea of losing one of these national treasures makes me wake in a cold sweat at night. I honestly don’t think I could go on, knowing there won’t be a follow-up to the smash #1 worldwide smash hit smash “Stars Are Blind,” or “That Song Kim Kardashian Sang And Recorded.”

      • Who Craig

        Kardash-a-hoe is 30. Thank god. We wouldn’t want a talentless hack to join those legends in the afterlife

      • Gretchen

        Hilton is over 30 now too. #fail

      • PN

        Those 3 aren’t as remembered for the short lived music careers they had. Kim only did one song. Lindsay Lohan made two pop rock albums and Paris Hilton did one fun pop album that Scott Storch did most of the songs. I don’t think they’ll be talked about that portion of their careers later in life.

      • Yeah, julie’s other comment didn’t make much sense either…

        Sarcasm people. Jeez.

    • MarcHon

      Amy Winehouse should NEVER be mentioned with Hendrix, Joplin, or Cobain…wtf people.

      She had one decent song and she overdosed like a common piece of trash.

      How about we go back to mourning the CHILDREN that died in Norway, that’s a true shame, not some junky self-inflicting her own demise.

      • Jim

        You ought to be ashamed. How dare you judge the death of one person.

      • daisy

        call me crazy Jim, but aren’t you judging a person right now by telling him he should be ashamed? Also, aren’t you making a judgement on her death as well? Just because it is a positive one does not make it any less of a judgement.

        Also, I agree with him The only tragedy in her death is that her family has to suffer. She was selfish and a druggie. It is pretty easy to call this one and that doesnt mean it is “judged” It is FACt that she was a druggie, and it will soon be fact that she died because of her selfish insistence on continuing those drugs. Yeah, feel real bad for her but lets not talk about the 80 people who died in Norway.

      • robert m

        People like you are the real trash in this world.You should be ashamed.

      • Chichi

        MarcHon, aren’t you contradicting yourself? Joplin, Hendrix and Cobain didn’t exactly die doing something morally courageous.

        Winehouse belongs in this (horribly morbid) club, prodigy from an early edge, wrote excellent music, but was severely damaged by addiction.

      • Christian

        If Cobain can be mentioned with Hendrix, then Winehouse sure as hell can.

      • AaronSch

        Amy Winehouse had more than one “decent” song.” She had a voice that hearkened back to the likes of Billie Holiday. Don’t try to apply your personal tastes to that of others. I never enjoyed the angst-filled songs of Kurt Cobain but that in no way discounts his contributions to the world of rock music.

      • Tim Landry

        One comment – from someone who grew up with all of them since Elvis – Amy had the finest voice I have ever heard – and remember who that includes! EVERYONE SINCE ELVIS PRESLEY!

      • misha

        When the autopsy was performed they found no drugs in her…. her life of drug and alcohal addiction weakened her immune system so much that in all likelyhood she caught a cold and it killed her

  • Al

    They were all junkies. No great mystery.

    • uncle ugly

      maybe you’ll die from a severe dose of self-righteousness. 1canonlyhope

      • go lay down.

        It’s not self-righteousness – just fact. Show me a long-living junkie with a large amount of discretionary income. There aren’t any, know why? Cause they are all dead. #uncleuglyismisguided

        RIP Amy, a very talented musician.

      • mike

        How about Keith Richards, for an obvious example?

      • CC

        Bob Dylan decades long heroin aficionado also qualifies.

      • Stevex

        Eric Clapton, Pete Townshend, Slash, Gregg Allman, so many more…

      • Have some compassion

        How about Jerry Garcia-He died because he tried to quit.So he might have lived to be a very old addict.

      • Aaron

        Being a jnkie doesn’t necessarily imply you will automatically die, just that your risks are higher because of everything that lifestyle includes.

      • topoopon

        Or David Crosby.

      • Rio

        Stephen Tyler, Nikki Sixx, Axle Rose, Joe Perry, the rest of The Doors, etc… Only a small minority actually die young.

  • Axu

    lol Joe. I can’t believe it. :|

  • azereta

    Such venom towards her….Why?….she did drugs and…….everyone has done something at some time….Look inside yourself and you will see.

    • Stan

      I’m sure that your major mistake was not graduating from high school. Go take a remedial English course, fool!

      • jules

        I’m sure that your major mistake, Stan is being a giant douche bag. For someone who preaches to go and take and english course, you talk a lot of unnecessary smack.

    • Sonja Grinstead

      …the ones who perish by drugs are simply a longterm victim of what began as an innocent experiment. It usually happens simply out of wrong choices to fill one kind of need or another, and after an addiction is discovered it’s too late to say “no thank you.” With years of education on spiritual bondage, addiction to drugs usually cannot be healed in later stages except by divine intervention. In short, spiritual bondage cannot be cancelled out or dealt with by natural means,…meaning that you cannot fight a spiritual problem BY natural means. It would be wrong an heartless to judge someone out of control or who has died in a demonized condition, it is tragic that 6 “27” year olds have died as drugged out rock stars, let me ask you …can you see a demonic curse passed down to “die” at the age of 27??? …there will be more if there is no spiritual power or anointing to set these captives free. God loves them like you and I, but He gave believing men and women power to cast out demons and to lay hands on the sick. It’s a biblical fact! if you are interested in divine healing for yourself or for someone else, plse visit Sonja Grinstead profile on fb and Righteos Revolution to be encouraged in spiritual matters. “The thief” (devil) comes not but for to kill, to steal, and to destroy, but Jesus came to give life and to give it more abundantly” King James. If you someone in your personal sphere who needs help from addiction, God is the only way out! Gbu!

      • Ted

        @ Sonja: As an alcoholic who has been sober for 19 years, I think you should get a clue. No, god is not the only way out. In fact, god is a risky way out because it replaces one delusion with another. Whatever works is good, though, and god does work for a precious few. But telling people who are suffering that god is their only hope is a cruel lie, a sham, and a dirty trick.

      • Who Will Be the 27 Club’s Next Member?

        Yeah, you could use a new profile pic, Sonja. You kinda look like a tranny in the current one, and while some men like that sort of thing—it doesn’t fly in middle America.

      • DebS

        WTH is ‘gbu”?

      • Who Will Be the 27 Club’s Next Member?

        It’s the lazy way of typing “God bless you.”

      • bootsycolumbia

        I respect your right to have your beliefs, Sonja, but I object to you promoting your fb page and website by taking advantage of someone’s death.

      • NoChance

        Thank you Ted.
        AA/NA uses “higher power” for a reason – “God as YOU see him” – or no God at all.
        That higher power could be the beautiful tree in your backyard or sitting in a quiet spot or anything and everything.

    • MarcHon

      I didn’t, and that’s probably why I’m older than 27.

  • Antonia

    Once a drug addict always a drug addict. She was a grown adult, she should’ve known better!

    • uncle ugly

      or in your case, “once an ass, always an ass”

      • hannibal lecter

        well said, uncle. antonia is a vicious little thing.

      • Willa Cather


      • AcaseofGeo

        Antonia vicious? THIS coming from a guy who CHEWS OFF PEOPLE’S FACES? Yeah hannibal we don’t need your prosthletyzing here.

      • hannibal lecter

        man’s gotta eat. no need to be rude about it, though…

    • DebS

      As opposed to a shrunken adult?

  • julie

    we’ve all got demons give the poor girl a break, bless her soul i hope she is happy now

  • AJ

    We all have vices, unfortunately her life didn’t reach a greater height, because she was way too young to say she reached her potential.

  • nikki johns

    Tragic for all of these talented young musicians.And by the way…its JIMI Hendrix….NOT Jimmy!!!!!

    • Angela

      Thumbs up to Nikki and Jim Morrison died JULY 3rd not June ! Who ever wrote this cant get names nor dates right !

  • julie

    here here AJ and niki johns!! well said xxx

  • ND

    Add to the top of that list blues great Robert Johnson who died at 27 in 1938. Something about that age…

    • Ace

      I was going to mention this. Robert Johnson was the unfortunate founder of the Forever 27 Club.

    • Josh

      No, there is NOTHING about that age. There are just some musicians who’ve happened to die at age 27. With an estimated 180,000 rock musicians gigging in the United States, the chances of one dying at 27 aren’t small – and it means nothing at all that a few of them died at that particular age.

      I can just as easily say that there’s “something” about musicians who’ve died at, say, 58: George Harrison, Barry White, Gary Moore, Ollie Woodson. Oh my GOD, numerology is REAL! I could say, “Look at all the chefs that died at age 63…Friedman Paul Erhardt, Ronny Deryckere, Matt Martinez, Sal Picinich…TOO WEIRD!”

      See how it works? Of course, it’s neat to play with numbers and to try to find patterns in mundane aspects of life. It helps us to feel less alone in the universe, and gives us a semblance of meaning to a world where we have so many questions.

      • @josh

        The odds of dying young is significantly less than dying at 58 or 63. I get what you are trying to say but this many prominent artists dying in their 20s at the same age is an anomaly.

      • Nicole

        TY -I was thinking that when they were going on about it on the radio this morning…well, how many died at 43 or 52…whatev…(It’s just a shame that at that young it’s usually self-inflicted be it lifestyle choice or suicide)

  • Nikki johns

    Thanks ‘editor?’ for changing that spelling! He still deserves that respect. THANK YOU! Also I did not know about Robert Johnson’s age as well….wow

  • Unknown

    I think it is really massed up and sad the way people can sit up and talk about the dead. How can u sit up and talk about this girl like that she wasn’t perfect but, nigther is any of u. People sould really watch wat they say about people. She did drugs that don’t make a bad person. She gone but, she still have family how do u think they feel right now. And if it was u how would your feel if u passed aways and people was belittling u. Yall souldn’t do to people wat u.would’t want people to do to u. RIP Amy Winehouse And may God be with her family

    • Stan

      you are right unknown. Nobody deserves to die, especially in that young age. She was unbelievably talented and had a lot going for her. its too sad she didn’t have a person, who could help her out. Everybody needs someone to get you through hard times. Its sad that enormous talent and young life got wasted.

  • Karl

    Hahaha never in the rank of Kurt, james, Janis and jimmy!!!! well I don’t feel bad at all I would of give her more respect if she would of just shoot her self like kurt cobain!! What a miserable way to kill your self with drugs lol… Sad for the family but not for her at all… She got what she wanted!!! But RIP Amy =D

    • kaitlyn

      i hope when you die, there is someone equally as stupid to laugh at you.

      • Karl

        Aww thanks for your wishes hoe… And read why I’m laughing she is not in the 27 club!!! Now go n cry for someone that was a waste of sperm!!! Tell me what she has done for humanity? I admire pep that need to be admire for there good actions towards humanity n our world!!!not a drug addict that could of ask for help but decided to kill her self with drugs!! So thank u come again :)

      • hannibal lecter

        no one will care when he dies.

      • kaitlyn

        i’m not crying for anyone. i didn’t care for her music or her image at all, she was reckless and not my style. but not liking someone does not make it admissible to be a horrible person. in your first comment, i assumed you were a child. now i see what you really are, and you don’t have an excuse. she was a person, alive and feeling, like you and i. we’re all supposed to care about each other. i guess you’re just a little less human that the rest of us.

      • montag

        what she did for humanity: she sold millions of records. her presence also helped to sell millions of magazines. she also likely paid millions in taxes. so on an economic level alone, her talent generated a lot of employment for others and contributed quite a lot. emotionally, she entertained millions of people and influenced others, including adele. all this to say to you, karl the child, you have the mind of a village idiot.

      • CSN

        @Karl: Your comment is typical of a shallow self righteous mind. Addiction is a cruel disease, and if your solution is “get help”, you should think about how your attitude contributes to the problem. Why would anyone even bother to ask for help?

    • oi

      @Karl–Why wouldn’t you put her in the ranks of Janis, Jimi, and Kurt? It’s not as though they had a huge catalogue.

  • crispy

    So who else is 27 right now? I bet Britney breathed a sigh of relief on her 28th birthday. If I was a 27-year-old pop star, I’d be living clean and sober.

    • Meier

      Paging Ms. Lohan…

    • Blarls Smarkley

      The club is reserved for good musicians in their prime, not has-beens and lip-synchers.

  • kaitlyn

    Death is something we all have in common. Some of you joke about her dying, why is that? Does it remind you of your own mortality? so she used drugs. You use a car. Both can kill you.

    • JoeC

      Yes, but drugs are far more likely to kill you than a car. And even if they don’t kill you, they leave you and those who love you miserable.

      • kaitlyn

        from experience i can tell you i’m well aware of the consequences of drug use. but she’s DEAD. she’s not breathing anymore, she’s where we will all end up, in the ground. there’s NO POINT in being judgemental anymore. and it’s just distasteful, not to mention bad karma, to ENJOY someone’s death, or to laugh and be horrible about it.

      • Josh

        Actually, drug related deaths are second to auto accidents, according to statistics from 2010.

      • Rio

        I don’t know about that. Statistically, motor vehicle accidents are the #1 cause of death for those 25 and under.

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