Adele pays tribute to Amy Winehouse: 'I don't think she ever realised just how brilliant she was'


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Adele has paid tribute to Amy Winehouse, who was found dead at her home over the weekend.

In a statement on her website, Adele—who, like Winehouse, attended London’s BRIT performing arts school—says that the singer “paved the way for artists like me and made people excited about British music again.” The “Rolling In the Deep” star also says she doesn’t think Winehouse “ever realised just how brilliant she was.”  The statement is headlined “AMY FLIES IN PARADISE X.” Read it here in full:

“not many people have it in them to do something they love, simply because they love it. with no fuss and no compromise. but she knew what she was capable of and didn’t even need to try. if she wanted to do something she would and if she didn’t she’d say f— off. it came easy to her and that’s why we all loved her so much. we believed every word she wrote, and it would sink in deep when she sang them. Amy paved the way for artists like me and made people excited about british music again whilst being fearlessly hilarious and blase about the whole thing. i don’t think she ever realised just how brilliant she was and how important she is, but that just makes her even more charming. although im incredibly sad about Amy passing im also reminded of how immensely proud of her i am as well. and grateful to be inspired by her. Amy flies in paradise xx”

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  • CW

    What a lovely sentiment and cool that she paraphrased the lyric from October Song. Amy flies in paradise indeed.

    • Adele has paid tribute all right…

      with a club sandwich and a twinkie smoothie.

      • Lily

        you’re pathetic. she’s more talented than you’ll ever be.

      • jj

        lol she is a little chubby. but she’s still above average beautiful and super powerful and talented at that.

      • Adele’s cupcake wrangler


      • abadstroller

        A.h.p.t.a.r. and A.cupcake wrangler: Why so mean? And I imagine YOU’RE all kinds of hot, skinny, and talented? Still wouldn’t be an excuse for being so unpleasant.

      • Tom

        Nobody is going to write a song about you guys. Believe it. Losers.

    • Chichi

      Adele looks a hella lot like Boy George.

      • Adele’s cupcake wrangler

        Oooh, she DOES!

      • Tom

        You two are a couple of goons.

      • james

        Was that a joke or a sarcastic comment? Because i think she is beautiful.

    • Amber

      If Adele keeps throwing back those Big Mac’s and Quater Pounders she may be the next one to join the 27 club.
      The least talented member of the club too. MOOOOOO COW

  • Riley

    ADELE, is amazing, her music is incredible and she so damn talented. I like how she gave Amy props for helping make the way for artist like her.

    • Eileen Meltzer

      Your a true lady Adele, I am so happy for you that you made it. I feel very bad about Amy getting involved with drugs and alcohol and that it took over her, she seemed like a nice person and was humble. Sometimes when your on top it seems to be so darn lonely. I hope if you ever feel lonely you reach out to G+d too, besides a few good friends and if you have family you can rely on. Amy’s mother was really cold and hurtful, G+d rest her soul now she has the love of G+d , but we miss her : (
      I’ve played your CD’s over and over after my fiance broke it off with me. I know it was for the better in the end because there was always a struggle with him and he was always cross at me for one thing or another even for things I had little control over.
      Its like did we dated the same Guy.?
      I think the type is called an emotional abuser my daughters therapist helped me see that.

      Your Gonna Find A Man Who Adores You and You are Beautiful even before you where rich and your talent known. Stay close to the man above, he will lead you to a good one down here.

  • Hans M.

    As a deeply cynical indie-music and prog-rock loving fan, I was turned on to Winehouse and Adele through my more sensible wife. I love both their voices and the raw, soulful delivery behind it all. These are two rare, real singers of the current pop scene.

    • You mean “were,” Hans…

      unless the dead one is planning on coming back to life. They WERE two rare, real singers.

      • Hans M.

        I meant still one of those rare, real singer of popular musics, thanks to the permanence of legacy. Her voice still exists on record. To me she lives on.

  • ‘Lish

    It would be so nice if we could keep the comments to this article as they all are, right now.. Positive. It was nice to actually read comments on a post that weren’t filled with hate. I’m sure now that I’ve written this, though, that the trolls will start popping up. RIP Amy.

    • umustbesmokingcrack

      Ahh…get over it moron. Crawl back into your crack pipe.

      • tom

        ha ha

    • tom

      yeah you are probably right…the truth has to be told…amy was a low class junkee that didnt have respect for herself much less for her fans…just look at how she got up on stage and disrespected all of them….sorry she died but glad she finally got cured

  • umustbesmokingcrack

    Considering she was whacked out most of the time I doubt she realised what day of the week it was. Sorry folks but she wasn’t all that, and was never going to be. Concentrate on your own lives instead of some crack ho made more famous by a shi..y media obsessed with showing street urchins at their best. Losers

    • Lincoln

      oh, you little man with the poor grammar and ill attitude. what have YOU done to inspire the world, or anyone for that matter?

      • Tom

        What time is American Idol on?

  • Makeith

    Everyone has been making it seem that Amy paved the way for the newer artist coming out of Brittan but everyone is forgetting that Joss Stone was out years before her, she really opened the doors for this generation including Amy.

    • Loca-motion

      Joss is incredible and she definitely deserves respect but her introduction into the pop world was not anything like Amy’s. Joss may have drizzled onto the pop scene but Amy poured down hard. She made a splash. Period.

      • Makeith

        I have no real argument for that opinion because it is true but it doesn’t change the fact that Joss was first.

    • jwatsons

      Joss Stone didn’t do a damn thing for anyone in music. Her music didn’t inspire AT ALL!!! Amy is a legend and Adele is right up there too!

  • JPo

    Adele IS amazing… Amy wasted her talent, and decided that booze and drugs were more important. That is not a brilliant artist, and no one can truly be surprised that she died of an overdose. Even her parents knew she was a ticking timebomb.

    • Sal

      What you are forgetting, as you write your judgemental rant, is that alcoholism and drug addiction are diseases. not many, like me and probably you, are strong enough and/or wise enough to control ourselves and stay away from the things that can kill us. thank goodness you’re an upright citizen who is coherent enough to write a couple sentences. i’m sure you’re no alcoholic or drug addict. but, poor you for not having a sense of deceny or awareness. open your heart. spread love.

      • Brian Wallace-Cavill

        Jeez, Sal—spread some of that love in your own backyard, honey—and come off that soapbox before you twist an ankle. You know the cotillion is coming up soon, and no one wants to dance with a girl who has a limp—they might think she has the polio.


    • Credence

      how is she not a brilliant artist? since when does a person’s habits or addictions dictate whether or not they are a good artist? her music is brilliant. she wrote brilliant songs. she was a brilliant artist. if you want to judge her character based on her decisions, that’s fine and dandy. but you CANNOT judge a person’s art merely because you do not like how they live.

    • Tarc

      The fact that Winehouse could not handle what came with her brilliant gift was the issue. There is nothing in the world that can diminish the inspired versions of the songs that she did. She was an instant classic, and like Cobain, she fell apart because of it.

      • Leila

        She was already deep into drugs way before she got famous.

      • Leila

        Sorry I may have misread your comment. I’m not sure if you meant that she couldn’t handle the fame or she just couldn’t handle life.

    • Ugh.

      This guy is obviously someone that heard Adele for the first time on Rolling In The Deep… Truly doesn’t understand jazz/pop from the British.

  • jfms777

    Cool. Classy. Heartfelt response by Adele. I like this lady more and more.

  • tom

    if brilliant is sucking down a bottle of vodka and then a bottle of extasy and then some coke…well id rather just be plain dumb…..

    • Free

      …and you are.

      • Tarc

        Agreed. Idiotic and tasteless as well. Tom gets boos and hisses…

    • Puspa

      Check it out! While looking thogurh the blogosphere we stumbled on an interesting post today.Here’s a quick excerpt2 Upcoming Artists Written on Monday 10th December 2007 @ 8:36 pm Adele has scooped the Critics Choice Brit Award for the artist most likely to be big in 2008. The singer picks up a Brit Award before even bringing out a full single- her recent track Hometown Glory was only limited edition. Adele is likely to be top of many ‘Tips For 08’ lists and will release her debut album early next year along with the single Chasing Pavements. UK Music Guru’s have stated that she is the new Amy Winehouse

  • keith

    Adele, classy as always. People are cruel and mean and heartless. I’m glad so many people are clearly so perfect and without flaw to cast such judgment on someone who was clearly in a world of pain and not able to crawl out of the hell she lived and died in. She was far from perfect. And owned up to all her problems. She is responsible for her death. I can see that. But I can also feel compassion for someone who wasn’t able to see beyond her pain and addiction so that she could make better choices. I have nothing but sympathy for her and her family. She’s gone. But those still here flinging stones at a dead woman disgust me. I hope all of you receive more compassion when you make mistakes and hurt people and disappoint people. I’d rather be an addict, lost soul, flawed and spiraling than a heartless, cruel bastard spewing venom and vile just for fun. Go to hell all of you.

    • True Blue

      ^^^ This.

    • wolfykik

      Thanks Keith. So refreshing to actually here a statement that has some thought and compassion behind it. RIP Amy

  • Leila

    I lost a bit of my admiration of Adele reading this drivel. “not many people have it in them to do something they love, simply because they love it.” Uh, many people do what they love, but it doesn’t mean they’ll be acknowledged for it or become famous. Many people can’t do what they love because they don’t have the means since they can barely support their families or get food on their plates.
    “I’m immensely proud of her” – for what? For self-destructing what could have been a wonderful life and career?

    • Jason

      If you’re going to complain about feeding your family, then practice birth control.

      • wolfykik


      • Sonya

        Adele’s looking chunky, maybe she should get on Amy’s diet plan.

  • Michael

    What a lovely statement from Adele. She helps make what Amy Winehouse, human. People don’t honestly accept it when a celebrity is just being as normal as we are.

    • james

      Amen to that.

      • Malak

        Too be honest they all sunods really good Karin. I can’t pick one out of the bunch to oooh and ahhh about because my fingers might drop off expressing my jealousy in you possessing each of those titles. Currently green with envy (but with all fingers intact).

  • tom

    oh please…youre going to make me cry….you must b perfect..

  • tom

    and the sad thing is that we dont have lives…here we are writing comments about someone we didnt or ever will know…shame on all of us

    • Visan

      What a colorful and fun quilt! I love love love it!You’re so right, smeetioms quilting needs to be more about having fun and the creative process rather than the quest for perfection (especially for new quilters like me)!

  • Sad

    I think Adele is beautiful and she has an amazing voice but Amy was more soulful and sang with more passion… until the drugs took over.

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