Beyonce set to perform on 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon' this Thursday -- EXCLUSIVE


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Jimmy Fallon‘s adding a heavy dose of girl power to his Late Night show this Thursday: Beyoncé.

On July 28 Queen B, who’s out promoting her latest album 4, will hit the stage to sing “Best Thing I Never Had,” and she’ll be backed by Jimmy house band The Roots.

It’s a great booking for both Jimmy and Beyoncé. Fallon shows he can roll with the Lenos and Lettermans when it comes to booking top-tier talent, And Bey shows that Oprah farewells and major award shows aren’t the only things she’ll get out of bed for.

I’m looking forward to seeing what she brings to Fallon; will she crank things up like she did at the 2011 Billboard Awards? Or take it down a few notches and do something a bit more intimate? Will Questlove get a slow dance? We’ll see.

Excited for Thursday night’s show? Let us know.

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  • PAUL


    • LOL


      • lover

        OMG ,My best friend ,she just has announced her wedding with a millionaire man who is a celebrity !they met via
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        ——–Fallon = love. Beyonce = love. Cannot wait until Thursday. I hope she does something more stripped down for Best I Never Had, that’s going to be phenomenal.

  • muziqkid

    I can’t wait! The queen is gonna slay as usual!

  • Life

    Its an early Christmas! Thank you Santa! Beyonce will be in the house, we are going to need some oxygen.

  • SaraS

    Fallon = love. Beyonce = love. Cannot wait until Thursday. I hope she does something more stripped down for Best I Never Had, that’s going to be phenomenal.

  • Oren


  • dctoronto

    Who cares? Why is this top entertainment news? A slightly past her prime singer is on Jimmy Fallon. Would this be news if she were on Leno or Letterman. Think not. The xbox spam above me is more interesting.

    • JCK

      A slightly past her prime singer? Man, you must be an absolute joy to be around. What is talent to you, churning butter or raising a barn?

      • dctoronto

        At least churning butter and razing barns don’t involve moderately talented individuals whose artistic careers are decided upon by a committee of A and R people.

  • suzy Q

    Most definitely.

  • Craig

    Ohhhh!! It’s gonna be awesome!!

  • Liz


  • Phil

    Sooooo I guess no one else is gonna say it? Her album has been out for a month. The 1st 2 singles have yet to go top 20, and NOW the week when Kelly Rowland drops her new disc, she gotta do a late night gig that’s ‘supposedly high profile!?’ and being mentioned on all the entertainment blogs!? WHAT A HORRIBLE FRIEND. She can’t ever let Kelly’s star shine without trying to eclipse her. EVER. I’m a fan, but seriously, WOW.

    • fancypants

      Beyonce is promoting Kelly’s album on her facebook page so you’re mistaken. They seem like great friends.

    • Phil

      As one of the actual few people left in the universe who isnt a member of Facebook (Seriously) I could care less and it doesnt make me mistaken. You are simply a blind sheep who is a member of Facebook who sees that and thinks that B is being supportive. As someone who is unbiased by NOT being on Facebook & addicted to that social networking lifestyle, I have an unskewered view. Take a step back. I’m not talking down to you, cause I realize you are a long time poster here as well, but you have no right to call me mistaken simply because I am not some social network addict. (And yes, you are trying to make a point by claiming Bey isnt a horrible friend simply because she mentions Kelly’s new album on her Facebook page. Your argument is based on the assumption that EVERYONE is a part of Facebook. My answer to you is we’re not, hence my ability to call you addiced to the social networking bug.)

      • fancypants

        You are still mistaken. You claim Beyonce is purposely trying to outshine Kelly when she is promoting Kelly’s album. The rest of your comment is pointless.

    • True Blue

      Are you freaking serious? Kelly Rowland had all of last year to put out her album, but she kept delaying it. Beyonce wasn’t doing anything during that time. So if you’re gonna blame anyone for the timing of this, blame Kelly for having poor timing for her album release. Bey’s simply doing her job by promoting her album, it’s not her responsibility to revolve her schedule around her friends’ projects just so she can make it easier for them sell records. If Kelly has a proper fanbase, she should be able to do well regardless. Besides, Beyonce isn’t her sole competition in the female pop market. Not even close to it. So why is the onus on her to make sure that Kelly succeeds by not being present in the public eye at the same time she is? I’m sure if it were Kelly who was the bigger star of the two, no one would make the ridiculous demand that she not ever promote her album the same time that Bey is releasing hers.

      • Phil

        I respect your opinion, but if you know anything about the way albums are released in today’s digital world, first week sales pretty much are THE most important week, and I’m not 100% certain but Kelly wasn’t performing on shows the week Beyonce dropped her album “4”, eventhough her single, “Motivation” was prolly #1 on the Hip-Hop & R&B charts that week (and that song is actually the worst song on the album, IMO). Secondly, Beyonce had been around the world promoting this album (which sucks, and has only been #1 cause honestly its had no competition of other hot pop releases until now.) I feel bad for Kelly because not only is her single actually a hit, ironically cause Beyonce has no urban radio hit off her album, but she may not even get a #1 record now cause of Amy Winehouse’s catalog selling briskly after her death. And what? Bey just suddenly looks at her schedule last week and says, OH, I’ll be in NYC next week, yeah I can perform on Jimmy!
        But I’ve said this for years, whenever Kelly tries to release the 1st single off her album Beyonce releases one like within a week’s time (in this case “Run The World” back in the Spring, and please don’t tell me you believe it leaked. If they talked & were friends, obv. they’d SHARE business plans and be like, GURL, CAN U HOLD OFF A WEEK?! GIVE MY RECORD A CHANCE TO TAKE OFF? That whole we’re still really close friends that text each other everyday thing is a crock and if u buy it, you’re beyond gullible.) Kelly’s album didn’t drop last year cause none of those songs “Rose Colored Glasses”, “Shake Dem Haters Off” or “Grown Woman” were hits, which is why they arent even bonus tracks on “Here I Am”.

      • True Blue

        “whenever Kelly tries to release the 1st single off her album Beyonce releases one like within a week’s time ”

        Can you give more than just one instance of this happening to support your theory that Beyonce “always” does this? And secondly, I think you must be the gullible one to think this is how business works. It’s been known for pretty much all of this year that Beyonce would drop her album this summer. And I’m sure Kelly has known that as well. So if we’re gonna assign blame here, why is Kelly not responsible for the poor timing of her album release? Because like I said, she had since LAST YEAR to put out her freaking album. Sorry, but friendship between artists does not mean that they schedule their singles/albums/promotional appearances around each other so that they don’t risking overshadowing one another. There’s honestly no such thing. This is really just another excuse to bash Bey for something incredibly stupid. And I don’t know if you realize this, but you’re also (unintentionally) insulting Kelly by implying that she needs to not have competition in order for her to do well. That’s really sad.

      • Phil

        The week Michelle Williams (ya know, that OTHER member of Destiny’s Child) dropped her last album “Unexpected” was the SAME week that Beyonce dropped both “If I Were a Voy” and “Single Ladies” in September 2008. And what makes it even WORSE is that Michelle is signed as a solo artist to Sony/BMG which MEANS someone at the label (you know the same one that you just said can’t possibly be expected to be responsible for poor timing a release in relation to her friend and former group member) not only knew that Michelle’s album was dropping, but didnt care to give her some space to have the album grow. She certainly doesn’t need a hit like Michelle or Kelly and certainly doesn’t need the money. She is a cut throat business woman & seriously sh!ts out some kinda release EVERYTIME her former group members & supposed friendss try & make a name for themselves. If that were my friend, I’d called her another word that starts with ‘B’ but it wouldn’t be her name. Its NOT something incredibly stupid, its something that people with half an intellect can actually see, and but clearly you are just some fan that thinks she can do no wrong.
        And to be honest, Kelly’s album dropped today. Do u even see in this very post that she is also scheduled to perform on a latenight talk show this week? NO. Because the writer of this piece could care less about her & her solo career, because in his mind Beyonce IS and only will ever be the ONLY star from Destiny’s Child. Thats the EXCLUSIVE that just had to be shared with the masses the night before her former group member dropped what is set to be the biggest album of her career. You can argue facts with me all you want, but thats the sad truth.

    • Amanda

      That mess about Beyonce being mean to Kelly is the silliest thing I EVER heard! Your feelings are NOT fact,lets get THAT straight. WRONG! Kelly has had 18 months to put out her album,Beyonce publically announced this break. Kelly has no one to blame but herself for lack of success…I am a fan of all three,but Kelly does NOT work as hard as Beyonce, no way! Beyonce is always in the dance studio, recording studio or doing vocal training even on break,and it shows,her vocals get better and better. Kelly is laying around waiting for her label to supply producers and makes less effort for success. Beyonce is actively going to concerts and other venues to see NEW MUSICAL IDEAS and PRODUCERS. It is evident in the excellent “4”. Kelly’s lack of effort is seen in the medicore current album. Beyonce put her music out according to HER plans,and she is allowed to do that. Kelly had ample time to get her music out without Beyonce being out,and same thing for Michelle Williams. Look at Gaga,Rihanna and Katy Perry…Katy Perry is friends with both but she put her music out when theirs was out and she kicked their tails…Katy had the drive and she tries to improve and has. Kelly ought to try that and her fans need to get some reality in their lives. You can not expect the whole industry to take a week off cause Kelly is dropping an album,no one takes off when anyone else is dropping one…get a grip.

      • Phil

        If supplied proper comparisons then you could possibly make an argument, but truth of the matter is that Katy Perry is signed to Captiol Records and not only is their ONLY real pop act on the label (Coldplay is signed also, but always has a difficult time getting a pop radio hit) but released her album last summer (to not only HORRIBLE reviews, but to also what was called by this very magazine a dsimal first week in sales) and her friend Rihanna didn’t drop a new single (“Only Girl”) until the end of September/beginning of Oct. & album a full 3 months (quarter of a year) after Perry dropped hers. And at that point Katy already had 2 #1 records from the album (“California Gurls” & “Teenage Dream”). So your comparison is not inconsequential, since they also were never in a multi-platinum pop act together, but they didnt even release albums * singles in the same quarter of the shopping year. I dont have problems with people actually posting their theories, but make sure they have some heft to them before you actually make an idiot out of yourself.

      • Phil

        * not only inconsequential

      • Amanda

        Competition is competition,whether they were in a group or not,they are friendly,they put their records out and all of that as I said and they ARE in competition with each other. And SO my comment OWNED yours, sorry for you but it is what it is. You look a FOOL talking about an artist waiting for another one to drop yada yada….it is survival of fittest,and Kelly should be able to be out with her record without Beyonce or anyone else trying to hide THEIR shine. And you look an idiot with that post,cause as I said, YOUR feelings are NOT fact. Again,get a grip and stop looking stupid…if that is possible for you. I am correct and you are wrong,up here talking about Beyonce should do X cause Kelly is out. No Kelly needs to grind like Beyonce,Katy,Rihanna and Gaga,and stop living off that Destiny’s children money that she still has. Kelly lacks drive and effort and her sales reflect that. Kelly controls her destiny,not another artist…if Kelly has a hot song and puts the work in,the public will accept her. It is up to Kelly…

  • Dave

    i still prefer Ferguson so i’ll dvr it

  • Miss Talk

    With The Roots, I’m pretty sure BEYSUS will go acoustic but will keep it groovy. I can’t wait.

  • Trent

    Love Jimmy and the Roots so will be looking forward to Bey’s performance this week. However…to say that her visit means he is now attracting “top-tier talent” is just wrong. He has already had Paul McCartney, Lauryn Hill (twice), Green Day, The National, Mumford & Sons, Phish, Broken Bells, Lenny Kravitz, an entire show devoted to Bruce Springsteen, and lots more. Plus The Roots on their own are about as “top-tier” as you can get!

    • Tiffany

      And don’t forget the talent he has for the week he dedicated to The Rolling Stones. I am glad that this was acknowledged. Fallon is a music lover and he is more into introducing indie bands more than the current pop artists. Beyonce needs Fallon, not the other way around.

      • Amanda

        LOL…Fallon needs Beyonce,the EW writer is CORRECT on that!

    • PN

      Maybe that writer never saw the shows that Jimmy Fallon had of the other big name artists. He might have seen Beyonce and was suprised that Fallon got someone of that high caliber to appear on there. I think Fallon’s done a good job booking these singers on his show the past 6 to 7 months. He even had the ’90s R&B hit making trio Bell Biv Devoe on there too. He’s even had some ’80s artists like Tom Tom Club (who still perform to this day!) on there.

  • ST

    Hopefully she performs something better than anything she’s released so far on the radio…

  • retta

    After relaxing & playing “4” several times I started focusing on Bey’s vocals, lyrics, and background music. I now find “4” to be very intriguing, artistic, and at times, inspirational. I’m glad Beyonce stepped out & followed her passion musically. I’m wearing out my current cd so I will be buying another! I’ll be watching Bey on Jimmy Fallon & on The View Thursday 7/28!

    • Amanda

      Beyonce’s 4 is terrific! I hope she does more than one song…the current single is great but she has even BETTER songs on the album that I know she and the Roots could really perform the heck out of! Here’s hoping she does more than one song!

    • Syamkumar

      / Aw! I actually like the album. I think it’s kinda nspuky for her in terms of what we’re used to hearing. I actually love the song Feeling Me Right Now. It’s a girls anthem. I just want Kelly to do good but ppl will still compare her to you know who and she’ll still remain the underdog. I agree, she doesn’t have a distinctive sound but she’s getting there.

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