Amy Winehouse album sales surge following her death

Since Amy Winehouse died on Saturday, fans have been honoring the British singer by playing her Grammy-winning neo-soul watershed Back to Black, giving the album a posthumous spike in sales.

Within hours of her death, Black climbed all the way to No. 1 on the iTunes charts in the U.S. and the U.K., and stayed there until Monday. (Today, on the U.S. side, Eric Church tops the chart, with Winehouse holding the No. 2 spot.)

Billboard also predicted that, due to sales from over the weekend, Black will re-enter the top 20 on its Billboard 200 albums chart—which comes out on Wednesday and reflects the sales tracking week that ended on Sunday night—with as many as 20,000 – 25,000 copies sold in the U.S. That’s a big jump from the week before Winehouse passed, when Black moved just a little over 1,000 copies, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

Though Black was a major breakthrough for Winehouse, peaking at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 in March of 2008, just after the singer performed on the Grammys via satellite from London and walked home with five statues, Winehouse never released another album.

Several reports noted that she’d been working on a follow-up, recording in the Bahamas and London, and London’s Daily Telegraph reported Monday that her unfinished third album could be released posthumously. While it is believed that Winehouse only recorded demos, sources told the newspaper that there was plenty of material available for another album.

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  • John

    I never understand why the sales of a performer who died increase dramatically. You’d think his/her fans would have the CD already. Who likes a performer just because they died? I’m sorry she passed but I never cared for her music. The news about Winehouse was that she was in trouble with the law, her husband was jailed, and she messed up her own concerts. I think the greatest gift you can give Amy Winehouse’ memory is to stay sober.

    • PN

      I think that people want to get the albums to remember the singer. A lot of artists who died have huge increases of their catalog albums. And I think that because Adele is hugely popular at the moment, it brings back more attention to Amy Winehouse, who had a similar kind of soul sound as well. I thought that Amy lived a tormentious life the past few years with the addiction problems, but I focused more on her music and not her personal life.I feel that people that didn’t know about Amy will purchase all her product that she has put out, even the albums and the singles.

    • Squishmar

      Well, I know that I wasn’t all that familiar with most of her songs, but EW did a gallery of her best 10 singles and I listened to them and really liked them… so I bought the whole album (Back to Black). In my case, I guess I’m a posthumous fan (wait… that sounds like *I’m* dead…)

    • RK

      Wait, she had more than one song?

      • mike

        ^ only knows music that gets played on the radio :-(

      • Hank

        Love is a Losing Game,Back to Black,Valerie,Stronger than me,Wake up Alone,F*@k me Pumps,Me & Mr Jones,Tears Dry on there own.Yeah..She had more than one song.

  • Nathan

    This always happens, it’s like their music all of a sudden became better when they died, strange.

  • GV

    @John @Nathan The reason the sales spike is because there isn’t suppose to be any more it become rare. It doesn’t drawn her existing fans but people that thought they give it a chance eventually, so now they are gone there isn’t any more new music they get what is left.

    • John

      How is it rare??? Every online retailer has it in stock…if not, they reprint more.

      • cripsy

        I did not have a ipod until last year, I always liked Amy Winehouse amd I purchased a few songs the other day after her death. Regardless of her addictions I think it is pretty clear she was a great talent. It’s sad people are so judgemental,

      • Rachel Maddow’s Future Husband

        You sound like some idiotic Fox News viewer saying it’s sad that people are so judgmental. She did this to herself you dope.

      • Michael

        @Rachel Maddow’s Future Husband…your post was moronic. The poster you attacked didn’t say, in any way, that Amy wasn’t responsible for Amy. If you can’t read, why bother posting?

  • JimmyH

    I don’t buy that GV. People still buy The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, etc. And they haven’t had new music in 30-40 years.

    • AcaseofGeo

      JimmyH they are referring to a SPECIFIC SPIKE just after an artist’s death, not consistent sales of catalog items, the most popular of which gain new fans each year.

  • tiebaojin

    Death is always a “good career move”!

    • Nathan

      Someone should tell that to Kim Kardashian.

      • Ap

        Harsh…but couldn’t help laughing at that one

    • Demeter

      Hello Amy !!! apparently your last day of your hidolay. Booo!!!! I spoke with your mom last night. She is very excited that you’re coming home. I cant wait to see you in December nice pics but doesn’t do much in the line of a hug hey?have a good time!Nina

  • JJ

    She was a tabloid mess but a music delight. Sad that she had to die to have those additional albums sold/enjoyed. Her music wasn’t as radio friendly/accessible as Katy Perry, Ke$ha or Bieber but ‘Back To Black’ is a modern classic that inspires…and will continue to do so for generations to come. Thx Amy.

  • Doucheku

    Amy Winehouse is a legend. A true artist who was genuinely talented, unlike most “artists” today. She graced us with her talent and for that, I’ll forever be grateful. I love you Amy ! R.I.P.

  • jcm

    Sheeple. Plain and simple. Like rubberneckers at a car wreck

  • Jefffro

    Many people have been distant fans and may have enjoyed her music without actually buying it until now….when you want to hear her and remember all of that talent. You have to buy the music to own it and play it on demand.

    • wakeforce

      I felt the same way about Kurt Cobain. I wasn’t a fan of his music, but even I know that he meant something to his fans. It doesn’t make you special to say, who cares. It makes you kind of an a$$.

      • wakeforce

        This was meant for the comment below, obviously.

  • genius

    I’m sorry she died for her family and friends, but I don’t care. It’s not like a major star died. She was sorta talented, but she had one hit, a voice that grated on my nerves, and a lifestyle that didn’t leave me surprised.

    • Jill S

      Well put. A one hit wonder that never would have put out another album. As I once heard about Elvis…If Amy had lived, she would be dead. If it wasn’t Saturday then it would have been any other day.

      • John

        THAT is the sad part…that only one song became famous…and it was partly because the name of it was ‘Rehab’ and it personified Amy Winehouse to a T. Everytime she was in concert, she couldn’t perform as she was usually out of it. She wasn’t reliable to show up or to finish concerts. Didn’t the US Govt decline her visa due to her drug past?

      • Ella

        If you had been a fan of her you’d know she had more than one hit, one hit to you maybe. Listen to her albums, every song on them is a gem. Rehab, although a good song had absolutely nothing on most of her other songs. One hit wonder, my ass.

      • genius

        @Ella, yes, hit status is based on chart performance, and her only real hit was “Rehab” which barely cracked the top 10. I bought the cd, liked some of the songs, but wouldn’t consider every one a “gem.” Talented, yes. Master artist? Hardly.

    • Dave

      @genius…She had more than one hit. Several other songs of hers were hits in the UK and did quite well on the charts there. Just because they weren’t hits in the US doesn’t mean they weren’t hits.

      • Ap

        I know…with that comment we wonder why crap rules the airwaves

      • HoneyB

        I don’t know if being a hit across the ocean makes her more than a one hit artist in America. By that logic, S Club 7 and Westlife are in the same league. Both had one top 10 hit here and numerous hits in the UK. I agree with genius on this one.

      • Q

        @Honey B…are S Club 7 and Westlife (whoever they are) critically acclaimed acts and Grammy winners? I doubt it. Bad comparison.

    • Ap

      Everyone’s entitled to their opinions but I think you’re smart enough to realize that just because your album had one hit doesn’t mean the entire album, or career, was a bust.

      I was a fan of hers since she came out. Back to Black, IMO, is an amazing album. And it seems like all of her fans will finally get another

      • Superplustv

        Hey Alyssa ☺The songs you posted by the felmae artists was perhaps some of their best work and truly popular songs, which I really liked.The first song “Valerie” by Amy Winehouse was a song I think she sang extremely well however I would prefer the original version of the song, which was by “The Zutons”. I’m assuming that you must be a fan of jazz music which is why you liked this version of the song by Amy Winehouse.The second song by Adele is one, which appealed to me mainly because of its lyrics and her voice too is amazing.“Gonna get over you” by Sara Bareilles is a very catchy song and it has this beat to it which would make anyone want to move to it.The last song which was “You and I” by Lady Gaga had much feeling and depth and this was my favorite song of the lot. She is an artist who always comes up with something new and interesting and her music is never disappointing.Furthermore what I noticed was the fact that a theme common to all these songs was love as each song had either some reference to the longing for someone or an end to a relationship. To add to this the felmae artists you choose were ones who are know for their excellent work and I too like their music.I look forward to working with you over the next few weeks and getting to know more about the type of music you listen to and also wish to share with you some of Pakistani songs I listen to. I hope you like them. Take care,Ali

    • Dave

      And I’ll also add that even though Back to Black only spawned one hit single in the US, the album as a whole was still a hit in the US, selling over 2 million copies. I don’t know why people always diminish an accomplishment like that and act as though radio-play and singles are all that matter. It’s really moronic.

      • HoneyB

        I think genius’ point is that she had one hit album/song but is being mourned like she’s Michael Jackson or a major artist. I agree that she was talented but is anyone really surprised she’s dead?

      • Thembi

        Yes, I pray for her peace. And, having loved more than my fair share of aolihlcocs and addicts, I pray for her family’s peace as well. Addiction is a tortureous road for all involved with the addict.

    • Q

      And you’d probably think it would be a bigger loss to the music world if Katy Perry died. She has so many hit singles!

      • One

        I can’t name one of Katy Perry’s songs.

  • JimmyH

    When is Hollywood coming out with her life story?

  • Michael

    She was flawed,lost,scared & confused,but she could sing,write & just be! I miss her,had her albums b4 she died. I’m a Yank in LOndon,went 2 her home the day after 2 pay my respects with others. People leaving beer/wine bottles/cans & cigarettes are disrespecting her & how she died. Where were her friends,family,boyfriend etc in the days & weeks leading 2 her death? THey come out in love & suppoert after she died. They’re not needed now she’s dead,she needed them all b4 she died…:(

    • Jeremy DC

      I have to disagree with that. Anybody who has dealt with an addict knows that you can do everything possible to help them and in the end the only way an addict will get better is if they want to change.

  • courtney

    RIP Amy

  • Thistle and Herbert

    Her music sucked big time.

    All anybody is buying these records for is because it will be a collectible one day.

    Just the same as Hendrix, Lennon etc.

    They all sucked, but their music sales SOARED AFTER they were dead.

    Some adoring fans huh?

    • Pinchy McPunam

      Hendrix and Lennon….sucked??!
      You’re comment is an acidic attack on those who wait until the artist is dead before recognizing them….right?

  • Rolo Tomasi

    People want to feel like they belong, so they go out and buy that person’s album so they feel hip and cool.

    • Bhaskar

      this is the price of been fuomas… this is the price of power… money its the devil and some people doesn’t know how to control it….

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