50 Cent angry at record label, threatens to leak Dr. Dre's next single


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Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

50 Cent–the same 50 who owned hip-hop less than a decade ago with both party starters and thugged-out cuts–can’t get his Interscope record label to back his forthcoming album.

The rhymer took to Twitter to express his displeasure and even threatened to pull the plug on the album altogether. “I’m not releasing a album,” he wrote Wednesday. “I can’t believe Interscope is this f—ed up right now. I apologize to all my fans.”

Obviously mad he’s not getting the same attention as his label mate and mentor Dr. Dre’s, he then threatened to leak Dre’s next single from his oft-delayed set, Detox. “I love Dre,” he began. “But I’m putting his next single psycho out tomorrow at 2:00.”

“You’re gonna love it. It’s a big song,” he continued.” I just don’t think it deserves a great setup since they can’t seem to get it right when it comes to me.” Is 50 right to even hint that he’ll be this defiant? No. It’s such a childish, jealous act. Who in their right mind would think that this would be the way to make anyone excited about their music?

What he might be better off doing is leaking a good song off of his own album. If he’s got any hit records left in the chamber, that would provide the momentum needed to get him a release date and promo plan. His tired Twitter rant just makes him look like an artist on the brink of being irrelevant.

What do you guys think of 50’s social network tirade? Good move? Think he’ll actually leak Dre’s record? Let us know.

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  • Mark

    This’ll end well.

    • jimi

      its not childish it’s genius. he’s forcing an ultimatum on the record label to comply with his demands or face financial repercussions. Fans won’t hold it against Dre so he’s not affected, in fact fans might even sympathise & jump to his aide. 50’s doing aggressive business with the label. easy as that

      • jimi

        **Dr. Dre’s fans will not leave Dr. Dre on account of 50’s decision 2 leak a single.

      • Eric

        @jimi, just because something may seem like it would take a decent amount of intelligence about business- doesn’t mean it cannot be childish.

      • lu

        Since when did blackmail become genius?

      • Ricky

        How is it genius? Someone OWNS that track. Leaking it to the public would result in 50 distributing copyrighted material. Opening oneself up to a lawsuit in which the outcome is pretty cut and clear seems dumb in way you put it.

    • Sam Hamswell


      • Lacy

        ^this guy wins.

    • Holly

      Love how he says he’s “not releasing a album.” 50 should, of all people, know this is “just bidniz.” He doesn’t sell liken he used to. He got lazy, kept pumping out the same stuff while others innovated and he’s lost the audience.

      • Julian

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  • PeterBilt

    he has been less than relevant for 7 years now and now he is just acting like a baby.

    • CHERYL


      • G

        It’s all George Bush’s fault…People are so dumb….

      • Kevin

        I guess i’m a hater too bcuz 50 is and always has, acted like an immature kid. Why profess your love for Dr. Dre then turn around and stab him in the back by releasing one of his songs? And the industry, let alone Interscope, has done that to artists long before 50 was ever heard of, so why not leave the label if you’re that upset? or go back to studio and make changes? I REALLY don’t see how anyone can defend his childish behavior.

    • scrooge greedy

      dang homie in high school u was the man homie whut in the world happend to you thats my question to 50

  • Timbo1718

    50 Cents last album was a huge sales disappointment compared to his other efforts. It only sold 500,000 copies. Im assuming Interscope wants better material and hit lead single before the spend tons on marketing……So 50 get it together and makes some hits.

    • Timbo1718




    • gunit

      since when is selling 500,000 albums a disappointment?

      • astevens

        for the average artist going gold is good but for an artist who sold multi platinum albums, gold is a dissapointment

      • Stefania

        Aug15Patrick soviel ich weiss ist beats by dre eine uittrabeenlung des elektronikkonzerns monster. dann mfcsste htc schon eine mehrheit von denen besitzen, die aber sicherlich nicht ffcr 300 mio zu haben ist

  • donknottz

    In the words of Artie Lange “WAH”

    • Fog cue

      That’s Snooki.

      • Eric

        Who’s Snooki? What are you talking about?

    • John

      I got it.

  • GV

    I use to like 50 not sure what happened to his music. Is like it didn’t change or it changed in the wrong way. See it should prove that he is no Slim Shady but then very few people are. I want the Dr Dre album so maybe he will go on tour with Emimem! 50 can open for them lol

    • evie

      dang; slayyy! but i 100% agree!

    • Missy

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  • BW

    So he’s mad at the label so he screws with another artist on the label? One that is one of his mentors? yeah, that makes tons of sense.

  • nick

    I hope he leaks it so Interscope can sue his ass!!!!

  • Drew

    Didnt he promise to retire if Kanye West’s album did better than his? It did. So why is he still here? He hasnt been relevant in years and now hes acting a like a child.

    • Ap

      You’re right!
      That was like five years ago. Hmmm…it seems like Kanye killed 50’s rap career. Who knew?

  • Dan

    Eminem would tear him to shreds lyrically

    • Radio Gaga

      Yeah, cause Eminem hasn’t been releasing the exact same song for the last seven years. Plus he’s too busy taking on Jusin Beiber and Lady Gaga. Cause, you know, that’s how gangsters roll.

      • roll on this

        em is obviously doin something better than most .. and yes he would shred 50 plus everyone else , when he disses pop stars its just kinda like killin time for him ,as for the same song for the past seven years , maybe you got your ipod stuck on replay.

      • VinceP

        Eminem’s filler material does sound the same, but he has managed to put 2-3 GREAT songs on every album he’s released. That’s pacing.

        Oh, and when did Eminem ever claim to be a gangster?

  • yikes

    Brad Wete might want to watch his back on the streets. 50 gonna go straight gangster on his ass.

    • Deebo

      I was thinking the same thing…Brad you do know the guy who shot 50 was killed a week later right?

  • One-hit Wonder

    “In Da Club” was his only decent song. His acting skills, using that phrase liberally, are nonexistent. As for rapping, his lyrics are pedestrian, his beats uninspiring. I’d put another slug or two in his face to improve his flow.

    • khordkutta

      Not a fan of fif, but to say he only has one decent song is laughable.

    • delfra

      Decent, fool what you talkin’ about, “IN THE CLUB” is a classic. One hit wonder,”21 QUESTIONS”,”WANKSTA”,”P.I.M.P”,”MAGIC STICK”,”STUNT 101″,”WANNA GET TO KNOW YOU”,”CANDY SHOP”,”AEYO TECHNOLOGY”,”DO YOU THINK ABOUT”, yes siree, i guess that does sound like a one hit wonder, wish i could count like you genius.

      • Dave

        It doesn’t matter if they were hits. They still suck. Being a hit doesn’t make a song great.

    • Ngqukuva

      Ya got it wrong sucker, ya mus check out INVITATION and many it’s jus tht ya ain’t a fan for 5bob,get lyf hater.

      • DGH

        Wow someone needs an education!

  • asher

    He is a big baby, a misogynist and a homophobe. Worst of all, though, he is just an awful rapper. Seriously, one of the most overrated rap superstars of all time.

    • Brandon

      He’s the greatest rapper of all time. what are you talking about?

      • gato

        Are you high? 50 better than Jay Z, Tupac, Biggie, Nas, Kanye, Feminem, Jadakiss, Foxy Brown, Mobb Deep, Rakim??? You need to listen to more hip hop!! Go shortie, go shortie…to I Tunes


      @asher— u are so wrong. when mister cee was OUTED, 50 was publicly supportive.

      • Adetunwase

        Oh WOW I didn’t expect you to reivew this one. I saw it the other night too. I agree with you on children beating each other up. I enjoyed the sceneries a lot, that’s what made the movie worth watching for me. Jackie Chan did a good job, and Jaden Smith well I guess he did pretty good for someone his age, and he definitely has improved since The Day The Earth Stood Still.

  • mikee

    Gangsta be bawlin’.

  • Dave

    I’m a fan, but this behavior of his is a complete turn-off. I can understand his frustration about the label not backing his album, but bringing Dr. Dre into it is petty and childish. He’s acting like a baby. He needs to grow up.


    So instead of taking responsibility for his own work not being up to par he is going to leak Dr. Dre’s – who is his mentor? If he is dumb enough to do that, then he deserves all the legal hassle that will follow.

    • Brian Quigley

      I’ll pimp slap everybody on here without my powder, bunch a nonsense window warrior asses F–k ya’ll

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