Whoops! Kelly Rowland accidentally unleashes her breasts during New Jersey concert


Image Credit: Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

On Friday, Nicki Minaj turned some heads when her left nipple freed itself from the confines of her outfit  and said “Hello!” to a national television audience during a performance on Good Morning America.

While Kelly Rowland couldn’t technically have gone bigger (that’s just genetics), she certainly did go harder. During a peak moment at a concert in West Orange, New Jersey on Sunday, Rowland’s already-revealing top—shown above, while still (nominally) containing her assets—migrated up her chest and unleashed her twin commanders.

Rowland managed to bounce back and make a good-natured recovery, even going as far as joking about it on Titter (er, Twitter). “New Jersey crowd was amazing!! hope you enjoyed the show and didnt mind the peekaboo LOL!!! #kanyeshrug #stuffhappens,” she wrote.

Rowland is currently on tour in support of her recently-released album Here I Am, which contains her high-charting single “Motivation.” And with Minaj vanquished (a full pair always beats a single areola in Accidental Flasher Poker) and Janet Jackson in the rear view, Rowland is now the reigning wardrobe malfunction champion. The (braless) ball is in your court, Katy!

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  • reit

    It’s so sad that women have to spend so much energy trying to be “hot”. Why don’t we do a better job encouraging women and girls to set and accomplish real goals?

    • Bubba

      And millions of entertainment, fashion and beauty care stock holders disagree with you. But then if you really want to make a difference why don’t you donate your retirement fund to the girls and boys club.

      • Lisa S

        Don’t say areola, pervo.

      • nailp086

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        –Katy Perry keeping her assets hidden from public view is like the Vatican withholding the Holy Grail from the world.

    • Holly

      What are you talking about? What part of the article are you responding to? Her top came up accidentally. She didn’t have a “goal” of making it happen. Your comment doesn’t even make sense!

      • Tiffany

        Every woman knows that if you wear a shirt that barely covers your chest with your arms down…it will migrate north if you move around a lot. Kelly was asking for a slip. I like her, but I do think that our society encourages/rewards this behavior in young women.

      • LadyLi1

        @Holly. Oh. Yes. She. Did! She wore a bra that was WAY too small in cup size so she would get the “Underboob” effect. It was too small and rolled up. She’s on record as said she’s proud of her body & no big deal after this was brought to her attention

    • Cygnus

      Katy Perry keeping her assets hidden from public view is like the Vatican withholding the Holy Grail from the world.

      • Chas

        I like your attempt but the analogy doesn’t work well.

    • jsl123

      If these women really had talent they wouldnt have to dress like tramps. Try just useing what ever talent you do have to just entertain us.

    • Alexander Hamilton

      Reveal thy bussom, madam, or exit the premises posthaste!

    • Sally in Chicago

      I can’t help but believe this is purposeful to get front page.

    • oh well

      OH please sit down and shut up with the feminist whine feast! This was clearly an accident. She has no problem being provocative she is from DC after all. Hell look at Bey (i’m a fan so sit stans)! Men and women try to look well and be sexy stuff happens its the 24 hour news cycle that keeps telling us every little mistake, mishap or mis-step a celeb has!! Go Kelly can’t wait to see you on The FAME Tour in the coming weeks!

  • Mark

    wow, i bet her parents are so proud…..

    • Holly

      She is a platinum-selling recording artist, so yes, I imagine they are. Can you top that?

      • Holla for Holla

        Lol, ignore her, she was born with both boy and girl bits, so it’s driven her insane.

      • jsl123

        I don’t think you get marks comment,,,,,,

  • uchegbu emeka

    its not everyday that we see celebrity’s wardrobe malfunction but when they do like kelly’s,its fun and entertaining

    • Larry

      You forgot this is the super rare double nip slip

  • ns

    I don’t think there’s much that’s “genetic” about the size of Nicki Minaj’s boobage.

  • godfrey commins

    H to the O

    • Cassie

      That’s what Santa says!!

    • mike

      H to the Izzo

  • Buffy Freak

    Sounds like someone wasn’t getting enough attention after Rhianna’s GMA nip slip…

    • Buffy Freak

      Oops..Nicki Minaj, not Rhianna….

      • oh well

        LOL it’s an honest mistake Rihanna is always naked riding some concert goer! Did you see that chick riding that 60 yr old man???… ewwww…hiss hiss boo!!

  • PN

    Even Kelly’ Rowland’s pulling a Nicki Minaj! Did she try to pull that same move in the New Jersey concert? But maybe this wardrobe malfunction she had is to match with the suggestive pictures in her CD booklet, to match with the sexual image of her album. Some people like watching that stuff, even though I don’t condone it.

  • Brad Adien

    Genetics? You must be joking. Gentics doesn’t stop any of these performers from having ridiculously large breasts.

    • Squishmar

      I believe Kelly Rowland has admitted to having a minimal breast augmentation… she was really flat before. Nicki Minaj… I’m not sure if hers are real or not… I believe they are.

      • Tiffany

        Nicki’s are as natural as her booty…which is to say not at all. Nicki’s before and after pictures are quite startling. She was tiny all over before.

  • KFed

    I realise I’m about to become one of “those people”, but is this really an EW story?

    • Phil

      She couldnt get them to mention her once the week her album dropped, but now this…this is what EW has become. ‘Her high-charting single “Motivation” ‘ was the #1 R&B & hip-hop song for 7 weeks…sigh….

      • loopy larue

        What are you talking about?


      • Ramury7

        They did write that short paragraph on her AFTER the album had dropped… but no real mention of the multiple weeks at #1 on the R&B Charts, No mention of the X- Factor gig (Which is BIG time) and no mention of the endorsement deal for Diddy new fragrance.

      • Phil

        In the issue the Kelly Rowland review was written up in, they featured Beyonce’s photo on the page before highlighting her song “Countdown” to add to people’s playlists for the summer, while Kelly’s album artwork didn’t even get printed. And to make it even worse, they gave B’s #4″ a bloated 2 page review in June only to give the disc a B-, when they gave Kelly’s disc a B. Sliding scales of bias doesn’t even begin to cover it.

    • Jason

      4 got a B, not a B- from EW. Overall, it’s one of the best reviewed albums of the year. I saw you all over a Beyonce post complaining. I’m sure it was other musicians featured in the same article that took away from Kelly’s “shine.”

      • Phil

        Haha So basically you’re saying that a 2 page review to say the album was only a B isn’t biased when the same grade is given in a 3 sentence review to Kelly whose disc actually included a #1 song on the disc? This is whats wrong with people in the world today…they can’t even see bias when its written write in front of their faces.

  • Lanney Nelson

    oops. But she wanted to do it.

  • JP

    Stinks of desperate publicity stunt, just like that other weird lady the other morning. Here’s a thought: if you don’t want your bits and pieces coming out all over the place, wear something that covers said bits and pieces when you’re bouncing around on stage. Otherwise, it’s either planned or plain stupidity.

    • Ann

      I totally agree.

  • gato


    • Dclif

      agree its boring, women use their assets to gain attention!

  • Kelsa

    Sorry but if you’re wearing half a shirt and no bra while dancing around onstage, you’re asking for something like that to happen. I mean look at that ‘shirt’…it barely covers her! I don’t think wardrobe malfunctions are that big of a deal if it’s accidental, but wearing something like that says, to me, that she probably hoped it would happen.

  • bruno

    if a tree falls in the forrest and no one cares does it still make a sound?

  • Fivedollar Economy

    They are doing this on purpose

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