The Music Mix Lady Gaga Monitor: The best of times and the worst of times?


It’s been an eventful week for Lady Gaga. In fact, there’s so much going on that we’re bringing you a special catching-up-with-Lady-Gaga rap sheet, chronicling the good, the bad and the downright weird in the life and times of Her Ladyship.

High point: Lady Gaga appears to have casually dropped in for Britney Spears’ Femme Fatale tour stop in Atlantic City on Saturday night. Spears gave her a shout-out from the stage, and Gaga popped up above the masses to greet fans in her as-per-usual uniform of leather newsboy cap and black bustier. Watch Gaga’s cameo after the jump.

The New Jersey show was just a routine stop on Spears’ summer jaunt with Nicki Minaj. Which brings us to the real question: With Gaga, Britney, and Minaj all in one arena, how is it still standing (and is there any body glitter left in southern New Jersey)?

Low point: Rebecca Francescatti, a Chicago-based singer, is suing Lady Gaga for allegedly stealing “substantial, original portions” of her 1999 song “Juda” (recorded with her band Rebecca F. & the Memes) for use in her own release “Judas,” according to papers filed by a district court in Illinois. Ah, but the plot thickens: Brian Gaynor, a sound engineer and bassist who worked with Francescatti on “Juda” also worked with Lady Gaga on her 2011 release Born This Way. Justified? Several videos that compare the two songs have surfaced on YouTube—have a listen and decide for yourself.

… Uh, what? Point of no explanation: Gaga tweeted digital images of the bizarre cover art for her single “You & I” on Friday. They feature Lady Gaga dressed in uncomfortably convincing drag: Her male alter ego, named “Jo Calderone,” is a black-haired, impressively mutton-chopped man sucking on a cigarette (and, according to an article in an issue of Men’s Vogue in Japan last year, is a Sicilian car mechanic). “You will never find what you are looking for in love, if you don’t love yourself,” she wrote in the tweet.

What do you think, Music Mix followers? Where will the Gaga rollercoaster take us next—new highs, or new lows?


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  • Smarts

    YOU & I should be HUGE…amazing anthemic song.

    • Nick T

      Yeah, and the art isnt really strange as the song refers to a woman. Instead of going for the obvious lesbian angle, she went for the tranny/chick one. Love it

      • e4ia

        Actually the song refers to her “cool Nebraska guy” so I’m sure it’s meant as a song being sung to a guy from a woman.

    • Tiffany

      I LOVE You and I! It is such a great song.

    • The Next

      Legitimate media sites (and I’m thinking EW likes to think of itself as legitimate, meaning not just an online blog) should not give publicity to losers who try to extort money from celebrities by filing frivilous lawsuits. It just puts a bullseye on the celebrities and encourages more idiots try it.

    • Farha

      i think everyones aloud there own inoops but i do like both of them1. katy perry and lady gaga are probably moth on the same mentality line as there both pretty insane.2.Gaga only makes her self look like a monster to go with her style and her image for her music.. shes actually really pretty when shes done up normal Katy Perry is pretty nice eyes but shes fairly normal.3.both of there types of music are individual and very good artists athough i do think katy perrys songs can be fairly annoying at times same with gaga at times also.Just my opinion

  • Drew

    Why does EW pay her so much special attention? I dont see weekly posts updating us on every time Katy, Rihanna or Britney take a breath.

    • Faris

      Amen to that! Is EW reporting Lady Gaga’s every little move?

      • James

        Because Gaga is more interesting, talented and successful that Katy, Rihanna or Britney.

      • Rob


        Er…no. Katy Perry has 5 number ones from Teenage Dream. That’s hugely successful. Now, onto the Gaga proclaimed CD of the Decade Born This Way??? The only #1 so far is BTW and that was released in April. Judas and Edge of Glory were not as lucky. Now, she promoting a new single dressed as her male alter…but this is coming from someone who is already another alter, that being Gaga. I’m confused! Don’t worry though….GW…that being Gaga Weekly will attempt to explain.

    • Matt

      I do get that the sheer amount of exposure is a little weird, but I think it’s also that Gaga has wielded much greater artistic control over her music and work than any of those artists. I don’t think those 3 write their own music, and it’s obvious that Katy Perry and Rhianna take much of their routine directly from the Gaga playbook (compare Rhianna’s style and music pre and post gaga). I think they’re reporting on Gaga b/c she has had more unique and interesting things to say, whether people like it, love it or loathe it.

      • Drew

        Katy co-writes all of her own music, and their music and images are nothing like GaGa’s. Only delusional gaga stans think Rihanna tries to be like gaga. They do not take their “routine” directly from the Gaga playbook (or rather the Madonna playbook). I wish people would stop giving this woman more credit than she deserves. Yes she’s talented. But not every female in pop music wants to be like her.

      • Melissa

        Drew, Katy “co-writes” but so do 20+ other people on her cd. Dr. Luke executive produced her cd…along with everything else on the radio these days.

      • Drew

        Melissa- For the record, 5 people are listed as writers on Born This Way (the song). GaGa is not listed as the sole writer on any song but You and I. And she works with big producers as well.

      • Mark

        Ah…Matt…are you serious? Katy Perry co-writes her own songs and, frankly, I don’t see any comparison between GaGa and Katy. None between GaGa and Rihanna either. Both Katy and Rihanna were making hit records before GaGa became popular. GaGa fans seem to think she’s the only female singer on the planet and that all other female singers copy her/want to be her. Please. If anything, GaGa copies other singers (see anything by Madonna).

      • Anthony

        Can we all just agree on one thing: Its hard to find an artist out right now that writes EVERY SINGLE SONG OFF OF EVERY ALBUM, BY THEMSELVES. at least one thats mainstream. going forward, there will always be a team of co writers helping the artist along the way. and theres nothing wrong with that. cant we all just be proud of all of these women for being so successful in their own ways?

      • ecoca

        Not hard at all. Taylor Swift.

      • RUBY

        Exactly, Taylor Swift does it. Not hard in the slightest. And for all those people who hate Lady Gaga, well, there must be a lot more people who love her because look how successful she is and she will probably continue to be so. So just leave her alone and stop complaining.

    • Foreverbeyonce

      I agree 100% . I heard she went to Britney “manufactured pop act” spears concert, she is such a shady gaga , she told her audience she “would never attend a show where some blonde b that lipsyncs?” SHE IS FAKE!

  • Inscrutable

    People will buy anything for any made up reason. It is quite manipulative for the rich who profit from something devoid of substance to steal from the poor and spend ALL their money on tacky ugly costumes. Real artists being screwed by fakers; no wonder there are so many struggling true talents. Who’s responsible? You, the pop culture consumer. A vote for a musical product is a vote against music that does not need to sell itself, but sells anyway. Welcome to era of the lazy con-Artist.

  • jets

    Other recent hilights woud be her “You & !” performance on the View, with awesome ad libs including “Come on Ladies!” and “I don’t need my purse and my hat!”; her jusding SYTYCD, and her little underappreciated monser Greyson Chance releasing his album.

    • e4ia

      She was awesome on The View. More proof that, unlike many of today’s pop stars, she is an incredible live singer and performer.

    • Ricky

      A little rationality lifts the quality of the debate here. Thanks for ctonributing!

  • Elizabeth

    Brit’s dancer (the one on the left) – holy Spirit Squad, sister. The audience will get excited on their own, you don’t have to mug it up like the basketball team is down by 20 with 8 minutes to go and the crown needs to get fired up.

  • MultiPass

    The Juda song and Judas are not even remotely similar…. except of course for the 4 letters. Sad and desperate attempt to get press from the unknown.

  • Woot

    Even as a Lady Gaga fan this article feels sort of pointless. Honestly it felt like you guys just wanted to write something about her. No one cares about a pathetic lawsuit that all celebrities have to deal with time to time, and her “You and I” cover has been out for days.

  • Stephen

    Can’t wait for the You and I video to be released. The song will be a another major hit for her!

  • Jason

    Gaga’s performance of You and I on The View was amazing.

  • Ben

    As sick of Gaga as I am – and as much as I think Born This Way is a blatant rip-off of Express Yourself – based on the online snippet I cannot hear a similarity between Juda and Judas.

  • JudasGaGa

    I hate delusional fans from Katy, Rihanna, Britney.
    I’m not saying GaGa created dance music, or the weird outfits. But you can clearly see many resemblence.

    Katy copied GaGa with the sparking bra, and the ET video.
    Rihanna copied GaGa in the “Hard” video
    Not to mention how dance they have gotten. Before Lady GaGa Katy made rock music, and Rihanna made pop… Now they make dance music.
    Not only them but countless of other artists.

    • Anthony

      wouldnt you agree that every song right now is dance? Gaga came to the music scene with dance and it caught on like wildfire. I dont think its so much the artists doing the copying, its more of the record executives using it as a marketing tactic. I also think that these women are so different, that their really is no comparing. and lets face it; as a fellow monster, you would know that there is no comparing to the Lady. haha

      • Foreverbeyonce

        like Mariah careys says :your delusional your delusional boy your losing your mind” Gag me is just a rip off the Madonna book. She will always live in her shadows

      • waxdude

        Um, Madonna is who started the dance craze with “Hung Up” in 2006 from her “Confessions On A Dance Floor” album! NOT Lady Gagme!

    • Candice

      sweet delusional fan, Kesha was doing dance the same time lady copy and paste came out. Dance is nothing new, have you heard of Madonna, Cher (do you believe) or even britnay black out album. get a grip gag me will forever live in the shadows of her greater counter parts ! FORVER THE GIRL WHO TRIED TO BE MADONNA!

  • Anthony

    I’m a devoted gaga fan, However, I will say, that between Gaga, Rihanna, Katy, and even Beyonce, who are all among the most popular female artists in pop music right now, There is absolutley no comparison between any of them. Rihanna- hip hop, R&B, Reggae influences. Gaga- Poppy, Dance, Club hits, and yet still motivational. Katy-Quirky, hipster pop. Beyonce- Classic R&B Diva with 15 years in the business. All of these women are under the age of 30, and have accomplished so much in their lives. I dont believe anyone is copying anyone. Lets make love not war, and be proud that these 4 women are dominating the music industry and setting the bar so high for future artists.

    • Candice

      Too bad Britney came out on top ;) go to ANY poll she is the girl to beat and has been for 13 years going strong, no to mention a sold out WORLD tour! Love Katy , Beh and Riri, but find trouble giving shady gaga props sense all she is a a bizarro Madonna

      • john

        too bad britney can’t sing or dance anymore and that femme fatale has been her poorest performing album to date. gaga outsold her 2 to 1 without the amazon sale. but like yeah she did win that one perez hilton poll.

    • f

      Love LOVE LOVE MY BEYONCE, but i agree britany has a great album.

    • peter

      delusional fan

      • Foreverbeyonce

        delusional fan?! hardly i am with candice Britney spears is still the “it” girl. her whole album is good through and through. i have all the albums that are out right now and i always come back to hers when i am ready to go out.

  • Foreverbeyonce

    When will she go away..she is SO ANNOYING!!! look at me! look at ME! everybody look what i am wearing!

    • Gretchen Weiners

      If she’s so annoying, why do you waste your time reading/commenting on the article? Ugh that is so not fetch!

      • Rob

        Please speak English. Has it come down to ‘Fetch’?? We are all in serious trouble.

  • Thumbs-up

    I never compare her to any other artist because she is in a league of her own. Unseen, old-school, true, groundbreaking talent, in this otherwise unchallenging and predictable pop world.

    • Rob

      Big Thumbs DOWN to Mr. Thumps Upper:

      Never before SEEN???? Are you crazy? The long gone Lee Bowery might throttle you for that statement. Slightly tweaking Madonna’s groundbreaking tour outfits? Having to now do male drag to promote your 4th single. There is nothing original about this woman…even her name…which her old boyfriend even sued her over is not her own. Your right, she is unseen…..all those masks, meat & hay will do that. Oh, that’s right too…pop music is so unchallenging…well boo hoo to you Mr. Einstein. Too bad you need an engineering degree to figure out any of her performances or outfits. Gaga is overexposed to the point of criminal charges should be filed. She needs a rest…as do we. You little monsters on the other hand, revel in being now known as the bullies. Your all delusional.

  • airmax90

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