Scotty McCreery releases 'I Love You This Big' video: Watch it here!

American Idol Season 10 winner Scotty McCreery has released a music video for his debut single, “I Love You This Big,” which currently sits at number 18 on Billboard‘s Hot Country Songs chart.

The video—like most Idol videos that are shot while the kids are on tour—is pretty straightforward. It features the North Carolina teen singing his ballad on a park stage, while loving couples intertwine fingers and smile at each other in front of a firework-lit summer-night sky.

Although his crazy eyebrows have taken a break, Scotty performs “I Love You This Big” with all his other typical mannerisms (hand on his stomach, microphone cocked sideways, arms stretched wide), and those gestures look much more organic in this down-home picnic setting than they ever did on Idol‘s pageant-ish stage.

Check out the video after the jump.

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  • DC

    The video’s no shock…a nice piece of made up Americana where everyone is white and pretty. I saw a lot of the craz brow though and he’s still using hand movements during the “the big” parts.
    How well did this song do for him?

    • Ken

      Kind of like a rap video where everyone is black and pretty? Your argument is rediculous.

      • Eve

        Your comment is ridiculous considering rap videos have people (99% women) of all races and there are usually only one or two black girls surrounded by white bread who’s extensions reach to the floor, oh and the over cylicone ass Latinas.

    • FJR88

      Any song titled “I Love You This Big” deserves every word of ridicule that it receives. I mean, c’mon people…

      • Wet For The First Time

        I am 13 years old and I love Scotty!!!!! He is so dreamy!!! His words speak directly to me!!!! I also love Demi Lovato and Justin Bieber!!!!!!

      • Troy

        @FJR88: I was thinking the same thing. It sounds like the title of a song written for the Teletubbies.

  • vin

    Here’s my dillemma: I love the song but hated the video. It was run of the mill in my opinion.

    • diesel

      Here’s my dillemma: I love the song but don’t know how to spell dillemma.

    • Anna

      They do group singing to see how well the Singers do under peussrre of learning a song quickly and being able to put together an act with random strangers. I can see why they do it. The groups that are bad aren’t very cohesive and don’t listen to one another. The groups that succeed take in everyone’s opinion and just practice, practice, practice. So in a way it’s necessary to test the contestants like this. Putting them outside of their comfort zones and seeing if they have potential as a complete performer.

  • PDT

    Way to strike while the iron is lukewarm.

    • Thad


  • Neesey


  • chrisperez

    I love you this big it just sounds dirty

    • jodie

      It depends on what kind of mind you have. this guy is the american dream of a good kid and anyone who says otherwise is just off their rocker. If you watched the show you would of seen after they made him preform for Lady Ga Ga he said he felt like he needed to kiss the cross her wears around his neck at all times

      • jodie

        I meant to say the cross he wears at all times.

  • Perkle

    Well, at least he can sing. He’s got one up on Lee DeWyze. I guess he has dropped off the face of the earth. The video is sweet but it’s just a blah kind of song.

    • Neesey

      I agree…I didn’t even make it through the whole video…about 45 seconds into it, I had to close the site…

    • Crabby Abby

      Hey wait, I just saw something in the news the other day about Lee DeWyze, that he just got engaged. Wait, never mind…

  • mjinmd

    This is one of the dumber songs that AI has come up with for the winner to promote. Lauren gets a mushy “In My Mother’s Eyes”, while Scotty gets dumb.

    • CC

      Lauren’s song is called “Like My Mother Does’.

  • Alex

    Your 15 minutes are up, Scotty… Taylor Hicks needs a backup singer for his next Carnival cruise gig. Call him, ok?

    • Mike

      I’m no diehard Scotty fan or anything but it might be a bit premature to be saying that. Most Idol winner albums don’t come out until November. And I’m pretty sure the Country music community will be eating both his and Lauren Alaina’s albums right up. As for eventually morphing into a superstar like Carrie? Well, it’s too early to tell about that too but I’d say I highly doubt it.

      • Cari

        The country music community is already eating up his song. I’ve heard it at least half a dozen times on the radio already (which, considering I’m usually listening to my iPod, is kind of impressive).

      • Meeeee

        Really? I listen to country stations (both “The Highway” on Sirius-XM and Big R Internet radio), and this song is not in heavy rotation AT ALL. Compare this to Jake Owen, Blake Shelton, Easton Corbin, Toby Keith, Rodney Atkins, Luke Bryan, etc, and this song barely gets any play. I’m not complaining. It sucks. Maybe it’s popular on your local country station’s playlist, but it’s not on heavy rotation on any national (or international) country stations. Now that this was released, I guess we’ll have to see how badly CMT tries to shove this down our throats.

      • Pisces228

        I like Scotty and will wait until his album comes out to determine how successful hel’ll be. He probably has no say on what song the Idol machine saddles him with coming out of the gate. All he can do is perform it to his best ability. When Carrie Underwood won, I really disliked her and thought she had no stage presence. But she’s grown so much since then. I was really impressed with her duet performance with Steven Tyler earlier this year. She more than held her own. I see Scotty maturing along the same lines. He’s got a beautiful voice and charisma. Give him a chance.

  • TinCan

    I liked it… I liked how the emotion of the song was focused on the couples in the crowd. I remember my teen years being with that special someone while a love song was playing. Good for Scotty, I hope he does well.

  • Templar

    Scotty has “Star” written all over him. His EP sold out on day 1, he’s on all of the music charts and his single is on good rotation on country music stations. He’ll have a good career and IMO outsell Lee D., Taylor H. and Kris Allen combined.

    • Mark

      Outselling Taylor Hicks will be as hard as taking candy from children.

    • bcg

      i noticed you tried really hard to come up with the 3 least successful winners of the last 10 years!

      • Templar

        That was a response to Alex above for his Taylor reference. But, OK, I’ll add Jordin and David C. to my prediction. I think it’s too soon to make comparisons to Carrie or Kelly.

      • lala

        Templar, Well that’s a tall order, lol.

        Lee = 160,00
        Kris = 300,000
        Taylor = 700,000
        Jordin = 1,100,00
        David C = 1,300,000
        (rough estimates)

        So, Scotty has to to sell over 3.5 million cds, lol.

        Now if you mean that Scotty may sell more on his second cd than the others, well that certainly might happen.

      • Templar

        My prediction is for career sales. From 1st full CD forward.

    • Meeeee

      All that tells me is that *some* country “fans” will lap up anything marketed toward them. Perhaps this means that fans of other genres are a bit more discriminating than country fans. Again, I’ll take Easton Corbin or Josh Turner over this any day.

      Hopefully, this dreck will be lost among the much better music on country stations right now. I’m holding out hope that country fans have a bit more taste than some comments I’ve read online.

      Support people who worked their way through Nashville and had real talent discovered, not some crap shoved down our throats by some karaoke contest.

  • Emma

    Are country audiences that undemanding? Why are all the country songs I hear this generic? Everything, from the arrangement to the backing vocals sound like a million other country songs. And the lyrics…well, the same old treacly, schmaltzy, “I will always love you now and forever for the rest of my life” pap. Really? Has there ever been any country artists-successful ones- that stir the pot a little? You know, edgy, unconventional, dangerous?

    • Kevin

      Of course not. It’s why I can’t stand country music.

    • Mike

      I used to be a country music hater like all of y’all (like what I did there?) but I married into it and I gotta say. I’m quite impressed with the selection out there. Let’s get one thing straight. All idol winning songs are bland and generic. Supposedly they think that’s what appeals to the masses and fits in with the “family” appeal of the show. Country music has its fair share of crap out there but there are a lot of quality songs out there with great melodies and lyrics. It also has become a cesspool of has-been pop-stars/pseudo-rock stars trying to find a way to reinvent themselves in this Hip-Hop/Rap driven world we now live in. So, you may find that a lot of the types of music you loved back in the day are just now labeled as country and may have a fiddle or 2 in them.

      I know realize how ignorant it is to say “I can’t stand country music” and I regret it. There’s some great stuff out there.

      • Mike

        now (not know)

      • Mike

        And my post up there is a case study on how many times you can say “out there” in one paragraph. Sorry :-)

      • Emma

        Mike, just so you know, I would never say, “I can’t stand X kind of music,” because there’s no way I have been exposed to every single artist out there, that’s why I asked for any country artist with a little more edge. I’m sure there must be some (but I bet they are not on the charts) What I can’t stand is the country music that succeeds…Shania, Garth, Carrie…it’s all crappy pop/rock music adorned with steel guitar, fiddles and some twang.

      • Meeeee

        @Emma: Try Drive-By Truckers. Ironically, they’re considered “rock” in most sales genres, but they play them on “Outlaw Country” on Sirius, and they are far more country than most of what is played on country radio, which IS by and large “contemporary” music with a twang (and again, i say this as a fan).

        Easton Corbin really is the next George Strait…every time I heard one of his songs on the radio while driving, I thought it was GS until I looked at the display.

      • Mike

        Shania and Carrie, I might be able to see where you’re coming from since they are/were crossover successes. I probably wouldn’t say the same about Garth, he was just massively successful and a country star.. Country music has definitely changed over the years but for a guy that has been able to find a balance of both old and new…I’d try Brad Paisley. He’s definitely on the charts these days and his songs range from old school country to silly to romantic to meaningful to whatever. He’s got it all. And his concerts are amazing too (been to 4 and going to my 5th this september). And his guitar playing is unbelievable. That’s just one example. Miranda Lambert (another reality show runner up that went on to become a star) also has some fantastic music out there as well. Some of it might fall into your Rock with Country Twang genre…but a lot of it is undeniably country too. Basically, Shania and Carrie were my country experience before getting into it. I loved their stuff too but when I went to a Brad Paisley concert, I realized there was a lot more to the world and then I started listening to a bunch of stuff. It’s out there, you just gotta look for it!

      • Mike

        @Meeeee Ironically, I saw Easton with Brad Paisley last summer and he was great too. And George is still touring! (saw him with Reba last year…fabulous)

        I’m always listening to the highway on Sirius, maybe I’ll have to check out Outlaw Country too. lol of course I do enjoy the “contemporary country” as well. Like I said before…with there not being much great rock/pop music on the top 40 anymore, it’s nice to hear some of those sounds in country these days. But the traditional stuff is fantastic too.

      • Meeeee

        @Mike: A good place to start is to listen to Drive-By’s song “My Sweet Anette.” It’s less of the rock sound and more of the country, but two things qualify these guys as hard-core country IMO: They tell stories with their songs like few others (like old country, but without the weepy “I lost my car, house, wife…” storyline) and their twang is part of who they are, not a ploy to sell to the genre (Can’t really explain that part…ya just got to hear it to “get it.”)

        Also, I’m a big Rhett Akins fan from back when…I was not shocked to find out that both “Bumblebee” by Blake Shelton and “Take a Backroad” by Rodney Atkins were penned by Rhett. Too bad he grew tired of touring.

        A phenomenal live performer is Phil Vassar…what’s funny is here’s a guy who’s written songs for “everyone who’s anyone” in country, and most of his performance was covering other songs…like the Eagles, Skynard, etc.

      • Mike

        I’ve heard Phil is great in concert. I think my wife has seen him back in the day. I feel like I’ve heard of Rhet before. And it probably makes sense that I actually enjoy that Rodney Atkins song when I usually get tired of his schtick (that “It’s America” song was so awful! lol) I totally understand what you’re saying about Drive-By. I’ll check them out. Speaking of Blake….the first time I heard “Hillbilly Bone” I felt like that song was all about me…being a certified “Yankee” that fell for country music lol Good times.

      • Meeeee

        Rhett had a hit song in the mid-90s, “That Ain’t My Truck,” and one a bit after that called “Kiss my Country A….” When I heard “Take a Backroad,” I immediately thought of “That Ain’t My Truck.” Very similar sound. I know what you mean about “Hillbilly Bone,” and same with “Country Must be Countrywide.” Being from Chicago myself, I can see the reality of these songs.

      • Mike

        I know Kiss my Country A….but I know it from Blake…I guess he covered Rhett’s song? Actually, when Country Must be Countrywide came out…I just thought…”ummm…didn’t Blake already release a song about this?” lol And ironically, that song sounds more rock-based than country based so it totally contradicts itself! But…totally agree with the message!

    • Meeeee

      “Why are all the country songs I hear this generic? ”

      Because you don’t know the genre. There’s a lot of good country out there right now (I used to be a big C/W fan in the 1990s, forgot about it while it went through a lull, and it seems to be coming back), but it’s a lot easier to write it off based on stereotypes than it is to listen to the music and possibly have your preconceptions proven wrong.

      And we know that nobody in our society can ever be wrong about anything…

  • QJ201

    ZERO crossover (like Carrie Underwood), enjoy Nashville.

    After 19 Entertainment drops him in a year, I bet he winds up on a Christian recording label.

    • Mike

      ZERO crossover? Pretty sure I heard “Before He Cheats” on top 40 radio stations. And she also just recently became the biggest selling Idol artist of all time (just like Simon predicted). And hey, I’ve always been a bigger Kelly fan too but Carrie has definitely had a successful career so far and it spans much larger than just traditional country music fans.

      • Emma

        He probably meant “Unlike Carrie)

      • Mike

        ahhh…you could be right!

  • Tonya

    go away with your mean comments. He is a kid trying to make his dreams happen. I am sure most of you are no where near what you want or have love “this big” in your life. Stop hating. Love your self and you find good in everyone else.

    • Meeeee

      I’m not jealous of anything. I call it like I see it, and this song is terrible. People calling him the “next George Strait” have to be deaf and dumb. If you are a real country fan who appreciates good country music of this style, get a Josh Turner (for the baritone sound) or an Easton Corbin (for the real “next George Strait” sound) rather than this manufactured, mass-marketed, talent-show garbage.

      • Carla

        Maybe the song is terrible, but I bet you that you don’t like the song, because you don’t like the singer. Perjudice never let us see the reality. I hope anyone talk like you are talking about your son, daugther or any family member. You are talking about a kid that people choose to win.

  • wg

    Charming and sweet video – perfect fit for Scotty. Good job.

  • Brigette

    What a cute wittle video for wittle Scotty. He was never my fave and country’s not really my thing, but the kid’s good. He’ll be around for the next 50 years. People screamed SO loud for him at the AI concert, it was deafening. He’s got fans…a lot of them are old ladies, but still!

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