Sara Bareilles responds to Indiana stage collapse disaster

Singer Sara Bareilles has responded to Saturday’s stage collapse at the Indiana State Fair, which occurred soon after she finished a performance there. “The accident at the Indiana State Fair felt like a bad dream,” Bareilles said in a statement of the collapse, which killed five concertgoers and injured approximately 40 others. “The weather changed in a matter of minutes and the stage collapsed in a matter of seconds. We are shocked and saddened by this horribly tragic circumstance and we are all praying for those affected. The emergency response was incredibly speedy and the people of Indiana as well as the crews from the show were beyond brave and working hard to help each other. My heart aches for the lives lost or injured as well as their families. We will do whatever we possibly can to help heal the hurt from this very sad day.” Bareilles was the opening act for Sugarland, who was set to perform before high winds brought down the stage.

(Reporting by Leah Greenblatt)


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  • Rolo Tomasi

    Why? What did the stage collapse say to her? Seriously, so tragic that something like this had to happen and may have been avoided. People were just out for the night for a good time. Sad

    • Anne O’B

      If you read the reports, you’d know that the weather in Indiana can change in a matter of minutes and though there was a thunderstorm warning in effect, it had only been in effect for about 5 minutes before the collapse. This is no one’s fault. No one could predict something like this could happen. I live just outside of the city and can tell you that in the afternoon, the weather was perfect and the storm came on very suddenly. From what I’ve read and heard from people who were at the concert, the officials did everything they could in the time they were given. Please pray for the families instead of trying to blame and point fingers at people who probably already feel bad enough.

    • Rolo Tomasi

      Yeah ok, tell that to the people who are going to be suing.

      • Anne O’B

        I’m sure that some will be suing and the fairgrounds will most likely settle out of court. Not entirely because of fault but from basic human compassion. Maybe you should get some? I’m sure you can sue someone for it.

      • Rolo Tomasi

        i have compassion, read my post. You are the one coming in attacking me. Oh and for your info: Forecasters warned heavy rain and strong winds would hit the fair nearly two hours before the storm moved through, causing the collapse of the stage Saturday night. The National Weather Service estimated winds at 60 to 70 mph.

      • Rolo Tomasi

        So I don’t know where you got your 5 minute timeline.

      • Marianna

        It doesn’t really have anything to do with basic human compassion, Annie O’B. It has to do with structural engineering and what caused the sound stage to fail. I can, and do have tremendous compassion for the victims and their families. But in the same breath I have a need for accountability. High winds and rapidly changing weather patterns are not a new phenomina in Indidana and should always be taken into account at any outdoor venue. The sound stage should have been contructed to withstand rogue wind gusts. Why wasn’t it?
        And BTW, Rolo’s comments can be sarcastic and more often than not acerbic – I think he likes a good arguement, but I have never known the man to be without compassion. You’re off base there.

      • Anne’s controlling husband

        How do you know what the people will be doing, Anne? Oh—that’s right, you don’t. Get back in the kitchen where you belong and make some pie or something. And be sure to wash your hands.

      • Lola

        It’s sad that people feel the need to place blame. This was an unfortunate accident caused by unpredictable weather. And when the weather is unpredictable, we can only be so prepared.

  • Wow

    Talk about bringing the house down…

    • Inappropriate…

      … yet strangely awesome.

  • noam

    they haven’t officially said yet, but traditionally, the front two rows of the state fair concerts are reserved for the state fair champions and members of 4h who have earned special honors throughout the year…obviously, any loss of life is horrible, but the idea that it was a bunch of young kids somehow makes it worse…

    • Umm…

      it wasn’t young kids at all. Did you not read the casualty list? Most were 35+.

      • noam

        sorry…i posted before they released the list…i was just going off the years that i attended the concerts up there.

    • Wow

      I heard the stage fell on the VIP crowd. If only those people had known that VIP actually stood for Very Injured People, they might have decided on the cheap seats…

      • Anne’s controlling husband

        Like Anne will be if she doesn’t learn to keep her clap-trap shut. These liberal ladies, ya know? (sound of audience applause) What do you tell a lady with two black eyes? Nothing—cause you already done told that b*tch twice! Ah, domestic violence humor.

      • You idiot

        OK – EW message board moderators: do something about pre-pubescent, limp, pimply-faced idiots like “Anne’s controlling husband” who troll around these boards and can do nothing productive for society (based on their propensitiy for spewing vitriol).

    • Grace

      At Sugarland concerts, there is always a large area in front of the stage called “The Sugarpit”. A standing room only area where VIP’s or people who have won passes, get to stand.

  • greg

    My heart felt sorrow for those lost.
    The authorities should be invetigating the stage construction. No diagonal bracing that I saw from videos. Poor construction practices. State codes for staging and scaffolding??

    • It “felt” sorrow?

      What does it feel now?

  • Here & There

    The wind gusts preceded the storm. The storm showed on the radar and would arrive later. The wind gusts were unexpected. I live in Indy. The TV showed the timeline with the storm and when the stage collapsed. The storm showing on the radar had not reached Indianapolis yet. Everyone here is reaching out to those killed and injured. That should be the main concern. Not everything is predictable.

  • susie baker

    It was actually a beautiful night up to this point. Just before Sara Bareillis went off stage she commented on how beautiful the weather was. I was there in the Grand stands. The officials were setting up to get people out of there. Indiana weather can change with a blink of an eye. I feel for the ones who lost their lives and their families for as the ones that were injured. That should be our first concern. I will never get these images out of my mind. I keep thinking that could be me if I wouldve won Sugar Pit tickets from Hankfm earlier. #prayforIndy

  • Greg

    Sounds to me like the solution then is to just get the hell of out Indiana entirely.

  • walter

    The fairgrounds were under a severe Tstorm Watch at 6:00pm and should have been taken more Serious!

  • Rolo Tomasi

    Why do people keep saying that the weather is unpredictable, there was a 2 hour advance warning that it was coming

  • Bus Driver

    @Walter – In the Midwest, we pretty much spend our entire summers under a “Severe Thunderstorm Watch.” It’s hard to take them all that seriously when they are so prevalent. And the “Watch Area” for each of these watches is generally HUGE – they cover many more counties than will potentially get hit with a storm, so as to allow the forecasters room for error. If we cancelled outdoor events in the midwest because of a storm *watch*, we would never get outdoors.

  • Well Known Business Lawyer

    No Sara B.

    Your personal bad dream is on it’s way in the form of your huge fanbase loss followed by your band being extinct come this time next year.

    Then the lawsuits begin for about the next 15 years.

    Are you ready?

    Sleep tight.

    • J

      Seriously?? I can’t imagine Sara’s fans, or anyone else for that matter, would or could, in any conceivable way, blame her or her band for what happened.

    • C

      That comment was nothing but insensitive and completely untrue seeing as her fan base consists of people who actually care about her and want to support her during this difficult time rather than place the blame on people who just narrowly escaped being killed themselves.

  • Pslightly Psycho

    This is heartbreaking and tragic. My prayers go out to everyone affected. On a side note, these concert stages need to be constructed to withstand violent weather. The same thing happened in Canada this year, remember? Only this time people died and were seriously hurt. Concert promoters need to consider booking only permanent venues, not put-up/take down stage setups.

  • Tori

    Why does she keep saying “we”? Who is this “we” she’s talking about? Last time I checked Sara Bareilles was one person.

    • Kel

      While she may be the lead, she is part of a large production team, including her band. I expect she’s speaking for all of them.

  • msmarvel

    At her concerts she refers to “we” when she talks to the audience and she often jokes around with her band on stage,

  • Well Known Business Lawyer


    Her band, which encompasses all of her/their booking agents and also encompasses the bands managers and contractors who hire these setups out to Lord knows who and to what experience they have….are you following the blame game here? Because I am and it spells it plain as day.


    I’m lying if I’m dying.

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