Chely Wright weds girlfriend in Connecticut

Country singer Chely Wright is a married woman. The singer, who came out last year, wed girlfriend Lauren Blitzer Saturday in Connecticut. Wright recently talked to People about her relationship with Blitzer, who works as an GLBT Civil Rights activist, saying “The freedom of being out and open about who I am allowed me to find and fall in love with Lauren — the most amazing woman I’ve ever known.”

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  • Mike


    • Kirk

      well it’s a step up from his own sister, I gotta give him that much

  • Nat

    That’s wonderful for them. I follow Chely on twitter and I can tell she absolutely adores her new wife. I wish them a long life full of love.

    • Mike

      Which one is the husband?

      • TorontoTom

        I suspect your wife is in your marriage…

      • Me-OW!

        LOVE that comment, Mr. T-Tom.

      • LMFAO

        I bet Mike sucks his wife’s c o.c k.

      • For Mike

        it’s A2M all the way, every day.

      • UuU


      • Kirk

        The one with less facial hair

  • Strepsi

    Oh geez Mike, neither is the husband. They are 2 women. And as life moves forward, douches like you are going to have to stop making that ancient joke that was never actually based on anything.

    • Mike

      If it’s a marriage one has to be the husband and one the wife. And I am not a douche thank you! My exwife called me a lazy SOB!

      • Agnes

        I agree with you Mike, marriage is a man and a woman. Homosexuals ought to be ashamed of themselves!

      • Channing

        I hear people say that gay marriage is harming the concept of marriage, and then I read about people such as the Indiana state representative — male, married — busted for arranging a tryst with a young man and realize those already able to marry across all 50 states are doing a good enough job harming the concept.

      • titay

        I can understand why gay marriage threatens straight marriages. All those gay men won’t be available for straight men to sleep with on the side when their wife isn’t enough.

  • Lily

    Agnes, I agree. Marriage is between a man and a woman.

    • Josh

      Why? It’s a government contract between 2 people. Why would a straight person care about this? I can understand you people who were raised to wrongly believe that homosexuals like me are here to convert kids and you’d want that kept out of your church, but why in your God’s name do you care what we do in the eyes of the US Government? I believe ultra religious people are horrible, will continue oppressing minorities and homosexuals and making our all too brief lives unpleasant for everyone else because they’re jerks who can’t mind their own business, but the thought has never crossed my mind that we should stop you from marrying or having kids. Just because you’re awful shouldn’t mean I should have a say in whether you pair up in the eyes of the US Government. And you creeps so concerned with Sharia Law are trying awful hard to get laws that discriminate against gays into the US Constitution. You know where else you can find laws that discriminate against gays? Good guess, Sharia Law. You’re stupid, cruel, mean, horrible bigots. MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS! For God’s sake, just leave us alone. You people bullied us in high school, you bullied us in college and now you’re trying do it on the federal level? What pathetic people you are. Tend your own garden, jerks.

      • Isembard

        Hold the phone, Josh. You’re falling into that trap of being as closed-minded as those you condemn. I – as are my straight immediate family – are deeply Christian and deeply involved and supportive of gay rights. Don’t really care for hypocrites who use faith as a weapon since mine is based on love and allowing God to do the judging. Can’t imagine anyone with a true Christian soul and a functioning brain to condemn homosexuality or our gay brothers and sisters. I’ve noticed, over the years, that bigots – especially bigots who use their faith to justify their stupidity – are low IQ dullards who consistently engage in Biblically-prohibited behaviors, don’t attend church, and don’t quote their faith EXCEPT as a weapon. Those people are offenses to the faith they claim to hold.

        Again, Josh, please don’t paint all people of faith with the same brush.

      • Josh

        I should have been clearer. I am only referring to the people who yield their faith as a weapon, who are actually bullies, not all people of faith. My apologies if I offended you.

      • negatory

        personally I’m apathetic towards homosexuals. although all major religions have taught it’s sinful and many still regard it as unnatural, I don’t see how anyone can say it affects them personally. still, there’s no reason for Chely to even be mentioned on EW except in connection with being a lesbian. few have heard of her(other than media attention for lesbianism) and no one buys her music which is mediocre at best. in today’s entertainment world, homosexuality is an almost sure fire guarantee you(or your show/book/movie) will at least get some press, deserving or not.

        and marriage isn’t just a government contract. it can legally be broken at any time in the US for any reason. that’s not much of a contract.

      • tlo

        Nobody buys her music? I think what you really mean is that you and your group of friends don’t buy her music. Chely Wright has a had a long career in country music, starting in 1994 when she was named Top New Female Vocalist. She has charted 15 songs in the top 40, including her number one single, Single White Female. Several of her albums have gone Gold. She was on People Magazines list of 50 Most Beautiful People in 2002, well before she came out of the closet. She is also a prolific song writer, writing several hit songs for various vocal artists. She has won numerous awards over the years, and was actually named “Woman Of The Year” by The American Legion Auxiliary in 2003, a conservative organization, before she came out of course. By any standard in the entertainment industry, she has had a wildly successful career, even if you or your group of friends haven’t bought any of her music.

      • negatory

        dude, her last cd tanked even though she used her lesbianism to promote it. her career’s long dead. your definition of “wildly successful” and mine differ greatly. she had an upwardly mobile momentum and then swan dived for whatever reason. no one thinks of her in the same league as Shania Twain, Faith Hill, Carrie Underwood or Taylor Swift. (none of whose records I’d be caught listening to). as a songwriter, name one recent major cut she’s had. her only claim to fame now is being a lesbian.

      • tlo

        If you can look at her career over the last 17 years of hit songs, gold albums, awards, and critical praise and see that as not wildly successful, then yes, I woud agree, we (and most of the world) differ greatly on what that term means.
        Her last album wasn’t a hit, many wildly successful artists have had albums that weren’t hits. That doen’t negate the nearly two decades of huge success that preceded it. Your main beef seems to be that she’s an out lesbian, which, I guess in your mind cancels out any success she has achieved. I can see there is no point in further discussion with you, it would be like talking to a fence post.

  • CaptainObvious

    Yes, homosexuals, who have been a part of human culture since the dawn of time, appear in nature in hundreds of species, are important, productive members of society, they should all be ashamed of themselves! How dare you go through life as you are instead of burying it inside to appease ignorant bigots! Don’t you know your duty in life is to squeeze into other peoples’ narrow views of normalcy and not accept who you are! Jeez, these people.

    • Agnes

      Well I’m glad you agree with us Captain Obvious. Back in my day you kept those kind of things private. If more people thought like us the world would be a better place!

      • KP

        No Agnes, you are quite mistaken.

      • Mark

        With a name like Agnes, no wonder the best solution for gay rights is to wait for the bigoted older generations to die off.

      • Agnes’ Mom

        Oh, this Agnes guy is a troll, don’t feed him. He’s all over the boards today. His parents must be out doing the grocery shopping, so he has the basement all to himself.

      • Kirk

        it’s called a mutation. evolution is no friend of the homosexual

    • negatory

      I live in the country and have seen 1000s of animals. I’ve never seen a single homosexual animal. not one. only on tv shows or in the movies. at any rate, it’s hardly common if it exists at all. either way, animal behavior is surely no model for human behavior.

      • jay

        This has got to be one of the most unintentionally funny posts I have ever seen! Here’s a tip Grizzly Adams, homosexual animals don’t wear rainbow ribbons, LOL,LOL, LOL. My God that is rich, do you look for them to be having gay pride parades too? The fact is, yes, homosexuality occurs naturally in nature, including animals, insects, and humans. No, you can’t tell any of these beings are homosexual by just looking at them. I can’t even believe you wrote that nonsensical post, I hope you at least felt embarassed by it after the fact.

      • negatory

        unless you can physically identify an animal as homosexual, Einstein, you have no basis for claiming it IS homosexual. I feel embarassed for you and your lack of deductive reasoning. I’ll re-state…I’ve never seen a homosexual animal. animals copulate without shame publicly.

      • jay

        My man Grizzly Adams, doubling down on the stupid post! I can just picture you now, out in the woods, looking for animals having sex, and then checking their private parts, LOL, LOL, LOL. I’m not talking about your perverted nature walks Grizzly Adams, I’m talking about cracking open a book nature boy, ROFL!

  • titay

    Would anyone even know who she is if she didn’t go on Oprah/People Magazine to announce she is gay? Being famous for being gay is just about as obnoxious for why Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton are famous for being idiots.

    • KP

      Yeah, she was famous as a country singer first, try to learn about the subject first before you post.

    • kate

      Yes, she is a country singer that had a couple big hits in the late 90s. Hasn’t done much since then (not because she’s gay, as she has implied…mainly because she hasn’t released any songs that have caught on). Wish her the best.

      • Buyahka

        What’s songs? The big female country singers in the 90s were Shania Twain and Faith HIll.

      • tnsmoke

        Spot on! Those of us in Nashville was pissed when she went public claiming she was banished from radio for “being gay”. Everyone knew Chely was gay back when she had her few chart hits (“Single White Female” and “Bumper on on SUV”. She alienated people with her political views, stating that her SUV was almost over-turned with her in it because she had a “Bush” bumpster sticker in it. No proof of this and it was just another way to get media attention. She used to be out at the Opry every other weekend, often with Brad Paisley. Once Brad was inducted as an Opry memeber and she wasn’t, she suddenly stopped going. No one cares if she is gay, there are several country stars who are gay, but if they sell records, then who cares, it;s all about selling records and she wasn’t anymore.

      • tnsmoke

        sorry for typo’s!

      • Jen

        Exactly, to all of the above. She was like a MindyMcCready or a Deanna Carter (probably spelled those wrong, don’t feel like looking it up). Not a Shania or a Faith. Not even as famous as those other two ladies I mentioned. It wasn’t that she was gay, she just didn’t find good songs after her one or two hits. Happens a lot in country. But it’s not like she got Dixie Chicked – now that was not fair.

  • jbinminot


  • jbinminot

    The only reason she gets attention is because she’s a gay COUNTRY singer and that’s a novelty for People/EW magazine. Oh and transgendered people are insane.

    • tan

      uncalled for?

  • Nigel

    Chely should have cancelled the wedding when her fiancee proceeded with a BBQ reception. “Most amazing woman I’ve ever known”, ? like hell, – next time marry someone who recognizes animal rights along with your LGBT rights, Chely, you stupid bee-yotch.

    • Kevin

      Animals only have one right… to be turned in dinner. Bacon > tofu.

      • Nigel

        the stinkiest gag-inducing diarrhea > Kevin the ‘tarded bee-yotch

  • Barack Palin

    This is disgusting, an aberration, and a perversion. It just shows how the mainstream media is leading to the downfall of America by promoting this perversion. I do wonder, though, if they’ll be wearing negligees and having pillow fights on their honeymoon.

    • Channing

      Police allege a New Jersey man hired his mistress to murder his wife in a shooting this past Tuesday.

      Again, what’s so wrong with gay marriage when you have such fine, upstanding tradition of heterosexual marriage?

    • Humor This

      Channing, I think BP was making a joke. A bad joke, but still, a joke.

  • Waynob33

    I love how people comment negatively on subjects that are absolutely none of their business. Your against gay marriage? Fine. Nobody’s asking you to have one. And I don’t listen to the bible beaters on this subject. The bible is just a book. A persons opinion. Has no place outside of your church..,so u stay out of my bedroom and I will crap sure stay out of yours.

    • jbinminot

      You keep your sexuality to yourself and I’ll keep my religion to mine

      • dee

        Please go back to twanging your banjo & dating your niece.

      • Kevin

        The straights are the ones responsible for homosexuality in the first place. They’re the ones who keep having gay babies.

      • Waynob33

        You can keep your religion but I will never keep my sexuality to myself. Not when there are idiots like you still roaming the earth. I’m here to stay…..(smooches)

  • Joe

    I hope they let God save them.

    • Chet

      I hope God saves your wife from you

    • geez

      Their marriage is their business. If they’re wrong, that’s for God to take care of. I don’t think two people loving and taking care of each other hurts the world, especially when there’s so many heterosexual people not doing what they’re supposed to do. Calm down.

  • Captain Obvious

    Good for her . But it’s not exactly being brave to come out of the closet 16 years into a career when you have already made your fortune . Record sales cut in half don’t mean much when no one is buying your records anymore . Things like sexual preference aren’t much of a secret these days anyway – for example anyone out there think Jody Foster or Kevin Spacey is straight ? Wright and her agent probably figured her career is pretty much over and the publicity of coming out might give it a jump start . If not she’s still rich and doesn’t have to hide who she is anymore , a win win situation .

  • Fender

    I don’t care one way or the other how people to choose to live their lives, but I think it’s a bit suspect when celebrities come out in time to promote a new book or an album. If everyone is expected to accept these people’s lifestyle choices as “personal”, why don’t they just keep it to themselves? What do they hope to gain by publicizing anything? To me, it seems like they are pandering to a particular demographic and hoping for a revitalized stream of income.

  • greg

    Good for them! I hope they have many happy years together.

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