VMAs tribute to Amy Winehouse to feature Tony Bennett, more


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As expected, the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards will feature a tribute to late British chanteuse Amy Winehouse.

The legendary Tony Bennett, whose duet with Winehouse on “Body and Soul“—the last recording made before her death—appears on his upcoming Duets II, will have the honor of introducing the tribute.

A statement from MTV reveals that the tribute will also debut film of their spring recording session together at Abbey Road Studios in London.

The single and video will be released for purchase by Columbia Records Sept. 14,  which would have been Amy’s 28th birthday. Proceeds will support the Amy Winehouse Foundation established by the late singer’s family.

“It was a thrill to record with Amy Winehouse and when you listen to the recording of ‘Body and Soul, it is a testament to her artistic genius and her brilliance as one of the most honest musicians I have ever known,” says Bennett in the statement.

Though MTV did not say what songs would be performed or who would be singing them, it’s safe to say that hits like “Rehab” and “You Know I’m No Good” will be a part of the set list. The VMAs will air live from Nokia Theater L.A. on Sunday, Aug. 28 at 9pm.

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  • I don’t get it

    No offense meant at all to the late Amy Winehouse, but why on earth are they doing a tribute to her? She was famous for about a second for singing. Everything else was because of her actions. We should not be doing any kind of tribute for her. There have much better singers and people (who have been known for longer than a few years) who have never had any kind of tribute. I just don’t get it at all.

    • Michael

      That’s ridiculous. She was a very talented singer. She had an addiction problem and it eventually killed her but that doesn’t mean she was a bad person or untalented. People were inspired by her music so why shouldn’t the VMAs pay tribute to her?

      • kal

        Tony Bennett calls her a genius….brilliant and one of the most honest performers he has ever known.BTW,I wanna share a good news to you.My best friend ,she just has announced her wedding with a millionaire man who is a celebrity !they met via
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    • I agree with you

      I don’t get it = not being disrespectful to her family, but, it’s not teaching kids and young adults the right lesson!! She was not that well known. It’s telling kids that if you get hooked on drugs you will be remembered as a great person!!!

      • Jefffro

        Being hooked on drugs does not automatically make you either famous or a “bad person”.

        She was known around the world as a premier artist and she has sold millions of recordings.

        I think it is YOU who does not get it……that is for sure.

      • amy

        Let me guess Jeffro, you have used drugs or still do?

      • tom

        but everyone hated her guts right before she died, and now everyone is in-love with her music again.. you guys are really weird.. you did the same thing right after MJ died.. what a bunch of nutcases

      • @ Tom

        No one hated her guts. The better lesson is be a dumb alcoholic druggie and you too can be President like George jr.

    • AK

      She was also a multiple VMA nominee (including Video of the Year) back in 2007, so the award show is recognizing the passing of someone they have honored in the past. I think that makes sense.

    • @ I don’t agree

      Clearly you know very little about music.

    • Matt

      The answer is as obvious as it
      s simple: she was famous; she died. People love tragedy, they love broken young artists who’ve gone too early (Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrision, Kurt Cobain) and quite a few people have a problem with saying bad things about the dead.

      So the VMAs will pay her a tribute when they wouldn’t care at all about her this year if she were still alive. And why should that be a bad thing?

      It’s a nice gesture and hurts nobody.

    • PN

      I didn’t like how she abused herself with the drug addiction, but I liked Amy’s music. I think the focus will be on her songs in this tribute and not about her personal stuff in this tribute. I think it is appropriate and that she was so talented in the two albums she recorded. Yes, a skimpy track record, but she made some good soul songs and I loved her voice. I wanted her to go for 10 to 20 years with this, but sadly, it didn’t happen. Looking forward to the tribute because Amy Winehouse is on a lot of those artists and music industry people’s minds at this moment.

  • Jefffro

    She was a unique talent that was honored by multiple Grammy Awards and millions of record sales.

    In the same vein as Kurt Cobain….she was taken far too soon with so much to contribute.

    Many will be inspired by her musical style and the songs she wrote. She had reached living legend status even though her personal life was an admitted train wreck.

    • amy

      She wasn’t “taken”, she died of A DRUG OVERDOSE!!! She chose to use drugs!!!

      • AK

        Actually, they just released her toxicology report today and she had no drugs in her system.

      • hhrn

        Drug test = NO illegal drugs. Get the facts, leave out the assumptions. Her struggles were her own and her talent was her own. Please stop being so disrepectful. If you have never been an addict, been the friend of an addict or the family of an addict…shut up. You just don’t get it. She had phenomenal talent, she is being honored. Simple.

      • Anika

        Cobain wasn’t ‘taken’either. He committed suicide.

      • AK

        What’s your point, Anika? If we weren’t allowed to honor or admire anyone who’d ever had personal struggles, then there would be no celebrated artists in this world.

    • Kinna

      Um, I think ‘living legend status’ is a bit of a stretch. She was talented, to be sure, but she wasn’t a legend.

      • Yessica

        And, shes no longer “living” so……

  • jasmine

    is there a host for the show yet?

  • Jefffro

    Tony Bennett calls her a genius….brilliant and one of the most honest performers he has ever known.

    Nuff said!

    • kyle

      She might be a talented singer but she is one of the dumbest people to throw that all away for a needle. Talent does not equal intelligent.

      • head of household

        stfu u have no clue of what ur saying she died of something other than heroin dumb***

      • hhrn

        She struggled, made bad personal choices and good public music. End of day…they found no illegal drugs in her system. She was someone’s daughter. Give it a break.

      • Brian

        And of course nothing says tribute to the kids of today than a tribute from Tony Bennett, the voice of the youth of America.

    • greta

      Wonderful comment! Some people are so ignorant hiding behind their computer screens. Don’t worry about them, we will enjoy the show! Tony rocks.

      • hhrn

        Plan to enjoy! Hope you do too. The rest …oh may they just turn off the tv, be very quiet, and pat themselves on the back for their sanctimonious choices. Me….rather enjoy the music, pray for her and family..practice kindness and compassion in this unkind world. This is about about honoring a musician.

    • Yessica

      Isn’t Tony Bennett like a jillion years old?? And what’s he gonna say, “She was a hopeless drug addict who pissed away her life acting a fool”?

  • bruno

    ooh, will lady gaga be there in her cat eye make-up rip off disrespectful look of the week?

    • @ bruno

      oooh I hope so. She has more talent in her little pinky than some fo the the jail bait lip synchers you love.

  • amy

    Thank you Kyle!!! That’s what I was trying to say!

    • hhrn

      Facts don’t live in your world? Drug test at autopsy – no illegal drugs. Do you only think you know the saints? Creativity can get messy. To paraphrase a Springsteen quote – honor the artist, not the person. She’s being honored for her talent and accomplishments. The rest, geez, get some compassion in your life.

      • Kinna

        There’s a difference between not being compassionate and questioning whether she deserved a tribute. I’m not saying she wasn’t talented (or troubled) but I think the fact that she died young and tragic has made her bigger than she ever really was.

  • Kelson

    This is a stupid idea. I won’t be allowing my daughter to watch the VMA’s this year. I don’t believe in paying tribute to drug addicts.

    • amy

      Kelson- that’s exactly why they shouldn’t be paying tribute to her!

    • hhrn

      Must get tiresome in the bubble. Your child will have to deal with the real world. You miss an opportunity to instruct. Instruct on the difference between talent and behavior. Personal responsibility and compassion. Oops, your comment sorta says you need to learn that last lesson yourself before you can pass it on to your child. Best wishes.

      • greta

        Great comment!

      • Yessica

        She’s teaching her child the perfect lesson by not paying homage to dead junkies. Right on Kelson!!

    • Yorky

      Well then you better get rid of a hell of lot of your music collection if you don’t like paying tribute to drug addicts.

  • Barry

    MTV loves to pay tribute to dead drug addicts & dead pedophiles.

    • Robin

      I just wish they would stick to music videos instead.

  • Pasq

    I can honestly say I’ve never hear her music and knew of her only because of her off-stage antics and addiction battles. I question whether she deserves a tribute. I’m not saying she didn’t create good music or that she wasn’t talented (I’m sure she was) or that she didn’t accomplish anything (Grammys and other awards) but I don’t think she made enough of an impact in music to deserve to a tribute on an awards show.

  • Big Brutha

    The VMA’s have become a shell of what they used to be. MTV is desperate for ratings and will use any tent pole they can to try and produce ratings.

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  • Dave

    Well now I have a reason to watch the VMAs. This and Adele. The rest of the show will likely be worthless.

  • Z

    In addition to Bennett- I’m guessing Mark Ronson, ADELE, and The Dap Kings are locks for the tribute.

  • Sunshiney

    If memory serves, they also paying tribute to Britney Spears’ career on the vmas this year. I’d rather watch the tribute to Amy – least there was measurable, non-autotuned talent there.

  • Matt

    Please have Adele perform in this.

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