Gossip site accuses Christina Aguilera of child abuse, her lawyer responds accordingly

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Christina Aguilera’s lawyer sent a strongly worded letter to a celebrity gossip site after a photo of the singer holding her three-year-old son Max, who appears to have a black eye, showed up online with a more than suggestive headline.

The title above the photo on MediaTakeOut.com read, “CHILD ABUSE???? CHRISTINA AGUILERA’S SON IS PHOTO’D WITH A BLACK EYE!!!” without producing any real proof.

“To imply that she had something to do with this incident, without any investigation on your part whatsoever, is reckless and unconscionable,” Aguilera’s attorney, Eric Greenspan, writes in a letter. “Christina is a wonderful mother and was not present in the park when Max fell and hurt himself.”

MediaTakeOut has since removed the child abuse portion of the headline and added Greenspan’s explanation for the black eye.

Greenspan does not see the matter going any further, but has not spoken with Aguilera directly about the incident. “There are lines you’re just not supposed to cross, and that’s one of them,” he says exclusively to EW. “Accusing a mother—even hinting that a mother is guilty of child abuse, that’s a line you don’t cross.”

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  • Anda

    “Accusing a mother—even hinting that a mother is guilty of child abuse, that’s a line you don’t cross.”

    And yet Nancy Grace is a hero for suggesting that Casey Anthony killed her daughter. Double standard much?

    • Jenn

      If the website had a reason to believe that Ms. Aguilera was abusing her child, they should have contacted the proper authorities, not slandered her in the media.
      Nancy Grace… well, the legal system has done what it can for Ms. Anthony. If new evidence is found, then she can be reprosecuted, but I think Nancy Grace needs to drop it. However, this is gonna end up being the O.J. Simpson case of the decade.

      • Krystal

        but what about double jeopardy?

      • Vince from NYC

        I think double Jepordy is you can’t be convicted for the same crime twice.. I’m not a Lawyer though so I’m not sure..

      • rose

        Double Jeopardy means you can’t be tried for the same crime twice. Casey Anthony can never be tried again on any of the charges that she was already tried for involving her daughter.

      • jessica

        Uh…no. Double Jeopardy means you can’t be tried for the same crime twice. If you’re acquitted, that’s it. New evidence or no, you’re off the hook.

      • jessica

        Geez, rose, get out of my head!

      • rose

        Jessica, right now you’re thinking that some yummy cookies might be nice.

    • albert

      “double standard much”

      Is that even english? Are you 13 years old? Are you Casey Anthony? What is your reasoning process here? I HATE Nancy Grace because she’s a fame-ho, but Anthony had been arrested for and was on trial for MURDER. This was a site that made unfounded accusations based on no information investigation whatsoever. This isn’t even a comparisons of apples and oranges, this is more like apples and power tools.

    • fancypants

      You might be slow. You do understand that Casey Anthony was on trial for murder? And that she didn’t report her daughter missing for 31 days?

      • jennrae

        An arrest doesn’t mean you’re guilty, otherwise we wouldn’t have trials. Also, regarding the 31 days, let’s say the defense theory was correct, that Caylee drowned and Casey panicked and got rid of the body. Why in the world would she report Caylee missing? Just because you can’t relate to another person’s behavior doesn’t mean it’s not true. People always talk about justice for the victim, when the fact is, they’re thinking of themselves, and want to quench their thirst for vengeance to make themselves feel better. In this case, people think they care about Caylee and they hurt for how she died (even though no on knows how), but really it’s a safe pain, like how you cry at a movie. That faux-pain goes away for the spectators, but the Anthonys–including Casey–will know an impossible, never-ending pain for the rest of their lives, and losing their daughter/sister would never have remedied that. Yet they’re harassed by strangers in Caylee’s name, and Caylee would never want that for her family because she loved them very much. That’s not “justice for Caylee.”

        And when it comes to Nancy Grace, I watched the entire trial, and whenever I caught her spin on things at the end of a day, her interpretation would always support whichever one of her theories she was trying to sell. She turns on emotion as it suits her, and is relentless in plugging her twins, who are bound to be either incestuous, batsh t crazy, serial killers, agoraphobes, or all of the above. She is what’s wrong with this so-called justice system, and it’s disturbing to think about how she has negatively influenced prospective jurors into expecting the worst of people.

    • JB

      Nancy Grace is no hero, and anyone who thinks so is an idiot.
      Actually I think she looked really bad once the jury acquitted. Nancy didn’t look at evidence, just went on gut emotion.

    • Olive

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    • AM

      Actually it was the Florida DA’s office that accused Casey Anthony of killing her child. And you are really comparing apples and oranges. This story is about a online gossip site reporting that a little boys black eye was the result of abuse. The other was a murder trial.

  • Mark

    She should sue. That’s a deplorable thing to make up just because a kid has a bruise. Kids fall & hurt themselves all the time . I’m sick of sites like that fabricating damaging stories & getting away with it.

  • fancypants

    MTO has these kinds of ridiculous headlines all the time. And the site was created and is run by a lawyer. It’s absurd how they will literally insinuate anything (even contradictory things about one celeb in the same week) without backing it up with facts. It’s like they have some bored interns who just imagine things and then create a “story” out of it.

  • PDT

    Christina Aguilera is a lot of things…but a child abuser is not one of them.

  • neverreadmto

    never read mediatakeout they have been wrong about a lot this isn’t the first time they have been accused of this

  • Kat

    The headline was even more ridiculous when you consider that Christina herself was a victim of child abuse.

  • BP

    Also, “shes a wonderful mother” and “was not present when he fell” are kind of interesting statements to have in the same sentence.

    • Aunt Sassy

      Why is that interesting? For all we know, her son was at the park with his father at the time – how does that make her NOT a wonderful mother?

    • Drew

      She and and her (former) husband are divorced and they have 50/50 custody. And FYI – NO parent is with their child 24/7.

    • AM

      Why is that interesting? Children fall and hurt themselves all the time. And no parent is with their child every moment of the day.

  • Jane

    I think she should still sue them.

    • AM

      I agree. And she would win. I think more celebs should sue these gossip sites.

  • kl

    The media is really getting out of hand. To even joke or insinuate something that terrible is deplorable, especially as it’s pretty common knowledge that she’s a domestic abuse victim herself and is such a huge advocate against it. One of her biggest causes is donating to women’s and family shelters for victims of abuse. It’s really been getting old watching people go after her all year. Get a new target already.

  • Sherry

    MTO is just like Perez Hilton and other blogs. Poorly run gossip sites that get paid to praise certain celebs, viciously denigrate others that don’t pander to crap, and make up stories for publicity. Mediatakeout is the prime site for this salaciousness. It mainly focuses on urban entertainment, but a majority of stories are false or they have a vendetta against certain celebs. Xtina is one they don’t like. They have been getting away with it for so long, they’re getting bolder with it. Half of their staff can’t even spell!!! I saw several headlines where water is spelled watr or intimate as intemate. The fact the media picks up on these stories makes me wonder where people are getting journalism degrees, if at all.

  • anthony

    First I think it’s horrible how these gossip sites will put any headline out to the public for attention and if I were Christina i would sue them for every penny. Child abuse should not be taken lightly and to lie about it just for a headline should be a crime b/c it undermines all the true stories about child abuse. These gossip sites will stop at nothing just like when they all bombarded britney with her kid…she had dozens of cameras attacking her and her child so to get away as fast as she could she drove with her child on her lap and america accused her of being a bad mother. Any person would’ve done the same. I don’t think that if someone had that many papparazzi attacking you would have stopped and taken the time to put their kid in the child seat no they would’ve done whatever they could to get the hell out of that situation. These gossip sites put the celebrities in these situations so that they do mess up and they can get it on camera. We really do need stronger laws against them b/c sooner or later something horrible is fiona happen just like when they chased princess diana and caused her driver to speed and crash and die.

    • anthony

      Let me be clear. I’m not saying what Britney did was the smartest move but i can understand why she did what she did and if i were in that situation i can’t say that i wouldn’t do the same. What ever happened to truth because call me crazy but i would rather read the truth than lies about accusing someone of child abuse with no facts to support their story but i guess when it comes to wanting to read true stories i’m a minority.

  • AM

    MediaTakeOut is a vile gossip site and its time someone called them out on the inaccuracies and lies they post.

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