Pitbull invites litigious Lindsay Lohan to the VMAs, says lyric about her is positive: Watch the video statement here

In an exceptionally strange turn of events last week, Lindsay Lohan heard a lyric from Pitbull’s massive worldwide hit “Give Me Everything,” didn’t like that her name was referenced, and decided to sue the rapper for defamation.

Pitbull isn’t the sort to take this kind of thing lying down, which is why he crafted a video statement that explains his stance on the issue and how he hopes to resolve it.

In the video below, Pitbull notes that the offending lyric in question (“I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan”) is actually a compliment, as having something “locked up” means you are in charge.

He also apologized for any mental anguish he may have caused her and, in an interesting twist, invited Lohan to come with him to this Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards, where he will be performing live (and will likely be busting out “Give Me Everything”).

Check out the entirety of his statement after the jump.

Considering the strange timing of the suit (“Give Me Everything” has been a hit for months) and the claims Lohan is making (she says the lyric has done “irreparable harm” to her), Pitbull probably could have simply dismissed this whole thing.

But he really took the high road on this one, and in the clip above he sounds genuinely bothered by the fact that his song caused anybody any harm. He notes at the end that he’s waiting to see what the lawyers say, but the seeming frivolity of the suit and Pitbull’s response really makes Lohan look like a villain.

What do you think? Is the lyric fair game, or does Lohan have a point? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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  • So Cal Jesi

    Lohan’s broke and looking for a way to make money….?

    • JB

      God Pitbull, get some balls. I would’ve respected him more if he said “Yeah, because she’s been locked up for most of the last 2 years, and if anything has harmed her career, it’s that and not my lyric.”

      • MysterWright

        This could be the publicity she needs to get it right. See, Lindsay isn’t playing up either of her strengths. She’s Irish and Italiana. Both of those could be HUGELY beneficial if she played the minority race card. She needs to own being a minority and what that means in the face of her haters. They’re more afraid of her than she is of them. Especially the marginal suburbanite kiss asses to Europeans. Why? Because they see she’s smart and got a strong personality. If they’re hurt at home then they see themselves in her and their attackers in themselves. If she plays it right then all she has to say is boo and the haters become timid children again afraid of upsetting Mommy or Daddy. That said, maybe Lindsay should do some critical feminine insight and stop herself from seeing herself in Pitbull and her handlers or father in herself.

      • JMB in FL

        Ummm… @Myster Wright, I really hope you were trying to be funny, because you do know where Ireland and Italy are, right? Europe. The Irish haven’t been trodden-down minorities since 100 years or more ago, and I’m pretty sure the Italians have assimilated, too. So, what exactly are you trying to say? If you were trying to be satirical, you missed the mark.

      • sam

        It takes more balls for someone with an image like his to take the high road. Good thing you’re not his PR agent.

      • Alex

        @ Myster Wright ….are you mentally sane?

      • Maureen

        @JB: He handled the issue humbly and like a gentleman. Get off his back.

  • Kat

    Lindsay needs more money is the basic problem. Hopefully she’ll see this and feel bad.

  • rlb237

    What do I think? I think Lohan is an idiot, at best. But more than that, she’s an attention-seeking fame whore and this latest so-called “harmful” song is just the latest in her long line of cries for the public to pay attention to her.

    • Pasq

      Completely true!

  • levelheaded

    Pretty soon she’s going to start suing parents who name their child Lindsay.

    • King me

      And it’s those kids who should really be suing their parents!

      • Dave

        So you think no one should ever name their child Lindsay anymore just because of Lindsay Lohan? Sounds kinda dumb to me. That name was around before Lohan was ever born. If we had to retire every name just because of some idiot who has that name, there would be no names left.

  • Mike

    Since the “irreperable harm” was delivered in prose it would be hard to prove what Pit Bull truly meant when he says that line. However, anyone with half a brain realizes that it was a pun where indeed he has it “locked up” as in being in charge while the “like Lindsey Lohan” part was referring to her jail time. Either way, I would be inclined to tell Ms. Linsay to grow a thicker skin but this is obviously about money and attention and not the hurt feelings she claims… So I’ll say it again: stop being lazy, clean yourself up, and get some decent work; everyone loves a good comeback story

    • Yeah Lindsay…

      Hurry the hell up and graduate from Ryan O’Neal University, and get a real job.

  • Kelly

    Lindsay Lohan has done more “irreperable harm” to herself than anyone else ever could!

    • Necro

      Ditto. She’s tripe.

  • Joonbugg

    Listen , I love Lilo but she needs to relax …. this is not the first time she has gotten her panties in a bunch when her name has been used – ex: the remark made on Glee about her. Its not that serious ! get over it Lilo and worry about getting your career back on track!

    • Tina

      Not to mention the lawsuit against Etrade for their SuperBowl commercial. Maybe this is her new career, suing people. “MilkaWhat!”

  • Saran

    I guess Lindsay has never heard of Eminem. All of his songs reference celebrities and most of the time the comments are nasty, but I’ve never heard of anyone suing him.

    • Rawr

      Not to mention he actually had a couple of lines about her in one of his singles that were more offensive then Pitbull’s.

  • Necro

    She should sue her parents for having her. That was the start of her troubles.

  • Little comment

    It would’ve been easier to call Lindsay Lohan a “grande puta”.

  • MC

    This is almost as pathetic as Kim Kardashian’s Old Navy lawsuit.

  • ST

    Lindsay, take a long hard look at Emma Stone and realize that your career could have gone in the direction hers has if you hadn’t decided to toss it out the window. Tell your friend Kim K. to drop her ridicioulous suit against Old Navy too and then try to actually get yourself together so you can (hopefully) have an acting career again.
    P.S. I saw a pic of you at KK’s wedding last weekend, what happened to your face?

  • Jessica

    Ok, so she is going to sue Pitbull for his lyrics, but when she was called a firecrotch she did nothing. I think one did more harm than the other.

    • Jessica

      Perhaps her crotch was actually on fire. If it’s true, it’s not slander.

      • BP

        And its also not slander to say she was locked up. She was locked up. She does not, however, have it locked up. Obvs.

    • Rawr

      When the whole fire crotch thing started she was still relevant and therefore not as desperate for attention. She knows if she doesn’t do things like sue people for using her name or sleep with girls or steal necklaces, then no one is going to care about her at all anymore.

  • Kim

    You’d think at this point, Lindsay would want to stay OUT of court…

  • Auds

    You’d think Lindsay would want to stay out of the courts at this point… but this guy actually seems like a decent person. I think this girls needs to get some help and stop going after everyone who mentions her. She should take his invite, he’s pretty cute!

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