MTV 2011 VMAs: Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Adele big winners


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Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Adele all won multiple Moon Men at the MTV 2011 Video Music Awards. Read the full post.

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  • Angel

    WTF??? WHy didn’t they air when Adele won the 3 awards?? I’m 20 years old and the only reason I watched the VMA’s was for Adele… Plus everyone knows she should of won for the best pop video… Britney? lol

    • tracksone

      because its called MTV awards and not ADELE awards

      • Ninja

        MTV BS Awards would be a better name for the entire night.

  • sv

    The reason half the awards from this show have little to no credibility is because of fan voting determining the outcome. I mean, really, these awards are charity – I agree Adele should have took home the awards that Britney, Perry, and Gaga got, but just wait for the Grammys people, Adele will sweep and it will be fabulous.


    Adele should of owned … they didnt even show the awards she did win and I agreee.. the only reason I watched was 2 see Adele

  • Josh

    How did Manchester Orchestra not win anything with Simple Math! That by far had the best editing and special effects. I dare you to watch it and tell me something different. That song had a better message to in my opinion.

  • Elle

    Gaga trying to be funny only let Britney get in a “thank you.”

  • Joy

    I love Gaga, she is so hilarous. she need to do films because she is a natural. I am so happy for Beyonce she and Jay stole the show and Chris , Adele and Brunoperformance were the best best of the night.

    • AntZ

      Go to hell

    • Jason

      I did think that GaGa might have a career in acting or theater. People might of thought she was gimmicky or overtop but I’ve got to hand it to her, she sold her character and played him well (although she should’ve cut the act 5 mins into the show and just switched to a normal outfit — but we all know GaGa isn’t capable of normal).

  • Jim

    Britney seemed more excited to introduce Beyonce than winning some Vanguard award. guess she knows the award is a joke or something.

  • Debbie

    How can you give a best female anything to GooGoo? It isn’t female and just took away from those that truly are. This show has had it. It’s a ridiculous attempt at outdoing something and it doesn’t stand a chance. Those with realy talent should start their own awards show and disallow those that think their antics are invited.

  • Dot

    Men of Hip Hop! Pull your pants up already! Especially Lil Wayne, he’s rich enough at this point to buy a frickin’ belt.

    • Elle

      I don’t think Lil Wayne even knew where he was, tbh.

      • Sherry

        Lil Wayne stopped knowing where he was years ago. I couldn’t understand what he was saying. I’d rather they had Tyler the Creator perform or Lupe Fiasco. And Wayne has the nerve to pick a beef with Jay Z? Jay Z may be older, but at least when he raps I know what he’s saying. Not acting a damn fool on stage.

  • hanna

    Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga…. I can’t believe this is what constitutes popular music these days.

    • Sherry

      I don’t know what happened to Katy. She was never this cartoonish when she started. And Gaga disappointed me. I think she’s buying into her own hype too much. How did Justin Bieber win best male video and how did he morph into a hip hopper overnight?

    • AntZ

      A voice of reason. I think I love you, someone with a brain.

    • Clete

      Agree with you. It’s sad, glad I listen to Diane Krall.

  • BIGROB80305

    After Adele performed all those phony non talent participants at the VMA’s wondered? How the hell do I have a career? Thank You Record Label and their $$$ on marketing and promotion because we know you all suck! Adele was the only one worth watching after that turn it off!

    • Sherry

      It’s sad when Adele and a 5 mths preggo Beyonce are the only people that can sing with all the hype the other artists received. I actually like Gaga but c’mon stop. Even Madonna stopped the bangles, lace gimmick after Like a Virgin. Same with Minaj, Katy. You don’t need gimmicks, autotune. Just be yourself. It’s like they’re trying to outdo each other with gimmicks. Stop already.

      • tracksone

        You really think Gaga does those gimmicks while belting out some of the best vocal performancers live degrades her? She does it because its all in good fun. Quit being so damn critical about everything and you might just actually learn to enjoy something.

      • Sherry

        In response, I am a Gaga fan and I do enjoy something. But that does not mean I can’t have criticism over a performance. When she was in the meat dress or the egg, that was hilarious. After a while, it becomes tiresome and overpowers her talent. This was just bad. Not only that, it’s been done before.

      • tracksone

        Oh really? A pop artist coming out on stage in an alto-ego drag giving a theatrical spectacle. Then winding it up with a piano, choreograghy, voice belting performance while paying tribute to a great guitarist all in one song that actually has meaning has been done before? Where?
        If your a Gaga fan, no one here knows it. *Looks back at your constant obsessed fallible criticism at everything Gaga does (and doesn’t do).*

      • Sherry

        Many artists have performed in drag from Bowie to Madonna. This is not new, no matter what form. I guess her performing in concert in a wheelchair was iconic too? Nevermind, Bette Midler did it ages ago. And just because I am a fan of someone doesn’t mean I can’t have valid criticism of a performance they have done. Instead of being a stan putting my faves on a pedestal, if I fail to like a performance I say so. I refuse to debate nonsense. Goodnight.

      • Bran

        I’ll asking again when/where exactly did a pop artist coming out on stage in an alto-ego drag giving a theatrical spectacle. Then winding it up with a piano, choreograghy, voice belting performance while paying tribute to a great guitarist all in one song that actually has meaning has been done before?

        Artist have performed in drag. That’s not what I’m asking. Actually read the material in context, then you’ll get it.

      • Sherry

        By the way, since you know how much of a non-fan I am. I actually have seen Gaga live several times, including pre-Poker Face era. And she was fabulous in her performances that I saw. Besides the fact I got a chance to meet her in person and she was cool. Does that mean I can’t criticize her? No. From Madonna to Prince to MJ to Beyonce, Adele, etc. I am a fan but when they or any other artists I like put on a performance I don’t like I speak my mind. That’s the problem with fans now, no one has their own mind. Everything is great in an obsessive way. Whatever, this is fruitless and I’m done.

      • bran

        Aww now your gonna be all anecdotal about it to use as a scapegoat. It’s ok.

      • Sherry

        It’s not an anecdote. It’s common sense. Goodnight.

      • bran

        I could care less how you think about Gaga. Saying she copies something then not able to back up what it was she actually copied isn’t common sense, it’s stupidity. Yeah you do need to get some sleep, goodnight.

  • kal

    at least tyler won something…

    • Sherry

      I wish they had him do commentary for the preshow instead of Selena Gomez. His comments were hilarious.

      • Britt

        Yes !!! Bring him back next year and I loved how his mom spazzzzzed out when he won

  • Cris

    I’m hardly up on MTV nowadays or how videos qualify in these categories, but how exactly is it possible for Katy Perry to win Video of the Year and NOT win Best Female Video?

  • Saiko

    As much as i love adele..i didnt expect her to anything meaningful at the MTV Video Awards because its about Videos she Doest Do flashy vids so she not going to win….

  • stacey

    loved GAGA!!!

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