Lady Gaga's night as Jo Calderone: Was it too much?


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When the curtains parted on the giant Flight of the Navigator Laser Vagina on last night’s MTV Video Music Awards, the first thing anybody saw was a figure in a plain white T-shirt frantically smoking a cigarette.

The crowd immediately recognized it as Lady Gaga’s somewhat Italian alter-ego Jo Calderone. Everyone cheered, and why wouldn’t they? Lady Gaga has made a career out of being surprising and unpredictable, and though all Calderone seemed to want to do was recite lines from what appeared to be a one-(wo)man theater show s/he was workshopping, everybody wanted to know what would happen next.

And then it just kept going.

By the time her monologue entered the fourth minute, she had lost the crowd inside the venue, though she won everybody right back with her stout performance of “Yoü and I” (featuring a thrilling cameo on guitar care of Brian May).

But Calderone’s presence didn’t end there. In fact, there were two other segments dedicated to the character: Gaga’s win for (ironically) Best Female Video and the tribute to Britney Spears. What did we learn? A little Jo Calderone goes a long way.

When the opening performance wrapped up, everybody expected Gaga to re-emerge wearing some sort of crazy, ante-upping outfit, perhaps a dress made entirely out of cheese, or just a series of live ferrets stapled together. On the one hand, it’s pretty sly of her to subvert expectations like that. On the other hand, it would have been better had she found a way to subvert those expectations in a way that didn’t involve an inconsistent, low-rent accent.

It was most problematic during the Britney tribute. That whole sequence was relatively underwhelming (the dancing was good, but you couldn’t get anybody to sing a Britney song or two?), but it got especially bad when Spears actually went on stage to collect her Moonman.

As EW’s Adam B. Vary pointed out, there was only one way to describe what Gaga was doing: mugging. Spears herself barely had time to talk, and Gaga’s speech beforehand about masturbating to posters of Britney came across as strangely insincere, if only because it was difficult to tell which persona was actually talking to us. The confused crowd just sort of tuned out.

The people sitting in the Nokia Theater didn’t exactly hate Jo Calderone, but they didn’t really know what to do with her either.

What did you think? Did it work for you, or should she have shifted back to Lady Gaga (or, dare we say it, to Stefani Germanotta) during the Spears tribute? Sound off on Jo Calderone in the comments!

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  • Matthew

    I am a huge fan and loved the whole concept at first but it did get x little annoying :/

    • Ninja

      If Fonzi would have jumped the shark on MTV, it would have been the same thing as what we saw last night.

      • T

        Haha thank you ninja!

      • Been There Done That

        Yawn. Annie Lennox beat her to this years ago. Once again Lady Gaga shows she doesn’t have an ounce of originality to her and that her entire career is derivative. Sad that so many fall for it.

      • Lisa S

        This EW writer sounds like a whiny pissant.

      • dalff

        @Been There Done That – Perhaps that is Lady Gaga’s point and your sole criterion for value (originality) is exactly the thing she is calling into question.

      • to Been There Done That

        Maybe so, but no one knows who the eff Annie Lennox is.

      • Haley

        Hey, I definitely know who Annie Lennox is and I’m 24 years old. Been a major fan of hers since my mom used to play her “Diva” album for me every night before bed when I was younger. Then, thanks to the VH-1 of the early 90’s, I learned about the Eurythmics. People are aware of Annie Lennox.

      • Natasha

        I am 23, and I love Annie Lennox and the Eurythmics.

      • @to Been There

        If you don’t know who Annie Lennox is you are just owning up to your ignorance.

      • Blonde South

        I’m 22 and I know who Annie Lennox is and I love the Eurythmics and have since I was 15.

      • Angie

        I love Annie Lennox….but dressing in a suit does NOT make a whole performance. You could say that Lennox was copying Marlene Deitrich if you use that logic. Women have dressed in drag for DECADES. Gaga wasn’t the first, but she certainly wasn’t copying someone point for point. She made her drag character her own.

        The people going on about Annie Lennox just want something to complain about. Pink shouldn’t have short hair, Annie did it first. Women shouldn’t wear pants, Annie did it first…you see?

      • Mark

        She is getting extremely annoying. She takes herself way too seriously if she thinks that she’s a legitimate performance artist. It came across as something a 12 year old school kid would come up with. She needs to pull her head in (way in) and concentrate on making some half decent music. Not the circa 1995-cliche ridden-Madonna-rip-off-over-simplistic pop that she does now. The clock is already ticking on her career.

      • Tony

        I’m 18 and I know who Annie Lennox is, and have known for years!

      • JD

        Annie Lennox never did drag. She chose to be androgynous in the way she dressed. She wasn’t a character, she was just Annie. What Gaga did was assume a character for the night. A performance piece. It had nothing to do with Adele or Brittany. Just Gaga, love it or hate it, it was up to the viewer. I don’t think Gaga really cares.

      • The Edge of Coffin

        The only thing they really hyped was GaGa’s performance. This is not shocking.

      • Jane

        Annie did use gimmicks. It was artistic.

      • albert

        Is there ANYONE that Lady CaCa hasn’t completely ripped off yet? Man, she’s gotta be laughing so hard at the dimwits who are personally financing her wealth and all she has to do is cough up retreaded materials.

      • cickles

        Performance and Art is a gimmick of itself. Lady Gaga is no different from any other entertainer, that’s the whole point. She isn’t doing this because she thinks she has too. She is doing what she does because it’s fun, she is doing it because her audience is talking about it and enjoying it, she is doing these gimmicks because she knows exactly what they are and is a nessesary part of being a performer in her own way. Either accept it or get the f**k over it. It really isn’t a hard concept.

      • cickles

        One more thing, if Annie Lennox was worried about being copied by “drag” she should have copyrighted that s**t. But somehow I bet drag/cross dressing was going on before Annie Lennox was sperm inside another woman’s womb.
        Another failed attempt at haters trying to downplay Lady Gaga.

      • @JD

        Annie Lennox did indeed do male drag many times, including – very famously – on MTV.

      • rover

        Annie Lennox didn’t use a vocal backtrack of her own voice live on a MTV.

      • KLH

        Annie herself was not original in this schtik. Victor/Victoria anyone. Point is, it was just boring. How about you really shock everyone and come out in a nice dress and just singgggggggg.

      • monster

        Gaga is just a poor copy ate of annie lennox. get a life LGG, hope you will fade away soon.

      • yapei

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      • DDubSolider

        Horrible lady/man.

      • Christian, We’re Concerned

        I think she looked like a dead ringer for Cage in Moonstruck. I wish somebody would tell her, “Snap out of it!”

      • Gaga The Fraud

        (Reuters) – Lady Gaga on Friday was slapped with a lawsuit claiming her hit song “Judas” on the new album “Born This Way” was copied from a similar tune by a Chicago-based singer and songwriter.

        Rebecca Francescatti, who filed the suit in U.S. District Court in Illinois on Wednesday, alleges “Judas” infringes upon the copyright of her song “Juda,” which she recorded in 1999.

        The Chicago musician claims that “substantial original portions” of “Judas” were lifted from the song that she re-recorded in 2005 for her album, “It’s All About You.”

        Francescatti’s “Juda” was engineered by Brian Joseph Gaynor, a member of DJ White Shadow, which worked with Lady Gaga on her new album “Born This Way.”

        DJ White Shadow claims to have written 17 of 20 songs on “Born This Way,” the suit says.

      • rover

        here come the lawsuits… hope you can swim

      • the real Gaga

        She soared to the top of the industry by patching together bits of other artists’ sensibilities @ COPYCAT

      • Gaga Art Exposed

        Jo Calderone aka Lady Gaga. The alter ego of an alter ego. Monarch mind control victims have more than one alter.

        Lady “Gaga”s name is a Babylonian name and one of the names of Ishtar. Lady Gaga is like the Whore of Babylon (Very Satanic). There has been rumors of her being a hermaphrodite before, and her being a man or male lady further proves her plan to disgrace God, and follow the baphomet’s concept who is also a hermaphrodite.

        Ishtar, the hermaphrodite deity of the Amorites, one of its name is Gaga. -Atrahasis, p.32

        The name Gaga is an old Babylonian hermaphroditic deity. – The Religion of Babylonia and Assyria, p.189

        Gog derived from the Babylonian deity called “Gaga” – Gog and Magog, p.95

        “Ishtar has many names – Anu, Anshar, Bel, Gaga, Gibil, Dagan, Shamash, etc. – The Religion of Babylonia and Assyria, p.189

      • We Wont Get Fooled Again

        ….But thankfully, the world has begun to wake and is no longer fooled by this shameless copycat named like CaCa!

      • Nana Plaza

        Lady Gaga is a no talent freak who I think supports queer marriage as a ploy to help further her fledgeling career and the queers don’t even know she is using them.

    • Polly

      I agree. I’m a fan, not a huge one, but I do like her music and find to be entertaining. I thought the opening was interesting and her performance of You and I was stellar. The rest of her appearances just wore me out. I’m starting to wonder if she can or will ever have a sincere moment. The constant show is exhausting. I’m NOOOO fan of Spears, but I sort of felt for her during her speech. She was clearly upstaged and her moment was hijacked by Gaga’s ongoing theater. Gaga will always be the sort of performance some love and some hate. For me, she’s becoming the sort of performer I can love and hate within one evening. haha!

      • Jerry

        I felt more for Britney when I realized her “acceptance speech” was actually her & Gaga introducing Beyonce.

      • Zach

        I agree, but that wasn’t Gaga’s fault.

      • Mark

        Wow! You nailed it, Polly. I feel EXACTLY the same as you.

      • Steph

        Jerry, you are so right! I’m not a huge Britney fan but it seemed like Gaga pulled a Kanye and stole Brit’s moment, then Brit immediately had to go into the Mother-of-all-Beyonce intro. Why even bother with the award, they should have had a pre-taped segment and skipped Gaga’s intro all together.

      • josh

        wat ur saying makes absolutely NO SENSE AT ALL…and i do want you to be aware of it so please re-read wat u wrote …its disturbingly asinine…and im not attacking u im just really concerned…ur suggesting Lady gaga STOp entertaining for the sake of…….???? so umm yea…its about entertainment and doing things in entertainment culture that are timeless…and Annie Lennox didnt do a FOURTH of wat gaga did lastnite…Lennox just showed up dressed as a dude whooptie doo!!!…so yeah re evaluate that buddy

      • dureeena

        dear josh,
        i wish caca would START entertaining one day and stop being pointlessly self absorbed.

      • Tony

        To be fair, I dont think Spears wanted that moment so much. There is a really great article online (I can’t remember the title or specific website, but I’m sure Spears does not want to do it anymore but she is being forced to because her dad controls her finances after she went crazy a couple of years ago. Britney is just a robot now, not really excited about her career and it seems like she’s being forced

      • JDX

        I will never watch MTV awards again after this year. That was a complete joke and a complete waste of my time.

      • Marta

        You’re just NOW figuring out that Spears is a wind-up robot without a single creative or musical circuit in her motherboard?

      • JenatahXoXo

        Spears had her chance at the mic. All she said was “thanks”. She had her moment. She just blew it herself whether she wanted to do so or not. It’s not Lady Gaga’s fault Britney didn’t do or say anything to take the spotlight away.

      • Zac

        i think the thing about Britney’s “acceptance speech” (more like introduction of Beyonce) was that it was all scripted because it looked as if they were reading from a teleprompter and Gaga was simply saying her lines. I mean, the MTV execs knew about Gaga’s plans and probably scripted accordingly.

      • HarryPotter7474585

        I totally agree. Brit-Brit was trying to give her acceptance speech, while Gaga/Jo was a foot away from her face, clearly trying to get back the mike, even though it wasnt her moment. Then Brit had to immediately introduce Beyonce after a 2-second speech that was cut short because of Gaga’s ramblings and her come-on. Poor Britney. This is a bigass award to win at a such a young age, but the entire thing was rushed and Gaga kept trying to steal the spotlight.

    • LOL

      It was effective because it upset so many people and it is being talked about today. Gaga wins again.

      • xx100

        It’s not a real win if most of the talk is negative. It’s a win in a Charlie Sheen tradition of win but who wants that. I’m seeing more people then ever saying they are sick to death of the gimmicks and weird dressing and just wish gaga would go back to the music and singing. She’s becoming more gag gag now.

      • LOL

        And she wins because America loves crap.

      • The Edge of Coffin

        because American loves crap!

      • The Edge of Coffin

        It’s amazing that such a shaky performance (owing to throat infection) still sent this to number one on Itunes today ..ha ha ha

      • JDX

        LOL is right this time. That was certainly the crap.

      • mika

        If you define “winning” as rehashing old crap for an audience too young and too dimwited to know it’s all a rip off, then yeah, it’s a definate win. Hopefully she’ll send all the suckers a thank you card, it’s the least she can do after they made her a millionaire….

    • Gaga Queen of Copycat

      Total rip-off of Annie Lennox’s 1984 Grammy performance. So much so, that when I glanced up and saw it, I thought it was Annie Lennox. (I was at a restaurant, so the VMA’s weren’t my primary focus.) While Gaga is hype, she isn’t original or substance.

      • Lindsey

        It wasn’t a rip-off of Annie’s performance at all. Annie isn’t the first person to perform in drag, you know. If you compare the actual performances, the look, they are very different. Other than both of them looking like dudes, they didn’t look alike at all.

      • Rob


        Your defense of Momma Monster is so cute. Of course, Annie Lennox didn’t originate drag….are you for real??? You can’t see any similarities between what Gaga…er…um Jo did to what Annie Lennox did years ago? Oh, that’s right, Gaga is the revolutionary of music she touts herself to be. Madonna, Bette, and now Annie Lennox. Say what you will about Gaga but she sure is copying from the best!

    • Lenner

      Bizarre is an understatement. The audience not only lost interest but were noticably uncomfortable. When they panned over to Adele, Bruno, Katy etc the looks on their faces were priceless. They all barely clapped and none stood up. Only the typical swaybots they put to one side of the stage stood. How come no one mentioned the nose dive GaGa took off the piano? That was hysterical. The camera panned away but you can still see it. The look on Adele’s face when she fell was like a women seeing a rat stuck in the corner of the kitchen. The whole thing was pretty much OTT and not in a good way. It was embarrassing. I felt embarrassment for her. She so over exaggerated the character and plus she ripped the whole schick from Andy Kaufman, Annie Lenox. I like her music but she cringe worthy seeing her live.

      • Mistique

        I noticed that fall too, and the look on Adele’s face, kile ‘Oohhh”. Jp probably slipped on all the beer ‘he’ spilled. Russell Brand had a perplexed look on his face too. I was embarrassed for Gaga. I would have liked to see her as a strong woman rocking out with Brian May.

      • Futurama

        if Adele fell off the piano it would have caused an earthquake.

      • Kel

        Futurama and all gaga fans the way you berate Adele’s weight is sickening. Is that the message gaga preaches? I think not. Grow up.

    • Morgan

      It was very annoying!

    • seattleellen

      to been there done that. My thoughts exactly I have enjoyed some of Gaga’s songs, but OMG – last yrs. meat dress, then “claiming” she’d never seen Bette Midler’s routine in a wheel chair, but is a fan, I didn’t buy that for one moment. Now this, God Awful creation. She cannot act. It was done better years ago by Lily Tomlin in a 1 woman show, etc. She steals from every 1 – starting with Madonna. Nothing original.
      First time I heard her – I thought it was Gloria Estafan.
      Sorry no fan here, even tho every1 says she’s great in person. I liked many of Madonna’s song, but there again, not when she started to go overboard with her persona. Lady Gaga needs to give it a rest!

    • Smashed Piano

      Why does MTV keep putting on a VMAs? They don’t show music videos. The show has been worthless for years.

    • Janaya

      What liberating knwodlege. Give me liberty or give me death.

  • PDT

    It was too much. I get that he/she/it and Britney rehearsed that entire bit, but I still can’t help but feel like Britney was a little creeped out. Kind of thinking to herself, “Wow, and they put me on an involuntary psychiatric hold?” It’s sad that a talent like Gaga still feels like she needs a gimmick like that to be successful; Adele’s showstopper only proved how wrong that is.

    • Vik

      ? Adele didn’t have a showstopper… she seemed nervous throughout her whole performance and it reflected on her voice =/

      • PDT

        Whatever you say, man. They showed people in the audience crying after Adele was done.

      • Linney17

        I prefer a nervous Adele to an overconfident Lady Gaga any day.

      • Vik

        I think that people are holding waaaay too much stock by Adele. Granted, she has an amazing voice and wonderful lyrics (I saw her video when it first came out and I was really impressed)… but I think that people are just finding ways to hate on other pop stars because Adele is a bit more toned down and then she’s considered classy. lol *shrugs* I’m into a lot of genres of music and I must say while Adele is a breath of fresh air now, she’s nothing we all haven’t seen before.

      • Ally

        She should have sung Rolling in the Deep

      • terri

        Adele is known for being terrified of large crowds.. one of the reasons they had all the lights down and one bright one on her alone, so she couldn’t focus on them. still an amazing artist, and no bleeping every other word due to bad language.

      • Zach

        I love Adele and agree she is a breath of fresh air, but that was definitely not her best performance. I agree she should have sung “Rolling in the Deep” for an award show like the VMAs. Vocally she sounded weaker than she does on her records, and I didn’t think it was her nerves but her recent health/vocal issues that were holding her back. She’s still great, but I don’t believe in giving someone a free pass just because they’re legitimately brilliantly talented, or simply a conservative alternative to Lady Gaga and Katy Perry.

      • MaC

        Yeah, I too love Adelle, but I was a little disappointed that she didn’t go for the higher pitch during any of the choruses. If we’re comparing just the performances, I would say Gaga was the best.

      • Vik

        @terri – awww, really? =/ but ehhh, if you mean lil wayne i wish they didn’t bleep him out *hates censorship*
        @Zach – excellent =)
        @MaC – i believe she was the best as well X)

      • marcus

        Adele was a breathe of fresh air compared to the other LAME acts that were going on GAGA was boring no one knew wat Beyonce was singing AT ALL lol and poor britters.. got upstaged by man-drag not cool..

      • The Edge of Coffin

        #1 on iTunes…so?

      • JDX

        She didn’t even get an award. What utter BS

      • Ben

        Even not at her best, Adele is better than just about everyone else. And she performed her new single, which is now #1 on iTunes – seems like a good choice for her to have made.

      • 4120

        Stay pressed “Vik” Adele is a real talent, one who can stand on a stage with just a mic and move an entire room of her peers to tears and net a standing O for just singing. No costumes, no gimmicks, no pretense. Just honest, God-given talent.

    • Linney17

      “Wow, and they put me on an involuntary psychiatric hold?”


    • T

      Britney said they didn’t rehearse it at all. And Brit looked pretty damn shocked when gaga opened the show. She stepped on britney’s spot light

      • von

        I personally did not care for GaGa……..

      • Forverbeyonce

        who are you kidding gaga “epic” performance will be forgotten by the end of the week. certaintly was nothing to compare to , yes it was that bad

    • LOL

      Adele should try a salad. Her health is in danger.

      • @LOL

        Dr. Oz says it’s better to be thick and physically active than thin and inactive. My rail thin pastor had a massive heart attack. You can’t always tell by looking at someone.

      • Norman

        but every other doctor says lose weigth and youll live longer-not too many fat people over 70…

      • JDX

        Gaga should try new management. Her career is in danger.

    • Forverbeyonce

      i agree 100%

    • Tarc

      If you listened to the song she played, then you know Gaga doesn;t 8need* any gimmicks at all – she’s just creative and expressing the things that she is interested in. Like it, hate it – no matter. If youi talk about it the next day, it’s ART, so she made her point and marked her success.

  • Nick T

    the britney, gaga faceoff was a bit akward and confusing but i think youre being a bit harsh. right before the camera left them, there was glimpse of gaga breaking character and genuinely embracinig brit

    • Jerry

      I saw that too! Loved it!

    • Steph

      Nick, I saw that too and wished Gaga would have dropped the drag routine after the opening act. It literally dragged and felt out of place the rest of the show. Esp b/c cameras kept cutting to her stupid sneer!

    • Blonde South

      It made sense when the act was part of her performance, even though it was still a bit weird how she was talking about herself and it went on for too long, but she wasn’t performing when she was handing an award out to Britney Spears. Or at least she wasn’t supposed to be. I felt bad for Britney. It was obvious that after the initial performance, Gaga was just trying to get us all to talk about her today. Which look, she’s succeeding.

  • Amanda

    I actually loved Lady Gaga as Jo Calderone. Yes the monologue was a little too long but her performance of You and I was superb! I found Jo Calderone amusing especially when Beyonce showed off her baby pump and in the crowd Jo is seen cheering!

    • Alice

      Then you’re easily amused. The whole schtick was lame. Giant fail for Stefani Germanotta.

    • Blonde South

      I agree that her actual performance of You and I was really really good. Too bad she couldn’t let it rest there and it’s now being overshadowed by all of her other shenanigans.

      • JDX

        Gaga fell down in her own beer on stage. Were you really even watching the show last night? Doubtful.

      • Blonde South

        So what if she fell? Her singing was still good. And she made a good recovery.

    • Angie

      I thought Gaga’s performance of You and I was AMAZING. I just she had let the focus stay on that!

      • JDX

        I thought it was great until she slipped and fell in her own beer on stage, as the camera quickly pulled away so people at home couldn’t see it happening.

      • Angie

        I don’t think slipping in beer ruins a performance. If anything, it makes it more exciting. Taking risks leads to the unexpected…which is what the VMAs used to thrive on. If only more performers were as spontanious as Gaga.

    • Rob


      Sorry to hear that you are so easily ‘entertained’. It’s sad when one needs an engineering degree to decipher Gaga’s performances or now, her persona’s. Right now, Gaga seems to be her own worst enemy.

      • Tarc

        Since you’re talking (and writing) about it, Rob, she made her point. You lose. Get a clue here.

  • Fatima

    People’s patience with Gaga is finally starting to wane. She never seemed so desperate for attention as last night and this is a woman who’s entire life if about that.

    • jeremy

      No, your patience with her is starting to wane. If you think that she is desparate for attention, than you are ignorant and you do not know anything about lady gaga It was a theatrical performance, and thats what shes into. She might have taken it a little too far, but it wasnt for attention. She is bold and puts herself out on the line and its the freakin vma’s and not the grammys. Lighten up.

      • T

        Fatima is entitled to her opinion. And after last nights mockery I think it’s fair to state Gaga is desperate for attention.
        Ps- people don’t wear meat dresses to blend in!

      • jen

        your desperate language and lack of counterargument reveal the denial

      • Fatima

        If it’s not for attention, what is it? I don’t even fault artists for being egocentric – it comes with the territory – but Gaga really comes from a place where it feels like a sickness. I just don’t feel like she has anything new to say and so much of feels like distracting from fairly pedestrian pop music.

      • Monty

        She does need attention, and by posting, we invariably give it to her.

      • minxy99

        We all ‘get it’ …. It wasn’t ‘on the line’ avant-garde theatre… was just plain, garden variety, baaaaaad.

      • Blonde South

        After the initial performance there was no need for her to go on playing that character. It wasn’t just performance art, it was all about getting everyone to talk about her today. Which is the exact same reason she wore that meat dress last year. As she has said herself, numerous times, she knows how to play this whole fame game.

      • JDX

        Theatrical? Craptactrical more like it.

      • ZTL

        And how do you know it wasn’t for attention? You know her heart? You can read her mind? Don’t say what you don’t KNOW!

      • Rob

        She put herself on the Line!!

        What utter crap! Performance Art has NEVER gotten so worn out and boring since Gaga manifested herself in the the revolutionary of everything. Please continue to defend Gaga’s antics as the public seems to be catching on to her and not liking what they see.

    • Kaye

      Exactly it’s all just tiresome now. It is distracting from her songs, not enhancing them.

      • jeremy

        Thats the only thing I will agree with. it does distract from her musical if the only thing you watch is the vma’s. however, lady gaga does more performances than any other artist. The vma’s is purely for entertainment.

      • Mistique

        I feel the same way. Her great performance of ‘You and I– which is what we should be talking about today — was overshadowed by the Jo character. At the end of the night, you didn’t remember the singing or Brian May, just the schtick….and that doesn’t help sell records.

      • Kel

        But Jeremy it wasn’t entertaining. If the vmas are purely about entertainment then why was shent she entertaining? I could see the same caliber show from a community theater group production of grease starring the towns mail man and hs math teacher.

      • Kel

        Darn auto correct I meant why wasn’t she….

    • Ben

      Gaga is just one publicity stunt after the next. And then there is Adele: all she has to do is to sing and she gets the most attention – because she is the real deal and does need lame, desperate gimmicks.

  • Russell Brandt

    I’m getting tired of seeing famous female singers dressing up as men – Beyoncé Knowles, Mariah Carey and now Lady Gaga. It’s as if they’re trying to put men off of them.

    • Anda

      Yes heaven forbid a female singer not stuve to be seen only as a sex symbol. What dark days we live in when women want to dress as men for one day to make a statement.

    • daisy

      uhoh, someone is afraid his penis is too small :( Sorry Russell, you just make it so incredibly obvious

  • Scott

    I found the Jo Calderone bit to be absolutely repulsive. While I have enjoyed Lady Gaga’s music, I think she tries to hard to be “out there” and is just plain weird. Don’t like her as much now after seeing Jo.

    • jeremy

      That is absolutely ridiculous. Again, I do not understand why people dont get this, but its human nature to be cynical and people are misinformed. One of her passions is theatre, and this is the VMA’s which are suppose to be silly and entertaining. This is not the grammys. Not liking her character is a really stupid reason not to like Lady Gaga no offense.

      • PDT

        Ah, yes, which is why she’s been so serious and non-silly at the VMAs the past couple of years? By arriving in an egg? You don’t make sense.

      • Veronica

        I agree with jeremy. People can say whatever they want about Lady Gaga. If you think she does things for attention, thats fine….Whatever. She gets the attention regardless whether she trying or not. So what’s the issue?

      • minxy99

        everyone ‘gets it’ …….baaaad theatre.

      • Kaye

        Fine but it wasn’t her show…. it was an awards show. If she wants to stage a 1 person off-broadway play, she can do it on her own time. Yes, the VMA’s are supposed to be fun, only her rant wasn’t funny or entertaining.

      • xx100

        Sorry but arriving at the grammy’s incubating in an egg is ridiculous. That didn’t happne at the vma’s.

      • Rob

        Sorry Jeremy,

        Just because one of Gaga’s passions is theatre, we all need to be? Self expression is one thing but Gaga is taking it to the overload X10. She seems to make everything about herself. If she wanted to be in drag as Jo for the opening number fine, but to keep it up after…and in the press room…well, that smacks of desperation to me. She even hijacked the Britney award. Performance art never looked so fake and unoriginal. Most of us don’t have the engineering degrees needs to decipher whatever she does. Since you seem to understand her antics, good for you.

    • T

      I agree it’s not Genuine and she has to be running out of dumb ideas to out do herself… Next year will she pretend to be a dog and bark the whole show

      • jeremy

        Right. Even as a dog barking which is obviously stupid, she still has 1000x times more talent and is 1000x more creative than you.

      • T

        Wow Jeremy you showed me haha. Is the Grammy winning artist more talented a singer than me… Oh no how wil I go on. The shame of the matter is that you are right she is very talented. But this crap overshadows that and is starting to alienate people. I understand you are a dedicated fan but please understand these are not attacks on you but on a singer that I vet you’ve never met. Don’t let it bother you so much

    • jeremy


      Arriving in an egg is a serious thing? Okay, I dont think you make any sense. Just because its a literal interpretation of her song doesnt make it serious. I think you need to lighten up man.

      • PDT

        I typed what I meant to say incorrectly. You claimed she was being silly because she wasn’t at a serious show. She arrived at the Grammys – a stuffy event where everyone wears tuxedos and evening gowns – in an effing egg. All of you little monsters are blind morons that will believe anything she does is amazing. She’s a loon. Accept it. She was born that way.

    • sadface

      another gimmick

      • T

        The girl is a walking gimmick

  • matt

    some girls look better as boys like Eileen Mancuso

    • bob

      so what does that make you semenuk

  • tigger851

    It’s called theater! and if it was part of the Tonys then nobody would have had a problem with it, but then some people in society have problems with out of the box thinking and want to be horrible with the comments!! Grow Up People!

    • Hwsw

      If it was part of the Tonys it would have been done well. I don’t hate GaGa, although she’s getting a bit tiresome. It really wasn’t very entertaining for an MTV awards show, and it failed as performance art.

    • Fatima

      You can’t just save everything that’s embarrassing by calling it theater. It’s hardly progressive if you know anything about queer theory and people at the Tony’s wouldn’t have loved much about how poorly she pulled it off.

      • jen

        so true! The “misunderstood” shutdown is such a pathetic cop out. A 12-year old is about to inform you of your inability to adequately wrap your brain around Irigaray in about 5. . . 4. . . 3.

    • Marissa

      That’s so condescending. Just because she did something “outside the box” doesn’t mean it’s automatically good.

      • Fatima

        I know! As if there’s no such thing as bad theater!

      • jeremy

        That is true. It doesnt mean its automatically good. But people here are being so cynical thinking that she was just doing this for attention which is ignorant and just completely untrue. Its easy to sit at home and criticize performers. None of these same people or even famous performers would have the balls or courage to do what Lady Gaga does. Thats just a 100 percent fact. At the very least, what she is doing is very admirable even if you dont like the act. An honest interpretation of what happened would be that she might have taken the monologue a little bit too far and maybe the character, but it did work. It got people talking about it, she entertained, she wasnt predictable, and she did this all the while giving a pretty good musical performance.

    • TeaCup

      I love Gaga . She is Pop Art, She is Theater.. People need to relax on those harsh comments , Gaga is Perforimance Perfection. Jo Calderone is just one of many alter-egos….Her show is neverending….

      • minxy99

        again……….baaaaad theatre.

      • sadface

        fonzi had water skis. That’s about the only difference.

      • Harol

        Jeremy……..are you Gaga’s other alter ego???? GIVE IT A REST!!!!!

      • Rob

        Most people would call her SYBIL.

      • Tarc

        In the and, Gaga was a million times more interesting than any of the rap artists they showcased… my fast forward button got a workout from all those exercises in true lameness…

    • Lyndsey

      I agree COMPLETELY. No one wants anything out of the ordinary and it’s ridiculous. Someone does something a little weird and the entire country is bashing him or her.

      ACCEPT THE FACT THAT NOT EVERYONE IS “NORMAL.” …and boring, nonetheless.

      • Kaye

        Out of the ordinary is fine…. ripping off everyone who came before you and repackaging your simple dance tunes as great transcending art…bogus!

      • Emily

        The problem here is that her ‘out of the ordinary-ness’ is becoming completely, boringly, ORDINARY!

    • jeremy

      I completely agree. People on here are acting like the VMA’s are actually suppose to be a serious show with serious performances. No, thats what the grammys are for. Its one thing to not like her character, but its another to rip Lady Gaga for being bold and theatrical and basically doing what she loves. She doesnt care what her critics think. She is extremely famous now, so she doesnt need to do stuff to get attention.

      • jen

        Jeremy- get with the program. You can’t have it both ways. She is in a totally different field than that which hosts the Tony’s. Why can’t she just eat her cake there? Oh yeah, likely due to a lack of talent in that profession, or her desire to earn more money in a different field. Misunderstood? What does that mean? Use your rational mind, please, so that others might have the chance to understand.

      • jeremy


        What?? She is a musician who likes incorporating theatre into her performances. That does not belong in the Tony’s. Micheal jackson was an amazing performance artist, but if you put him in an actual movie he would have sucked. Same thing for madonna, but I did like her in a league of her own actually. That being said. Lady Gaga did study theatre at NYU tisch school of the arts. So I dont know for sure how good she would do. Jen, you need to start thinking outside of the box here. Really.

      • sadface

        I’m not going to waste my evening again watching this stupid informercial that is dressed up as a legitimate awards show. Britney was robbed. I’m out!

      • Rob


        Obviously you don’t get it. Not everyone needs to applaud anyone who is theatrical. Yes, the VMA’s are NOT serious, but come on???? I bet not many people beforehand knew about Jo or whomever she’s calling herself. It’s just plain weird. You can spin it anyway possible whining about theatre, etc, but crap is crap. Please take off your Gaga inspired glasses and get used to the real world. I think your the one NOT getting it.

      • PDT

        Jeremy, she does the exact same thing at the Grammys, which are as stuffy as music awards shows go. This wasn’t something “silly” for the VMAs. Get an effing clue.

    • NonEntity

      Bad actors and singers don’t win Tonys. Especially if they sing bland contrived producer driven techno bull mess. On the other hand, we now have an industry that rewards the selling rather than the product, which is incredibly substandard.

      • WI

        NonEntity said: On the other hand, we now have an industry that rewards the selling rather than the product, which is incredibly substandard.

        Very true. We also have an industry that lavishes love on those who are popular/famous without really critiquing the art/products they continue to put out. It is okay people, even great artists put out a dude every now and again. And saying so doesn’t make the artist any less talented.

      • WI

        and I meant dud not dude. Though in this case (LGG) it actually applies. :)

    • mike

      LOL…Three words about the “grow up” comment: Emperor’s New Clothes.

      Not everyone gets dazzled by the would-be dazzler. Some of us can see perfectly well that there’s an decorated empty shell with nothing inside.

  • karen

    I just thought it was hilarious when Joe first “came out” and the camera panned to Britney in the audience … she looked so confused … “I thought LADY gaga was openin’ the show!” It did go on a bit, but I’m a Gaga fan, and her commitment to her performance art is admirable. When everyone on the black carpet was busy discussing “What’s Lady Gaga going to wear tonight?”, I’ll bet NONE of them thought THAT … and that’s Gaga, always surprising, for good or for bad.

    • Kaye

      Isn’t it scary when Britney, Beiber & Katy all think your pr stunt is dumb? Gaga firmly entrenched herself on the wrong side of the haves and have nots in the music debate.

  • Sylvester Malone

    I can’t believe how Stefani (Lady Gaga) has gone from being sexually attractive and voluptuous when she first became famous in 2008/2009 to being so skinny and ugly while looking wasted and like she’s rotting. I can’t even look at her anymore now. What was she thinking especially after all those hermaphrodite rumours about her?

    • Dark Dot

      I’m thinking that she’s thinking that she doesn’t give a flying f*** about any rumours.

    • jeremy

      Seriously, its people like you thats she is mocking and crtiquing. Society has created this ideal image of what beauty is, and she is basically questioning this through her lyrics and her art. She doesnt really care if you think she is beautiful or not.

      • Nyphrodel

        Jeremy? It’s time to try to concentate on something besides Lady GaGa. Just let it go Honey, I don’t think she needs anymore bodyguards or pr people.

      • lolaaaah

        Jeremy…your ugly aren’t you???

      • JDX

        Jeremy not everyone is a hater just because they don’t agree with you. Just let it go.

      • Rob


        Why is anything so does considered ART??? Who gave her a degree in theatre? Why do we need explainations of her performances the morning after? Are we all dumb for not understanding her ‘art’?? Why must we give her a free pass when she presents her art…but it’s Gaga’s art…its considered revolutionary??? Then, it becomes known that this VMA performance is almost identical to one that Annie Lennox performed. You know that Gaga has been in trouble for NOT always be so original. You can whine art all you want but clearly it’s overdone, egocentric, boring, and quite frankly stupid.

    • Blonde South

      Pretty sure Gaga was laughing in the face of those hermaphrodite rumors last night.

  • famnculture

    I loved Lady Gaga outer ego… maybe she is a bit of that … she was so confortable in it! I read recently that some phychological theories says that we all are masculine and feminine hence, that was Gaga’s Masculine one , her other self!

  • Ellie

    It’s the VMAs… Not broadway. And even if it was broadway… Thats an embarassment to acting and live theater.

  • Alex

    Headline: “Lady Gaga’s night as Jo Calderone: Was it too much?” The answer is Gaga is too much. It’s time to go. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

    • Tori

      Or better yet: Don’t let the gravitational force of our planet Earth hit you on the way out.

    • Tarc

      LOL! I kinda enjoy that you’re going to be in for a couple decades of grief.

  • Jaz

    Lady Gaga and her gimmicks are getting old. It seems like everyone has a to have a crazy costume these days. Why can’t they let their talents speak for them? Adele did.

    • Ellie


    • Fatima

      Do you’ll think they’ll get the message that Adele and Beyonce had the performances everyone is talking about today? Probably not.

      • wdfwgebh

        Fatima, your comment doesnt make sense being that it is in response to an article posted today talking about Gaga’s performance …

      • Fatima

        Ugh, whatever. Talking about FAVORABLY.

      • Ben

        Do not understand the Fatima comment – what is she saying? Makes no sense.

      • Tarc

        Hmmm. I adore Adele, but her vocal wasn’t as good as many other times I’ve heard her (and she’s still amazing). Beyonce was boring – and the song was bad. Gaga got you talking, so by definition, it was art. Any reaction meant the excercise was successful.

    • Catie

      Gaga has a talent for being theatrical and extreme. Some of the other artists are heading in that direction now too. I believe it’s because they saw Lady Gaga break the mold and add a new element to a “performance.”
      The fact that Gaga can be so dramatic and entertaining, as well as actually sing, adds to her talents.

      • JPX

        No, Catie, KISS broke that “mold” in 1973.

      • angela

        LOL.. The only mold she could break was the one she STOLE from other performers.

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