Lady Gaga's night as Jo Calderone: Was it too much?


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When the curtains parted on the giant Flight of the Navigator Laser Vagina on last night’s MTV Video Music Awards, the first thing anybody saw […] Read the full post.

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  • Ann

    You all are complaining about Gaga yet you’ve fallen right into the trap: you’re talking about her. Good or bad, you’re talking about what she did. If it was over the top or not is irrelevant because she’s done her job: kept people talking about her. I enjoyed Jo though I do see the risk because at times I couldn’t tell whether Gaga was totally drunk or it was her character and I also had trouble distinguishing when Gaga was Gaga and when she was Jo. Last night was performance art and that is in Gaga’s job description (seriously, look at her Billboard or Forbes profile). This was an experiment in archetypical psychology, Jo serving as the Animus in Gaga’s brain. Was it over the top? Of course. She raised the bar (again). You complain that she’s worn out her welcome but you will be at the next event waiting to see what she does next and ready to talk about it the next day.

    • Q

      If she squatted on stage and took a dump, you’d call it art.

      • jeremy

        How is that equivalent to dressing as a male alter ego? Please tell me. People have done this type of stuff in theatre before. Lady Gaga is trying to integrate theatre with music.

      • Q

        I didn’t say it was equivalent to dressing as a male alter ego. The point I was making (which you unsurprisingly missed) is that the majority of Lady Gaga’s fans are so warped and so unwilling to constructively criticize her in the least that they overpraise anything and everything that she does and always use hyperbole to the max when describing her every little move. The little monsters think everything she does is a supreme work of art.

    • Nyphrodel

      I certainly won,t. I never watch that crap. All I have to do is read about the highs and lows from people like you.

    • NonEntity

      To discuss the relevance and substance of art and non art is an important conversation. Ga Goo fans would force you at gunpoint to call what she does “art,” while there is mounting evidence that Goo Goo is nothing more than a 2D billboard for corporations who want to get into the Gay community. So, it is you, the fan who has fallen into the trap; because you refute every single objective observation and replace it with a scripted Monster comeback.

  • Julesocrazy

    Lady Gaga should be dead instead of Amy Winehouse

    • CeCe

      that was harsh.
      lady gaga has serious balls for dressing like a man all night. I. loved it/hated it. overrall gaga was the best part of the awards, everything else was just blah

    • T

      That’s not a right thing to say about anyone ever.

    • NonEntity

      No no, it’s just that she LOOKS like a dead Amy Winehouse.

  • R.P.McMurphy

    Wow…this cross dressing is really ground breaking stuff. Golly where does she come up with such original ideas that David Bowie already did almost 40 years ago?

    Sweet lord when are this hack’s 15 minutes going to be up. If she would stop pandering to the gay communitiy maybe they would stop buying her albums and she would just go away.

    It is not like her songs are great–the ones I hear overplayed sound just like Madonna during her “I am going to shock you phase.”

  • Dave

    Adele should be dead instead of Amy whinehouse

  • kate

    She is demented or boring. She steals her ideas and music and is a total fake.

  • Truth Teller

    I thought Gaga did a fantastic job playing Jo and lets face it out of the current crop of mainstream starlets, Gaga is the only one who would commit to playing the character all night.

    Brit & Gaga rehearsed what was going to happen. If Britney was not comfortable with how things were going she could have chosen not to do it. I know its so easy to place blame on Gaga for Britney’s awkwardness but lets call it the way that it is.

  • Joe

    Well, Gaga was a mix of Andrew Dice Clay, Fonzi and sort of looked like Ralph Macchio trying to grow hair on his face…. Very strange character… a bust in my opinion…. unless your objective is to get people talkin’, then I’d give it a C+.

  • snapasnort

    She’s supposed to be too much. That’s her deal, and I love it. She was born that way, thank God.

    • Kaye

      Oh please… that’s exactly the problem. Other people have done this before, and made it feel more organic to the music. With Gaga, you can see her plotting every move in attempt to foster “outrage”… she isn’t shocking, she’s just a wannabe!

    • NonEntity

      Too much of what? Nothing? That’s the impact her music will have, besides making most reconsider buying any music produced by corporations who don’t care about music.

  • Susan

    I had tot urn it off after 2 minutes- it was time to move on from anything MTV- I am poisoning my mind with this senseless stuff. Lady Gaga is on a fast decline and I think this might have put the last nail in the coffin. I don’t think anyone will be interested in her after this (P.S. DON’T BUY THE NEW ALBUM ABSOLUTELY AWFUL)

    • Sean Clark

      You’re sitting here talking, so she’s obviously doing her job.

      She has enough money to buy you, I doubt she gives a crap what you or any of these other nay-sayers think.

      • NonEntity

        She will care when she is homeless and begging for change, remembering when she had a chance to make good music. Instead Lady Glue Gun sold her artistic integrity and will have a pleasant fifteen minutes. She has no future even as a songwriter, as she can not even totally create and conceive of an album without a team of suits. Puppet.

  • leets69

    Hey, at least Gaga is always trying to do something so we won’t all be stuck in the same old routine. Sometimes it won’t work as well as others, but I admire the effort.

    • NonEntity

      No, the record company instructed Gagoo to pretend she is doing something so that the music industry’s bland agenda will remain hidden from the sheep. Check out Pump Up The Jam from 91; she is no different. Yawn.

  • Real Music Fan

    Artists are known to be eccentric and edgy, but I think she took it too far. For me it was over the top and judging the face of her peers spoke for itself. She also stole Brittany’s moment…

  • Kelly

    It was just plain weird! I don’t think it had to be done at all and definitely not taken to the extreme it was taken. I actually changed the channel because the alter ego just lost me.

  • Dave

    It was dumb and incredibly obnoxious. As much as her little monsters will tell you it was art or performance art or or that she is a living work of art, it was crap. It wasn’t funny. It wasn’t cool. It wasn’t artistic. Just an annoying gimmick. She’s talented. I don’t know why she finds it necessary to distract from her natural talent with dumb gimmicks.

    • yup


    • jeremy

      Again, it wasnt about using a dumb gimmick. It wasnt about trying to be funny. It was about integrating theatre with music and being bold and doing what she wants to do. Thats the fact of it. Shes an entertainer and a performance artist in addition to a musician and a songwriter. You dont know who she is and she doesnt care what people think of her. The only thing i will agree with you is that it does distract from her natural talent, but she has done plenty of performances where its just her ,with no costumes and distractions, and her piano

      • Q

        Just because it was theater, doesn’t mean it was good theater. That’s your problem. You think that just because she did something different and was “bold” means it was good. Well it wasn’t. Dave is right.

  • DenverDean

    Jo’s look STOLEN from Annie Lennox Eurythmics “Sweet Dreams” 1984 Grammy Performance and 1983 “Who’s that Girl?” video, including the “two” Annies kissing – just like GaGa does in Y&I video. Give it up and focus on your music and not gimmics.

  • Shannon

    Am I the only one that thought Lady Gaga was going to present Britney’s award in a Catholic schoolgirl outfit?
    Ms. Germanotta actually did attend one afterall. I wasn’t all that surprised when Joe Calderone emerged again, but it was slightly disappointing.
    I loved Gaga’s VMA intro, lingering monologue and all. The reoccurring gag(a) didn’t annoy me all that much, but I’m wondering how much the real Gaga really admired Britney. She’s never mentioned her as an inspiration before. Still, she made Spears cry, laugh, and look really uncomfortable. It’s more emotional range than Brit’s showed in a long time.

    • Futurama

      Gaga wrote “Telephone” for Britney to sing.

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