Beyonce's pregnancy reveal breaks Twitter record: Why do we care so much?


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When Beyoncé unbuttoned her purple sequined jacket Sunday night at the MTV’s 2011 Video Music Awards and revealed that she has something baking in her oven—her first child, to be exact—the building roared in celebration.

If you weren’t at Nokia Theater L.A. Live to experience it in person, the next best thing was logging on to your choice social network and shooting off your reaction. For millions, Twitter was their first destination.

Techland reports that fans hopped on the medium to express their shock, happiness, and such at a rate of 8,868 tweets per second. That beats news of Osama Bin Laden’s death in May, which drew in 5,106 tweets per second, and the Super Bowl, which earned 4,064 tweets.

Crazy, right? The question is why did so many people care so much? Well, for one, people looooooove them some Beyoncé. She’s a major pop star who, unlike most of her peers, has managed to steer clear of celeb shenanigans. Add the fact that she’s married to Jay-Z, arguably the best rapper ever, and that they both keep the details of their life together on the hush-hush and bam, here’s the answer: We’ve never seen them so excited to let a secret out of the bag! Watch them let it go after the jump:

Even more special than watching Queen B rub her tummy at the end of “Love on Top,” was seeing husband Jay-Z, hip-hop’s bar for all things cool and calm, genuinely happy as hell with buddy Kanye West leaping and congratulating him.

They could’ve revealed the news quietly and sent a press release out to the media saying they’re expecting. Others might have just waited until the paparazzi caught them shopping for a Louis Vuitton baby stroller (or whatever rich parents-to-be buy). But for the first time they opted to let us in early.

I’m not ashamed to say that I let joyful tweets fly a mile a minute, too. It was great TV!

Did you join in on the fun Sunday night? Better yet, did you even care? Why? Let us know.

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  • negatory

    revealing your pregnancy on an MTV show is the epitome of classless and tacky.

    • Little comment

      I agree, you wh0rey sIut!

    • Drea

      Wow. But you watch MTV awards That’s Funny. I respect your opinion but that is not very nice

      • negatory

        I haven’t watched MTV in 20 years.

    • LOL

      Thankfully I don’t know anyone who cares about this.

    • tasha

      Thank U!!!! Thought I was the only person feeling this way!! That was very classless.

      • Jbisg

        I’ve been through it twice, hun — there’s nothing classy about pregnancy.

    • @negatory

      Shut yor a** up hater! You just mad cuz Piglet Spears got upstaged by Queen Bey!!! Suck it foo!!!!

      • negatory

        dude, you need to read the labels on your meds. I think you’re having mental issues because of bad interactions. I don’t even understand your post. either that or crack has affected your spelling and diction.

    • L

      I felt truly happy for them when I saw it, which was about the only good emotion I felt during the whole show (except Adele’s performance). It felt like it was the only genuine moment all night – a couple’s excitement for their child, which they wanted to share with friends and fans. It felt a whole lot less gimicky than Gaga’s uncomfortable BS and Katy Perry’s outfit…

      • Tarik

        I completely agree with you!

    • flower power

      That poor baby will have two of the biggest narcissists to ever have existed as its parents. And all of you who kneel to celebrities need to get a life.

      • mememe

        what the hell shut ur mouth homo g

    • Niki

      You’re joking right? You have the likes of people like Kim Kardashian getting married, selling it all over the place. Celebs drinking, drugging and acting. And the one private celeb who doesn’t do any of that crap publicly announces she’s preggo because she’s obviously happy about it is tacky and classless??!!!! That’s the most irrational, low slung statement ever. Wow, you’re married and you’re pregnant, announce it in a happy way. What a slut! You people are sick in the head.

  • Seriously

    Many of us don’t. We just keep getting inundated with it.

    • Phil

      110% AGREED. But I wish that there would be some honesty to this reporting about the pregnancy. As a person who keeps her private life out of the press, I find it extremely ironic & sad that Beyonce has truly upped the ante with using ‘sex to sell a product’ (pregnancy being the ultimate hammering home of this point) to promote the album that’s not success. “Love on Top” is now sitting at #6 on the iTunes chart. She exploited her pregnancy to promote an otherwise tepid selling album. Anyone who believes otherwise is just a super fan who refuses to see the bigger picture.

      • Allison

        Or it could be because it was a good song. I haven’t downloaded the song yet, but I probably will because I liked it after it was brought to my attention from her performance…not because she’s pregnant. I don’t really understand your reasoning with this one. They are both public figures and pregnancy is a big thing to announce. Like the article says, I think they just wanted to let their fans in on their good news in a slightly more interesting way than a press release.

      • Flo

        Yeah, I’m sure she got pregnant on purpose to sell out her cd’s !

      • Kelsey

        You seriously think she’s “exploiting” her pregnancy? DF.

      • Phil

        @Flo – Of course she didn’t get pregnant on purpose to sell her cds, but as a very adamant celebrity who not only kept quiet about her relationship with Jay before officially marrying, any entertainment fan has to question the sudden big reveal to the media 2 months into the worst selling cd of her career with no Top 15 hit under her belt. I don’t wanna hear about how happy the couple are when all I see is them taking the opportunity to kinda officially go back on their word that theywouldn’t discuss their private life in the media, thats the story to someone like me…I’d like to know why there was not one comment either during the pre-show or even during the VMAs, not one celebrity bothered to address their friends or family or fans that surely some of them had on the East Coast under the grip of Irene all weekend.

      • tiki

        Beyonce has enough money to be set for life and her husband is paid as well. So whether her album sells or not she does not have to do stunts to sell records, she has sold millions already. Maybe she wanted to be the one to report her news for a change.

      • aliciana

        HATERS need to be quiet because we all know Beyonce is beautiful, she will be a WONDERFUL new mommy. And Jay Z is who she reallyy loves and wants to be with,from 02 till 2011 which is 10 years they have been together, dating for 7 and married for 4 so yea she deserves everything. and i promise that her haters couldnt get on the stage for 24 years in them heels and blow the crowd away lbvvs and even at the vma’s she killed *while pregnant* im sad if this may be her last performance, idk but I LOVE YOU BEYONCE AND IM GLAD YOU AND JAY, KEPT YALL LOVE LIFE ON THE DL. AND THANKS FOR ALWAYS GETTN ME THRU THE ROUGH TIMES *AND EVN THE HAPPY TIMES* I ALWAYS HAD A DREAM OF MEETING YOU BEFORE MY LIFE IS OVER… AND IT STILL IS MY DREAM….
        I LOVE YOU SO MUCH !!!!!

      • Monty

        @aliciana you realize Beyonce isn’t going to read this right?

        So what if it’s a marketing move? It’s not like people aren’t going to notice her suddenly gaining a belly when a model gets blasted on teh internet for gaining 5 lbs.

        As to why this broke a twitter record, the answer is simple. The longer twitter is in existance, the more interconnected it gets. Last year someone may have had 150 followers and 150 following. This year that number could be doubled. More people are seeing more tweets about topics and are therefor reacting to it and more people are seeing the reaction. It’s not rocket science.

      • True Blue

        @ Phil:

        Since she has a visible bump, she’s clearly been pregnant for quite a few months now. If she announced her pregnancy solely as a publicity stunt, you honestly think she would wait until two whole months after her album being released to do it? The fact that she waited until she could no longer hide something so obvious and didn’t allow the tabloids to get a leg up on her shows that she’s still concerned about her privacy and doesn’t wish to be hounded by the press for it. But of course, your blind irrational hatred of her will cause you to cook up a conspiracy theory behind literally every move she makes. You’re an idiot.

      • Phil

        @True Blue – IF your conspiracy theory of her being pregnant for a few months now is true, then she flat out lied when Barbra Walter asked her a few weeks ago when she was on The View about having kids…so that makes her both a liar and a hypocrite…but I’m bitter? Nah, I’m honest and not blown away by a superstar’s celebrity and call a spade a spade. I can’t undcerstand how people like you wanna criticize me while ignoring blatantly obvious truths.

      • PN

        That’s one of the best songs on the album. And she didn’t want to do the hit singles. She wanted to do one of her personal favorite songs on the album. It might make Love on Top do well on the charts to make up for the other singles that stalled in the teens and 20s on the chart.

      • fancypants

        “Phil” RARELY has anything good to say about Beyonce, so it’s best to take his comments on her as what they are: bitter, amusing rants disconnected from reality.

      • JAZZY

        @Phil… those shows are taped sometimes MONTHS in advance. I didn’t see the show.. what did she say? Did she come out and say she was most definitely not pregnant?

    • bored


  • Eric

    Because we know what’s going to happen to that body – not to sound like a douche.

    • Allison

      Well you do sound like a douche! Good job!

      • Lupita

        …back again, the ltilte button took me to Eve by Anna Carey. Just thought I'd let ya know ;)

    • Marieve

      We’re shcekod and saddened to hear of your loss, and we send our deepest condolences. Om Mani Padme Hum

  • Manny

    Twitter is for twits.

    • PW


      • blackmenns

        well Beyonce all ways going to be that eye.she dont have to use nothing to get a head in live.Beyonce”s work dame hard to get were she at,in anything she douse.and she don”t need no men to do anything for her.and if you new her,you would know she didnt wont to have a child yet. JAY-Z wanted for Beyonce”s to get pregnancit its its must be a good del for her.its the new being of her live and why yall hater out talken nave is off.and Beyonc”s and Jay-z MAY GOOD BLESS YOU IN EVERY WAY POSSIBLE LOVE FAN.

  • PDT

    Eh, it was a cool moment for them. Much better than the usual inane shenanigans that go down at the VMAs. I didn’t tweet or Facebook about it (gimme a break), but I can see why people did. And it beat the bin Laden stuff because that news broke much later in the evening…people were in bed.

    • Anda

      I remember watching the Bin Laden news and teh anchors kept saying how people will never forget where they were when they heard Bin Laden had been killed…I was watching the Celebrity Apprentice. Pure class.

      • Jenn

        Don’t feel bad, my story is much worse. I was watching the Real Housewives of Orange County. I didn’t even realize it had happened until Andy Cohen came on after the show ended.

  • Necro

    Could care less.

    • Mike

      Ladies and gentlemen, the person that cares the most about this topic in all the land!! “COULDN’T” !!!!!!!

      • @Mike

        Relax. It’s a mistake, a very common one. Don’t lose sleep over it.

      • Mike

        Ohhh I get it, because of all of the exclamation points, you think I’m distraught? No, just driving the point home. It’s a very common mistake, and one I am happy to keep promoting until the world is rid of it! :-)

      • Mike

        Don’t even get me started on Your/You’re. Ross Gellar taught us all the very valuable lesson on keeping that straight!

      • @@Mike

        It’s still wrong.

      • Rio

        @Necro – I think you mean you “couldn’t” care less.

        @ Mike – the “your” and “you’re” mix up is even more disturbing. I know engineers who continue to make that mistake.

  • Stephanie

    I’m actually glad it broke the Bin Laden record. Better to tweet about life then death.

    • fancypants

      that’s a nice way of looking at things.

    • Abiram

      Alison,What a leolvy post. Thank you for reminding me to be grateful for things big and small.–Mary Cronin

  • Phil

    With the way EW has written up posts on beyonce this summer, you’d think the album has sold 100 million copies, cured cancer AND she gave birth to quintuplets live on stage Sunday night with Kanye as the midwife. I dont hate her, but you guys have made it impossible not to these last few months….but I guess I can look forward to her finally taking that time out of the spotlight when she blows up and raises her kid.

    • Gloria Estefan

      HI J.Lo! Are you mad because you didn’t come up with the idea first, or beacuse your album bombed in its first week?Keep on sucking William Levy’s c*** you c***

      • Phil

        So sad that you’d use such a classy star’s name as your handle. I’ve been a longtime poster here for years, and I always speak my mind and do it without using profanity. You could learn a thing or two.

    • True Blue

      You’re obviously very bitter about her success. How sad of you.

  • Cindy

    Some idiot actually made a twitter account for Beyonce baby.

  • candace

    damn, who edited this? mad errors! otherwise, decent read.

  • Nathan

    I’m going to go ahead and say it. It was such big news because we all assumed Jay-Z was genuinely gay and the two of them had a sham of a marriage. A theory based upon their complete lack of PDA.

    • Mike

      Not that I agree with any of that, but how would this prove otherwise? lol

      • Nathan

        Because people that aren’t romantically interested in each other don’t normally have kids…

      • Mike

        LOL…Getting past that naive statement and disregarding how many children of the world are accidentally produced, my point was that what the public is shown and what is reality could be 2 different things. If you want to have this conspiracy theory that H to the Izzo is an H to the Omo, then Beyonce could be bearing the child of someone else and the public are just being told that it’s J-man’s. Now, I never really heard that theory and find it completely absurd. But, I still don’t see how what was shown at the VMAs would dismiss the rumors.

      • Mike

        Now if the baby is born and immediately brushes some dirt off of his/her shoulder, then we’ll definitely know who the daddy is!

      • Nathan

        I’d be more concerned with the state of Beyonce’s punani in that case, lol.

  • Beth

    Maybe people were just getting sick of Irene.

  • Vince

    Mostly because it was happening live. MTV hyped up the VMA’s so much this year.

  • rjh

    I don’t think she could hide her pregnancy for much longer- she announced on her own terms. I respect her for that besides she’s not a Kardashian!!

    • Celine Dion

      Exactly! it’s refreshing to see someone with talent get attention nowadays.

  • Nonentity

    The best thing about Beyonce’s baby is that it will have a chance NOT to follow in its parents’ footsteps and be co-opted by marketers and shoved into people’s faces.

    • Gloria Estefan

      But see, Beyonce & Jay-Z are REAL superstars with actual talent. They have worked hard to get to this point in their careers. Besides, I would much rather have them shoved in my face than the walking STD’s Snooki and Kim Kardashian.

      • Niki

        @Gloria-These idiots are probably fans of Snooki and Kim. Talking crap about a pregnant woman they don’t know. Wow, such class these commenters have. It’s easy to hide and be a moron then be happy for someone.

      • Leticia

        I have this discussion all of the time with one of my good fdniers, and we talk about all of the ways we think babies would change our lives, our careers, us, and a lot of times we are like No, no no and my BFF is all Yes, yes, Yes because she wants godbabies! LOL! I picture you popping out some little artists He he!Checking out this article now!

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