Lady Gaga got so into Jo Calderone that she wore a fake penis at the VMAs


Image Credit: MTV/PictureGroup

Though her performance may have been confusing and long-winded (not to mention not entirely original), you have to give Lady Gaga credit for her show-length turn as alter-ego Jo Calderone during Sunday night’s MTV Video Music Awards. As many people pointed out, it was probably the longest she has ever kept the same outfit on, and she managed to keep up the attitude throughout the show (though her Karate Kid accent was sort of all over the place). The whole thing even earned the approval of LGBT advocates.

Most of all, she definitely inhabited the male-ness of her persona. In fact, according to a scoop from the fine folks at Us, she was so method that she actually wore a prosthetic penis underneath her pants. She did do an awful lot of crotch grabbing over the course of the show, and apparently she actually had something to hold onto (though to be fair, her hand drifts towards her groin even when she’s in lady mode).

Gaga has always played around with gender, and this is hardly the first time she has been thought to have something swinging between her legs. Remember all those rumors about her being a hermaphrodite? And she famously donned some very visible strap-on junk for a photo shoot for Q magazine in Britain. So while the two-and-a-half hour shape-shift into Jo Calderone was new and bold, it wasn’t the first time she has packed a little extra heat.

Does the prosthetic penis change the way you thought about the Jo Calderone character? And, more importantly, what’s next for Lady Gaga? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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  • Regina

    No pun intended since we are discussing a penis, but I bet EW wet its britches when they read this. This woman…thing could bend over and f art and this magazine would post 100 blogs about it. The only thing I can’t figure out is why you haven’t yet put her on the cover…not quite as good as Twilight and Glee?

    • ryuuchan


      • Queen of Copycat

        Gaga is the biggest fraud …..and copycat, too! She copies Annie Lennox 84 Grammy performance. Sad era for America and music industry.

      • xmonster

        I’m SOO OVER THIS B S! ! !

      • The Donkey Named GaGa

        Gaga & her the donkey stick news? Whats new..

      • Aunt Jemima

        What a BORING intro…snore..fitting for a BORING copycat. You can see by the looks on people’s face that they think she is an idiot. The song SUCKS too.Gaga’s performance was over long, dated and embarrassingly bad.

      • The Edge of Coffin

        I believe the general consensus is that the performance was a ….flop and idiotic!

      • GaGGag

        She’s getting boooooooringgggggggggggggggggggggg!

      • R I P Lady Unoriginal Freak

        So over this.

        LGG has no artistic merit..just like her dress and many of her songs. This childlike ploys and hype are getting mundane, lackluster & absolute sad case of bla bla bla hunger for popularity and ratings.

      • jhghghfdg

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      • LoL

        Loving the obvious one person posting hate about Gaga in a bunch of different thread names above.

      • kalo

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      • wtheck

        I HOPE THE GRAMMies 2011 GOES TO….ADELE!

      • Rob

        Adele should have gotten an award. I don’t even own any of these winners albums.

      • AdeleIsFat

        Adele is a talentless dumb fat peice of meat that only knows how to copy other soul singing artist.

      • Make Her Retire

        …Thats why she sucks !

      • NonEntity

        Gagoo fans are convinced of any lie that comes out of their hero’s mouth such as, “SHE LOVES ME.” No, she loves your money, will not hang out with you, doesn’t know who you are, and doesn’t care. Sadly, you care more about a simulation you don’t know than the suffering people you don’t know.

      • The Truth

        Gaga introduced Joe Calderone, a male alter-ego. Like most of Gaga’s other stunts, most people have absolutely no idea why Gaga did what she did. Why was she dressed as an Italian dude to sing a country-rock song? What’s the point?

        Like most of Gaga’s other stunts, the occult meaning of this whole charade can be found in the music video.

        While the video could be the subject of an entire article, I can sum it up in a few words: mind control. More specifically, it is about Monarch programming and the creation of alter-egos through the use of trauma-inducing techniques. In the video, Gaga is shown bound and tortured by a cruel handler who subjects her to the most common methods of mind control: Electroshock therapy, sexual abuse, the injection of drugs and physical torture.

        Yes, all of these things were portrayed in a video, along with the presence the several alter-egos created by the process. (If you have no idea what I am talking about, I suggest you read the article entitled Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control).

        So Lady Gaga, who is already an alter-persona of Stefanie Germanotta (the real person) has another level of alter-ego that is pretty much the exact opposite of Lady Gaga: Male, dressed in drab clothes, not glamorous, not famous, etc. In Calderone’s long speech at the beginning of the VMAs, Calderone says that Gaga left him and that he wants to be reunited with her.

        In occult terms, the union of opposites is called the “Alchemical Wedding” and is often represented by the figure of Baphomet – an androgynous, goat-headed deity. The title Yoü And I represents the union of the two opposite personas, Gaga and Joe Calderone, and, since they are basically same person, this ultimately creates an androgynous entity, not unlike Baphomet. In Kabbalistic lore, androgyny is perceived as the highest level of occult achievement and the concept of duality is strongly instilled in mind control victims. In other words, the presence of Joe Calderone at the VMAs is a big tribute to mind control. Good way to start a show. But Gaga did not stop there.

        She committed to her persona and played the role of Calderone during the entire show.

    • Strepsi

      @ EW – yes, why has she never made the cover?

      Also EW: I realize you always ask a question at the end of a Blog to prompt comments, but this one: “Does the prosthetic penis change the way you thought about the Jo Calderone character? ” really? really???

      • Emma UK

        Gaga is disgusting!

    • xmonster

      I really thought this lady was for reals.. oh well

      • Amelia

        Who was the big loser at the VMAs?


      • Mimi4Ever

        So do all the Gaga fans, unfortunately!

      • Fed Up With Mess

        Her stupid antics completely overshadow her music. I can’t listen to anything she puts out anymore because she has become a caricature of herself. She went from being offbeat and edgy to just plain ridiculous. Seems to me Gago suffers from Disassociative Identity Disorder. She’s beyond weird.

      • LoL

        And again, one person, in the 11 o’clock hour posting a bunch of hate about Gaga. This person needs serious mental help.

      • Rob


        Your whining about an 11pm post???? 3:12 AM??? Having fun in your parents basement?

      • Rob

        Wait, nvrmind I see what your saying.

      • Beyoncilious

        Gaga fans are worse than Justin Bieber fans and delusional, too!

    • whatever


      • She Sucks

        God I hope so. She’s annoying to the max! Zzzzz..

    • I AM SO DONE

      Ladie Gag-gag is one P I S S POOR excuse for music.

    • darrin

      greatest. reply. ever.

      • Godney Spears

        yea…she is pathetic and sad case! Agree with haterz.

    • asdf

      Let’s face it. EW only ran this article as an excuse to use the word “penis” in the headline.

    • Alan

      One more borrowed fake thing to go along with the rest of her entirely borrowed and fake career.




  • Jason

    What do you expect? Normal? I hate when people get so shocked EVERY SINGLE TIME Gaga shows up somewhere and is dressed differently. Sure, it’s a little more odd than usual, but it doesn’t bother me. I’m a Gaga fan.

    • xmonster

      too many gimmicks..

      • JenatahXoXo

        Entertainment in general is a gimmick, accept it or get over it.

      • Tom

        not all performers rely on gimmicks.. you are a complete moron

      • JenatahXoXo

        Yes all performers rely on tricks, innovation, or something intended to attract attention. That’s the whole point to entertainment. Why don’t you go look up the definition before calling others morons? Now allow me to call you EXACTLY what you are and I just proved it, ignorance.

      • Jason

        Do you always jump to extremes, Tom? Do you even know what ‘complete’ means? You are the moron here.

      • xmonster

        not all performers rely of gimmicks.. some are just very talented people who have a natural charisma.. The rest are fakes, liers and bs artists

      • xmonster

        @Jason go suck a bag of __s you loser

      • Over Her

        Too many substance as usual. Just hype.

      • RuPaul

        Gagas “artistic vision * seems to be researching and copy other entertainers.

      • CopyCat

        Love how everyone is so quick to say how Gaga copies other entertainers without actually being specific. Madonna? The Fame (Monster) & Born This Way sounds nothing like what Madonna has produced. Annie Lennox? Wasn’t the first to drag, sorry. No artist is 100% original, if your expecting Gaga to be, your might aswell ask for pink unicorns & world peace.

      • LoL

        Ah xmonster all over this thread, he must be that one person posting under a bunch of different names plaguing this article. Get some help dude. Your obsession with Lady Gaga is amazing….

      • Rob


        99.9% of the world heard Express Yourself when Born This Way came out. I remember being in a store listening to the music they had on and sure enough, after playing BTW every hour (The station even said that) the DJ even said it reminded him of EY. The scandal got so big that Jay Leno even asked Momma herself about it. So please don’t give anyone with half a brain any #$%#$# that you DID NOT hear EY on that track. Yeah, Annie Lennox wasn’t the first person to do drag dumba$$ but put the pics side by side and what do you know…a likeness you can’t ignore. Please keep defending your idol with such idiotic evidence to the contrary. I thought Gaga was a fraud the moment the world seemed to kiss her kermits but it’s so much fun to watch her self-destruct and the gall of her monsters to truly define the true meaning of ‘monster’. You deserve each other!

      • Rob

        But yeah the Album “Born This Way” sounds like none of Madonna’s Albums.

      • Rob

        And I’m an idiot, just because one person looks like another person doesn’t mean they copy each other. So I guess your right copycat, just because Lady Gaga’s drag looks similar to Annie, doesn’t mean Lady Gaga is drag copying. I get it now.

      • seriously

        I dont buy her ‘art’!

        Not going to upload her ‘Suck This Way’ album ..not even for $0.50 cents!

      • Jason

        Yes, god forbid I have an opinion. Yes, I’m a fan. So what? I’m not saying you have to be or even like her.

    • SaraS

      Why do you believe everything you read? Oh yes, US Magazine reported it, so it must be true. *rolls eyes*
      I doubt she even did that.

    • Dean Sawyer

      Gladiator Helmet Face= Lady GaGa

      • Ex-Fan

        Gaga who goes out of her way to court controversy and seek attention. Sadly, that was the worst opening to a show in a VERY long time!

      • Ex-Fan

        Gaga who goes out of her way to have fun and put on a show. Sadly I’m just taking things way to seriously. Her performance is the highlight, it’s the only thing people are still talking about now.

    • Fact

      I hope the music industry see’s this and stops promoting her. This is absolutely the nail in the coffin. Sad era for American music industry.

      • Atella

        Maybe in YOUR coffin.

        I think this is a great era in the music industry. Because of Gaga, other artists are feeling more comfortable expressing their true selves on stage.

        Just let people be who they are and stop trying to control things you can’t. Don’t like it? Ignore it and move on. Find something better to do with your life.

      • Fact

        She’ll go down in the entertainment books as “unoriginal”

        Grow some brains, Monsters!

      • Atella

        There isn’t a single artist out there that has done something that has “never been done before.”

        Grow some brains? Real mature.
        Just because someone likes something you don’t understand, doesn’t make them stupid. Grow up.

      • Yawn Yawn Yawn

        Since when Gaga is an….. artist? More like a big Xerox machine powered by cheap and lame artistic expression ie GARBAGE!

        artist….???? ROFL!

      • Yawn Yawn Yawn

        Well after seeing her perform on Youtube, able to play the piano, singing live sounding just as good as what’s on her CDs. I take back what I said. She is an artist in every sense of the word.

      • Gassy Ga Ga

        Don’t mix up artist with fartist

      • NonEntity

        Since the music industry only cares about making a profit for the already rich, the last thing they will hype is an artist with free will. Gagloo gets attention because of her ability to completely bypass her musical knowledge and use generic producers to create boring music for boring people to grind to. Gla Glue is not the whole person, but a tiny sliver of an illusion created by marketing.

      • JoJo

        ….shamelessly a copycat Fartist. LOL

  • Jackie Channing

    Repulsive. She is so desperate for attention. Obviously some people have no self-respect.
    How are we supposed to get this disgusting image out of our heads now?

    • amber


    • Samantha

      Um, how about by not looking at her or reading about her? Do you know how to do that? It really isn’t hard. Get over yourself!

    • Atella

      And obviously some people don’t know how to just live and let live.

      • Judge Judy

        I have never thought of Gaga as an artist, but an act…circus act for the working class and kids with IQs below 75!!!

      • Atella

        Yes, lets bag on the fans. That’s mature and intelligent.
        Again, live and let live. Don’t like it? Don’t read about it.

      • PittBull

        Keep preaching sis, hopefully someday you will be wiser & mature just like ………Justin Bieber’s fans!

      • NonEntity

        Yes, let us call out “intelligent” people who throw out their intelligence as soon as a Laddy Goo Glap song comes on! They are the sort of people who think that their contribution to disposable culture will not affect the real culture. Only problem is, they pass on their stupidity to their children along with brands like Manny Glad Goo like a rigid set of manners. Thanks for making American music fans look like idiots!

  • sk8ter girl

    i think they should just bak off cuz lady gaga is a monster

    • xmonster

      I’m over it.

      • JenatahXoXo

        ^ And yet here you are. That’s not being very “over it”.

  • Woot

    Wait they got this from US? Isn’t that one of the “fake” magazines?

  • LOL

    Marcus Bachmann is turned on by Jo Calderone.

    • DRG

      Once again LOL speaks the truth!

      • @DRG

        ANd once again DRG is posting in another article about the person he hates most. Why don’t you tell us all how you really feel?

    • Jesse


      Did you visit his clinic?

  • Vicki H

    Andy Kaufman did it better and first.

    • play@see

      IF Andy did it better he wouldn’t have become a nonfactor.

  • Nathan

    Yeah sure, a “fake” penis.

    • Tommy

      Why didn’t she just use her actual penis?

      • Close Coffin

        cow penis..that popped out between her meat dress. Classy eh?

  • Packy

    Lady Garbage has NEVER done an original thing. Ever.

    • m&m

      Every artist in history has NEVER done an original thing. Ever.

      • Samuel

        @m&m umm… I hope you are exaggerating, as that statement is quite impossible.

      • xmonster

        shut up candyman.. go back to your cartoon

      • LoL

        I said it below but I’ll say it again. Every artist takes something that has already been done and reinnovates it. So m&m’s statement is spot on. And xmonster you telling people to shut up is laughable. This is a article about Gaga, your the one here because your hate her. Once you get over your obsession you won’t have to be here, then guess what? Everthing you disagree with will just “magically” go away! Cool isn’t it?

      • josh

        damn… lol just f*cking owned xmonster

    • Danger

      You’re clearly very ignorant if you think ANYONE is original. We are in the 21st century (just an update), chances are, SOMEONE’S done it before. And if you haven’t seen it, the person who you dub as “original” got it from somewhere else. ALL ideas derive from inspiration. ALLLLLL IDEAS! Why don’t you take several seats along with that silly comment about GaGa not being original. NO1 IS ORIGINAL! When will people get it through their thick skulls?! When?!

    • Queen of Copycat Fraud

      Lady GaGa..worst opening show of VMA ..ever!

      • Queen of Copycat Fraud

        Bah I meant Madonna not Lady GaGa..

      • You & Xerox machine

        Oh , Born This Way,,,very original. Like an Iphone made in Taiwan?


    • The Fame Donkey

      I have never spent money on he nor will I

    • Nick j. Goossen

      uhm.. VMA 2008, 2009? meat dress? fake dying on stage? has anyone done that? do you really think gaga said hey im going to go as a man just like the grammys 1984 cause you know people remember that really well? *sarcasm*

    • Talldude2010

      WOW, people are being ridiculous on here… I really do think most of y’all are jealous of Lady Gaga. She has fame, you have nothing…She made her dreams come true.. and you, your sitting on the computer writing offensive about her, or something she did.. Even if someone else did this back whenever.. It’s called Inspiration folks! I guarantee a lot of things in the world has been done before.. for instance The whole Madonna wedding dress/ Brittney wedding dress .. see, inspiration. And plus.. GAGA (JO) ROCKED THE STAGE AT THE VMAS BABY!!! PAWS UP LITTLE MONSTERS!!!

      • LoL

        Don’t get choked up about it. Most of the garbaged posted here is one or two people spamming a bunch of negative comments with different names.

      • Rob


        Talk about a monster troll. Instead of following Momma like the pied piper please go back to school and learn something about what isn’t a word…Garbaged?? reinnovates???? Yeah, Gaga may be on top (for now) but it’s your stupidity that put her there.

      • Rob

        You see in order to get on top of anything you have to be stupid. Right? Wait, I’m not making much sense, I’ll shut up now.

      • Woot

        I agree Rob, you are very stupid.

  • Paul

    Who cares, the whole bit was stupid anyway.

    • xmonster

      no kidding

      • xmonster

        Paul quit calling me stupid.

  • ever

    Amazing performance ,I love Gaga n Jo calderón ,people that don’t like Gaga will probably never understand her acts but obviously they still search her info ,she loves theater n lil monsters know that n we love her for who she is n don’t want her to change

    • candacetx

      people that don’t like LGG completely understand her acts.. it’s just that we liked them better when the original artists did it….

      • Jason

        Chris Brown wasn’t the first to do a few little loop-de-loops in the air during a performance but nobody said anything about him not being “original.” In fact Pink did it a few years ago and even then Im sure she wasn’t the first or “original.” That doesn’t diminish her talent or performance because it was spectacular.

        The whole “been there, done that” excuse is so lame and cliche, try better next time.

      • LoL

        People only pick on Gaga because she is one of the top. There is no artist in history that is 100% original. Every single artist takes something for something that has been done before and reinnovates it. Gaga is doing exactly what she needs to do to stay relative. And it’s working.

      • Rob


        Yeah, in order to stay relative one needs to wear a fake penis. Your rationale makes my brain bleed.

      • Rob

        I wish I had a fake penis. I don’t even have a real one! *sadface*

    • m

      she isn’t a great singer

      she has people choreograph her dances

      write her songs

      choose her outfits

      she is a completely manufactured entertainer designed to get stupid people like you to spend money

      • tracksone

        ^ this person needs to learn how to use google and do some research.

      • Mike

        Ahaah you people crack me up u are all cleary very uneducated you just like to judge if u knew anything you’d know that she writes composes and co produce all her music she is a classically trained pianist she is original whether you agree or not who in history wore a meat dress? Wore razor blade glasses all her stuff is of the runway or stuff she sketches and sends to designers and you obviously don’t know what originality she didn’t copy Annie lennox I guess cause she wore a suit means it’s copying get real it’s funny she controls her career lik an artist should do you reasearch if you wanna see an unoriginal manufactured industry puppet look at nicki minaj

      • Avi

        I agree. You need to reeducate yourself about her. Obviously, you are not a fan of her music and talent, so why waste your time targeting Gaga when they are more important things to discuss about in the world.Fyi she has a stylist named Nicola Formichetti who helps in stylizing her clothes, and she collaborates with the ideas and inspiration to her fashion.

      • Rob


        If there are so many more important things to discuss in the world, why the #$#! do you even know the name of her stylist?????????? Shouldn’t you be interning at the UN? Even better, which one of her stylists picked out that penis? Talk about having a great job! You’ve missed your calling Avi.

      • Rob

        Just ignore me, I can’t seem to ever put a good arguement. So I just talk and hate on others that do. I seem to only care more about what other people do. So I’m sorry. I realize my mistakes.

      • Allie

        I’m so sick of people just pulling @#$% that isnt true out of their asses. We get it, you hate her. But if you arent willing to actually make sure that what youre saying is true than dont say it. A lot of gagas fans adore her not just cause of her music but because of what she stands for and the message behind what shes saying. I wasn’t a huge fan of her until I saw some of her interviews. Shes a such a genuine person. Just because her style is kind of bizarre and she loves making her performances different and crazy doesnt mean that shes fake. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but making a bunch of statements that there is no truth to and calling people who have opinions other than yours is just crap.

  • B

    Welcome to EW where it is all Gaga all the time.

    Lady Gaga sneezes — read about it here.
    Lady Gaga has a bowel movement — read about it here.
    Lady Gaga takes an afternoon nap — read about it here.

    Enough already.

    • candacetx

      LGG News…we fit it in between Kardashian stories.

      • m&m

        Welcome to Gaga news where haters remain dedicated to Lady Gaga’s cause. Making her more popular one critic at a time.

      • Rob


        Gaga makes it so easy to be a supposed hater. Actually, anyone with an ounce of brain cells can see what a fraud Gaga is. I mean, shouldn’t we be calling her Sybil now? Stephanie has morphed herself into 2 personalities…Gaga and now faked penised Jo. Gaga herself is her own worst enemy and you monsters are far worse than those pesky tea baggers.

      • Rob

        Because being a hater is easy. Again takes no brain cells to call names, make up stupid crap about anyone including Gaga. That’s why I’m a hater here hating. Because I have hardly no brain cells.

      • Allie

        Rob you cant even spell her name right. You spend hours on here so you obviously have the time to look something like that up. What makes her a fraud? Because she dressed drag?? Its a performance. Annie Lennox dressed drag in a performance too are you calling her fake?

      • NonEntity

        Since Gagag can’t even put together an entire album or conceive of an entire costume herself, the way she is praised as some unique individual is hilariously exaggerated. It’s as if people are astonished if some nobody with an army of publicity, hype, and generic music rockets to fame. Heshe’s “art” is a scam and a black mark on the world’s cultural landscape.

      • You & Hype

        Adele reached no1…Gaga is on the verge out of Top 10.

        Nice try…nice argument!

  • LOL

    America loves crap.

    • Aaron

      …yeah, that and psychotic freakazoids wearing fake penises? OY. She is such an exhausting nightmare that won’t die.

      • redwhiteblue

        Then the rest of the world must be flies, as just about every single country clings to and depends on America for just about everything culturally and innovation.

      • xmonster

        but when it pretends to be a man that makes it entertaining.. boring!

      • xmonster

        I’m so bored the only thing I know how to do is sit and hate on how boring others are. Aint I smartz!

    • Jason

      Shut up you frenchie.

      • xmonster

        You shut up Jason. You have nothing to add to this you juvenile idiot.

  • minx

    another self indulgent, high school theater camp, badly executed, cringe worthy ‘performance’.

    • bran

      Another talked (*looks around, see?*) about performance where Gaga dominated the show and aftermath. Another fun, care-free, entertaining, audienced loved show put on by the worlds top music performer, and the result (people talking about her) successful and not suprising as she continues to reign.

      • Jesse


        From my vantage point, Gaga is being made fun of…even more so now. A fake penis? And here I thought only Robert Deniro took his acting seriously. Audienced loved show??? By whom? The audience inside were full of celebs who were transfixed by the train wreck they were watching, that being Gaga morphing into yet another persona, Jo. The audience viewing at home were probably salivating to get to whatever x-rated store they can find so they can get their very own fake penis. Just like vessels, meat dresses, kermits, hay, skyscraper high shoes etc, we can now add fake penis’ to the list. What did the world truly do without her?

      • Rob

        Actually if you think Gaga is being made fun or moreso even now you must have missed the whole “she has a penis”, “she’s ugly” & “transgender” thing.

      • Jesse

        Ops, i mean to use my Jesse name when I replied as Rob. So ignore that, it’s actually Jesse (me) who said it and not Rob.

    • LoL @ minx

      Yeah that’s why her “bad” performance made “You And I” go up in popularity and sells around the world. Lol at the idiot minx.

      • Rob

        You & I needed all the help it can get. After copycat BTW, all the singles from the CD of the Decade (Momma’s own words) have pretty much tanked. Who knew it would take becoming a second persona (Gaga/Jo) for You & I to gain any traction. Talk about dedication to the cause…a fake penis. Of course, all of her monsters sucked it up.

      • Rob

        Wait, I just actually did some research Born This Way has sold more than 6 million albums already world wide. And both Edge of Glory and You And I are doing better than 95% of the average singles that make it into the top 100. I dunno what I’m saying anymore! GAH!

      • I whOppsss

        they all will be remembered as… Monsters aka Donkeys!

  • JudasGaGa

    Oh she’s just perfect

    • One Dying Monster

      Brand Theft Gaga: Meteoric Fame, Done the Madonna Way

      Exactly that!

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