'Moves Like Jagger' hits number one on Billboard, continues tradition of singles you can only get on deluxe albums


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Adam Levine don’t need no stinkin’ MTV to score a chart-topping hit.

When “Moves Like Jagger,” Maroon 5’s collaboration with Christina Aguilera, surfaced a few weeks ago, it seemed like the perfect way to capitalize on the success of The Voice, bringing together two of the hit singing competition’s coaches and giving them a sharp groove produced by Shellback (Britney Spears’ “If U Seek Amy”) and Benny Blanco (Katy Perry’s “California Gurls”).

The combination paid off: After four weeks on the chart, “Moves Like Jagger” has ascended to the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100. The single has also provided a boost for Hands All Over, the under-performing Maroon album that dropped last year but has been reissued with a handful of extra tracks (including “Moves Like Jagger”). After falling into the lower echelons of the album chart, it’s back up in the top 30 this week and promises to continue climbing on the back of the chart-topper.

“Moves Like Jagger” is part of an interesting trend of late-blooming singles that have breathed new life into dormant albums. Though she didn’t necessarily need the boost,  Beyoncé tapped Lady Gaga to augment the I Am … Sasha Fierce track “Video Phone” for the release of the deluxe edition of that album, which gave it an extra few months (and also that awesome video).

And remember when Shakira scored a hit with “Hips Don’t Lie” and you had to buy the rerelease of Oral Fixation Vol. 2—because the song wasn’t immediately available as a standalone single—to get it? That was a true comeback; that album ended up going nearly double platinum after “Hips Don’t Lie” became a runaway smash.

Album buyers may cry foul because they invested in the album in the beginning and don’t get automatic access to a hit, but it’s a pretty good gamble for bands looking to keep the heat on albums that otherwise might be fading.

Can you think of other instances where this occurred? Does it seem like fair play to you? Sound off in the comments below!

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  • UGH

    Adam Levine: The return of the poseur singer.

    • Lily GaGa

      Floptina Aguilera..she wont last long!

      • Legendtina Forever

        Oh puhleezzeeee ..Gaga insulting music industry in America by agreeing to sell her album for 99cents.
        Now go and listen to Madonna’s Express Yourself V.2 called…… Copycat This Way !!!!

        *close coffin*

      • Legendtina

        my friends at school called her Lady Blabla..no substance just hype and noise!

      • Adam no1 fan

        Come on people, mentioning Gaga name in this thread is insulting. Christina is a singer but Gaga is a brand (marketing puppet) the biggest USA has ever produced.
        Huge difference.

      • R I P

        LGG You and ! is flopping on Billboard Hot 100 despite Gaga wearing fake penis at VMA. ha ha ha

      • Sean Maverick

        Aw, poor little monster. You and I is flopping all over the place…

        (plays My Way by Frank Sinatra)..LOL

      • Mike D

        hey @ R I P and Sean Maverick … so “You and I” is a big flop? It’s been out two weeks on Billboard … it debuted weak at number 35 on the Hot 100 and moved up to number 16 in one week … no so weak huh … that’s a BIG jump … so blah blah blah to you. Us Lil’ Monsters are laughing with Gaga all the way to the bank.

      • asher

        I wouldn’t call myself a little monster, but thank you Mike D for pointing out the errors with posters calling “You and I” a flop. If anything, it may be on its way to #1.

      • Dirk

        Some of the worst music we have heard in years.

      • RM

        Amazon plopped down nine bucks for every one of the 300,000+ copies of that album it sold at 99 cents to get people signed up for the Cloud service. In any event, that album will probably hit double Platinum in the US. As for the late single, in 2011, you can buy just that one track. You might have heard that people don’t buy whole albums much any more.

      • Ray

        Christina will last longer than Gaga thats for sure because Xtina does not need to resort to attention seeking to get noticed like Gaga did at that stupid VMA;s opening Man-drag performance…. all we need now is an ADELE & CHRISTINA DUET that will send the world into a tail spin & for the better….

      • Sally

        Swagger Jagger was way better than this crap.

      • Jesse

        How is she Floptina just because one album her’s underperformed? If that’s the case Lady Gaga is a flop with her born this way album. Point is don’t come to an article just to insult the people who are in it troll

  • EC

    Never heard this song in my life. And it’s No. 1? Really? Must be getting old….

    • Jane

      I heard this song on The Voice. It seemed silly. So I watched the video and you know what? It still is pretty silly. It’s got a catchy hook, but I won’t be adding it to my iTunes queue.

      • Paul

        Oh NOOOO! I bet Adam and Christina are crying in their pillows right now!

      • Alex

        naw, they’re too busy swimming around in their scrooge mcduck pool of 100 dollar bills to care.

      • Rob

        Lame concept for a song. Really boring, and they pulled the music video after a week for nudity on youtube.com

    • Brit and Christina Fan

      This song is so much better than Gaga’s new insipid and mundane single on iTunes….called You, Tranny and Flop.

      • Sarlita Carleon

        Lady Copycat, I am so over her!

      • MesoSoup

        Isnt she known as Lady Xerox now??

  • Kristen

    Re-issues irritate me. If it’s an artist I like I get the full album the first week out, but then I’m penalized when an awesome song comes out that I can’t get unless I re-purchase the album. Fortunately in this case, I don’t particularly care for Moves Like Jagger.

    • Sally

      but will it blend?

      • Jemegbe

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  • Menchy

    I think (but am not sure) that Super Bass was a Deluxe Version only track. At the very least, it was definitely not meant to be a single until the fans demanded it.

    • LauraT

      Yeah, I got screwed over when I bought a copy for Pink Friday for $7.50 because I wanted “Super Bass” … only to find it wasn’t on the album. But the video doesn’t list “Deluxe edition” in the description! Pooh.

      • Vane

        Tom, I haven’t visited your blog for a while and rultohghoy enjoyed the visit. Thought I would take this opportunity to let you know that I think you are a roll model Rotarian and community leader. What a blessing to call you friend! Mary Beth

    • Mike

      I think the difference is thought that it wasn’t a “reissue,” meaning the Deluxe Edition with “Super Bass” was always available alongside the Standard Edition. Misleading, yes, but not the same as a reissue that came out months and months later.

      • Phil

        No in the case of “Super Bass” the deluxe edition of “Pink Friday” was available digitally on iTunes, and you had to purchase the full album to get it, and the ONLY bix bog retailer to carry the deluxe physical disc of “PinK Friday’ including “Super Bass” was Best Buy.

    • PN

      I remembered hearing Super Bass on the Deluxe Edition when it came out on Nov 23rd last year. Never would have thought that it would be a hit! Best Buy sold it. I thought it wasn’t on the album; maybe a one time only song that didn’t make the final album listing. I like it a lot more than I did last November! Fun record and I like her humor in the lyrics of the song!

  • Phil

    Dear Kyle…get your facts straight ! there were no extra tracks on a re-issue of “Hands All Over” they simply ADDED the one track to the album, the deluxe iTunes version originally released a year ago contains all of the same songs on this re-issue you have mistakenly described save for the new #1 song! And as an ardent Maroon 5 fan, it pains me that after a lackluster year you, they finally get another #1 and you an incorrect article that has already made a mistaken fan above me (Kristin) express her anger when in fact they did no such thing!
    Sidenote Since its only one new song added to the album, IF you bought “Moves Like Jagger” the $1.29 list price would then be decreased from the overall cost of the Deluxe Album or regualr album, so again, the band did nothing wrong except be the victim of more EW poor writing and unchecked facss!
    Glad “Moves Like Jagger” is #1 but can we also celebrate the fact that besides hip-hop mainstays, Weezy and Minaj, for the first time in a while we have a very diverse Hot 100 top 10 with pop divas, and bands (Foster The People, Gym Class Heroes, And Maroon 5) for the first time in a while??

    • Phil

      *after a lackluster year, they finally get another #1 and you write an incorrect article with no basis in fact. The song was made avilable as a stand alone single for purchase immediately after the debut on The Voice, you didn’t have to shell out for a completely Deluxe Album, that would only be true if “Moves Like Jagger” was an album only purchase. *SIGH*

    • Matt

      What am I missing? How is adding a song to an album not an added track on a re-issued album?

      • Phil

        I am going to try and explain this as simply as I can. As per Kyle’s article is WRONG, THERE ARE NO NEW SONGS ON THE ALBUM. its restripped with the one new tune, which YES< on iTunes you'd have to then pay $1.29 for but since that subtracts from the deluxe price listing of $14.99 THE SAME PRICE AS WHEN IT WAS RELEASED or $7.99 for the standard album, you are paying $1.29 but are still making out if you haven't already purchased the album. The only small demographic here being screwed re the people who still purchase physical discs and are not up to snuff in the digital era of music!
        This article is just another EW bias towards all things Aguilera, and they can't even celebrate in her first #1 since "Lady Marmalade" a decade ago without writing some negative piece like making fans shell out more for a deluxe re-release which I feel is way out of line, esp. in this case.
        Also, if Kyle wants to REALLYT do some research, the "Hips Don't Lie" tune that he also mentions was originally a free download from Verizon or Sprint (I can't recall which company as niether have ever been my phone provider) and thats why when it was finally released digitally it caused a big stir about having to purchase the full album for "Oral Fixation V.2" . I can't stand when people say incorrect things, with piss poor fact checking for a major publication.

      • Matt

        Well, I’m not here to put down Maroon 5 or Christina Aguilera. I love Aguilera, and I think “Moves Like Jagger” is a great song. But to deal with facts, there are two distinctly listed albums with two unique UPC codes. One, 602527434995, released 9/21/2010, does not include “Moves Like Jagger.” The other, 602527805627, released 8/1/2011, has all the same songs with the addition of “Moves Like Jagger.” By definition, that makes that a reissue with an additional track. It might not cost any more, which I think is your main complaint, but the article isn’t making that part of the point.
        And, for the record, the people buying physical discs isn’t a “small demographic.” It’s certainly getting smaller all the time, but according to Nielsen, 2 out of every 3 album purchases (as of mid-2011) are physical CD’s.

  • LOL

    America loves crap.

    • ^

      true dat

    • Legendtina

      …and you are Gaga’s fan, right? Zzzz

      • ^

        False dat

      • Legendtina

        talking to the mirror again dear?

      • jo

        i like christina, maroon 5 AND lady gaga. there is no need to pit them against each other. that’s just stupid and childish.

        the music industry is big enough to accommodate them all.

    • S.O.

      & I actually agree w/ you this time LOL

  • A

    This practice of making a “single” available for purchase only on a full priced album was a big part of what launched downloading and caused the recorded music industry to plunge into the toilet in the first place. I guess some people never learn from their mistakes.

  • fancypants

    I really want to buy and download Jessie J’s “Who You Are (Acoustic version)” NOT the studio album version and Beyonce’s “Schoolin Life” but I can’t buy the former unless I buy the whole album on iTunes and I can’t buy the latter because it’s not on iTunes and so I have to buy the entire delux version of the 4 CD just to get it….so this article speaks to my current frustration. I’m glad Moves Like Jagger is #1. I downloaded it w/ mediafire.

    • Phil

      And I’d have gladly shared my copy of “School’ Life” with you if you didnt make such a vapid accusation of me yesterday.

      • fancypants

        Oh well. Somehow I will manage to continue on.

    • Kral

      I really enjoy nadeirg on this internet site, it has superb blog posts. Don’t put too fine a point to your wit for fear it should get blunted. by Miguel de Cervantes.

  • S.O.

    Speaking of other instances where this occurred….. When Moby released his album “Play” back in ’99, it only had the original South Side w/o Gwen Stefani on it. Then over a year later it was re-released w/ her collaborating on South Side.

  • commentor

    The album is dead. The individual track/single now rules.

    • Jo Calderone’s ex-boyfriend

      How sad. Not every new aspect of technology should mean the total extinction of something else. I personally still buy the whole CD. If I’m in the minority then so be it. I think its a big loss. Now one will ever leave the house.

    • Rob

      creativity in pop music has been dead for years

  • Drew

    Uh is the writer aware that Video Phone was not a hit by any means? It peaked at #65. I dont think that helps the point of this article.

    • Kat

      They have to meet their GaGa quota. She must be mentioned in at least 10 articles a day.

      • The Edge of Coffin

        ..still Lady GagGag new single is lukewarm. Adele is still at #1 on iTunes.

      • Rob


        Excellent point! I think EW will soon morph into GW…being Gaga Weekly. You know it’s bad when its breaking news that Gaga wore a fake penis in her cringe-inducing Jo persona.

  • Matt

    Kyle –
    “After four weeks on the chart, ‘Moves Like Jagger’ has ascended to the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100.”
    Actually, the “4” on the current Billboard Hot 100 chart next to “Moves Like Jagger” indicates that the song was #4 last week, not that it’s been on the chart for 4 weeks. It’s been on the Hot 100 for 10 weeks.
    (I feel like I should get paid for all the editing and fact-checking I do on this site! I should start building a resume around it. :-) )

    • Entertainment Weekly Staff

      If it’s not about ‘Glee’ or Lady Gaga, then incorrect information is aplenty here at Entertainment Weekly.

      • Phil

        For the Win !

      • Matt

        How dare you leave out Twilight!

      • blurb

        stop pushing glee and twilight over and over and over again maybe

      • sody

        @RyanThe principle used is the same. You let ppeole have your recordings for free, in order to make money from other things. Radiohead’s management talks about how the attention from the pay what you want release helped them to play to 60,000 fans in San Francisco where they previously played to 25,000.With a new artist a free mp3 might help you play for 60 ppeole instead of 25. The ideas is that you give away what is free to reproduce, the mp3. While at the same time charging for what is scares. This could be concerts, t-shirts, special birthday versions of a song for the girlfriend or something completely different. This principle is the same for big artist and new artists. The scale is just a bit different I just published a post on how to create a music freemium from scratch

    • Musicfan5

      Thanks for your hard work. It’s pathetic that this type of mistake is routinely tolerated on EW.Com. If Kyle is writing about music for an international audience and does not know how to read the Billboard charts, perhaps he should not be writing columns for EW.

      I doubt copy editors and proof-reading even exist anymore. Jobs are cut to maximize profits so shareholders get their quarterly bump. In the meantime, we’re subjected to inaccurate reporting while allowing too many college communication graduates remain unemployed.

      Build that resume Matt! The board regulars can serve as references!!

      • Matt

        Thanks for the kind words. It’s tough – I understand that mistakes get made when writing an article. It’s just disappointing to see that there’s no copy editing. I understand, too, that it’s a website, not a printed publication, but I feel like because it is a website of a magazine, I expect proofing to be valued here.

  • Raymond

    I think it’s a cynical move by the record labels to goose sales of existing titles, because Billboard has screwed everything up with they way they track sales, and people concern themselves with the business of music to validate their music preferences. Why else would anyone care that Lady Gaga’s CD was discounted when it was released? Or that Katy Perry tied Michael Jackson for some meaningless record? The only concern should be for how this affects the consumer.

    • Rob


      Your post was insane…and not in a good way. A CD has 5 #1 songs and that’s NOT worth crowing about???? Gaga, after months of endless praising her own yet to be released Born This Way CD (calling it the CD of the decade and having ‘THE’ gay anthem on it) had to use Amazon to help move a lot of the units. Now, yes Gaga would have sold a bunch anyway, but I feel cheated that some fans who wouldn’t have paid full price (or at least some semblance of a price) only had to fork over 99 cents. Gaga is marketing herself as the Queen of the Universe in terms of revolutionary music and she conjures up millions of twitter followers. It’s NOT news that this was viewed as a scam but a lot of people? Your right, how something affects the consumer is paramount but kudos or boos come with the territory. That’s why we have awards shows. Sports is rife with records…are they meaningless???? Besides, if the meaningless didn’t occur, EW wouldn’t exist.

      • Well…

        I’m sure if Gaga or her record label could have controlled Amazon and stopped them from offering the album for 99 cents they would have.

  • Irwin

    I didn’t like it on The Voice – and I still don’t!

  • angeljake

    Love the Stones! Moves Like Jagger? Uhh nice disco tune ;)

    • PN

      It DOES sound like a disco song without mentioning it! Has this 1978 feel of disco clashing with today’s electro pop sounds without coming off dated. I’m surprised that Maroon 5 didn’t get Max Martin to produce it; instead he gets Shellback, who’s had hits with Martin and Benny Blanco who’s known for Kesha’s hits and 3OH!3.

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