On the scene at the iHeartRadio Music Festival, day one: Black Eyed Peas, Kelly Clarkson, Alicia Keys, and Jay-Z


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When you think about it, there’s really only one way to kick off a pop music festival: with the gyrating, electro, pulsing sounds of the Black Eyed Peas, of course.

The foursome opened the iHeartRadio Music Festival at the MGM Grand Garden Arena last night with laser lights, a cadre of jailbird-themed backup dancers (in a word: divine), and one of their signature songs, “Boom Boom Pow.”

It’s almost needless to say, but the party-rocking vibe the show’s producers were no doubt hoping for coalesced perfectly, as the crowd spiraled into dancing through songs like “Just Can’t Get Enough,” “Don’t Stop the Party,” “The Time (Dirty Bit),” and the perfect set-ender: “I Gotta Feeling.” (Personally, I was hoping for “Shut Up,” but no one ever seems to be into that song as much as me.)

Of much interest — at least to me — was Fergie’s delightful getup, which included glittery knee-high boots and onesie, and fascinating, gold fingernail/cap things that contributed to her overall drag queen look. She was Vegas to a T! (Then again, she always kind of is.)

The tone was set from the first act: This show was definitely all about the hits, and the 12,000 fans in the audience at the MGM Grand Garden Arena seemed to get just what they wanted. From top to bottom, the show was quite the Vegas production with huge screens flanking the stage, more than one confetti blast (the first one came at the almost-still-daylight time of 8:01 p.m., no joke), and, yes, Ryan Seacrest as host.

He first appeared after the Black Eyed Peas left the stage to introduce the show: “This weekend,” he said, in a trademark way that’s both overly dramatic and overly bombastic, “all roads lead to Vegas.” Well, all roads carrying the biggest pop stars, at least. And it was during this interlude that he announced something that made the crowd go completely wild: Lady Gaga—already confirmed to be performing during the festival—would appear on Saturday night with Sting. In two words: Instant death!

The show steamrolled on, literally: The first set change from the Black Eyed Peas to Kelly Clarkson took only the two minutes that Seacrest was on stage, mostly because there was a revolving stage that allowed Clarkson’s band to be at the ready. (The device helped the whole show stay amazingly on schedule.) That says a lot about the show: It was all about instant gratification. They weren’t messing around with getting the next person on the stage or doling out only (well, mostly) the hits.

Clarkson launched with “Walk Away,” and despite the much-less-elaborate staging (no jailbird backup dancers!), she held her own after the Black Eyed Peas. Next up was my favorite Cutter’s Anonymous (of which I’m the president) song: “Because of You,” which sent me into chilly spirals. That song is deadly in all the right ways, and Kelly sang it with gusto. Then, she brought her new radio offering: “Mr. Know It All,” which was a thrill to hear live finally, but large parts of the crowd (not surprisingly) didn’t seem to be familiar. And her final song, “My Life Would Suck Without You,” capped her set perfectly.

Bruno Mars took the stage next, and served up “The Lazy Song,” “Grenade,” and “Just the Way You Are.” And just like on the VMAs last month, Mars did his tribute to Amy Winehouse, a rousing cover of “Valerie.” The whole performance came together with photos of Winehouse on the screens behind him.

Then came the most robotic, but still driving performance, of the evening: Carrie Underwood. This girl can sing, but with her coming just two sets after Clarkson, it’s easy to see which of the two former Idols has more heart, and it’s not this one. Still, her performances of “Cowboy Casanova,” “Last Name,” and crowd-fave “Before He Cheats” got everyone on their feet. Also: Carrie debuted new bangs last night. The jury is still out on them, but they were the buzz of the crowd during her set.

And then, after setting up this pop-friendly tone, the show started to veer into weird territory: Duo Karmin appeared on stage for a few minutes to do a respectable but huh?-inducing performance of Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass.” And I feel bad for saying this, but I didn’t really get why the next act—Jane’s Addiction—was even doing at the iHeartRadio festival. I’ve never even heard them on the radio before! Maybe because I only listen to Ryan Seacrest in LA? But they just felt so heavy and weird in the line-up, and honestly, they brought the vibe of the show down-down-down, with their metal-leaning songs, of which I can’t name one. I’m sorry, but I’m not going to even try to act like I know what was going on there or bother searching Wikipedia to try to find out the names of their songs. (Sorry!) Much of the pop-loving (and, at this point, sitting) crowd was in agreement with me on this one. Just sayin’.

But everyone got on their feet again for the next band: Coldplay. No one could resist when, after Ryan Seacrest introduced them, the symphonic, like-crack opening of “Viva la Vida” launched. People all around me teared up through the next song: “Fix You.” Chris Martin couldn’t have been sweatier through all of this—he is a wonder to watch live, just really earning every single note. He wins the award for Best Stage Collapse, as he fell to the ground and did a backwards somersault at the end of “Vida.” And while Coldplay’s old hits were exciting, there was lots of energy in the room for their latest single, “Paradise,” which just hit on Sept. 12.

To be perfectly honest, Alicia Keys—who appeared next—brought the up-ness of the show down quite a bit, when she appeared. But that’s mostly the side effect of her catalog and what she performed, including “Try Sleeping With a Broken Heart” and other songs that weren’t as well known. It was a demure set that really only truly moved into high-flying territory when she did a medley that sampled “No One” and “Empire State of Mind,” which everyone was clearly waiting for. And I’m just going to say it: Everyone—including this one right here—was sad that she didn’t pull out “Fallin’.” Keys is no doubt sick of performing that song, her first hit, but this pop-explosion show is exactly the kind of time where you sort of have to do that one.

The taste of “Empire State of Mind” that Alicia doled out came to full-out fruition when Jay-Z, the night’s final act, appeared on stage. It was only a matter of time before you just knew that Keys would slink back on stage (photo above!)—and the crowd was dying for it. Everyone sang along, wholeheartedly, to the lyrics that, somehow, seemed to apply to Vegas in that moment: “bright lights, big city!” J, of course, also doled out a stream of his hits: “Big Pimpin’,” “99 Problems,” “Dirt Off Your Shoulder,” “Izzo (H.O.V.A.),” and several others in what turned out to be the longest—and very possibly best—set of the night.

Readers: Were any of you there? Or listening or watching online or via your X-Box? What’d you think of the show? Tell me in the comments section below, please!

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  • IHR fan

    I agree completely with your comments and review! I am a huge Jay-Z fan, so I thought his set was the best; but dangit all Chris Martin was amazing! Great show… can’t wait for tonight!

    • lisa g.

      Wish I was there!

      • Nick

        i’m so glad I skipped this for something else

    • Robert

      I liked the review except for his nasty comments about Carrie Underwood, who was one of the strongest performers of the night. I am not a big country fan and only knew one of Carrie’s songs, but I have to admit she impressed me last night. I used to think she was stiff in her stage presence, but last night, she owned that stage. I disagree with this review as she was really on fire last night. The crowd loved her and she trended on twitter worldwide, all positive comments.

      • mawmaw

        Aww… the defenders of Carrie Underwood have arrived along with their reinforcements. Why are you guys so aggressive in defending every time a person writes Kelly Clarkson or Taylor Swift is better than Carrie Underwood? And why do you guys invest so much in those artists. It’s not like Carrie or Kelly or Taylor will make you rich or make you smarter or something. I suggest you invest on books or education or businesses or something you’ll actually benefit more than investing so much on buying lots of CDs. Look what happened to Borders, no one even tried to save it because all of you were so obsessed with Hollywood glamor. I’m not saying you shouldn’t support them anymore. I mean music is a vital part of developing the culture and an essential tool in helping a human not to be insane. It’s good when an artist like Kelly or Carrie will sings songs than inspire all of us. But What I’m saying is you should do something more to help you achieve success in your life than wasting time to defend someone who’ll will only pay attention to every five of every 5,000 people. Unless you want to be her assistant or maid or a music star or something. But let’s face it, not everyone will achieve that. In the words of Remy, “Everyone can, it doesn’t mean everyone should.” Instead of wasting your time bashing Kelly or Taylor and defending Carrie, why not read or study to reach your goals in life. But I guess it’s your life, and don’t blame us Asians for being number one and bankrupting your country.

      • Alex

        The Kelly fans are out in full force, trashing Carrie as usual. It is sad how much they hate someone they have never even met. Predictable and boring….and they do not reflect very well on Kelly, who I happen to love.

        Seriously, the Kelly stans trashing Carrie’s hair, legs, outfit, and talent are just showing how threatened they are, or they wouldn’t keep attacking and insulting Carrie.

        Carrie is an incredible vocalist and immensely talented. To even attempt to cut her down, as this EW writer did and the kelly fanatics are doing, just shows bias and utter nonsense.

    • LOL

      Should be called “I Heart Crap.”

      • Lilly

        Carrie Underwood was horrible. Showing off her legs and hair because she cannot sing. She has a twangy and nasally voice. Her songs are embarrassing. Before He Cheats is her only good song. Her bangs blow. She stole those from Taylor Swift.

      • Alleycat

        Carrie ubderwood was phenominal. And the hater attacking her for showing off her legs clearly had no problem with fergies body suit or lady gagas thong? That right there shows your ignorance and hypocricy. Carrie was incredible and one of the best of the night. Her live voice is phenominal and her stage presence vastly improved.

      • Ryan brown

        Dear lilly: for you to be a taylor swift fan yet bash carrie underwood for her vocal skills is laughable and absurd. Taylor swift cannot sing on key to save her life and is the most Over-rated artust of thus generation. Carrue underwood, by contrast, is indisputably one of the best live vocalists in music period. Carrie literally sings circles around tonedeaf taylor swift, who has no range no power and no ability to stay on pitch. All taylors songs sound the same and all are about tween love songs or boys. So annoying. Taylor is about as country as snoop dog but at least snoop is on key. Carrie has a beautiful tone to her voice and is not nasally. For you to attack carries vocal ability is ludicrous especially since your favorite taylor has the range of a smurf.

      • Ryan brown

        Lilly- you and your comments are embarassing. Carrie underwood is a 5 time Grammy winner with over 100 major industry awards and a phenominal voice. Your precious Taylor couldnt buy carries range pitch and tone fof all her millions. Nor is taylor even a country artist. She is pop pretending to be country to use the genre to get famous. Then she calls herself pop overseas and remixes her albums to pop. She is a fraud. Carrie is a great vocalist and genuinely lives country music. If you are going to throw stones at carrie you had better be sure you are not in a glass house- which you clearly are. Taylor will never be the vocalist carrie is.

      • Rosie

        Lilly must be one of those delusional tweens who think taylor swift is a great singer. Lmao. Calling carrie a bad vocalist when you are a taylor fan is the biggest joke i heard all day. Bash on carrie all you want haters buf the girl can sing. She is arguably the best vocalist in music right now.

      • Rosie

        Lillly: pray tell me, how does one show off their hair? Lol. Was carrie supposed to wear a turban and head dress to hide her hair? You are absurd! And where is your bashing of fergie or jlo or gaga for “showing their legs?”. Lol. Are you for real? Carrie is an incredible singer and you sound like a jeslous hater.

      • maceym

        wait wait, carrie fans, I do not see where lilly said Taylor was a better vocalist then carrie. She said Carrie STOLE Taylor’s banges and actually she did, Taylor did that hairstyle (only much better) back at the 2010 AMA’s. Furthermore, all of taylor’s songs DON’T sound the same. One could make that argument with Carrie’s songs sounding the same with wasted, Cowboy casanova, last name, undo it, all trying to get the glory she had from Before he cheats. Taylor is an extremely successful singer SONGWRITER (something carrie is trying to be and failing pretty badly at). When Carrie is able to sellout football stadiums that’ll be the day hell will freeze over. Carrie’s play on tour grossed how much 38 million how about in comparison taylor’s speak now tour will likely top out well over 100 million so before you bash Taylor, just check your facts and also look at her reviews both albums and concerts all far better the Carrie has ever gotten.

  • amanda

    i can not believe you called carrie robotic, she is ten times a better singer than kelly. where the crap is kelly now? Not where in particular, while Carrie is still popular and cranking out the hits.
    Carrie was so much better received than kelly yesterday.

    • Michael

      I was there last night in 5th row– and Carrie had the crowd at their feet– even the hip hop fans loved her! She was really good and her vocals were spot on. Her stage presence and charisma was so strong that she is definitely not the same person this reviewer for EW saw. I think he must not have liked Carrie long before last night, as his review was simply way off. I had 5th row and I feel I am qualified to judge just as much as he is. Carrie was outstanding, and I am not even a country fan.

      Carrie Underwood was really good last night. She has come a long, long way from her shy days on American Idol. I think it is obvious that the guy writing this review is a big fan of Kelly, and never liked Carrie. I love Kelly too– but there was no need to trash Carrie in the process. Her vocals were outstanding, and she got one of the best crowd responses of the night.

      • Lilly

        I thought Carrie sounded horrible. That is the truth. If Carrie was not pretty, should would not be successful.

      • Johnmayerfan

        Lilly you are off your rocker. Carrie has 5 grammys and is one of the best singers out there period. Go back and listen to your tonedeaf taylor cds and tell me about “bad singing”. Lmao

      • Gagalove

        Lily Your definition of “truth” is just your biased opinion and far far from thd “truth.”. Carrie sounded incredible and is my second favorite singer/artist after gaga. Carries performancevif “I know you wont” gave me chills if was so good. Picking on carrie for showing her legs and hair is comical. Must she wear a burkin and full headress? Lol. Is it a sin to show her hair in your deluded mind? Lmao.

      • Iheartgaga

        Lily you are clearly threatened by carries success so you have to trash her for post after post. I happen to love both kelly and carrie and support them
        Both because they are both exceptionally talented vocalists as well as nice people. Plus they are good friends who speak highly if each other. So if bashing carrie makes you feel better go for it. But you are wrong and only making yourself look foolish. I think the grammy voters know alot more about good singing then you do- and they love Carrie. Have a nice day.

    • AK

      Hm, sounds like jealousy…

    • Felix

      Yea.. um. Kelly has the best selling country collaboration in digital history. She topped the country charts for 5 weeks, has one of the most played songs on country radio and is nominated for 2 major awards at the CMAs this year. Not to mention, country isn’t even her main genre and she’s releasing her 5th pop album this year and will remain a better selling world wide superstar than Carrie can ever hope to be.

      Kelly also has a bigger range and stronger chest & head voice than Carrie. Kelly is undeniably the better singer.

      • Alleycat

        Felix– Carrie is a bigger seller then Kelly in the USA, and Kelly is a bigger seller internationally. Big whoop. This is not a contest between Carrie and Kelly. Why are all her fans coming here to trash Carrie? Our beef is with the biased EW writer who clearly does not like Carrie. Carrie has a HUGE range and a very big chest and head voice– so your comments are wrong. It is your opinion that Kelly is the better singer– but that does not make it fact. I love both Kelly and Carrie-but I prefer Carrie’s pretty tone to Kelly’s more gritty tone. However, I love both of them and own all their albums. Trashing Carrie just makes you look bad for the nice Kelly fans out there.

      • Kris

        Felix – You are so right. There is no comparison. Kelly Clarkson is way more talented and sings with way more feeling than Carrie ever will. Carrie is a robot. I totally agree with this article. Carrie sings horribly. I actually despise her voice. It is twangy and nasally. She has to strain to hit notes that Kelly hits with ease. I feel when Kelly sings. Carrie has not emotion and is so fake.

      • Kellycarriefan

        Kris your jealousy and ignorance is really pitiful. Even kelly herself has said many times what a great vocalust carrie is. Carrie is a phenominal artist and singer. And you hate her so much why did you buy her first album? Lmao. If she was as bad as you say you would have never bought her album at all. Lol. It is rabid kelly stans like you that make kelly look bad. Carrie and kelly are friends so she would not appreciate your bs. Kelly even went to carries show in nashville to support her.

    • Mike

      So bizarre, I didn’t know we had to choose a favorite between the 2 best idol winners. I happen to enjoy them both. Am I going to hell now?

      • Kris

        No Mike. I guess this battle will go on forever because they are the most successful. But Kelly is better. Sorry, but it is the truth. She sings with so much emotion it gives chills. She can sing all genres and can hit notes that are not of this earth. She is so much more likeable too. I voted for Kelly and Carrie, but I cannot stand Carrie anymore and only bought her first album. I have all of Kelly’s and will continue to buy them all in the future.

      • Kellycarriefan

        Mike i love both carrie and kelly but the kelly stans here are just rabid haters makung the rest of us look bad. Clearly they ard threatened by carries success but that us absurd as carrie is in a different genre and doesnt even compete with kelly.

  • Alleycat

    Carrie underwood blew the roof off last night! Are you kidding me with this review EW? !! Methinks you confusefmd carrie today with carrie from american idol 6 years ago when she used to be stiff and shy on stage. That girl no longer exists as the new and improved carrie underwood has great stage presence and was on fire last night? In fact carries performance was one of the most well received by the crowd and on twitter all night! If tgat rocking performance was robotic then you clearly must expect nudity and pole dancing on stage to get you up on your feet. Carrie ran all over that stage and owned it. The shy stiff carrie you knew on idol is long gone so i think you need to wipe off your mud colored goggles and take a better look at who and what you are reviewing. Carrie Rocked that stage!

    • Jackie

      Read the review again, crazy Carrie fan — they wrote it was driving, the crowd was on their feet — but her voice isn’t as strong as Kelly’s, and let’s face it, she is robotic.

      • Sarah

        Bull if Kelly is stronger than Carrie. Kelly has lost her voice and Carrie moves just as much as her. And by the way, who is a nobbody right now. Her initials are KC. A NOBODY!

      • Cindy

        LOL @ Sarah. Are you like 2 years old? Seriously..grow up. I’m not sure where you get that Kelly Clarkson is a “nobody”, but, whatev…

      • BT

        LOOL. I would like to see Kelly Clarkson perform “How Great Thou Art” and turn it into a viral performance. But of course, this will never happen because Kelly’s vocals aren’t as good as Carrie’s.

      • Carly

        Kelly fans– you can take your claws back. No one is bashing Kelly here. We are just defending Carrie. I happen to love both ladies so why the hate? Carrie was oustanding last night and she gave it her all. She was all over the stage rocking out. Haters to the left. Kelly was great too- loved them both.

      • Miranda

        Jackie– no need to pull out the cat claws. No one attacked Kelly Clarkson here. The comments are directed at the Review. The only one acting crazy is you for lashing out at Carrie and her fans for no reason.
        Most Carrie fans love Kelly, including me. But I disagree with this review. Carrie and Kelly were both very strong last night. No need to diss or hate on either.

      • Lilly

        @ Sarah, you are a jealous wacko. Kelly is a famous worldwide popstar. Just because she is successful in country the seldom times she does it shouldnt make you feel so threatened for Carrie. Kelly will always remain in pop music. Calm down. BTW – she would own country music if she decided to go that direction.

      • snooky

        I’d love Kelly to sing “How Great Thou Art”, but I don’t think Carrie fans would want her to. Both Kelly and Carrie had sung several of the same songs and Kelly has bested Carrie every single time. I have no doubt Kelly would wipe the floor with Carrie if she ever sang “How Great Tour Art”.

      • Kellycarriefan

        Lily give it a rsst already. Your ignorance and hate makes the rest of us kelly fans look bad.

      • Kellycarr

        Snooky? You are out to lunch so go back to the jersey shore and have another drink. Carrie

      • Roger

        Wow. Snookie, I never thought I would say this…you got that right. Kelly can wipe up the floor with Carrie. There is no competition with talent, vocals, artistry, taking chances with music, and singing with emotion. Kelly will beat out Carrie every time.

    • Theresa

      I listened to the performances on the radio and have to agree. Kelly’s performance had more heart.

      • Bobbi

        Disagree. Carrie has plenty of “heart” and shows tons of emotion live. Her performance was outstanding. She also gives to charity all the time. She is a wonderful person. So is Kelly. Some of you haters are unbelievable. Go support Kelly and leave Carrie alone. She is friends with Kelly anyway, and Kelly went to Carrie’s Nashville show to support her. They both like and respect each other. So your trashing of Carrie is uncalled for.

      • Lilly

        Kelly does sing with way more heart and soul and passion. I love her voice. Her songs give me chills and sometimes makes me cry. Kelly has such a huge heart and it shows in her art.

    • G-Mom

      I don’t get this “Kelly fans retract your claws” bit!! Carrie’s fans are attacking Kelly!! “Kelly is nobody”?? How mean!! Don’t attack Kelly!! Attack the reviewer (who was giving his opinion)!!! Kelly is one of the best singers ever!! Have you heard her sing “O Holy Night”?? Acapella?? Quit the hatein’!!!

      • Iheartgaga

        I hate this fanwar too. I love both carrie and kelly as they both rule. But in all fairness it is mostly kelly fans here trashing Carrie not the other way around. Most carrie fans like kelly.

  • ramon

    You’re credibility as a music writer is completely revoked, “I’ve never even heard them on the radio before! Maybe because I only listen to Ryan Seacrest in LA?” You’re in LA and have never heard them on the radio? pull your head out of your own a$$ and change the channel to something other than watered down club music, er modern pop

    • jessica

      Thank you! How can someone not enjoy Jane’s Addiction just because they’ve never heard them on the radio? Perry Farrell is as energetic as ever on stage, and Jane’s Addicton put on amazing performances, not to mention they are who we have to thank for Lollapalooza.

  • SaraS

    Wow… this sounds like an amazing show. Thanks for the commentary.
    I agree about Chris Martin and Coldplay; I’ve seen them live and they really are electric. How nice that they can bring emotion to even a huge crowd in Vegas.

  • Ben

    “When you think about it, there’s really only one way to kick off a pop music festival: with the gyrating, electro, pulsing sounds of the Black Eyed Peas, of course.”


  • Lennie

    Alicia Keys was her usual shrill, screechy self. Plus she performed a medley. Who is she? Eydie Gorme?

  • Manny

    Would’ve paid to be late for this show – Black Eyed Peas SUCK. They should be playing the parking lot of the Taco Bell down the street.

  • ashleyT

    I used to think Carrie is very robotic as well, but that opinion has changed quite some time ago.

    I must be watching the wrong show then, since I thought Carrie did great on her set. One of the best sets of the night imo.

    Alicia Keys on the other hand, was quite boring.

    • CountryMusicFan

      Agree. Carrie ROCKED last night. Why are all the Kelly stans coming out here to trash Carrie? It is the EW review I have a problem with- not Kelly Clarkson. She is a great artist. But so is Carrie. I think the EW writer is biased and never liked Carrie to begin with.

      Sure- Carrie was shy and stiff on American Idol, though a brilliant singer. But that was 6 years ago. She has come a long way and she can hold her own now with anyone. I think the EW writer formed his opinion of Carrie 6 years ago, and closed his mind to the possibility that she has vastly improved. I seriously think he was watching a different concert altogether last night.

  • pkp

    do the BEPs ever say ‘no’ to anything? anything at all?

  • flicketyflack

    Hm. I actually thought Kelly Clarkson was a little out of breath and a little subdued performance-wise until My Life Would Suck Without You. She was still enjoyable though. Good vocals though not her best. Bruno Mars was great, very smooth, natural charisma. Carrie Underwood impressed with vocals and intensity of stage presence. Coldplay and Jay-Z probably connected the best of anybody but Mars, Underwood, and Clarkson were very good too. Jane’s Addiction seemed like an odd fit but I’m glad they were included. Alicia Keys was OK and the appeal of the Black Eyed Peas as a live act continues to mystify me.

  • ES

    I dont get how u can call ur self a music blogger/reporter and not know who Janes Addiction is. and actually they are played on the radio if u branch out and listen to something other than pop radio. geez. anywho i loved the first night of the festival. they had something for everyone. and i cannot wait for tonites performances.

  • flummox

    Loved Kelly Clarkson and Bruno. They were great and Kelly Clarkson showed why she is by far one of the best singers, if not the best, in Pop music.

    • G-Mom


      • Lilly

        YES! Kelly’s voice is the greatest in music. I am so excited for her new album. Her talent takes my breath away!!! And she is so likeable, sweet, and cool. Love her barefeet. lol

  • mscisluv

    Thanks for the review, although definitely could have done without the multiple references to cutting.

  • BT

    Are you effing kidding me? Carrie Underwood the most robotic? Her vocals were the best of the night and please, Carrie is on a league of her own. You’re clearly a Kelly Clarkson fan if you are to say that she’s better than Carrie. That woman has 6 Female Vocalist of the Year awards, 5 Grammys and 2 Entertainer of the Year awards. Seriously, GTFO.

    • Miranda

      It is obvious that the EW critic had an agenda. He or she is a big Kelly fan and hates Carrie Underwood. His bias is glaring. Carrie was as “robotic” as Lady Gaga. lol She rocked last night!

      • Kelly

        Carrie is so fake. She strains herself to hit notes and can only dream of hitting notes like “the Clarkson”. If Carrie was not pretty, should would be non-existent.

      • Iheartgaga

        Kelly are you really lily still trashing carrie here? Note: kellt herself has called carrie a great vocalist and very talented. They are friends. So i suggest you keep you jealous bitter comments to yourself. Carrie is an outstanding vocalist. She won female vocalist of the year 3 years in a row anx tons of grammys. No need to be threatened by carries success when she doesnt even compete with kellys pop genre.

    • SS

      The Carrie fans on this site are seriously psycho. The writer gave her a mostly positive review, and it’s their opinion if she was robotic or not. (i.e. see her squatting stage pose to poop out those notes.)

      • Oiler

        It is clearly unprofessional to do this kind of remark to Carrie. He is clearly a Kelly Clarkson fan and can’t stand the fact that Carrie got the crowd on their feets.

      • swim

        Um obliviously you didn’t see Kelly perform because she also got the crowd on their feet. :)

      • Alex

        The Kelly stans on this site are the psycho ones, as the Carrie fans are not even attacking Kelly at all. They are simply defending Carrie from attack from rabid Kelly stans.

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