Kelly Clarkson's new 'Mr. Know It All' video: Watch it here

After providing a teaser of her new video last week, Kelly Clarkson released the full clip for “Mr. Know It All” over the weekend.

In it, the pop star sings in a room with wallpaper made of newspaper clippings, most of which feature ugly headlines about her. Next she sits down and watches a video of herself dancing on top of a bar. Then she does what no celeb should do if they want to maintain their sanity: she reads the comments section of a blog post about her.

After realizing she doesn’t need to be with a guy that’s constantly ordering her around and judging her, she has a decision to make. Will Kelly stay or go? Check out the video after the jump and see if she finds her sunshine after all.

Sweet ending, right? It’s interesting how she used the video to kill two birds with one stone. The song itself is about a misinformed individual, but the clip takes a swipe at the media and blogosphere.

Personally, I prefer more direct musical approaches—like Michael Jackson’s “Tabloid Junkie.” But Clarkson’s song is cool.

What do you think of the video? Let us know.

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  • Mike

    I love this song. It’s really grown on me and Kelly perhaps looks as good as ever in this video. Beautiful! It’s so refreshing to have her back on the radio. Really get tired of the crazy Gaga antics and tune-dead Katy Perry /Rihanna on the radio.

    • LaLa

      Agreed. This song is so refreshing to hear. There is too much dance/autotuned crap on the radio right now. I like GaGa, but its becoming a little too much. Not to mention Kelly can outsing any of those chicks live or on an album. Love the video too.

      • lucylili

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  • Tito

    love the video, thank e.w.

  • Barb

    Love Kelly but also a GaGa fan. Have always liked all kinds of music and think there’s a place for everyone.

  • hooray

    Cool video. It’s about the song and music. Not overdone and non-sensical like some.

  • ®ustymustdie


  • Be Real

    Love the video concept, beautifully done. And I love the song – so refreshing, spunky and catchy yet very authentic at the same time.

  • JPX

    I can’t tell if she’s still fat. My sense is that a lot of camera tricks are being used here.

    • JPX

      I myself am fat. Also have lots of zits.

    • Phil

      I was going to make that comment but didnt wanna be the one….since I’d sound bitter. Every shot is from a distance or above her chest, so yes, she is still struggling with her weight, and I dont need to be named Mr. Know It All to make that claim ! And the video is the same set she used for the cover art of the single, so obv. they havent done many photo shoots for the project yet as she may be trying to lose some more weight before the disc drops. And to anyone thats gonna take a swipe at me, she looked HUGE earlier this year at the Grammy’s, and maybe now that Adele has found state-side success the whole voluputious woman in pop music thing will come back…but I doubt it, not in our ‘thin-is-in’ society.

      • Paige

        And the importance of her size is what exactly???? Her HUGE voice is the only thing that anyone should care about. How dare you judge her…and then try to cover it up by making it sound like you accept it?

      • Phil

        Its a commentary based on the visuals, not the song, so I am entitled to judge what my trained eye sees. And everyone knows that image is most definitely tied into marketing products, which you may not consider her voice, but thats what they’re selling, a package, not just the voice. And I’m not daring anything I’m simply asking the question of What I thought of the video, and as someone that has experience in filming and videography I gave it. How dare you judge me.

      • Phil

        answering the quesdtion, not asking the question, sorry

      • Kat

        The cover art for the single was shot in May. She tweeted that she was doing her album shoot then. Plus the single cover art was released before she even shot the video. And she looks like a normal, healthy woman. And since her image has always been more girl next door than sexpot i dont think it matters.

      • KC

        This vid was filmed much like Heart videos of yore.

      • cj11

        you obviously don’t know that she’s lost a lot of weight and had the photoshoot for the album a good couple of months ago. if you want proof that she’s not fat, look at her on the australian x factor from the weekend just gone by

      • SharonL

        What trained eye Phil….who ever trained it should be sued!!!!!! You are just a hater Phil.

    • Holly

      I think she looks terrific!

    • Abigail

      dont be a jerk

  • Justin

    I’m not a huge fan of the song… since it’s really close to Bruno Mar’s Just the Way You Are chorus. But I like Ms. Clarkson…always been a fan. and I saw at the iheartradio music festival this past weekend and she looked really good… she wasn’t “fat”- i personally don’t see why that matters. so no the video isn’t using camera tricks

  • Chase

    I’m bummed the original concept was scrapped (seeing the multiple sides of Kelly: diva, goofy, rocker, etc) because the video did seem very… one-note. Then again, simple is good. Especially when today’s videos seem to be competing for the most bizarre and excessive prize. I applaud Kelly’s minimalist approach in the end and think she looks gorgeous!

    • Ben

      Yeah I thought there was another concept, she was supposed to be in that fuscia dress and its supposed to be super long and they had green screen behind her but only showed a little of that (with the feathers in her hair)…then she had her hair up in a bun (which was another look)…still a cool video.

    • Ninjalilly

      I was wondering the same thing! You see the top of the dress, but only for a second. Maybe EW can find out for us. It looks like the concept Kelly spoke about was not used.

  • Carrie

    I like it. The song is catchy enough and she looks good. It looks like she lost a lot of weight, but she’s not stick thin. It’s funny how her hair is blowing around her face throughout the entire video.

  • mike z

    it nice to see someone who can sing and and not be in a crazy outfit. love the video and she has never looked hotter than right now

  • lenscrafter

    Go Kelly. It’s good she can do a single to address some of the things being said about her, but for myself, the song is a bit one-note, more than the video, I can’t see it having “legs” but I’m sure she’ll have more!

  • Anthony

    I find it rather disturbing that there are still comments on this article about Kelly’s weight. Don’t you get the video? That’s exactly the kind of talk she is combatting.

    • Phil

      Look, I dont know her, I’m a fan of her music, but sometimes it takes people to see themselves in a picture or in some cases a video, esp. if you’re an artist to go, WOW, I’ve gotta get back into shape. Sure it shouldn’t matter, but its the entertainment industry. It DOES matter. Its why fat people aren’t stars in Hollywood blockbusters. But I didnt say anything remotely wrong or untrue. She looked alot bigger when she took the Grammy stage this past winterl, and maybe it took her watching the clip to realize she needed to go back to the gym. No one is perfect, but ist not like I called her any number of insulting obese names. I kept the comment respectful and I also didnt make the first comment, I was backing up what someone else theorized with an actual truthful reasoning as to why. If you know anything about film editing you know that the video is definitely shot as I described it, most likely to make her appear slimmer than she is. I understand that this is a blog, but its not like I didn’t back up my statement with a sound reasoning, which is why I shouldn’t be criticized, I wasn’t making anything up.
      I am going to remind you of something that not many people think of often. Somewhere in life you know that in most wedding vows, the statement “the good with the bad… is made.” Life is full of both and I am sorry that you don’t understand that in order to have the good, you have to deal with the bad.

      • JeremyJ

        My problem with you PHIL is though you claim to have “experience in filming and videography”, your comments not only lack insightful but are unoriginal. By the way, Clarkson hasn’t been to the Grammys since 2006, so I guess those “trained” eyes are needing some glasses.

      • Phil

        Please tell me how you would describe how else I should have made my comments about the way the video was edited? What other terms and words would you have used ? The entirety is shot chest up and most long shots were panned out wide and from a distance. Thats not unoriginal or lacking insight, its honest and true and I’d LOVE to hear you use different terms. And Clarkson most definitely appeared on the Grammys during the tribute to Clive Davis in 2009.

      • Phil

        It was the party the night prior to the Grammys, my bad, I can own up when I am wrong, so you are correct, but my description of the video is honest, and respectful, without being insulting.

  • lucy

    I love this song! The video is good, but I too was wondering why we didn’t see as much of the purple dress than we did. I thought she looked fantastic in that dress! That aside, I think she looks great in the entire video and did I mention that I love this song!!!!

  • Ted

    First of all, I love Kelly Clarkson. She is super talented and in all actuality has the best voice out there. I love her music. Love this video and love the song. And lastly, she is BEAUTIFUL!!

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