Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga duet, dance in 'The Lady Is a Tramp' video: Watch it here

Sporting blue-mermaid hair and a black lace dress that’s more classy than trampy, Lady Gaga shines bright next to chart topper Tony Bennett in the just-released video for their duet, “The Lady Is A Tramp” off Bennett’s Duets II, out now.

The in-the-studio video is basically just a behind-the-scenes version of the song, but it’s still a nice add-on.

Especially fun to watch is their playfulness with each other throughout the song; whether she’s mugging to the camera or their duet dance-break mid-video, Gaga’s theatricality definitely comes through. And you can tell Bennett is genuinely getting a kick out of her antics — listen to him chuckle throughout the vid.

The clip really gets going at 2:20, when Gaga shows off her pipes (girl can sing!) and then they have a little dance. Either Bennett is really short, or Gaga’s got some massive heels on. (I think we can safely assume the latter).

Check out the video below:

Mr. Bennett himself sums up my thoughts quite nicely as the end of the video: “Beautiful. Thank you.” He’s clearly a fan; he recently gave an interview saying that the singer “will become bigger than Elvis Presley,” and the admiration is clearly mutual — just look at the sweet kiss that closes the clip.

Music Mixers: What do you think? Are you feeling these two as a pair? And who else is hoping Gaga considers a jazz album?

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  • DeMarco

    It is a shame that she still refuses to look and dress normal. She could be so hot if she wanted to.

    • Jdean

      Maybe Gaga doesn’t care about your misogynistic notions of what “hot” means. If you want “hot,” rent a porn and STFU.

      • DRG

        Or, more likely, she understands on some level that dressing the way she does, and using all the attention getting gimmicks she does, distracts attention from the fact that she is a talentless hack.

      • Well…


        But she isn’t a talentless hack. Maybe she just likes the show… and gets people to pay attention to her music, which I think is pretty amazing.

      • alb

        A plethora of musical legends expouse her talent; calling her the “real deal”. But whateva’ you need to tell your bitter little self to get through the day my dear….

      • Me

        DRG – so the legend Tony Bennett thinks she is one of the most talented people he has ever worked with but you know better right? Moron.

      • Lady Copycat

        Amy Winehouse duet is so much better than GaGa the fraud hype!!!!!

      • Linda

        Tony did a good job here. I doesn’t matter who he wants to sing with. I’ll watch it. I liked it.

    • PDT

      No, she’s actually pretty homely. Talented? Sure. Hot? Not in this life.

      • Me

        No, she’s actually not homely. She is not a surgically enhanced supermodel but she is an attractive woman. She just also happens to be absolutely fearless and is not afraid to make herself look unattractive for her art. That is a concept you will never understand.

      • PDT

        @ Me – I’ve dated attractive women. I know a lot of attractive women. Lady Gaga is not one of them. Sorry to burst your bubble, but she doesn’t have to “make” herself look unattractive. She already is.

      • Perilicious


      • TerryMachen

        She is a singer and not a model – Some works she has done are bad, but she is good here – better than the internet loonies of hate.

      • TerryMachen

        PDT has dated better women and they walk on their four legs and live in a stye.
        He is total BS!

    • bornthisway

      Lady Gaga does not have to follow everyone else, if she did she would be well not famous. So maybe your jealous towards the fact that she can dress how she wants and look as flawless as she is. But what ever makes you sleep better at night go right ahead my dear :)

    • windrider2

      That’s actually a pretty normal, elegant gown she’s wearing in the video. In fact, lately she’s been wearing a lot of sophisticated, feminine, elegant dresses and tailored suits. The teal hair just puts her own Gaga stamp on old school glamour.

      • NonEntity

        A lot of Smurf movie propaganda. Blue hair? More mind control from the industry puppet-priestess-priest. With all the mugging going on, I thought I was watching Ace Ventura with Jim Carrey. So heshe’s a Holiday Inn Grade Lounge singer too?

    • Mike Conway

      Got the tramp right! Smell her from here! LOL

    • Mike Conway

      She’s a smelly skank!

  • tracksone

    It is wonderful that Gaga doesn’t hold herself to other people’s expectations. She does what she does because she only cares about having fun. The above video shows that, along with the talent both she and Tony has.

  • Chantal

    That song sure showcased her voice, she is very talented!

  • Phil

    Wow…another Monday and more pieces on Taylor Swift and Gaga…like there’s nothing noteworthy that should be mentioned in the music biz today besides either of them AGAIN….sigh….If you’re gonna talk about the same artists, you should have an output of other stories about other musicians as well (that you possibly worked on over the weekend). Its beyond old at this point.

  • LOL

    GOP fears Gaga.

  • mb

    That was SO fun to watch. They looked like they were having a blast!

    • TerryMachen

      I agree!

  • GagaSucks

    So tired of her

    • Me

      Then why don’t you try NOT clicking on articles about her? And NOT posting inane comments on said articles?

    • TerryMachen

      But she is never that low that she will ever suck yours.

  • DRG

    Well, duh, she *IS* a tramp.

    • Mike Conway

      And she/he is a morphadite

  • Justin

    I prefer this to any of her music she’s putting out lately. She’s got a great jazz voice. I actually find her endearing in this video.

  • chocolateislove

    I love her, but I wish she would sings songs like this more. Her voice is so well-suited to jazz.

  • LOL

    America loves crap.

    • LOL

      America loves Craphonso Thorpe!
      Craphonso Ja’won “Cro” Thorpe (born June 27, 1983 in Tallahassee, Florida) is an American football wide receiver. He was drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs in the fourth round of the 2005 NFL Draft. He played college football at Florida State.

      • TerryMachen

        He cannot sing Bennett or GAGA.

    • Me

      You think Tony Bennett is crap?

      • TerryMachen

        Bennett is God and Gaga sits pretty much next to him in this video.

    • TerryMachen

      America loves you!

  • Paige

    If you sick of posting articles about Lady gaga why comment? If you hate Lady gaga so much and can’t stand her why comment? She is a singer that will make millions with or without your comment. She will still sell records and have die hard fans. I hate her antics also, but I will admit the crazy woman can sing. Something most pop acts can’t due. Here she is singing without autotune. If some people haven’t noticed The Legend Tony Bennett only works with talented folk. His duet album is with talented people. People unlike Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Rihanna , and Kesha. They have no talent and can’t sing to save their lives live or without auto tune.

    • NonEntity

      Insult comics amuse some people; Laddy Glu Gah for example. Heshe insults music by hiding her knowledge of it just so that heshe can squeeze every cent out of the mass of musical brand worshippers. Now she’s targeting the fixed incomes too. Laddy when will it end?

      • Aparecida

        I’ve never seen an Apple commercial with this thetesaic. And Google is copying by the way he talks ?! Really? Apple didn’t invent good narration for commercials. Go hang out with the trolls at apple insider or something.

    • Mike Conway

      STFU Wuss

  • Erin

    Very fun and cute video. Nice voice on Gaga.

  • NonEntity

    Way to ride on a truly great singer’s coattails Laddy!

  • TerryMachen

    I just think it is beautiful, happy and the way music ought be. Both enjoy each other – put the Internet knives away.

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