Adele cancels sold-out U.S. tour due to vocal illness


Adele’s on-again-off-again tour is now off again. The British singer has canceled her sold-out, 10-stop tour of the U.S. due to a vocal chord hemorrhage.

Having struggled with vocal chord issues before (she recently canceled and later rescheduled six dates due to laryngitis), Adele was wrapping up the U.K. leg of her tour and preparing to launch her U.S. tour on Oct. 7 in Atlantic City, N.J. when doctors told her that she needed an extended rest period in order to recuperate.

An apologetic statement from Adele follows below: 

singing is literally my life, its my hobbie, my love, my freedom and now my job. I have absolutely no choice but to recuperate properly and fully, or i risk damaging my voice forever. i have great confidence in believing you know how much this upsets me, how seriously i take it and how truly devastated and annoyed i am by this. wanting to do something so bad and not being able to is the most frustrating thing as im sure you know! my voice is weak and i need to build it back up. I’m gonna be starting up vocal rehab as soon as [possible], and start building my over all stamina in my voice, body and mind. i will be back and im gonna smash the ball out the park once im touring again. i apologise from the bottom of my heart, sincerely i do. i know its not only disappointing because of the show, but its plane tickets, hotel bookings, birthdays, anniversaries and time wasted. but please have faith in me that this is the only thing i can do to make sure i can always sing and always make music for you to the best of my ability. truly yours and yours only forever, adele xx

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  • LOL

    Smoking kills.

    • LMFAO

      In the meantime, she should try a salad.

      • random


      • Lucy

        And LMFAO should stop eating paint.

      • Well get her..

        Well—LMFAO does have a point. And lay off the cigarettes, honey. Did you learn nothing from Miss Amy?

      • Yes yes,

        fat people are beautiful inside and out, we know.

      • Acaseofgeo

        Waiting for Lisa G to say “She’s overrated to me”.

      • Daryl

        Totally inappropriate. Are you 10 yrs old? I do agree with the smoking comment. Its not good for her. Hope she gets better soon. I was looking forward to seeing her in Nashville.

      • Thomas

        Oh man this sucks. :(

      • lisa g.

        I’m overrated.

      • Alex

        No more cigarettes for you Adele.

      • Colonel

        Salad with fried chicken strips, cartons, ranch dressing, bacon bits, sunflower seeds. Yep, she should eat a loaded salad. Don’t forget the side of garlic bread. A girl has to eat!

      • Sloane

        Do you mean “croutons” Colonel???

      • Colonel

        Why yes! My comment would have been thoroughly incomprehensible had you not cleared that up….kudos!

      • ethel merman

        Are you kidding? My husband of too many years has a huge crush on the woman and her smoky voice.

      • Ray of Light

        stop overexposing her…just will be the next Mariah…@ cant sing lve anymore!

      • ^

        Meanwhile, I heard she’ll be shilling for Burger King.
        She will be the Burger Queen.

      • Flying Fish

        Salad is what poor people eat because they can’t afford meat.

    • Matthew

      Exactly. Oh noes, I didn’t know carbon monoxide would affect my vocal cords! I thought it was just a “hobbie”!!!

    • lisa,g.

      Nice pic! Donut shops across America are now safe!

      • Daryl

        Easy to make comments like that behind the security your laptop. Wondering how many donuts you have had. Amazing at the mean spirited and IGNORANT comments on here.

      • lisa g.

        Norah Jones is so much better than Adele.

      • Kaminitism

        Ooh Daryl! Stop acting like you are Joel Osteen. Are yoy really wondering about her? If so why bother, you two will never meet. Spend your time more wisely.

      • Krys

        I am sorry. Norah Jones has nothing on Adele.

    • Norah Jones

      I can fill in. I’m petite and a non smoker.

      • LOL

        Actually, you’re not. You puff, too.

      • Norah Jones

        I’m more healthy than this hog!

    • Acaseofgeo

      I’m a chubby chaser. I like em big and with a hairy back.

  • no worries

    just get better, girl we’ll all still be here. :-)

    • That’s what Lionel Richie thought too


      • commo dore

        Lionel had a long glorious career. Don’t get your comparison.

  • Jenna

    just shoot me already,, can my week get any worse!! NOW THIS!!! it was soo hard getting these tickets & i had AWESOME seats! i was getting soo excited 2 more weeks!!Truly Truly sad & upset.. :'(

    • Matthew

      Filling in for her will be Adam Lambert – so there’s that!

      • Q

        Sounds like a huge step down.

  • lady googoo

    if im yours sweety i hope you’re never expecting sex from this relationship. and on top of that can you give me half your funds since i’m all yours. it will help cutback your mcdonalds big macs as well. see win-win situation. thinking of you always baby. xxxxxx – yours always —- lady googoo

  • actingup

    I LOVE Adele and I have been listening to her album non-stop since I bought it. But I was shocked to watch an interview with her and hear her talk about smoking! How in the world can any professional singer smoke (how anyone can smoke at all it shocking) when your voice and your vocal cords are your life? Let alone cancer down the line. ADELE – PLEASE QUIT SMOKING!

    • fancypants

      I agree. Apparently Pink also smokes, and she has a great voice. And Aretha Franklin smoked for years! Who knows how they do it.

      • meme

        yeah and Aretha has been paying the price for years. She was by far the best of her time but now i’d rather hear her contemporaries who have taken care of their voice like Patti Labelle or Gladys Knight

      • SaraS

        @meme: wow, you are so right.. those ladies really do sound amazing, and Aretha’s voice is so wobbly. It’s all over the place – not powerful at all anymore.
        I love Adele and I agree, she’s gotta stop with the smoking.

      • LA Reid

        Let’s get real! Arethas voice has also been negatively affected by her weight! She hardly sounds the same and It’s because of her fat neck.

      • Koi

        Aretha’s vocal cords are swimming in fat!!!

  • angeljake

    Love her..please rest and get better… :)

  • bill

    Adele, girl, you are so in demand but you need to take time off and rest. And for the haters making dumb comments, go listen to your Lady Gaga and shut up.

    • LMFAO

      Lose some weight, Bill.

      • “Adele, girl…”

        as if.

    • Really “bill?”…

      Some of us love Adele AND Lady Gaga. Why does it have to be one or the other? Don’t get your panties in a wad. B!tchy is a color best not worn by you no matter how tempting you find it.

  • FallonLatrece

    I hope you get better soon Adele. Forgive me for being a little hopeful that maybe I will get tix next time she reschedules. Stupid scalpers.

    • Irwin

      Ditto! I almost went on Ebay to pay an arm and a leg. Glad I didn’t now!

      • Amar

        That does sound good and simple. I think there was a whole gnroeatien of Adele Davis-reading moms who missed the memo on how to cook liver. People currently 40-50 years old were tortured by liver shoe leather.

  • Manny

    Never mind, I’ll find
    Someone like you…

    • Irwin

      There’s no one like her! Just get the full rest this time, girl! You’re so incredible!!!!

  • Jonah

    There’s definitely something wrong with this girl. Professional singers sing live and tour. That’s what they do. They learn proper breathing techniques, have vocal coaches, and train their voices for the rigors of live performing. And really, TEN shows shouldn’t be that strenuous for a professional singer! She smokes like a chimney, is clearly in horrendous physical shape, and evidently is not treating her voice like the amazing instrument it is. As much as I like her voice and her music, I honestly don’t see Adele making it for the long haul. At her age, she shouldn’t be having these issues, and it’s a terrible sign of what’s to come. How on earth do you smoke cigarettes when you have a million-dollar voice? I can’t comprehend how someone can be blessed with such a talent, then casually throw it away. I almost feel like she doesn’t deserve what she has.

    • Thomas

      She is definitely going to have to quit smoking.

      • Kaminitism

        Wait she smokes and is still fat?

      • Blonde South

        Yes, believe it or not, sometimes fat people smoke too.

    • Krys

      I think the smoking is the issue but the weight is not. Aretha Franklin is heavy, queen latifah is plus size, that girl from glee Amber and Frenchie from the voice is heavy and they sing just fine. Its about breathing excercises and smoking ruins your ability to do just that.

  • Joe T.

    LOVE Adele…such an amazing talent…but the smoking has got to stop. :(

  • Satan

    So…people are making fun of this girl’s weight (is that a thing? she looks okay in that picture) and her smoking. What is it about the Internet that makes people think they can be petty judgmental b¡tches? I don’t even like Adele’s music that much, but you people are creeps.

  • kristen

    Honestly, I’m over listening to her whine about her ex every time I turn on the radio.

    • Trista

      I’m so sure Adele cares.

      • Acaseofgeo

        Oh shut up.

    • Adele Fan

      When you really listen to some of these songs I don’t get exactly the feeling that she is singing about a particular ex-boyfriend.

  • yawnwing glory

    While she’s at it, can’t Adele just retire from singing altogether and stop inflicting her whining and moaning upon my ears? Thanks ever so much

    • LOL

      Her big song should be called “Rolling in the Gravy.”

    • cnpenguin25

      @ yawnwing glory How bout you just dont listen to real music and go back to that auto tuned crap you probably love. Thanks ever so much

  • cnpenguin25

    OMG People… Adele quit smoking over a year ago. Keep up please.

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