Rihanna's new album is called 'Talk That Talk'


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Only a year after dropping Loud, Rihanna will release her sixth album in November. That album already has a single (the just-released “We Found Love,” whose apparently too-sexy video will be released soon), and now it has a title.

The new album is called Talk That Talk, and it will be available on November 21. The 23-year-old announced the news via her Facebook page, with more details forthcoming.

Rihanna’s last two albums (2009’s Rated R and 2010’s Loud) were both tied together by the overriding themes suggested by their titles. Rated R was Rihanna’s post-Chris Brown album, and it was full of the same kind of intensely dark energy and themes associated with a more “adult” approach. Songs like “Russian Roulette” and “Wait Your Turn” were heavy, with only a handful of moments of relief.

On the other hand, Loud was the sound of Rihanna moving on and setting herself free with a party album. The tracks on Loud are designed to be played at maximum volume while throwing one’s hands over one’s head, from “What’s My Name?” to “Cheers (Drink to That)” to “S&M.”

So what does Talk That Talk suggest? Is it going to be a collection of tunes focused more intensely on lyrics? Will it be a gossip-based concept album? Let us know your theories in the comments below.

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  • Joline

    Love her but suffering from a bit of Rihanna fatigue. Wish she would have taken a year off and let the public miss her for a bit before dropping yet another new album.

    • Michael

      I couldn’t agree anymore. She has gotten to be so oversexed and overexposed so much, that now it feels like she is just annoying than strong as a voice. Rihanna shouldn’t rush herself. Otherwise she is making terrible music, for a wasted voice!!!!

      • Lisa S

        She used to be so hot. She’s 25 pounds overweight now but still insists on wearing the same skimpy outfits, but now with the ugly high waists on everything.

      • Lamb4life

        she so much better than that Lady Copycat named Gaga!!!!

      • the truth

        Rihanna Is HOT. I am waiting on her new albulm. she is working her butt off. Respect her for that .Tommorrow is not promised so why should she wait to release her music. I feel like i have been waiting too long to hear this album. If you dont like it dont listen.

    • Emma

      I do not understand this attitude at all. If you’re tired of Rihanna, don’t buy her music for a while.

      • Shauna

        Right. Oh and stop clicking on to articles about her and commenting on them.

      • maria


      • Just saying

        Lady Gaga is a fraud!!!!!

      • daniara loves rihanna

        Exactly! i agree with you. they should just not buy it and they wont have anything to worry about…..

      • the truth

        THANK U !!

    • Trisha

      Goodness, this chick releases an album every 5 minutes. I’m really sick of her. Couldn’t she have just waited a few years this time?

  • justme

    She needs to take a couple of years off!! So OVEREXPOSED now, it’s like has she never heard the saying “distance makes the heart grow fonder”??!! And who cares what the title is, it’s likely to be her helium sounding voice again with her half naked, who cares?!!!

    • Mrs Tingle

      “ABSENSE” makes the heart grow fonder dear.

    • Sheron

      Oh she iz hot .I LOVE RIHANNA

  • cara

    I would prefer “I am Shutting Up and Going Away For Awhile” that would have been an awesome title for her.

    • Fithri

      Okay I laughed at that LOL

  • Phil

    I understand the Rihanna fatigue but don’t think she’ll be resting anytime soon, esp. now that Beyonce’s “4” has had a lackluster summer and inevitable time off due to being a mom. Its finally Rihanna’s time to maybe finally become as big an urban star as she is in the mainstream pop consciousness. “We Found Love” grew up me alot, and it’ll be really interesting to see the new Billboard Hot 100 top 10 Thurs to see if “Cheers” reaches a new peak and where “We Found Love” winds up following radio play and more sales. “Talk That Talk” seems like a very 2011 title for her.

    • Phil

      **grew on me, not grew up!! haha

    • Blonde South

      I found We Found Love to be a little boring myself, with a dance sound that is being way overdone right now. I hope the album is more innovative then that. I usually expect her to be one of the ones leading the pack, not following a trend that’s already becoming overplayed.

      • Phil

        Rihanna has always included dance tunes even when they weren’t big on the radio like “Please Don’t Stop The Music” . And I actually love theat dance musis is getting mainstream top 40 airplay again. As a 32 yr old its ridiculous that you go to clubs now and all you hear is hip-hop stuff instead of actual DANCE music. And with her giving co credit to Calvin Harris says alot, (and her “Who’s That Chick? track with David Guetta) and says that she is supporting dance music which i think is great because the younger generation has become so accustomed to silly ringtone rap songs being played on the radio and clubs that they dont even know what real club/dance music is. So good for her. I’d be happy if the entire disc was dance oriented, but I know that Def Jam wants her to desperately be an urban star too, so I know there will be a few cuts for the hip-hop stations.

      • Blonde South

        Don’t get me wrong, I love dance music and I usually love Rihanna. And I loved Who’s That Chick. It’s just the specific sound that is used in We Found Love is just being used too much on the radio right now in my opinion.

      • PN

        I love the dance sounds that may be overdone, but sometims some of the same dance producers put their songs out at the same time.

    • daniara loves rihanna

      I agree…

    • PN

      It will be interesting to see if Rihanna can have songs from 2 different albums in the top 10 if Cheers stays in it and We Found Love also cracks that top 10 frame. I think she’s pulling for that feat.

  • Adriana

    LOL at all the haters who dissing Miz RiRi because she on top and ain’t nothing yall can do to stop this girl. Stay Mad and Stay Sad because “That Rihanna reign just don’t let up”. I bet 95% of the people on this site (EW…which is for OLD asses) don’t like her by default…even if she did wait another year to do an album you would still be throwing her some shade. Obviously with 45 million people on Facebook liking her, over 65 million singles, and 20 million albums sold, people still can’t get enough of RIhanna. She’s bigger than Lady Gaga and Beyonce…She’s the voice of the youth and she makes me damn proud to be a 21 year old black woman. She’s my idol and my favorite artist out right now (along with Britney Spears and the Queen Madonna). Keep it coming RiRi! Talk that Talk becausse haters gon hate and player gon play!

    • Gravity

      How much did she pay you to make this post?

      • Regina George

        I’m pretty sure that actually is Rihanna.

      • Chip

        Yeah…the illiterate version!

    • Q

      If EW is for “OLD asses,” then why are you here, Miss 21 Year Old Black Woman?

      • Dwaynefighter

        That’s racist.

    • Ryan

      she certainly hasn’t done anything to improve literacy rates (if this is how her fans speak)

    • nc

      You have questionable taste.

    • mo

      I’m a black woman and 19 years old, she does need to take a break and get her health and life in order. i noticed from her pictures that she has gained weight and whether that’s healthy or not I don’t know but if she wasn’t tryna wear all them outfits it would be less noticeable. I don’t think she is a good influence on young african american girls whether it be through her type of dress or lyrics of her music. When she first came out she was great. Her voice is tired and her gimmick is tired. I’d rather listen to beyonce whether her album sold or not. I ‘m also upset tht you as a 21 year old came on her cussing and saying all this stuff when everyone else can express their own opinions without that in a civil manner. I can’t stand when I see people out here embarrassing my race like that.

    • Copycat This Way

      They are Lady Gaga stupid fans….!

  • Ethan

    “Queen” Beyonces flopping. Not 1 of her songs from 4 has reached the top 10 in the USA or 1 in the Uk. While rihannas 6/7th single from loud, cheers has reached the top 10 in USA and top 20 in uk. In the uk loud has never falled out of the top 20!! After almost a year on the chart. Shes at her peak. Beyonce stopped at her peak and look what happened to her!

    • IMO

      That’s just because Beyonce’s music was not radio friendly. Actually liked the album, but was more of a Motown throwback which is not popular at the moment. Doesn’t have anything to do with her taking a break.

      • Ethan

        YES THEY WERE. RTWG got played loads of times on the radio. I should know coz i always do. Uk= Run the world bombed. USA= BOMED. UK= Only girl 1#. Usa= #1 making history :)

    • Matt

      *fell, Ethan. Fell.

  • heythere


    • Dana


  • albie

    i put katy perry and rihanna in the same echelon of artists. they’re not really the most talented of performers, but they, or, more likely, their label, choose(s) to work with some of the biggest, and arguably best, hit makers in the business. so good for her, but i doubt that this album will be well received by critics, even if its individual singles will be adored by the club masses.

  • Leina

    Very Excited!

  • Calista

    Gotta admit, I am a little dissapinte din the new single. Rihanna is so over exposed now. I think she should of waited a few months to release a new album. I don’t think the singles or the album will sell as well as Loud due to the over exposure. And the songs probably won’t be as good. I still however will check the album out when it drops.

    • Perilicious

      maybe Riri should sell her album for 99cents like Lady GagGag?????


  • Ethan

    Maybe so, Maybe so. Well We found loves doing great on Itunes and it helped make Rihannas second highest debut in the USA. As much s
    as i love rihanna i think releashing cheers was a big mistake and i also think WFL will not replicate the success of Umbrella or OGITW. Still cant wait for the alum.

  • denise

    Love Rhianna she still seems to have a lot of hits Why stop now and she looks fabulous weight gain silly?

  • RihannaLover

    That Rihanna Reign Just Want Let UP!

  • daniara loves rihanna

    i loooooooooove rihanna and i will NEVER get tired of her!!!!!!!! im going to buy this album because i know it’ll be just as great as Loud…..#RihannaNavy

  • Lisa

    I love dance more than any other kind of music.Its catchy,makes you feel good and makes you want to get on the dance floor.I LOVE We Found Love and can’t wait for Rihanna’s new album release

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