Apple made non-iPhone-related announcements yesterday too

Lost in the shuffle of Tuesday’s announcement of the iPhone 4S at the first big Apple event in the post-Steve Jobs era was the news that Apple still makes iPods, and they continue to improve on them.

First, the Nano, which has become so associated with working out (something that Apple obviously recognizes) that they might as well just call the thing the iPod Gym. The latest iteration of the Nano comes in seven different colors and will now have built-in exercise-tracking capabilities, including a calorie counter. There are now also 16 different watch face variations for people who wear their Nano to tell the time, something that probably hadn’t occurred to you to do until now. With a maximum capacity of 16 gigabytes, you won’t be able to get a ton on there, but that’s more than enough space to keep you in Eminem songs while you train for your 5K.

As for the iPod Touch, it essentially got all the upgrades the new iPhone got. There’s a new operating system, iMessage (which lets you send text messages over Wi-Fi to other people with iPods or iPhones, not unlike Blackberry’s BBM system), and access to the iCloud, Apple’s new in-the-air media storage that will make your music, photos, and other media available anywhere. The first five gigabytes are free, and then upgrades are available for a fee, topping out at 50 gigs for $100 a year. Interestingly, stuff you buy on iTunes doesn’t count toward the storage limit, which probably makes record labels and copyright holders pretty happy, as it will (theoretically) encourage people to buy more stuff legitimately so they can have free access to it.

The iPod Touch tops out at 64 gigabytes (the same as the biggest iPad), but just in case you still want to cart around your entire music collection in your pocket, the iPod Classic still exists. They haven’t made any improvements on it in a while, but at 160 gigabytes, it’s still an old reliable standby, like a mud-covered pick-up truck that can still go. And just for the sake of being complete, Apple still makes the iPod Shuffle, just in case you like your music collection but don’t like choosing things from it.

Apple has sold 320 million iPods since the devices began, but how many of those have you been responsible for? And do you have a favorite iteration that you miss? Leave your iThoughts in the comments below.

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  • Matt Bjorke

    I have had 4 iPod classics, played with iPod Nanos but stuck with the classic. I still LOVE the clickwheel. A genius navigation system IMO.

    • Phil

      OMG I have two, and had tos et up two separate iTunes libraries to fit all my music! If Apple actually cared about us music fans, they’d create a massive iPod classic instead of all these silly iTouches, iPhones or Nanos with NO MEMORY. Its shady enough that the Classics automatically lost GBs on preloaded crap you never use if you’re just using the Classic to store and play your massive libraries of music. Seriously I want access to my music at all times, how Apple wouldn’t think of music collectors and instead push these pricey models kids buy with not enough memory for me to even sneeze at is beyond me. I have wondered why Apple doesn’t make a larger Classic, but now it seems they’re done with the model completely, thankfully still making them, just not spending the money promoting them.

      • Phil

        Oh I neglected to mention I have 2 iPod Classic 160 GBs…yeah I am a major music fan/collector. Haha

      • Chris

        Spotify eliminates the need for mass storage.

        To the cloud!

      • Phil

        Not familair with spotify so I have to ask, if its on some cloud service how to do you remember if you have a random song on some release when sifting through 160+ Gbs of music? I like personally like being able to pull up my full Artist category and Playlists on my Classic…..

  • joe luck

    I hate the new design for the nano. It’s just too small for a touchscreen to be effective. I say bring back the wheel and camera.

  • Kevin

    I’ve had my 80 gig iPod Classic for about 4 years now… it’s maxed out but still going strong. It’s pretty much only used in the car, though. My iPhone has become my go-to iPod for work, gym, and everyday listening, but I am tempted to get a Nano for working out because I really HATE running with that arm strap thing (however, I love having a sexy female voice tell me I’m 7 seconds ahead of my target pace… I LOVE running apps!).

  • Jay

    I had an ipod when they first came out. But, I hated iTunes so much, I went out and bought a $40 generic MP3 player that I like better and still use to this day.

    • B-

      Cool story bro.

    • Kio

      I agree, iTunes is lame and expensive IMO.

      • casey

        iTunes is free

  • JJ

    I still love my 8GB 3rd Gen. Nano. The size is perfect for fitting in my back pocket. Could wish it came in a larger capacity (as I’m maxed out), but not enough to make me seek a new one.

    • Ally

      I have my nano that’s 8GB- maxed out that I keep in my car with all old songs on it. Anything new I download to my iPod on my iPhone (which is 32GB).

  • Joshua

    I have had 5 ipods starting in 2004 with the $500 40 gig (the only one to have separate ‘buttons’). That one fell out of my pocket at the San Diego Street Scene concert during an AFI performance. Number 2 I bought in Japan and one day it just stopped working. Number 3 was dropped too many times. Number 4 (video) lasted a long time but eventually wore out. My 5th was the Touch, it was wonderful until the power button got impossibly stuck, I tried to dislodge it and cracked the screen, rendering it worthless. Now I don’t have any money to buy such frivolities :(

    • ^

      I had the same problem with the power button but I luckily had bought an extended warranty through Best Buy and they replaced it with the latest version.

  • Unity

    I have a touch so I don’t have to worry about a huge phone bill.

  • Rodgerson

    Never bought one, never will. I have had a Creative Zen for the past 4 years. Still has more than 20 hours of music playing/charge, a brilliant screen for movies, and an SD card slot for an extra 16/32 GB of storage.
    It doesn’t hurt that it’s indestructible either – I have dropped it from chest height (bounces out of my breast pocket) directly onto cement more times than I can count. Still looks and functions like a dream, and I didn’t have to support a company that I don’t believe in.


      I’m curious as to why you believe in the company that makes Creative Zen, but not in Apple.

      I had several Zens, but converted a few years ago to Apple stuff, and the ease of use keeps me from switching back.

  • Mikenstein

    I’m with you, Rogerson. I haven’t had a Zen, but I still have my Cowan iAudio which I still think sounds better than any other music playing device I have ever heard.

    That said, I have a 2nd/3rd gen iPod Touch 8GB. I didn’t pay for it, Apple gave it to me, otherwise I wouldn’t have it. I hate iTunes and I think the Apple App Store is way overpriced. I’m getting the Samsung GSII this week.

  • Christina

    I started out with Creative products, they were garbage. I had to send 3 of them back to the manufacturer. I got a Sansa as a replacement for one of them, it wasn’t bad but, wasn’t the best either. I also had a Samsung player that shuffle function always kept the same order. So I gave in and got a 4th generation iPod nano. I’ve had it almost 2 years now and love it. I’m not a Apple fanatic by any means, I usually look for any other option than Apple, but when it comes to mp3 players no one comes close to them.

    • Flip

      I had the same situation.

  • Jacktherapper

    I don’t care for non-iPhone material. I LOVE Iphones!! And I recently found some awesome iPhone applications here:

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