Beyonce's flashy, colorful 'Countdown' video: Watch it here!

Beyoncé may be pregnant with her first child, but she’s not going to let that slow her pop career down.

Queen B has just released the music video for her latest single “Countdown,” the funky jam that we all kinda wish had been the lead single off of 4, rather than “Run the World (Girls),” and it’s a twitchy, energetic, but slightly disjointed affair.

The video—which, judging by the distinct lack of a baby bump in some shots (though we do get a few glimpses), must have been shot at least partly before the VMAs—is a typical Beyoncé dance-fest featuring frenetic movement, flashing colors, and a whole lot of sexy outfits. (The video also features some serious bangs in some scenes yet no bangs in others, which  further solidifies the fact that I have no idea how women’s hair works.)

Check out the clip below:

What did you think? Pretty straightforward, right? Anyone else get a slightly Nicki Minaj-ish vibe from the close-up shots of Beyoncé, wide-eyed and blinking against a white background? Let your voice be heard in the comments!

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  • brian

    even pregnancy cant keep this woman down, shes is bloody amazing.

    • Lily gaga

      FLOP !!!!!

      • Lily Gaga

        4 is just a number for her sales in the USA..

        4ook only! LOL

    • BeBe

      Flop?? Did you just watch the same video I did? She is just so amazing and such an fantastic entertainer! LOVED the video and LOVE her!

      • Adwina Lambert

        Beyonsheeet is sooo over-exposed and over-rated!!! frenetic/spastic movement it is, yuck!!! tee-hee! EW is so biased for this over-rated singer sheesh!

  • Raye

    GREAT! As per usual. But I think it is a hodge-podge of pre- and post-pregnancy baby bump.

    • Leina

      Agreed, there is some definite baby bump shots, EW. She makes it quite obvious in a few.

    • JackieB

      Disagree. This writer is dumb. It’s called a wig (“How do they do some shots with bangs and some without? Derrr….”)
      No way would they pay for two video shoots, same makeup and hair pre- and post-baby. Trust.
      I do like the video though, and also Beyonce’s been doing tricks with her eyes in videos/performances WAY for Nikki Minaj overdid it.

      • edge412

        agreed with JackieB she been doing her tricks Nicki will be gone soon

    • BJohnson

      I could see her verifying she was pregnant, then doing this and probably other videos so the songs could stay in rotation while pregnant.
      So smart. The colors and outfits remind me of the video she did for the Pink Panther movie, before Ms. Minaj.

  • Joseph

    I see nothing Nicki Minaj about this. I think she had to show her pregnancy because it made sense. She’s heavily pregnant now and how could you just be okay without seeing it in the video. If it wasn’t, everybody would say, “Where’s the bump?!”, “Did she wear a corset to hold her stomach in?!”, or “Why the hell is she dancing so fast and hard when she’s pregnant?!” So of course they had to put it in. You can’t please everyone though.

    • Phil

      The Minaj comparison is albeit, a comment coming from a lazy writer, however I’d almost wager its from the excessive use of color in the opening sequence when she switches in and out of the different cst suits and such. The bright lime green head band etc. Those are all colors we’ve come to kinda love on Nicki, whereas for a while from the “Sasha Fierce” videos, even though she had funky clips for “Video Phone” and such, she had the drab black & white set for “Single Ladies”. So like I said…lazy writer who’d rather use a Nicki comparison instead of going in-depth on the vibrant color scheme the director used here.

      • IMOH

        Um, no it comes from the eye movement she does and the doll-like make up she has on the beginning of the video.

      • Kennard

        I guess you never saw the ‘Check on It’ video.

      • IMOH

        Um, yes I have and she doesn’t even come close to doing what she did in this vid with her eyes.

  • Jay

    Really like this one…fits the song well, and the baby bump fits in with the lyrics too.

  • Lily

    Man, frenetic, another melody-free “jam” from Bey. I really wish she went back to her strong-melody days of “Crazy in Love” and “Baby Boy”. No wonder she still hasn’t had an actual HIT from this album, after, what, 3 singles? Is this the first Beyonce album that has not had a # 1 hit? I don’t think this song will help break that hitless streak.

    • Fatima

      You clearly haven’t seen the fan OR critical reaction to this song.

      • Phil

        Hey gurl ! In all fairness this is the 5th single (“Run The World, 1+1, Best Thing I Never Had, and Love On Top) to chart from 4 and she hasnt had I top 15 hit. At this point, who knows if this song will be a hit or not, whther the video looks good or not. I know u love you some Bey so I won’t be critical, but this album obv. isn’t connecting with fans as the previous ones have. I know everyone is entitled to thier own opinions, and I can be a little harsh sometimes, but seriously this album may not be a “flop” but its def. not her finest hour, and is struggling to find an actual hit. And with her pregnant finally, who knows how much longer she is gonna be able to promote a dead horse? Maybe after the holidays she’ll finally start to chill, and get ready for the baby’s arrival. Also….SO sad she didnt give Boyz II Men a cameo in the clip. That kinda ruined it for me.

      • Mark

        Fan and critical reaction is great, but Beyonce is still at a point in her career in which she needs hits to be relevant. She is super-young still, and she is still not what you would call an iconic, legendary artist (although she is on her way, for sure), so she still needs to be competitive. I am not talking about talent, I know she is talented, but I don’t get why she chooses these beat-heavy, melody-free songs that go nowhere.

      • Fatima

        I really can’t be bothered to worry how this album is doing considering A) it’s not going to ruin Beyonce and B) when it’s possibly the finest album of her career. Run the World wasn’t my favorite Beyonce song so my expectations were low but it ended up being her most consistently solid and mature album without sacrificing musical innovation or new ground for her. You look back at “mature” songs from the last album like “Satellites” and realize how much they risked her becoming maudlin and middle of the road. Songs like “I Care” and “I Miss You” pushed Beyonce to a new level for me, and it’s certainly been nice to see legitimate music press like Pitchfork recognize how good it is while mainstream press (Like EW) is just complaining about how there isn’t another Single Ladies. This was the first album that felt like she was really was trying to make an album and not just hits and I like her better for it.

      • Mark

        Of course it’s not gonna ruin her. But if you think that she is not concerned about not having radio hits or strong albums sales anymore at just 30, you are dreaming. Relevancy is very important in this industry. And Beyonce is as commercial as you get. I’m sure someone in her camp is thinking “WHY in the hell has radio or audiences at large not embraced the last THREE Beyonce singles?

      • Fatima

        Oh it’s a concern…bummer that it has to be, I guess. I think Beyonce knew she was making a more personal, less commercial album, which is why she probably released Run The World even though it’s among the bottom 3 tracks. Felt like it should have been a hit, but it wasn’t and it set the album off on the wrong foot marketing wise. I think Countdown first would have changed stuff. She’ll rebound with something more radio friendly, but I hope she never fully ditches the side 4 showed us of her, especially if she wants to look for longevity. It did make me laugh to see snobby press “get” this album and all the mainstream mags and newspapers lambast it for not having Single Ladies Part 2. I know which I prefer.

    • Joseph

      Beyonce is still Beyonce and her stature commands the attention of everyone. Who cares if she hasn’t had a solid number 1 hit from this album. It’s sold perfectly well even though more of her earlier work will probably be more memorable.

    • r

      I agree. I will always love Beyonce, but this really doesn’t have a ‘groove’ you can get into. i LOVED her “Crazy in Love”, “Green Light” jams. You’re head was bobbing before you realized it! This is a ‘clever’ song, but its not a really danceable jam. Beyonce IS indestructable, so i’ve no doubt she’ll bounce back. Hey, maybe the remixes of this will turn out to be good. hmmmmm.

      • Phil

        Have you noticed she has continued to release dance mixes overseas, and although “Run The World” and “Best Thing I Never Had” do indeed have promotional club remixes, that they’re not offering them as purchases for the first time like EVER on iTunes?? I have a sinking feeling, the label is holiding them to drop some Remix collection while she is preggers. Just a thought.

      • IMOH

        She obviously can’t command that much attention if her fans didn’t even buy this album (which barely made platinum). I think her days of shaking her tail are over; you can only make money off of that for so long before it gets old. As far as her being indestructible, her moment of “now” is over. It happens to the best and worst of them. I do believe if she focused more on ballads rather than aiming to be this icon people want her to be, she would definitely have more longevity. Also if this were any other artists, we wouldn’t celebrate this lack-luster success; it would be what it is – a flop.

      • GeeKee

        What is “barely made platinum” mean? Platinum is platinum, like a billion is a billion…how does it sound if I state that “Opps, I barely made a billion dollars last year!…I guess I’ll try better next time.” Get a grip!

      • IMOH

        You can ship a million records and be certified platinum. You may not necessarily sell all of those, hence. she barely made platinum in terms of sales. Now, you get a grip!

  • Mark

    Duh. When hasn’t Beyonce rode the zeitgest by appropriating stuff from whomever’s hot at the moment and passing it off as her own?

  • lexi

    Great song, fun video.

  • lexi

    She is definitely pregnant in some of the shots, still so happy for her and Jay Z

  • Renee

    She needs to make a video for End of Time love that one the best of 4

    • apolloallyn

      i so agree with you, its my favorite!

    • Um…

      She made videos for “End Of Time” and “Party”- maybe more- a few months ago that haven’t been released yet (Getting them out of the way before she was to pregnant to work)

  • meh

    There was a picture released sometime in August, around the time she was working on Party that showed a moment near the end…this video was done during her pregnancy, but some of it (the studio dance scenes) were done pre announcement. She is curvier in some parts of the dancing, but she isn’t as obvious as the beginning. The beginning I am positive was done recently to add to the video. Which creates a slight problem. There are two videos going on here. The dance studio one, which could have stood alone as a video, and the background visual scenes (which could have stood alone as a video). The scenes were integrated nicely but…still two separate videos could have been good.
    I personally love the video and see nothing Nicki Minaj about it, unless you are going off of Super Bass…which is such a sad comparison… The whole vibe of the video is like a homage to the sixties. The nod to Audrey Hepburn, the bob fosse inspired choreography. That little thing near the end with the shimmering dress. It is very creative and I appreciate that Beyonce is trying to make up for the less than stellar videos she has been releasing.

  • Lily Gaga

    New album please….he he he

  • Amanda

    Love this video!! Yeah,Beyonce is doing a ton of 60’s references here,and looks lovely doing them! She even gave some Ann -Margaret along with Audrey,Diana etc!! She is just AMAZING,gorgeous too!!

    • Z

      In the early Mod shots there is one of her contorting her facial expression really quickly- She is so channeling George from “A Hard Day’s Night”

  • CarrieUnderwoodFan

    Same old prancing around trying to be sexy nonsense. What happened to music videos with a real message to them? Try listening to some country music ya’ll.

    • Um…

      What was the important message of “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk” again?

      • Shirley B

        I believe I read “some country”, not “all country”!!!!

    • Jimmy

      Yeah, country music like Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw. Carried Underway is the last person someone should listen to.

      • Shirley B

        George Strait, a country music singer, holds the world record for #1 hits in the history of music, in any genre, and on any billboard charts…just saying~~~

  • devron

    i love the video beyonce is the best

  • gigi28

    Love countdown one of my favs from 4 The vid was ok I’m just glad for the people who don’t have the album can hear what they’re missing-which is fun good music -Yay Beyonce!

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