Faith Hill to stage comeback, debut new single at CMA Awards -- EXCLUSIVE


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Faith Hill hasn’t officially released a new single since 2007’s “Red Umbrella,” which went to No. 28 on Billboard’s Country Songs chart. But EW has learned exclusively that the country superstar is planning to make her long-awaited comeback by performing a new single, “Come Home,” at this year’s 45th Annual CMA Awards, which will air Nov. 9 on ABC at 8 p.m.

Virtually no details are available about the song, but in February, Hill was quoted as saying that she’d soon be in the studio working on an album of new material. Naturally, she was tight-lipped about what she was recording. “I’m not even prepared to talk about it right now,” she told Billboard at the time. “I’m right in the middle of it, so it’s really hard to describe what it is until I’m done. That’s the honest truth. I’ll be able to tell more, maybe once I come out of the studio in the spring.”

Hill hasn’t been in the recording studio in quite a while. Her last new album was Fireflies, which debuted on top the Billboard 200 and Top Country Albums chart when it came out in August 2005. Subsequent albums were 2007’s The Hits and a holiday compilation, Joy to the World, in 2008.

The CMA Awards are set to be hosted by Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood, who have done the job three times before. Besides Hill, other performers for the night include Taylor Swift, Blake Shelton, Paisley, Jason Aldean, and Keith Urban.

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  • Michael

    I though she already made a come back when a new single anyways good to see her again

  • Philip John

    so excited and 1st comment yay

    • ^

      How many CMA shows are there per year?

  • dee123

    OMG! If it was around 1999 i might actually care!

    • My son is also named Bort


  • Regina

    She made a complete fool of herself with the Carrie Underwood “scandal” a few years back and it completely tarnished her career and image. Her people can try to say it was a joke all they want to but the fans saw through it and the subsequent years proved it. However, I hope she learned her lesson and it will be good to have her back. I really missed her music.

    • Justin

      It was obviously a joke, everyone knows that. Even Carrie Underwood knows that. Nobody would do that willingly without it being a joke. Let’s not get started.

    • kane

      Regina, you’re an idiot.

      • Vanessa

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    • yup

      I really think that it was a misunderstanding. Faith was backstage after she performed. As I remember, all or most of the people who had performed had won that night. Faith raised her arms up and shouted with excitement before the winner’s name was called because she thought she had won. When she realized that she didn’t, she scrunched her face up, hunched down and turned away because she was embarrassed. It had nothing to do with Carrie. Of course, she couldn’t explain the real reason why she did it because people would have thought she was conceited for assuming she had won. Unfortunately she couldn’t come up with another convincing excuse.

    • PN

      I thought it was ridiculous with what Faith Hill did the year that Carrie Underwood won. She should have stayed calm and not have that gasped look like she did. It came off as completely unprofessional. She did take flack for that too.

      • Justin

        This is one of the most baffling scandals I’ve ever seen. The look on Faith Hillls face when Carrie won was so obviously a joke I honestly couldnt believe anyone took it seriously. It was so over the top it just HAD to be a joke. The people who think otherwise are drama queens.

      • Laura

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      • Myra Robinson

        I have read those stupid comments about what she did so many times,I am sick of it. she was talking the the camera man and he kept asking her stuff and she was also talking to 3 other people including Martina.she acted like that because she could not hear the name they called. they were all talking about who it would be,they already knew it was Carrie. that is what happened,

    • Myra Robinson

      no. Regina,it did not completely tarnish her career. things happen to people,the Carrie thing was a complete misunderstanding. Carrie saw the video too and she even thought it was a joke. get over it that was years ago!! worse things have happened since then. I cannot wait for Faith.

  • Craig

    That’s great news! Love Faith Hill!

  • James

    Note to Author: Carrie Underwood is already confirmed as performing too– so you may need to edit the last paragraph of the article. She was announced as Performing “Remind Me” with Brad Paisley.

    But I am thrilled that Faith Hill is coming back. Good for her.

    • Fanny

      Only annecdotal, but my jonits notice the difference and my body searches out soft places to run.. Definitely agree you have to be more vigilant not to turn an ankle but my knees ache less after a soft surface run than one on pavement.

  • ForeverFaith

    Faith is more missed than she even knows. I hope this song catapults her back out front where she deserves to be. Tired of this same ole same ole on the radio. We need our Faith!!!!

    Come Home!! ♥

    • Nancy

      AMEN TO THAT!!!!

    • PN

      I’m glad she’s back but she’s gonna be against some tight competition from Taylor, Carrie, Miranda, Martina and the male singers on the charts. Hope she recorded a solid and ready single for the airwaves and the public.

      • SenYum

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  • Tony

    Thank God! So many people have been waiting for some new music from! It will be nice to see some real talent on stage that night.

  • Justin

    That woman’s voice reminds me of home. Whenever I listen to her, it’s like going home, as cheesy as that sounds. I love this woman and her music is mazing. Hopefully this song is good.

  • Bob Loblaw

    From what I’ve read she’s dumped Byron Gallimore and Dan Huff and teamed up with some producers from outside the country realm. One of which worked with Brandon Flowers on his solo album. Should make for an interesting new sound.

    • Tony

      Yea she has teamed up with Brendan O’Brien who has worked with Bruce Springsteen, Pearl Jam, and Rage Against the Machine. She has also teamed up with pop producer Brian Kennedy. So I’m interested to see what the New Single and Album sound like.

    • PN

      Because Gallimore and Huff were starting to become too slick with their sound for Faith. Too pop and not enough country. It’s time she switched producers. I like that she went with Brendan O’Brian–he does a lot of music genres, not just rock. Brian Kennedy has also done Rascal Flatts–she might have liked their song, so she chose him for his album.

    • Tita

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    • Adelianah

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  • Tiim McGraw

    I can honestly say she can suck the chrome off a trailer hitch.

    • Myra Robinson

      Tim,if this is her husband,you spell your name with 2 i’s. and your remark is well,she can do what!!!???? I do look forward to her singing,she is a hell of a singer just as good as her hubby!!

  • PN

    But I hope she doesn’t have it like on the last album Fireflies in 2005 when Byron Gallimore or Dann Huff would put their name first in the sets of production credits along with Faith in the songs they did for it. It was very distracting and baffling, too much one upmanship of who produced the song first! It’s THE SAME THREE PEOPLE doing the songs!

  • yup

    . She has that sob in her voice that all the great country singers have. I can’t wait to hear her new stuff.

    • Viktor

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  • Lisa

    YAY! Can’t wait. Been waiting for this for a long time!. The carrie Underwood thing is getting old. It was a joke.

  • Rowdy

    Who the H— asked her to come back. She and McGraw are egoists who feel unjustifiably entitled. She’s as over as Shania.

    • Juan Carlos

      And you know this because????

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