'American Idol' roundup: Four new music videos from non-winners: What do you think?


It’s always fun to follow the careers of American Idol contestants who don’t win the show.

Most of them fade into relative obscurity once the American Idols LIVE! tour wraps, but some score record deals and go on to have fruitful careers in the music biz.

Season 9 contestant Casey James came in third place on the show, but he was quickly signed to Sony Music Nashville, and with his just-released music video for extra smooth country single “Let’s Don’t Call it a Night,” he’s making his best effort to stay relevant post-Idol. (The single currently sits at number 43 on the country chart.)

Check out James’ video below, along with new-ish new music videos from Siobhan Magnus, Josh Gracin, and Brooke White’s duo Jack and White. Which ones sound/look best to you?

And here’s a bonus clip for you. It isn’t a music video, but Season 10 runner-up Lauren Alaina recently stopped by Live with Regis and Kelly to sing her new single “Georgia Peaches,” and she looked and sounded better than she ever did on the show. Check it out:

See! There is hope after Idol, and whether or not you like any of the songs above, you’ve gotta admit that it’s nice to see hard-working Idol alums putting in the time to make and release new music. Everyone loves a fighter. (Side note: All this Idol talk is getting me even more excited to hear some new material from Haley Reinhart, who, according to Twitter, has been recording her new album in Chicago.)

Which videos did you like most?

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  • Carol

    I love Casey James’ song and video! I’m looking forward to his CD release.

    • C

      Casey James looks like Bucky Covington another former A.I. loser, who went on to moderate success on the country charts

      • Fancy

        LOL. The question was “which video do you like most?”.

      • GSJordon

        I don’t think that comment is at all relevant to the question at hand!

      • Jan

        I don’t think finishing 3rd, out of thousands of people, would be considered a loser…. sorry. He is a very talented musician, amazing vocals and killer guitar skills…. not to mention he has a heart the size of Texas :) I’m not family, but I’m forever a fan!

      • C

        First off he did lose on the show, I am not saying he himself is a loser, second I am alowed to comment iny fashion I like, I am commenting on he reminds me of which is relevant, it is not like I am going around saying “America Loves Crap” which is a comment I read n almost every message board on EW, and Third I happen to like both Casey and Bucky. it was just an observation not an attack, so back off!

      • Fishy

        what’s the deal?..C said he looked like another Idol Contestant and gets attacked, sounds like all of Casey’s friends and family are flooding this message board!

      • Anonymous

        He looks NOTHING like Bucky Covington. Not even remotely.

      • Fiona

        Troll lolo lolooooo!

        Troll LO LO LO LO (search for it on YouTube, the letter C)

      • C

        Skinny long blonde hair, they could be brothers, but whatever, and why does me having an opinion other then make be a troll, I did not bash Casey, in fact I do think he has talent, and I bought Bucky’s cd, I just happen to think they look a like….wow this is bordering on ridiculous!

      • C


      • Staff

        Of course you are entitled to your opinion. But just because they are both blond and skinny doesn’t mean they look alike.

      • Marcelou

        Well if you ask me and, strangely, noobdy has so far hmmmmm..LOL anywho I think Haley did an amazing job with the Adele song. She has such a powerful voice and she can jump all over the place with it. Her runs are always perfect and the only time her voice cracks is when she makes it crack. Personally I think it should be her and James in the final. But that would be in a perfect world when all the stars align just right. Scotty has a huge voter base in the part of NC that he is from. I know because I am from NC. So Scotty will be around for a while yet. I wish that all of America would vote, honestly, for the best performance each week instead of with their personal bias toward one or the other. That is what is wrong with the voting system. It’s not the show or the judges. But anyway I still voted for Casey (once) because I really liked his performance compared to the rest of his performances but he wasnt the best last night.

    • Shari

      I’m with you Carol. Really love Casey’s sound and his guitar playing. I thought the video was pretty good, the girls turning on the radio and listening to his song, but videos of him playing live have really blown me away! I wish the whole video had just been him playing. Can’t wait for his album to come out!

    • Maru

      My least favorite lyric comes from S. Magnus’ song… ‘sometimes i feel like the alphabet of misery’? What??

      • Chris

        Look up author Edward Gorey and his book “The Ghastlycrumb Tinies” and you’ll get it.:)

      • Sincere

        “A is for Amy who fell down the stairs. B is for Basil devoured by bears…”

      • Monika

        At this point in the season, I like to aveerl my original top 5 that I pick once the top 60 are chosen, and then what I think it will be now.My original top 5 that I chose back when the top 60 were chosen.Jacob Lusk < Obvious PickLauren Aliana < Obvious PickCasey Abrams < Obvious PickHaley Reinhart < Obvious PickSophia Shorai < Will someone please tell me why this girl got voted off so early? Scotty and Paul were taking up spots that SHE and a few other confident, awesome Jazz singers could have had.I would have chosen Pia early in the competition but she waited until the TOP 24 to start belting out amazing vocals that I have NEVER heard in my entire life. Its a shame she has left us.Anyway,Here are my top 5 now.(James Durbin) James is my pick to win. He is uncanny. He has fixed his only problem, which was occassional pitchyness. (Scotty Mccleery) It is a sad state of affairs that this kid keeps getting put through each week. The reasons are quite clear and the voting will change next year. Nevertheless, his base continues to exploit the voting system and push him through. He will survive until the top 2, which is a musical travesty. (Lauren Alliana) She is more talented than Scotty by leaps and bounds. Her country swagger and wonderful vocals have brought her through this far. She is a little sweetheart that makes everyone smile when they watch her. THIS is your real country singer on this show. She is versitile, she can sing anything! (Casey Abrams) A true showman, musician, and dont-care-what-anyone-else-says type guy. He plays every instrument you can think of, and his voice is fantastic. He makes jazz sound easy to preform. It isn't. As a musician, i can tell you that I cannot touch what Casey does on the stage, and I have been playing guitar/drums/trumpet/singing a heck of a lot longer than this guy. (Jacob Lusk) My original pick to win, he will be leaving at 5th because of his past preformances that were off the charts. He really has fallen off the map, but they will keep him around if he can just get one more good preformance in there.Haley and Stephano will be leaving next. They are amazing preformers, but its crunch time. Bye bye folks.

  • Robin

    Wish the lighting was better in his video, but I love Casey’s song and his video is pretty good. He’s going to be a lot more successful than the two who finished above him that Season!!

  • Joan

    Casey definitely gets my vote. Love the song and the video and he is crazy good live. I think he’s going to be a huge star.

  • Tracie Smith

    I loves Casey Jame’ song and video. He is an amazing artist. I’m so happy that everyone gets to hear how talented he truly is. Best of luck Casey!!!

  • Jeanne

    Casey James!!

  • chris

    Casey by a mile

  • Lisa

    I LOVE the new Casey James song and video, for Let’s Don’t Call It A Night! I believe Mr. James is going to have a huge career! And I will gladly support him!! :)

    • Hmmmmm

      What happened here? All of Casey’s friends and family have him on Google alert and flooded the comments.
      Ugh. Who CARES about Casey James!

      • GSJordon

        Well, I do, for one, and so do many MANY others! Obviously you did not watch his video, or have not seen any of his post Idol live performances! Too bad your attitude is keeping you from all that Casey has to offer…..it’s your loss.

      • GSJordon

        By the way, these are fans, not friends and family!

      • Deana

        Actually, Casey has a HUGE fan base, who love him for his unbelievable guitar skills, amazing voice, and even better personality. It really is too bad you can’t see past your attitude. You’re only missing out on the next country/blues superstar!

      • SaraS

        I agree, there are some crazy family members on here.
        Bigger stars wouldn’t even get this many positive comments on an EW page.
        And for the record, Casey James sucked on American Idol; doubt he’ll do much better in the tougher real world.

      • Fatima

        It’s the same thing whenever there’s a post about Gale Harold.

      • Staff

        You cared so much that you actually bothered to comment on the subject.

      • linda

        @Sara s:I believe you might eat those words,and by the way i’m not family, but a huge fan,among millions. You absuletly DON”T know what you are talking about.

      • Yuni

        James and Haley would be btteer I think. Match them against Casey and Lauren duet.

  • Karen

    Casey is my favorite! Love his single and the video! He is an excellent musician – love his voice and guitar playing and he is an awesome performer!

  • Cecilann

    Casey James, hands down!

    • Luzmi

      this kid is music pure and simple and he wont win but i like to think as mtv peushd model hot singers run the industry has died, real musical talent will emerge like its hayday in the 60-80 for the singer song writer held the ear of the nation what you look like in a package would mean less then what you hit my ear with

  • Paula

    I love Casey’s new song and video — what you see is what you get with Casey, and I’m sure he’s on the way to a great career.

  • Flash

    Casey’s single is great, the video is alright for a first effort. Casey is going about things the right way, he has written good music and he is working hard to establish himself. Great opportunity for him that he has been chosen as CMT’s Next Big Thing, people are starting to notice his hard work.

    I also enjoyed Shiobhan’s video and song, this song is much better then the first one she released.

  • Lori Crowl

    DEFINITELY CASEY JAMES! His video is great,but wow you should see him perform live! He is an exceptional singer,songwriter,guitarist and all around entertainer! HE IS DEFINITELY A RISING STAR!

  • Sara

    Casey gets my vote! Huge career ahead for him. Keep up the great work Casey.

  • Metrowest

    Siobhan’s is best. It was shot on location at the historic Edward Gorey House on Cape Cod. It’s for her spooky awesome new song Black Doll that’s now available on iTunes and Amazon.com! Buy it :)

    • Fancy

      You are wrong, Casey is the best!

      • AEvangelista

        Casey’s video is pro, but the song and the concept are been there, done that. Siobhan’s song and video are very different, and very original.

      • Chris

        Casey’s song is pretty much a cheesefest, and the multiple women seem to be randomly placed in the video. It would make more sense if there was one woman and if there was some interaction between her and Casey.

        Siobhan’s video, however, apparently shot on a shoestring budget, stands out. Very creative.

    • Aimzee

      Siobhan’s video and song is fantastic! I hope more people can hear it. Casey James is cool, too!

    • Astri

      I have to agree with that. The jgudes have done these kids no favors this year, by not giving good constructive criticism.

      • Marina

        Ashli I’m not completely sure of your age, so I may be able to let the T-Rex neommct go by without too much grief. T-Rex “Bang a Gong” fame early 70’s Todd Rundgrenesque musician..All singing aside James, Haley and Casey make for GREAT TELEVISION. That’s why I miss Paul too . they made it fun to watch. Scotty boring, Lauren boring, Jacob boring (and he totally took a very Tender song and diva’d it up to where it was disappointing), Stefano boring .. Maybe Casey doesn’t have the best voice but I’d be happy to pay to see him in concert. Durbin too, in fact, if they are smart, Durbin takes Casey and Haley and they tour together (heck bring Paul along) it would be a fun few hours, no doubt.I want to be entertained music is supposed to make you smile and those 4 always did. I enjoyed the show very much. The filler was fun and it gave some insight into how they care about each other. Sometimes you don’t have to write “drama” into a blog. It is okay to enjoy life.

  • Tara

    Love that Casey James video,It Is by far my fave!!! I can’t wait for his CD!!! :)

    • tomm

      Who buys CD’s anymore? It’s easier to download from iTunes.

      • Sandra

        I have to say, Casey is the best… Im sorry I dont feel Laurin is orignal.. and the guy that won, he is a sound alike…and Josh Turner is so much better Casey is an all aroung entainer..he has the whole package… writes music,awesome musican and has a sweet soul… not to mention handsome….. the other one who was soooooo talented off american idol this yr.. Haley Reinhart.. if a gramy winner frm MSY said she was amazing.. talent.. im not sure what Randy and J lo were thinking.. Jealous I think.

      • Sappe

        Oh, must add that a riotpeecn malfunction caused me to miss everything up until James sang. Sounds like that was not a bad thing!!!

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