The Killers frontman Brandon Flowers makes 'I'm a Mormon' video: Watch it here

These days, it seems the Mormons are everywhere.

In addition to the smash Broadway play, the magazine covers, being called a “cult” by Robert Jeffress, and, of course, two Mormon presidential candidates vying for the Republican nomination, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints also has an ongoing multiplatform “I’m a Mormon” media campaign that began in New York and has since extended to 12 major cities.

The idea is to showcase everyday Mormons in their everyday lives — along the same lines as the Windows 7 “I’m a PC” ads — and the spots even caught the attention of Steven Colbert, who said the videos make Mormons “irresistibly cool.

Until now, the campaign has consisted of Mormon common-folk, but now they’re heading into new celebrity territory: the clip below shows Killers frontman Brandon Flowers discussing his faith and family:

Interestingly enough, the video never explicitly mentions his multiplatinum band. Instead, Flowers introduces himself as someone who simply “makes music and sings songs”; the only music played in the background is Flowers’ solo stuff, like “Crossfire.”

Flowers talks about his early days as a musician and how he tried to avoid the money- and sex-driven stereotypes of popular and rock music and how his family life can sometimes conflict with tour scheduling.

His connection to the LDS church has never been a secret and he is certainly not the only star with a current or former tie to the Mormon faith — like Gladys Knight, Katherine Heigl and Ryan Gosling — but for the “I’m a Mormon” campaign, to feature such a recognizable artist is unprecedented.

Were you surprised at all by this peek behind the curtain? Is this what you expected for the singer of “Mr. Brightside” and “Human”? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Molly

    He’s brilliant. Kudos to him for putting his faith in the open. It shows that he’s dedicated to his roots.

    • Nicky

      I always thought he was gay. Disappointment!

      • Phil

        Nicky, I’ve had 2 ex boyfriends who were raised Mormon, doesn’t mean they aren’t…they’re just seriously SERIOUSLY conflicted with even more guilt than us Catholics. You can def. be gay & mormon…they’re just seriously mind f#c&ed.

      • Wendy

        Phil, You are right about gay Mormon’s being seriously mind f#c&ed but being an “out” gay person in the church will get you ex-communicated from the church. It happened to my mother who was a devout Mormon her whole life and it broke her heart. She had to go to a “re-programing” camp to brainwash the gay out of her if she wanted to stay in the church. I left the church on my own after that happened to my mother. My name is Wendy, and I am NOT a Mormon any longer, thank God.

      • Ashtrash

        I am also a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and I can assure you – there is nothing even close to a “re-programing camp” that Wendy describes. We do believe homosexuality is a sin, but it doesn’t mean we love the person any less. (Everyone has their struggles and who am I to judge?!)

        Wendy, I am really sorry about what happened to your mom. It sounds like it was a painful experience for both of you. Best wishes….

  • me

    Ohhh, no…. why does every religion feel like they have to “win”?? Can’t they just be happy with their own faith?

    • Liv

      That is what I never understood about Mormonism. If your religion is so great you shouldn’t need to sell it to me door to door. It should be clear that the theology is sound without people knocking on my door begging me to get myself saved.

      • Jude10

        We’re not selling door to door. Those of us who are happy in our faith want to share it with others. Whether you accept it or not is up to you.

      • THB

        @Jude10: Yes, you are. I’ve had 2 sets of Mormons bang on my door during dinner hour this month. Over the past few weeks, several others have tried to shove their literature into my hands as I walked down the sidewalk near my office. As much as I’ve tried to keep an open mind, I’m beginning to find Mormons pushy, intrusive, and obnoxious.

      • Garry

        It’s not “selling” the religion, it’s getting the word out about the Book of Mormon and why we believe in prophets. Faith and a relationship with God is a personal experience for each person. How better to have a sensible, personal, “real” discussion with people.

      • PC

        Okay, I rarely get into things like this, but I’ve really had it with Mormons lately. You people are the height of arrogance. Has it ever occurred to you small brains that we might actually be happy without the LDS? Newsflash: lots of people are perfectly happy without Mormonism. And another thing. You people have some nerve coming into our neighborhoods pilfering around that nonsense. Anyone who has read about Joseph Smith knows the man is an outright liar about everything. He was killed for being a liar. Scientology makes more sense than Mormonism if that’s even possible. You better have something a little more convincing than the crap in the book of Mormon. The Garden of Eden is Missouri? Really? I’ve been to Missouri, and I don’t think so. In fact, when it comes right down to it, I think I’m more inclined to like Mohammad than I am to to like Joseph Smith. At least Mohammad isn’t considered a total fake by most people. Bottom line: get out of our faces LDS. We don’t like you. We don’t like your candidate, Mitt Romney, who ties kennels with dogs to the roof of his car. Yuck! Go away back to that hell of yours called Utah and Nevada! One more thing: do you Mormons think we’re all stupid or something. Everything in your supposed accounting of facts is, when examined under a microscope, open to debate and, in most cases, utterly decimated by facts. Yes, I know the other Religion’s are all BS, too. I’ve taken seminary classes, and I’m intimately familiar with both the Quran and Bible, how the were written, and the historical context therein. They are all nonsense; it’s just that Mormonism is so blatantly BS. It needs to be called out on this one.

    • Michael

      exactly if you believe someone telling you it isn’t real shouldn’t affect you. Like people trying to convince me that it is. I don’t argue I just say this, “it is your opinion will all find out when we die.” Stop using insecurities to hide the fact that you don’t believe in your own “faith”. Because it makes you look bad as well as your religion lol.

  • Helena

    Ryan Gosling also?

    so sad :(

    • Caiti

      Why can people be so excited for Zachery Quinto to say he’s gay, but upset that Brandon and Ryan are mormon? Isn’t that the whole point? To accept people for who they ARE? Love the double standard.

      • Q

        Because being gay is hip and trendy nowadays. Religion is no longer hip or trendy.

      • Duh

        Maybe cause the Mormon’s spend millions of dollars to block and exterminate the equal rights of a group of human beings that they don’t feel are worthy of basic rights? Maybe because Zachary Quinto had the balls to publicly announce something about himself that could destroy his career and possibly get him pistol whipped by some rednecks in a back alley, all just to be an inspiration to young men and women who feel lost in the world, while this guy is admitting to believing in a magically sky man and sacred mystic underwear? Maybe because organized religion is used to brainwash people into a culture of hating anything that is different? They’re like subtle Nazi’s with tax exempt status and less cool looking uniforms.

      • ryan

        We are not excited about Zachary Quinto. We are upset that he waxes his eyebrows when he should just let them be!

      • Caiti

        @ Duh-

        I’m not defending Mormons. I think that Joseph Smith was a demented tool and it breaks my hear that people subscribe to his narcissistic nonsense. I’m just saying, those who BLAST their horn of equality should keep in mind that equality means equality for ALL…whether they agree or not.

      • Duh

        @ Caiti,

        A person’s right to swing their first ends where the other man’s nose begins. Basically, these people get no respect for trying to systematically dismantle the rights of others. They are a foul, loathsome organization who will continue their quest to restrict the rights of those they deem unfit until people stop making excuses for them. Equality means that you should not be excluded from basic human rights for things that are outside of your control, like skin color, gender, age, sexual orientation. But when you make choices, very poor choices, you should be judged. By your logic, murderers should be set free from jail because they’re just as equal as the rest of us! Choices be damned! Quit judging the murderers!!

      • Jeff

        Caiti – Use your brain before you type. Those are two COMPLETELY different things. And considering that most Mormon’s condemn being a homosexual as a sin (among other narrow-minded prejudices) , a pretty ironic choice of comparison.

      • Kat

        They don’t consider homosexuality to be a sin – they consider having sex outside of marriage that they define as between man and woman to be a sin.

      • G

        The reason for the “I’m a Mormon” Campaign is to educate the general public not to convert.

        Just because members of the church are fighting against something doesn’t mean that it is church approved. The church would not use millions of dollar to block and exterminate the equal rights of a group of human beings. The churches money is used to take care of their meeting houses etc and provide for members and non-members all over the world when disaster stricks.

        Comments like those are why the “I’m a Mormom” exists.

      • bhm1304

        Because Zachary Quinto wasn’t announcing allegience to a faith that is a cult started by a criminal whose entire belief stems from an outrageous list of lies fed to a bunch of dumb exceptionally ignorant people (just like Christianity but we’re talking Mormons) and Quinto didn’t announce he was joining a group that excludes African Americans to the point of terming all non-whites “mud people” and believing that unless you are a white, you cannot have a soul. And these people are trying to get a President elected.

      • Ashtrash

        Wow. There is a lot of hate and misinformation here. I’m not going to argue with anybody, because I doubt I could change your mind. But if anyone wants actual facts, go to mormon. o r g. It can answer your questions!

    • Joanna

      Wow – I hope you’re not suggesting that it’s sad that someone is Mormon. Sounds pretty ignorant and petty.

    • endo

      Ryan Gosling is about as Mormon as Madonna is Catholic.

    • Wendy

      endo, Ryan Gosling was raised Mormon but does not consider himself a Mormon now. In a recent interview he said, “My parents are Mormon, not me”. He had the good sense to leave that horrible church like I did once I was able to think for myself.

      • Daniel

        I believe that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the kingdom of God restored to the earth, and I also think for myself. If you’re going to say something like this in the future, please do so without calling the church horrible and insinuating that we don’t think for ourselves. Thanks.

  • Jay

    Good for you Brandon.I am an athiest (and Killers fan)but I believe that eveyone has a right to be proud of their beliefs(or lack of beliefs). By the way I read that Paul Walker and Aaron Eckhart are Mormons too.

  • Ian

    This is like finding out your favorite author is a republican.

    • Eddie

      ^Ouch! That would definitely be painful.

  • Lee

    This man loves his family and God and how does that hurt you Ian? Liberals are the real judgemental pricks.

    • DRG

      Robert Jefferies is no liberal.

      • Bayu

        Interesting I had never connected pride with self-sacrifice so colsely. In my mind they were more opposite than similar. But I see what you both mean in saying that self-sacrifice is a sort of pride, especially if it’s a self-sacrifice that results in self-satisfaction and judgementalism.One feminist critique of self-sacrifice does go into something like that, though, now that I remember. She was saying that self-sacrifice leads women to be manipulative, since they’ve given up all their power and aspirations and thus live their hopes and dreams through others. (think of stage moms, in an extreme example)What you say about pride being the root of other sins (like self-sacrifice, in its extreme state) might jive well with the way most Mormons think of these things. I think I remember being taught that pride was the greatest sin of all, since it leads to other sins.

    • Eddie

      @Lee: One day, Joseph Smith declared himself uber-special and managed to get a population of people to follow his every word. How was Smith different from L. Ron Hubbard, Jim Jones, or David Koresh? Save the brain work. He wasn’t. I never thought I’d ever agree with Robert Jefferies on anything, but he is definitely on point here: LDS is a cult — and it is powered by money that the church (i.e., corporation) takes directly out of its disciples paychecks. There is nothing spiritual going on here.

      • Joanna

        Eddie – I’m afraid you haven’t done much research on the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. For one, the money members give is done completely voluntarily. No one is being forced into it. Two, Joseph Smith did not think he was uber-special. He was tarred and feathered, persecuted and murdered for acting on what he believed to be true. Our organization gives millions to relief efforts around the world. Members spend hours and hours of their personal time serving communities and those in need. If a person is happy and doing their best to live an honest, generous life, how can that possibly take anything from you? No one is asking you to join up.

      • Wendy

        I wish every Mormon would really look at the history of the church closely like I did and realize that Joseph Smith was just a perv who wanted to hook up with as many women as he could and that is what really started polygamy in the church. The church may teach some good things but their treatment of gays, blacks (who couldn’t hold the priesthood until the late 70″s), and women is deplorable. I had the good sense to leave the church as soon as I was old enough to really research the aspects of the church they don’t like to talk about.

      • Robert

        Your argument that all the church wants is money is totally false. Why would the church just want money if nobody in the church is paid?

  • Monty

    Of course! This explains why he overreacted when he was going to bed, his stomach was sick, it was all in his head, but all she was doing was touching his chest.

    Before you call me an idiot for not getting the cleverness of his phrasing, yes, I am being facetious.

  • nunnya

    Anyone who has done a quick Wikipedia search on Brandon Flowers, knows he is a Mormon. Good for him for owning who he is.

  • cobbyw

    the guy has faith and courage and good on him.

    • Dino

      You don’t need faith to have courage. Yes, there are plenty of atheists in foxholes. I know because I was one of them when I served in Iraq.

  • Craig

    Wow I didn’t know he was a Mormon. Doesn’t change my opinion of him. Still like his music.

  • Dana

    What a sweet video!

  • Guy

    Not exactly a fan of the Mormon religion (I think it’s a tad strange), but it doesn’t change my opinion of him or anyone else dedicated to the Mormon faith. It’s Scientology that tends to make me change my opinion of someone. Any celebrity I like who I then hear is a Scientologist instantly goes down in my book. That’s probably wrong of me, but I don’t really care. Scientology is ridiculous.

    • jmcg

      I’m with you Guy!

    • bhm1304

      So is Catholocism.

    • Rocky

      Guy, Joseph Smith and L. Ron Hubbard are cut from the same cloth.

  • NonEntity

    Joseph Smith would be proud knowing that he has a “me-me” sensation directing the aimless towards his homegrown cult of personality. For judgmental people, this group makes a great home because the religion tells you you’ll have your own planet and become a God (women need not apply).

    • Winnie50

      As a Women and a Mormon I find your comment very misguided. I’m not going to say I am offended, because I am not. I would however suggest you do a little research on the doctrine and beliefs of the Mormon religion before you make very vague statements in which you sound completely uninformed. Just a though….

      • Rthur17

        Well, your church gave a lot of money to anti gay campaigns (as well as others). So, it’s hard to back your “doctrine”. Either way, I’m sure you can just baptize us against are will after we pass in some gaudy, porcelain bowl.
        Enjoy relief society. Just a thought.

      • Caiti

        I did research and found out that Joseph Smith used to tell young girls that if they didn’t have sex with him that their families would burn in hell. Also let’s remember the *ahem* Mark of Cain bit…

      • Courtney

        where did you “research” this? i’m guessing you found it on some random website full of anti-mormon “facts”. i can’t beleive the harsh comments on here, many based on false information. go to and read about the faith. if you still disagree with our beliefs (ie gay marraige) than ok. but i don’t think it’s fair to forman opinion about the Mormon religion without knowing the REAL facts.

      • Robin

        Caiti, You might want to do your “research” on a credible mormon site. Not an anti mormon site where everything is false.

    • Robin

      You shouldnt talk so harshly about something you are so obviously wrong about. Your facts are not correct. So please stop blaming for things that arent true.

  • Tal

    I’ve known some non-jerk Mormons, and Flowers may be one of them, but the fact remains that they’re pledging their faith to an organization that has driven gay youth to suicide, subjugated women and only recently allowed people of color to join. There are good things about some of the tenets of the faith, but some truly horrible ones, too.

    • Duh

      You’re right. But when you say that. some idiots will tell you you’re just as bad for judging Mormons! Because obviously judging people for choosing to align themselves with a horrible and bigoted organization is the exact same thing as judging someone based on being born a certain skin color or sexual orientation. Pretty sure even MLK said we should judge people on the content of their character. And when someone’s character has him making a commercial for an organization like the Latter Day Saints, his character is pretty much akin to sewage water.

      • Ru

        “Pretty sure even MLK said we should judge people on the content of their character. ”

        Except you get to say that every Mormon has a character like sewage water? I didn’t know you’ve met all of us, I must have missed our introduction.

    • key

      “subjugated women?” I love your lack of national history knowledge! Utah gave the right to women to vote in Utah territory before any state in the union did…and the federal government feared this, and took it away. look it up! Utah women fought hard against the federal government and won it again, with backing from the Mormon church, in 1895. And still by then only two other states allowed women to vote….Sounds like your state was “subjugating women” instead. Hmmmm

    • Vince Baiamonte

      Why don’t you ask some Mormon women (practicing) if they feel subjugated? BTW, I am a fairly well educated Mormon (BSEE, MSEE, Nuclear Engineering) and find that the Mormon church makes a lot of sense. I don’t know of any religion that can be proven, and the Mormon church is no exception. But Mormons have some very compelling features. BTW, there are a lot of people who were Mormon but could not live the requirements of the religion and have become bitter against the church.

    • Andy

      I did too and for two years I did a lot of bad stuff. One day I decided to cghnae and went back to church. Now I’m married, got a beautiful boy, and I’m writing my own books. We all go astray but we can all return to church. Even if you don’t, at least just lead a good life.

  • Jeff

    Worship whatever God you like and you’ll get no judgement from me. It’s the baby factory families that gets me crazy (which are often seen in the Mormon faith). 17 or 18 nieces and nephews?? Wake up people – This world has almost ZERO chance of weathering the massive overpopulation heading our way in the next 100 years, yet every politician in our country is afraid to tell people “don’t have 9 kids” since there are so many of us that wrap up having a giant brood into some sort of divine calling from God. It blows my mind that we can turn a blind eye to something that is mathematically certain to spell our doom without major changes in the coming decades.

    • Bernie

      17 or 18 nieces and nephews to 5 siblings, not 1 family.

      • Tal

        You do realize that works out to nearly four kids per sibling, right? And each of those has four kids, and… Yeah. It gets huge, fast.

        And five kids is small for the average LDS family. I’ve known ones with as many as 11. Granted that Catholics have large families, too, but at least they’re not actively encouraging it. Mormon women are socially graded on how many kids they’ve birthed. The ones who stop at 2 or 3 are seen as selfish. My own mother-in-law had to stop at 5 because she had extremely dangerous pregnancies (several of which she lost) and her church thought she wasn’t trying hard enough. Nasty.

      • Jeff

        I realize that Bernie, but it’s still unnecessarily large and still a problem in 2011. And I was more making a comment about the tendency among Mormons to have huge families than commenting on Brandon Flowers. Guy seems like an OK dude.

      • Waqas

        Reading the wise words in EXII of so many of you who communicate with each other tugrhoh blogs and other electronic methods, makes me sadly conscious of all that I am missing that goes back and forth between you. It makes me happily conscious, however, of how much wider this Mormon feminist network is that it was when we only communicated with one another by mail. Hurrah for the new EXII! Hurrah for the editors! I am rereading my new issue and savoring every moment. The color is so exciting.

    • G

      Actually the families with 11 kids are out of the ordinary for any family. I know more families that are NOT Mormon that have large numbers like that then I do of Mormon families.

      If someone made a nasty comment about a women not trying hard enough was not the thoughts of the church but the thoughts of the person who said it.

      Everyone has to remember that members of the Mormon faith are not exactly the same. They don’t all have the same lifes and they have their own opinions. It is called Freedom to Choose and the members of this church have it.

      Mean comments that are based on rumors, hearsay and anti-mormon people are the reason for the “I am Mormon” compaign.

      Do you know that when a new church building is opened that there are people standing on street corners handing out hateful literature on the church?

    • Vince Baiamonte

      Actually, thats not true. In my travels I find that corrupt men (and women) in power abuse the average person through the misuse of resources. In other words, the worlds resources are badly managed which leads to hunger and pain. Think about it.

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