Scotty McCreery sings the national anthem at the World Series, Zooey Deschanel to bat clean-up


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Last night at Busch Stadium, the St. Louis Cardinals bested the Texas Rangers 3-2 in the opening game of the 2011 World Series. The biggest baseball event of the year kicked off with the usual pomp and circumstance, featuring a cameo appearance by First Lady Michelle Obama and a national anthem performance by American Idol winner and Billboard chart-topper Scotty McCreery.

Luckily, McCreery’s performance of “The Star-Spangled Banner” was sharper than his unfortunately-tinted World Series jacket, and he also managed to overcome a bit of a technical snafu at the beginning (the first step to a great performance is to turn on the microphone).

It’s still a little bit jarring hearing that voice come out of McCreery’s face, but he managed to sidestep the usual pitfalls the come associated with the song. He’s had plenty of practice, as he performed it before a North Carolina State football game just a few weeks ago.

For those of you not interested in baseball (which is a shame, because this is the most evenly-matched Series in recent memory) but definitely concerned with music and patriotism, Fox announced the rest of the planned anthem singers for the three sure-thing games remaining.

It’s an especially country-tinged lineup: Trace Adkins will take the microphone before tonight’s game, with Ronnie Dunn holding it down before Saturday night’s game in Arlington, Texas. The most intriguing performance will come Sunday night in Texas, where New Girl star and She & Him member Zooey Deschanel will take on “The Star-Spangled Banner” before game four.

Check out Scotty’s performance below, and let us know who you’d like Major League Baseball to book to sing the national anthem should the World Series extend beyond four games. Anybody else hoping that St. Louis’ own Nelly gets the chance to bellow about the rockets’ red glare?

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  • Phil

    Every musician they’ve got lined up to perform is as underwelming as the actual teams playing. I mean I know FOX has Zooey’s sitcom (that EW seems to LOVE) on hiatus while the games are playing, and Scotty is an IDOL graduate and baseball fan, but yeah..just MEH. I really doubt there’s be so many country artists playing if the Phils or Yankees didn’t lose in the play offs.

    • Savol Ate my Baby

      How is it exactly that the champions of the National and American League are underwhelming? Because they bested all the underwhelming coast teams to get into the series? Sounds like you’re missing some great baseball.

      • Phil

        I’m a Philly boy. Yeah they didn’t make it past the Cards, but I also doubt the Cards played a ridiculous amount of games in September (more than almost 2 doubleheaders a week) that wore them out before the play offs due to all the heavy rain cancellations here in Philly. I am not a super sports fanatic and this is an etnertainment site so i’m not gonna go into it, but yeah, no one mentions the grueling make up schedule the Phils and I guess the Yanks too had to make up in Sept. right before the most important games of the season. It was awful.

      • RobNJ

        Hey Phil, my Orioles had the same predicament and took 5 of 7 from the Sox to knock them out of the playoffs. What was that excuse again?

      • Tony

        Are you kidding? The Rangers had to play in the most 100+ degree games one team has had to play in one baseball season, ever. To complain about a couple of rain delays is really a little silly.

      • Phil

        Tony, these werent rain delays, they were games canceled and then rescheduled back to back to back to back, nonstop with no break. Yeah the Texas heat is grueling but, as a team, I’d expect Texas players to be conditioned for that kinda weather. NEVER had Philly, and most of the Eastern seaboard seen as much rain as we did this past August & September and if you don’t think that was a factor into the Phils’ losses (although, them not hitting much in the play offs is the true culprit) than I dunno. I’m not jaded or upset by it, but I def. think its a factor that can’t be overlooked.

      • Greg

        I think this is a really great idea.

      • Sally

        The Phillies/Cardinals game went to deciding game 5. With a masterpiece of pitching between Holiday and Carpenter. As a Cardinals fan, thankfully we scored the 1 run and that was it. Game could have gone either way. Weather had nothing to do with how the series ended.

      • Phil

        @Sallly. Please RE-REAd what I wrote. It had nothing to do with the weather DURING the series with the Cardinals, I was referring the Phillies grueling make up schedule the 3 weeks in Sept. leading up to the play offs. I swear eithe rmost of America has gotten dumber like everyone claims, or people don’t even read full posts without commenting! The Phils had to play a number of doubleheaders back to back to back in Sept. to make up for all the cancellations due to the torrential downpours in Philly in August, which went on record to being the wettest month in the city’s history, EVER. Between the storms from Irene and the downpours before and after, we got drenched, and the Phillies had to make up all those games right before the play offs, and yeah they didn’t have to play their best players, but Charlie is one interesting coach, meaning he doesn’t seem to ever think the same as what everyone else thinks…anyways, all I was saying is that I dunno what other teams had to play that many consecutive games on such a tight schedule (I heard they may have had to play some 36 games in less than 31 days in Sept.) and travel too. If you think that kinda grueling play & touring schedule didn’t effect ‘em in the end, you must be part alien and be superman.

    • md

      excuses excuses phil

    • Ervin

      The Phils had a huge lead on the Braves, and how awful the Braves played down the stretch, they could easily played backups for most of their games and not use their starters which I think they did.

    • sam

      typical person-who-doesnt-know-anything… just because the score is low doesn’t mean the teams playing are bad…

      • Phil

        doesn’t know anything? I am not into sports, but was hit by a car crash when I was 2 and a half, and the ONLY reason I’m alive is because it was the year the Phillies won the pennant & I was wearing a Phillies ‘plastic’ kids’ hard hat at the time that cushioned the blow from the car into my skull. SO I am a diehard Phillies fan. Even all those years when they weren’t a chamionship team. I don’t give a f#&k about low scores or other teams, or even really other sports. You’re a typical sports obsessed junkie that can’t appreciate why some people are interested for their own reasons.

  • Hamid

    Did you actually listen to the anthem? Check out 1:25 when Scotty sings “No Jose”. This was as bad a Xtina’s screw up.

    • Tiffany

      It wasn’t a screw up. He sang the same thing at a NC State National Anthem game. In Carolina, they say “no zay” & with his twang it sounds like “No Jose.”

    • Kelly

      rewound ten times last night thought for sure someone else heard it. to who is Jose anyway?

      • Meeeee

        Isn’t that the guy other people ask if he can see at the beginning of the song? “Jose, can you see…”? I guess you could just sing “Jose” over and over and over if you don’t know the words…and let’s face it, that’s a more relevant lyric than “land of the free and home of the brave.”

  • Derek

    Thanks for showing a bit of respect to the two teams facing off, unlike another EW blogger who has made his views perfectly clear already today. It’s crazy that the Yankees have to be in the World Series every year for it to be interesting. As a Midwest boy, I’m happy to see my Cards play for the title, even if I do have to endure Scotty McCreery.

    • Meeeee

      And the thing is, there is no more boring team to watch than the Yankees. I haven’t watched the past two Series they were in because it’s excruciating to watch Sabathia, Chamberlain or Burnett prancing around the mound for a minute between pitches, or watch A-Rod fondle his gloves while summoning up the courage to step into the box.

      It amazes me that anyone can sit through Yankees games, but it also explains why many people think baseball is a boring sport. If I only tuned in for the post season and sat through a Yankees game, I’d probably have the same perception.

      • RobNJ

        I’m an O’s fan relocated in NYC and will not go or watch them play the Yankees. It just takes up too much time. Baseball games should not be 3 hours long. I’ll go to a Mets game because NL games are faster.

      • Greg

        Men playing a boys game. Baseball.

  • Templar

    I’m not sure Zooey’s voice has enough power to take on the national anthem. And while we’re on the subject, they should change the anthem to America the Beautiful. It’s a better song, easier to sing and is far more uplifting than the war mongering Star Spangled Banner.

    • jj

      the anthem is a vocally difficult song that can really showcase how untrained a voice is. if you listen to zooey sing, she doesn’t really have the greatest voice. she sings in between the notes which does not do well in a song like the anthem. it doesn’t matter if you are a zooey fan. quirky cool off key does not go well with the anthem. might as well have scarlett johannsen sing it the next night. they both have the same poor vocal quality.

    • Ben

      I agree with you Templar: America the Beautiful is a much better song than the Star Spangled Banner. The lyrics and the music are way better and it’s much easier to sing. It’s getting really boring to read Another article where fill-in-the-blanks singer had trouble singing the Star Spangled Banner. Almost Everyone can sing America the Beautiful without any trouble. America the Beautiful should be our national anthem. It is a much better song that is a better representation of our nation. Singing about the beauty that is the USA is better than singing about the siege of Fort McHenry during the War of 1812,

  • Kelly

    Oh, say, can you see, by the dawn’s early light,
    What so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming?
    Whose broad stripes and bright stars, thro’ the perilous fight’
    O’er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming.
    And the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
    Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there.
    Oh, say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave
    O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

    • Templar

      Play ball?

  • Thelma

    I think Scotty was awesome. The first person I heard sing it in a long time and I felt it. Focus on the game fans….its not a singing competition.

    • me

      He was really out of tune by the end.

    • Miguel

      He was singing at the game because he won a singing competition — because folks voted for him for reasons other than his singing talent.

  • Fred V

    Um, Nelly CAN sing a little… Michael McDonald is similarly St. Louisan, and could’ve been a consideration (READ: MLB, get off country for a second!).

    • RobNJ

      Agree. Stop pimping your shows and have a local sing it. Can’t wait for Joan Jett to sing it when the O’s make the playoffs (Yeah right).

  • skillet25

    He stinks. That was terrible.

    • Nikki Newmyer

      He is amazing and ur just jealous that you dont sound like that!!!

  • skillet25

    He stinks

    • sue

      What an ugly thing to say! UGH!!! Scotty, you did a good job! And have you noticed that the people who say ugly things are the people who couldn’t sing, or are the people who wouldn’t even have the courage to try!!!

      • jj

        do you have to be a singer to be a music appreciater or critic? do you have to be a musician to like music or critique it? i’m so sick of you idiots who think everyone is a “hater” or is “jealous” or shouldn’t have an opinion if it is not a worshipful rave. most people have standards that they judge things and people by. whether it be the quality of a band or singer or whether we think a reality star is spoiled and immoral. there is nothing wrong with having standards. but we should remember that not everyone has the same ones. the comment “he stinks”, while silly and not very logical, doesn’t strike me as overly mean or personal. i don’t think they are saying he actually has an odor, just saying they think his music sucks. it’s an opinion. everyone has one.

      • Miguel

        Have you noticed Scotty can’t sing anything but country music?

  • katie

    huge zooey fan…
    but for some reason i can’t imagine her singing the national anthem!

  • ladamarkusjackson

    Motley Freakin Crue

  • Nikki Newmyer

    Scotty did an amazing job and I love his voice. Its hard to image that THAT voice comes out of him

  • cindy

    scotty did an amazing job i don’t think the beginning was his fault. He always stays so calm no matter what happens he never gets flustered he is such an allsome young man with an amazing voice he always makes you feel what he is singing about

  • Bella

    Scotty did an okay job but unfortunately without my team or any exciting teams in the World Series, I won’t watch it.

  • Samuel

    Pretty good. Not my type at all, but for people who like deep-voiced country teenagers, I’m sure they were overjoyed. In my opinion, having Haley Reinhart sing it would have made it 10 times better, but that’s just because I’m not a country fan.

    • Mrs M

      I love country music, but I still wish Haley would have won Idol! I have heard Scotty’s sound over and over again and Haley was different.

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