TV Jukebox: 'Mad Men,' 'Supernatural,' 'Missing,' and more music-on-TV moments


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The song: U2, “One Tree Hill”
The episode: “One Tree Hill” (913)
The hook: One Tree Hill may have seen some complex plots during its nine years on TV, but the answer to wrapping it all up was simple: Start where it all began. Indeed, the Irish rock gods’ jubilant 1988 track inspired the show from day one. So, with just minutes left in the series, music supervisor Lindsay Wolfington queued up “One Tree Hill” for a pitch-perfect coda. Wednesday’s flashforward that showed the characters a little older, a little wiser, and as happy as they’ve ever been as they shared their parting words and the plot strains all came together “like a river runs to the sea.” Said Wolfington, “We are so grateful to have been able to use some incredible music on the show the past nine years. … It was an honor and delight to be able to feature ‘One Tree Hill’ over the last visuals of our cast. It felt meant to be.”
Watch it! Get your hankies ready for when the episode uploads this weekend. Until then, you can listen to “One Tree Hill” on U2’s YouTube as you read April Daley’s reminiscence about the last nine seasons.


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The song: “Like a Prayer,” originally performed by Madonna
The episode: “Four Weddings and a Funeral (Minus Three Weddings and One Funeral)” (221)
The hook: Iron Maiden’s “2 Minutes to Midnight” got the party started — that and the hilarious yellow tux grooms Eric and Derrick forced upon Jane (Eliza Coupe) — but Max (Adam Pally) and his Madonna cover band kept it going well through the end of the credits for Endings‘ season 2 finale on Wednesday. From Damon Wayans Jr.’s ridiculous dance moves to the cone-bra-and-platinum-ponytail realness one of the band members was bringing, it was a glorious moment harkening back to a glory age that even Madonna herself is reveling in at the moment.
Watch it! Life may be a mystery, but the gang certainly does not stand alone at 19:24 on EndingsHulu. After the dance party, check out Dan Snierson’s chat with Pally about channeling Her Madgesty.


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The song: Sheryl Crow, “The Gospel According to Me”
The episode: “Forbidden Fruit” (105)
The hook: Sassy Sundays are in full effect thanks to the Texas-set show’s ability to re-appropriate church-tinged classics and inject them with a little bit of edge. The action on the April 1 episode may have centered on a church fundraiser, but a remodeled parish wasn’t all that was at stake. When a fierce rivalry developed between frenemies Cricket (Miriam Shor) and Heather (Marisol Nichols), Cricket tried to undermine Heather’s status by making her the chair of a committee that hoped to raise a seemingly impossible sum of $3 million. Emphasis on the seemingly because Heather’s boyfriend Andrew (Tom Everett Scott) pulled a few strings and booked nine-time Grammy winner Sheryl Crow to perform. Although I wish Crow had retooled her 1993 breakout hit and sung “All I wanna do is have some fundraising,” her country-gospel fusion was the sweetest just desserts fitness fanatic Cricket never asked for.
Watch it! Some fairly un-Christian behavior takes place at 30:55 on GCB‘s Hulu. Marc Snetiker’s recap can fill you in on what came before Crow took the stage.

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