'Experiencing Nirvana': Check out never-before-seen photos of Kurt Cobain on Nirvana's first tour of Europe - EXCLUSIVE


Image Credit: Bruce Pavitt

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Even though chaos often reigned at Nirvana shows, they were often technically proficient. “Kurt was a great musician and a great guitar player, and because he had such an excellent voice, that tends to overshadow his guitar playing,” Pavitt explains. The opening night of the tour was cut short thanks to Kurt’s gear problems and his near-leap from a speaker stack, but like the rest of the shows on this run, it was a strong showing for them. “It’s interesting to note that at almost every show, they would break down and do some cover, whether it was Captain Beefheart, the B-52s, the Stooges. So not only were they well rehearsed, but they were well versed in alternative music history, and they could bust out a wide variety of covers. Kurt was as versed in alternative music as anybody, and I take great pride in the fact that he was a good student.”

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