Jimmy Fallon talks about his show's biggest moments by this year's Grammy nominees

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Bruce Springsteen

“If you’ve seen Bruce Springsteen in concert, you know that it’s like a roller coaster: You’re screaming, you’re laughing, you’re crying, just constantly moving. He did ‘Jack of All Trades,’ and people were weeping. We did a sketch together where I did Neil Young, and he did Bruce from the ’80s, with a headband and a sleeveless jean jacket. We did ‘Sexy and I Know It,’ a slowed-down version. It was ridiculous. So then his manager was like, ‘Bruce wants to know if you have any favorites, and he’ll do a bonus song for the web.’ So I asked for ‘E Street Shuffle,’ and he says, ‘Of course he’ll do it, but he wants to know if the Roots will play with him?’ Do I even need to ask the Roots if they want to play with the E Street Band? And then Bruce wanted to invite the crowd to the floor to have a dance party. So I go, ‘We’ve never done that, but I’ll ask.’ So I went to our producers and our security guard, and they come back and say absolutely not, no way, it’s a fire hazard, can’t do it, it’s illegal. So I said, ‘Well then, forget I asked you. This never happened. No one asked you this. We never talked.’ Because I’m not going to let Bruce Springsteen down. And of course I’m not letting this go on the web, this is going right to the show. So I said, ‘Ladies and Gentlemen, Bruce Springsteen.’ The E Street Band starts playing, the Roots start playing with them, the crowd goes nuts, Bruce invites them down, everybody is dancing and screaming. It was a full-on shindig. I don’t know what to compare it to. There’s a dent in our stage, because he just knocked the crap out of it. I never smiled so much in my life. My cheeks hurt me. You could see how much fun everybody was having—even the security guard was having fun. It was that four minutes where you go, you know what? Life is fun. It was magic, just magic.”

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