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Run the Jewels return with new album, tour dates and a silly promo email


OutKast may have reunited, but there’s no new album on the horizon. Who knows if we’ll ever get a Watch the Throne 2 from Jay and ‘Ye. Good thing we have Run the Jewels, the goofy yet prolific duo featuring El-P and Killer Mike. They’re set to release RTJ2, the follow-up to 2013’s debut Run the Jewels, on Oct. 27.

The duo seemed like an odd pairing when they first started working together. El-P lent his brand of dense, industrial rap beats to Killer Mike’s 2012 LP R.A.P. Music, a record full of the rapper’s signature Southern wordplay. The collaboration led them to form Run the Jewels and offer their debut as a free download. The record took off, Run the Jewels dominated the festival circuit, and now they’re back—and boasting their well-known style of stoner humor. READ FULL STORY

Nude Beach share a playlist of their inspirations, and it's kind of like a collage

Brooklyn trio Nude Beach have a rare talent for borrowing sounds and ideas from various high points in rock history without coming off like copycats. Part of the reason is that they tend to collage bits from different styles and periods within one single song  part of it’s the quality of material that they’re drawing from, and part of it’s just a gift for writing undeniable hooks. While they’re getting ready for the release of their third LP 77 and an accompanying fall tour, the band took a break to make EW a playlist of songs that inspired the album. Covering everything from modern jangle revivalists to classic country to psychedelic folk, it’s proof that when it comes to making records, the band’s working with top-shelf ingredients.


Kid Sister debuts 'Higher' music video from alter ego, Jane Jupiter


The Summer of Butts continues: In Kid Sister’s latest music video, the rapper shows off her booty to a camera when she’s not slinking around to the dance-ready tune, “Higher.”

“Higher” is one of the tracks off Kid Sister’s latest mixtape, DUSK2DAWN- The Diary of Jane Jupiter, which she released in August. Jane Jupiter isn’t just a random name though — it’s Kid Sister’s new alter ego. “I feel like Jane Jupiter is me, but perhaps in an exalted form,” she told EW earlier this month. “I think that it really just fit what I had in mind aesthetically, sonically, spiritually.” READ FULL STORY

'WKRP in Cincinnati' is getting a DVD release with its original music

WKRP in Cincinnati‘s defining qualities were a cast of wacky characters, an atmosphere of free-floating late-’70s psychic malaise (that on its better episodes the show sharpened to a cutting point), and, more than anything else, by its music. Fittingly for a show about a radio station of the time, the soundtrack included everything from the Grateful Dead to the Cars, often highlighting the culture clash between hippie-era dinosaurs and the leaner New Wave acts that were springing up in response to those dinosaurs’ refusal to exit the pop zeitgeist.

Thanks to the way music licensing contracts were written at the time, the show lost its rights to use the original versions of the songs it had so deeply woven into its fabric, and was forced to replace them with generic knockoffs while it was still in broadcast syndication. Later, when it moved to cable and home video it did so with the same soundalikes.

On Oct. 28, Shout! Factory will release the first complete series-spanning WKRP DVD set, with its original soundtrack gloriously restored. (Orders through the Shout! Factory site get early delivery on Sept. 23.) The 13-disc set will include not only new bonus features (including a 2014 panel discussion with members of the cast and crew), but actual songs by a staggeringly broad range of artists including Captain Beefheart, Elvis Costello, the Rolling Stones, Luther Vandross, Ray Charles, the Sir Douglas Quintet, and Huey Lewis & the News. Somewhere in sitcom heaven Johnny Fever and Venus Flytrap are exchanging cool ’70s-hipster handshakes.


Robin Thicke admits to drug and alcohol problem in 'Blurred Lines' testimony


Robin Thicke hasn’t stopped talking about his his wife, Paula Patton, since their February separation. There were the many songs he dedicated to her and cried through on tour, the entire album titled Paula promoted as an apology. And apparently, even a legal meeting wasn’t safe from mention of her: In a testimony acquired by The Hollywood Reporter, Thicke mentions his separation from his wife multiple times.

Thicke, Pharrell Williams, and T.I. filed a lawsuit last year in an attempt to protect their 2013 song “Blurred Lines” against Marvin Gaye’s children’s claims that the song is a rip-off of their father’s 1977 hit “Got to Give it Up.” Thicke gave his deposition, which also included confessions of drug abuse, in April. READ FULL STORY

Apple launches website to help users delete U2 album from their iTunes


If you have an iTunes account, you also have U2’s latest album, Songs of Innocence, in your music library—whether you like it or not.

Apple held an event last week where the company announced their new iPhone models and the upcoming iWatch, and where U2 showed up to debut their new surprise album. Turns out, Apple fans didn’t just get some cool news about gadgets that day: Anyone with an Apple ID got U2’s album automatically added to their device. And some people are not happy about that.


Beyonce and Jay Z go on the run in their new 'Bang Bang' video


Over the weekend, America’s favorite power couple wrapped up their On the Run tour in Paris—but don’t think that means you’ll have to go without a Bey and Jay fix. As Nowness reports, filmmaker Dikayl Rimmasch has released the first episode of Bang Bang, the three-part short film series that aired during the couple’s concerts and features them literally on the run, in a 1960s Pontiac GTO shooting through the Californian desert.

In the video, which runs just under three minutes, Beyoncé and Jay Z pull into an inn off a dusty highway. While they eat at a diner, Jay (of course) puffs a massive cigar before spotting his face alongside Beyoncé’s on a newspaper below the headline “ON THE RUN.” You can stream the video below to see what happens next. The whole thing has that swagger only these two can pull off, and an authentic Ennio Morricone score—you know, the guy who did The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly and Inglourious Basterds—adds to the video’s epic feel.


Sondre Lerche shows off his moves in 'Legends' video


Sondre Lerche’s new album Please finds the singer grappling with his split from his wife of eight years, but unlike most singer-songwriters’ divorce albums it’s not a grim reckoning with the folly of romantic entanglement or anything along those lines. His way of dealing with the breakup was to spend as much time as possible going out dancing, and the album finds the indie rock auteur shifting from the carefully crafted chamber pop he’s built his name on to a more beat-heavy electronic sound. It’s surprisingly easy to dance to, whether you’re breaking up or not.

In the video for the song “Legends,” Lerche shows off some of the moves he’s been working on in one long, intensively choreographed take, a la Kiesza’s “Hideaway.” For being about a broken romance the song and its visual are surprisingly upbeat, a joyous expression of physical movement that perfectly captures what it is about dancing that makes it such a perfect solution for things like traumatic breakups.


Hear 'Edge of Space' from The Jazz June's first album in 12 years

The Jazz June was one of the biggest bands during emo’s creative heyday during the ’90s, distinguishing themselves through a combination of intense musical ambition and accessible pop songwriting. The Pennsylvania four-piece released their last album Better Off Without Air in 2002, shortly before disbanding, but they’ve reunited just in time to catch the current emo revival wave. On Nov. 11, Topshelf Records will release the band’s first full-length recording in 12 years.

After the Earthquake will include 10 new songs produced by emo revivalist Evan Weiss (aka Into It. Over It.), including “Edge of Space.” Frontman Andrew Low, who relocated to London after the group’s breakup, says that the song “is loosely based on the story of Felix Baumgartner, who broke the record for skydiving 25 miles from space.


Ben Kweller, Billy Crudup, Anton Yelchin team up for 'Rudderless' song


William H. Macy is making his directing debut with the upcoming Rudderlessand he’s excited about it. So excited about it that he just deemed a scene “wicked cool.”

Rudderless tells the story of a father (Billy Crudup) who loses his son, Josh, to gun violence and deals with his loss by drinking heavily—that is, until he discovers some demos his son recorded and sets off on a mission to learn the songs his son left behind. One of those songs is “Over Your Shoulder”—which is cool enough with its gentle vocals and pretty fingerpicking, but Macy promises it’s even better in the movie. “It’s one of the most thrilling cuts,” Macy tells EW. “Halfway through the song it cuts to a different location without missing a beat. It’s so wicked cool.”

Crudup’s Sam catches a young musician’s (Anton Yelchin) attention when he plays one of his son’s songs for the first time in a bar. Yelchin’s character convinces Sam to start a band, and together, they perform Josh’s songs. “The songs turn out to be the engine of [Sam's] redemption,” Macy says. “The film is not about music, but there’s a ton of music in it.” And because of that, Macy had to find the perfect music for the film. READ FULL STORY

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