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Eminem and Jay-Z rock Detroit with help from Dr. Dre, Drake, and so many more

eminem-jay-zImage Credit: Kevin Mazur/EM/WireImage.comEminem and Jay-Z sharing a stage is an event in and of itself. But that wasn’t all the two rap titans had in store for the first night of their “Home and Home” mini-tour at Detroit’s Comerica Park last night. Oh no. In the course of their two sets, Em and Jay brought out friends including Dr. Dre, Drake, 50 Cent, B.o.B, Young Jeezy — practically half of the hip-hop galaxy.

By all accounts, it was a night to remember. Check out clips of Dr. Dre’s guest appearance, plus Eminem and Jay-Z doing their classic 2001 collab “Renegade,” after the jump (clips via Rap Radar; lots of NSFW language).

Were you at Comerica Park last night? Planning to see Eminem and Jay-Z’s second show there tonight, or one of their Yankee Stadium dates in NYC on Sept. 13 and 14? Let us know in the comments. READ FULL STORY

50 Cent remixes Cee-Lo's 'F--- You': Watch the funny video here

f-you-50-cent-remixImage Credit: Koi Sojer/PR PhotosWell, that was fast. Just days after the great Cee-Lo Green released his awesomely catchy “F— You,” that irrepressible jokester 50 Cent has issued a response video. In his remix, he naturally takes on the role of the rich guy who stole Cee-Lo’s lady with his flashy red Ferrari. It’s just one quick verse tacked on to the original song, but it’s pretty funny.

50 Cent even had a video made for his remix. Take a look after the jump (clip via Miss Info; lots of NSFW language, obviously). How do you like it? Any other recent songs you’d like to see 50 apply his sense of humor to? READ FULL STORY

50 Cent and Shyne trade zingers in the summer's most entertaining rap beef

50-cent-shyneImage Credit: Sylvain Gaboury/PR Photos; Andrew Savulich/NY Daily News Archive/Getty ImagesYou probably know 50 Cent as a rapper, actor, and businessman, but I think his truest gifts may lie in the phony phone-call field. Take his ongoing tiff with Shyne. The former Diddy protégé has been one of 50’s innumerable antagonists going back years, but things have really started heating up lately with Shyne’s release from prison. Last week, Shyne’s new label, Def Jam, organized a live webcast/conference call to aid with his halting comeback efforts. 50 Cent took this opportunity to call in under a fake name and prank Shyne.

You can watch 50’s edited version of the webcast exchange after the jump via Nah Right — be warned, there’s a ton of NSFW profanity and at least one cringe-inducing Mel Gibson quotation. Really, though, the questionable details of 50’s tirade aren’t the point. What makes this hilarious to me is the way 50 Cent consistently gets right up in his many enemies’ faces. No other artist of his stature would take the time to do this. Jay-Z, for instance, has spent the last 10 years studiously avoiding petty industry beefs whenever possible. 50 gleefully jumps headfirst into the mud every time. I can’t help chuckling at his antics, even when I know I shouldn’t. READ FULL STORY

50 Cent drops 50 pounds for movie role: See the shocking pictures here

50-centImage Credit: thisis50.comWhoa! 50 Cent (real name: Curtis Jackson) made a hell of a sacrifice for his upcoming movie. Usually the MC looks like an NFL linebacker. But for his starring role in the Mario Van Peebles-directed Things Fall Apart, a movie he wrote, 50 dropped 54 pounds to play a college football player battling cancer. On a liquid diet and three-hour-a-day treadmill stints, he went from 214 pounds to a sickly 160 pounds, reports US Weekly.

It’s not unusual for actors to lose extreme weight for movie parts. Matt Damon got bony for Courage Under Fire. Will Smith shrunk for Seven Pounds, and Christian Bale got frail for The Machinist. But those were all for major releases. There’s no word yet on if this movie will hit theaters or not.

Maybe this will be 50’s breakout role. But there’s a good chance it won’t. As an actor, 50 Cent has only starred in a handful of major releases and straight-to-DVD castoffs. His film debut came in 2005 with the semi-autobiographical Get Rich or Die Tryin’, and in 2008 he acted alongside Robert De Niro and Al Pacino in the commercial flop Righteous Kill. All of his showings suggest that he should stick to his day job, though it seems he’s bent on Hollywood stardom.

50’s currently out on his national Invitation tour and back in fighting shape. On his website, a recent picture shows a healthier 50 rapping with his G-Unit mates Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo. Check out another picture of the slim 50 after the jump.


50 Cent and Susan Boyle: Would you listen if they collaborated?

According to a British rumor mill (motto: “Gossip gone toxic”), 50 Cent is dying to work with Susan Boyle. “Susan Boyle is hot right now,” the rapper allegedly said. “She’s got an amazing voice, and together we’d get everyone dancing…I got to get her on a track, for real. We’d make a hit.” Also: “She’s cool. I’d love to take her clubbing, show her around my world.”

Given the provenance of these words, I might be inclined to wonder if they ever even left 50’s mouth. But a rep confirms to the Music Mix that the quotes are legit, more or less: “He was asked on a red carpet would he ever do a song with Susan Boyle, and he responded saying sure, if the material was right he would.”

That still doesn’t mean there’s the slightest chance that this will ever happen. In all likelihood, 50 was just kidding around — and now that Boyle has proven herself as a huge seller, she hardly needs to collaborate with him or anyone. Even so, let’s imagine for a moment that this meeting of the minds actually came to pass (it won’t). Would you buy a 50 Cent-Susan Boyle MP3 on iTunes or How about if it was a free stream? Do you think anyone from either of these artists’ fan bases would be interested in hearing them record together?

(Follow the Music Mix on Twitter: @EWMusicMix.)

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Photo credit: 50 Cent: Tina Gill/PR Photos; Boyle: Janet Mayer/PR Photos

50 Cent's 'Before I Self-Destruct': EW's review

50 Cent’s long-awaited Before I Self-Destruct arrived as an exclusive iTunes Music Store offering today in an effort to combat widespread leaks; physical CDs will follow next Monday. Read on for EW’s review.


Are hip-hop's richest rappers worth the money -- musically, that is?

Jay-z-Forbes-list_l The one time I interviewed Jay-Z, Iasked the rap megastar whether he'd care to lend me his $70,000Audemars Piguet watch to use as a poker stake. Hova declined toparticipate in this investment opportunity, which was probably a wisedecision, if a rather mean one, given how much that guy earns.

Yesterday, Forbes magazine reconfirmed that the rapper is unlikely tobe eating government cheese any time soon when the title published itsannual "Hip Hop Cash Kings" list — Jay-Z is at pole position with estimated earnings of $35 million, Diddy came second with $30 million, Kanye West got bronze with $25 million, both 50 Cent and Akon raked in $20 million, and somehow Lil Wayne is going to have to make ends meet with a paltry $18 million.

Forbes also notes that many of the artists can often thankendorsement deals or other extra-musical activities for much of theirnewfound wealth (What's up, Vitamin Water). But how much do you think they deserve to beremunerated purely for their output?

Is Jay-Z still worth twice as muchas Lil Wayne based on the music he has produced over the past 12months? (We won't see his Blueprint 3 'til this September, but an ownership stake in the New Jersey Nets certainly doesn't hurt his cashflow.) Would you pay 50 Cent anything at all given how long it's takenhim to release his new album? Do tell, in the comments section below.

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New 50 Cent track leaks, album supposedly still 'forthcoming'

50 Cent’s long-awaited album Before I Self-Destruct has been delayed so many times I thought it was already out. Nope. In fact, it doesn’t even have a solid release date yet. But that hasn’t stopped Fiddy from previewing a new track on his website, a Dr. Dre produced-thumper called "OK, You’re Right." Dre, incidentally, seems to be the reason why the oft-delayed album got waylaid even further: He was too busy working on Eminem’s Relapse.

The new track joins the laundry list of songs that have leaked from the album prior to its "release": "Get Up", "I Get It In"  and "Crack a Bottle" among them. (The latter track is on Relapse, but 50 has said it might appear on his album, too.) "OK, You’re Right" sounds exactly like you’d expect, with slick beats, grand production values and timely pop-culture references to Kobe and LeBron. And, of course, a chorus in which he takes time to respond to haters. I’ve heard better from 50, but at the very least the song shows the album might actually see the light of day sometime soon-ish. What do you think of the new track, 50 fans? And what will be released first: 50’s album, or his Jekyll and Hyde remake with Forest Whitaker?

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Fall Out Boy to tour with 50 Cent: Good idea or bad idea?

Falloutboy50cent_lHoly strange bedfellows! The rumors are true. Patrick Stump has confirmed to Billboard that 50 Cent will join Fall Out Boy on tour this month as the opening act for five shows beginning April 14 in Denver. Stump is already anticipating the fan backlash: "If you don’t like 50Cent, if you’re that stuck-up that you’re going to stand there andhate him actively, then go to the concession stand during (hisset)," he told Billboard. "Go get a T-shirt or go to the bathroom if that’s how youfeel."

After the initial "WTF" wears off, this pairing is not all that strange. Everyone knows the boys of FOB are wannabe rappers anyway (and, hello, Lil’ Wayne and Pharrell guest spots on Folie a Deux). And hip-hop and rock have a long collaborative history. The Hives, She Wants Revenge and, uh, Fall Out Boy worked with Timbaland on his Shock Value album. Eminem toured with Papa Roach and Limp Bizkit back in the day. And what would the world be like had Aerosmith and Run D.M.C. not made "Walk This Way"?

What do you think, Mixers? Is a Fall Out Boy/50 Cent pairing something that gets your blood pumping? And is anyone else curious about 50’s long-gestating Before I Self Destruct album, which is now penciled in for June?

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Eminem, Dr. Dre and 50 Cent: A sneak peak at their mysterious new video

Eminem, Dr. Dre, and 50 Cent: A sneak peek at their mysterious new video

Eminem50centdrdre_lHere’s what Interscope is willing to tell us about the snapshot they just released of a dapper-looking Eminem, Dr. Dre, and 50 Cent playing high-stakes cards. It was taken at Las Vegas’ Palms Casino, where the trio was shooting a video for the first single off of Em’s long-awaited Relapse album. That single is not "Crack a Bottle." The video will likely be out in early April, a month or so before Relapse‘s May 19 release. And…that’s about it. The label is keeping mum otherwise. But you know what they say about pictures, a thousand words, and all that, right? Just seeing those three back in action is enough to intrigue me. How about you?

UPDATE: Interscope allowed us another morsel of information about this video on Tuesday: The Eminem single is called "We Made You."

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