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Adam Lambert talks 'For Your Entertainment' at AMA rehearsals: More from our exclusive Q&A!

Rehearsals for this weekend’s American Music Awards are underway in Los Angeles, and the Music Mix is on the scene to bring you as much of the action as we’re allowed to see. Sadly, so far, that hasn’t been much, as yesterday’s rehearsals — Adam Lambert and Jennifer Lopez, who coincidentally leaked a song called “Louboutins” today — were closed to media.

The LA Times’s Margaret Wappler was luckier than we: she managed to sneak a guerilla peek at Lambert’s rehearsal (before being booted), and reported back that “dancers sashayed across the floor in spangly harem pants, leotards with torn tights and in one particular eye-catching costume, leather pants topped off with a few leather suspender-straps and silvery chains on an otherwise bare-chested male dancer.” We can certainly report that the bass beat of “For Your Entertainment” pounding through the closed doors of the Nokia was hella catchy, and that yes, Lambert’s high notes do carry.

We ran the first part of our post-rehearsal Q&A with the Glambert yesterday, in which he spoke openly about his feelings on the OUT magazine kerfuffle. After the jump, the rest of our short but sweet conversation: How his club kid friends have reacted to For Your Entertainment, how his “rock” voice fits in with Chad Kroeger’s “rock” voice, and which part of his AMA performance he’s dedicated to our readers. You know you wanna know. READ FULL STORY

Exclusive Q&A with Adam Lambert on OUT Magazine scandal: 'Not every gay man is the same gay man.'

American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert has been in the news this week for more than just the upcoming release of his debut album, For Your Entertainment: After putting Lambert on the cover of OUT magazine, Aaron Hicklin, OUT’s editor, wrote the singer an open letter, complaining about certain stipulations placed on the interview and cover shoot by Lambert’s management team — allegations to which Lambert fired back via Twitter. (Read EW Idol Expert Michael Slezak’s take on the matter here.)

We caught up with Lambert at rehearsals for the American Music Awards in downtown Los Angeles today, and got his unvarnished take on the dispute. We also chatted about the new album and his AMA performance, and will bring you those answers tomorrow as part of our ongoing coverage of Sunday’s awards show. The first part of our frank and open Q&A begins after the jump. READ FULL STORY

Danny Gokey debuts new single 'It's Only': What do you think?

Danny-Gokey_lAmerican Idol second runner-up (and wearer of questionable eyeglasses) Danny Gokey debuted his new song, “It’s Only,” on Milwaukee radio station FM 106.1 today. The track, which is the lead single of Gokey’s upcoming RCA Nashville country album, was reportedly written by Lady Antebellum’s Dave Haywood and Charles Kelley and produced by Carrie Underwood collaborator Mark Bright. Sounding a little like Five for Fighting (at least in my opinion), “It’s Only” is a big, emotional ballad and definitely the type of tune Gokey fans wanna hear. Personally, I kinda detest the dude and his overly jazzy LensCrafter frames but I’m also a loyal Adam Lambert fan (I’ve had Lambert’s new single, “For Your Entertainment,” on repeat all day today). That being said, I could totally see this song becoming a big country hit for Gokey.

What do you think, Music Mix-ers? Is Gokey the next big Idol star?

Adam Lambert's 'For Your Entertainment' sound clips hit the web early

Can’t wait three more torturous weeks for Glambert’s debut to drop? Be sated, child, by, the British arm of the books-plus behemoth: They’ve got 30-second teasers of all 19(!) tracks currently up on their site.

Get thee to it, Glamborinas, and pick your early favorites. The bananas falsetto on prance-prance-revolution “Music Again,” a collaboration with The Darkness’ Justin Hawkins, had me at high-pitched hello, though that may be because (Braggy McBraggerson) I got to hear it in full last week at an EW listening session.

But you tell me — loving what Señor One Glove has to offer, or wishing he would cover both ears while he’s at it?

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Glambert and 'Gossip Girl' join the weird world of Weezer

What do Adam Lambert, snuggies, Lil Wayne, Gossip Girl, giant bug costumes and Kenny G have in common? More than they should: They’re all recent additions to the ever-expanding Weezer-verse.

Glambert and Gossip Girl’s Leighton Meester are the latest celebrities to get pulled into the schizophrenic publicity cornucopia surrounding the renowned nerd-rockers’ latest album, Ratitude, which drops tomorrow. Frontman Rivers Cuomo brought Meester—the Gossip Girl star and occasional pop singer—onstage during their Halloween concert at New York’s Hammerstein Ballroom for a duet on their latest single, “(If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To.” The fans tweaked out and you can check it out for yourself here:

Over the weekend it was also confirmed that the Cuomo-penned track “Pick U Up” is a last-minute addition to Adam Lambert’s obsessively anticipated debut album, For Your Entertainment. In the current issue of Rolling Stone Cuomo even joins the Glambert swooning bandwagon, stating, “He has the kind of voice I convince myself that I have.”

These Twilight Zone-esque turn of events might come as a shock to estranged fans who still associate the Weez with outsider angst. But for those who’ve been keeping score, this is probably the most normal thing they’ve done all year, what with their bizarre Lil Wayne collaboration, the jam session with smooth-jazz doofus Kenny G, their sinister plan to fill the world with Weezer-branded snuggies, or dressing up as bugs for a kooky children’s TV show they claim to know nothing about.

So Cuomo teaming up with an American Idol sensation who has the voice of Steven Tyler and the fashion of Limahl? As Weezer’s L.A. brethren once said, nothing’s shocking.

What do you think about Glamby and Blair Waldorf getting pulled into the realm of Weezer? Is it a trippy dream come true or a lesser-known circle of Dante’s hell?

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Adam Lambert, 'For Your Entertainment': Stream the brand-new single here

Hold on to your smurf-ilicious hair extensions, Glambert fans; this morning, Ryan Seacrest unveiled the titular single from the American Idol runner-up’s November 23 debut album, For Your Entertainment: A hushed acoustic meditation on … KIDDING. It’s the sonic equivalent of a dynamited disco ball. Did you expect any less? Listen below:

So… are you entertained?

UPDATE: Adam’s rep tells EW that the song will most likely be removed from various internet sites as quickly as it pops up, so you can play YouTube whack-a-mole, or look for it to stream later today on Otherwise, the song goes to iTunes officially on Monday, November 2.

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Adam Lambert vs Rihanna: Battle of the bizarro album covers!

rihanna-lambert_lAdam Lambert’s already infamous new album cover — an unholy amalgam of Europe’s AquaNet-rock classic The Final Countdown, Andrew Lloyd Weber’s Starlight Express, and a serious Glamour Shots sesh at the Sherman Oaks Galleria — has some fierce competition, kids.

Rihanna’s November 23 release Rated R, top left, is giving ole Glammy-bear a run for his face-clutching money. In fact, it looks like the two just staggered away from the world’s sexiest catfight (Rihanna: “Oh sweet disturbia, my eye!” Glambert: “Bish, please. If you hadn’t voted for Kris, I wouldn’t be bleeding magenta glitter from the ear right now.”) and into Patrick Nagel‘s portrait studio.

Can anyone broker a peace between these two opposing forces, Music Mixers? Or will this battle royale continue all the way to the Great MAC Counter in the Sky?

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Adam Lambert's outre-space 'For Your Entertainment' cover: What do you think?

Adam-Lambert-album-cover-520Adam Lambert unveiled the cover for his forthcoming debut CD, For Your Entertainment, on his official site this afternoon, and to paraphrase the sadly under-appreciated 2003 single from current Dancing With the Stars contestant Mya: This cover’s like…whoa!

A publicist for 19 Recordings reveals that the image was shot by Warwick Saint in August in New York City. And, to put it mildly, it’s a little more, um, out there than the pensive-yet-ultimately-benign images we’ve come to expect from Idol runners-up. (If you’re not familiar with the show’s post-second-place oeuvre, do check out Exhibit A, Exhibit B, and Exhibit C. Not that there’s anything wrong with them, of course.)

Is America ready for this particular jelly? Some of my EW colleagues aren’t terribly optimistic, but might I remind them, we’re dishing a dude who sailed through Grand Ole Opry week with a hyper-sexual, sitar-infused take on “Ring of Fire.” Anyhow, while the Glambert nation collectively wipes its brow, catches its breath, and attempts to unlock its eyes from Adam’s hypnotic gaze (good luck!), here’s five things I think the cover art reveals about the artist and his debut disc, set to drop Nov. 23.

1) I’m catching homages to Michael Jackson (a single glove on display), Madonna (and a fingerless glove at that!), and Prince (the For Your Entertainment font is more than a little reminiscent of Purple Rain, no?). Clearly, the season 8 runner-up has no shortage of (formerly brunet, now cerulean) ambition, and whether you think Adam is deliciously gutsy or ridiculously presumptuous for subtly inserting himself into that A-list galaxy, at least you can’t accuse him of playing it safe.

2) And anyhow, more likely than not, Adam Lambert is actually an alien from a distant planet. READ FULL STORY

'Glee' Exclusive: Madonna is on board! Is Adam Lambert next?

EW1073CVR_PROMO_UPCAre you sitting down, Gleeks? Well you might want to, because we have some exclusive Glee news that’s positively Madge-ical. EW has learned that Madonna has given Glee the rights to her catalog and that an all-Madonna-music episode is in the works for early next year. The hit series has been building an audience and filling the iTunes charts with its cover songs, and Madonna’s involvement is a testament to how big the show is getting. Also, an amazing Glee cover of a classic Madonna track has the potential to be even bigger than the show’s blockbuster take on “Don’t Stop Believin’.” Quinn totally has to do “Papa Don’t Preach.” And I can completely see Rachel tackling “Material Girl.”

But Madonna might not be the only pop star getting some Glee love. Co-creator Ryan Murphy tells EW that he’s considering approaching American Idol runner up Adam Lambert about appearing on the show (next year, Glee will be paired with Idol on Wednesday nights). Nothing is official yet but Lambert does seem like an ideal choice for Glee.

Which Madonna song do you wanna hear Glee cover, Music Mix-ers? What would you think about Adam Lambert possibly appearing on the show?

For more on Glee, check out EW’s cover story on the Fox phenomenon, on stands this Friday.

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Adam Lambert's 'Time for Miracles' video: Spoiler alert! Not everyone dies in '2012.'

What’s this? You thought I was going to go 24 hours without posting a Music Mix item about American Idol‘s beloved eighth-season Kradison trio? Well you thought wrong, Blanche! But I obsess not just for the fanboy fun of it, but because, well, every day (and sometimes twice a day) there’s breaking news coming out of the Kris Allen-Adam Lambert-Allison Iraheta camp. Today’s big to-do: The premiere of Adam Lambert’s “Time for Miracles” video. I know, I know, I’m a little tardy for the party in weighing in — just because I make Real Housewives references doesn’t mean I actually watch that messerie, BTW — but because it’s only been 48 hours since I wrote a 781-word essay/review/tone poem about the full-length track, a little distance seemed necessary. Now, however, without further ado, here are the Top 5 Things That Went Through My Mind While Watching the “Time for Miracles” Video: READ FULL STORY

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