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Blake Shelton on his new 'Voice' costars Gwen Stefani and Pharrell: 'That's my competition'

Tonight’s premiere of the new season of The Voice features two familiar faces and two newcomers. Adam Levine and Blake Shelton are back once again, but they’ll be joined by first-time coaches Pharrell Williams and Gwen Stefani. The latter two are both new to singing competitions, and it’ll be interesting to see what kind of personalities emerge as the blind auditions roll on.

But neither Stefani nor Williams should look to their left for advice, Shelton tells EW: “I didn’t tell them crap,” Shelton said, laughing. “That’s my competition. We do these interviews, and Adam will get mad at me because I won’t help them. This is a competition, and my job is to try to win this thing. When I started on this show, nobody helped me!”


The Beatles Grammy Salute performances: The good, the bad, and the tacky from John Mayer, Brad Paisley, Pharrell, Adam Levine and more

“I was wondering if it was seemly to tribute yourself,” said Sir Paul McCartney in the most quotable moment from last night’s prerecorded CBS special, “The Beatles: The Night That Changed America—A Grammy Salute.” Naturally, it was “a couple of American guys” who convinced him that awards-show-style indulgence was called for on the 50th anniversary of The Ed Sullivan Show bringing Beatlemania to these United States. But when Paul—and, let’s not forget, Ringo Starr—finally performed, they did it with such earnestness, good humor, and energy that all the self-congratulation seemed crowded out. The bummer was that the Yanks who covered Beatles songs in the two hours leading up to this casually historic finale missed a big fat opportunity to inject more tacky, over-the-top American spirit into the proceedings. The lusty screams of young women in cat-eye glasses seemed distant indeed.

Although we must recognize Adam Levine and John Mayer for bringing a louche, careless, cruise-ship vibe to “Ticket to Ride” and “Don’t Let Me Down,” respectively. Especially Mayer, who, with his appealing voice and hobo-stylist look, took his bittersweet selection to an irreverent climax, trading guitar faces with Keith Urban, his sleekly metrosexual partner. Honorable mentions go to Katy Perry, who gave “Yesterday” a literal representation in the form of her retro dress, with its yards and yards of flowery fabric (fashion scolds attacked this choice when they first spotted it on the red carpet); and the louchest of them all, Joe Walsh, who popped up in a couple places, wailing on his guitar and reminding everyone that rock excess endures even when it disdains mind expansion—and that this can be groovy, too. READ FULL STORY

On the Scene at the Howard Stern Birthday Bash

The Hammerstein Ballroom was originally constructed as an opera house and, in the eyes of founder Oscar Hammerstein, was meant to return a stuffy art form back to the people. On Friday night, a reversal occurred when Howard Stern, the definitive American radio personality for two generations, found his populist form elevated by a staggering stream of boldfaced names who paid tribute to him on the occasion of his 60th birthday.

Hosted and broadcast live via SiriusXM, Stern’s home for the last eight years, the Howard Stern Birthday Bash filled the Ballroom with famous faces and crowded its stage with comedians, musicians, and fellow broadcasters to celebrate Stern’s life and career, which has evolved from the juvenile rabble-rousing of his early terrestrial life to the statelier (but still brutally honest) conversations of the satellite era. Sure, the Wack Pack was in the building, but so was Robert Downey, Jr., Larry King, Barbara Walters, Harvey Weinstein, and Hilary Swank — and that was mostly at one table.  READ FULL STORY

Adam Levine now in a Twitter feud with Lady Gaga, sort of

For somebody who tries to spread a gospel of love and acceptance, doesn’t it seem like Lady Gaga gets herself involved in an awful lot of passive-aggressive kerfluffles on Twitter?

Having taken a barrage of beef from onetime collaborator Azealia Banks, Mother Monster has now gotten into it with Maroon 5 frontman and The Voice star Adam Levine. On Friday, Levine tweeted, “Ugh … recycling old art for a younger generation doesn’t make you an artist. It makes you an art teacher.” He followed that up with the note, “I unabashedly love writing and performing pop music for both myself AND everyone around me. That’s It. It doesn’t need any extra sauce.”

Though he didn’t name any names, most everybody on the Internet decided that he was taking shots at Gaga. She responded to his comments on Saturday. “Uh oh guys the art police is here,” she tweeted.

That was the last of the exchange. It seems as though both Gaga and Levine have gone back to their respective corners, with the former gearing up for the forthcoming release of both her film debut (in Machete Kills, out Oct. 11) and her new album ARTPOP (out Nov. 8).

Meanwhile, Levine will be returning to his spinning chair on the season premiere of The Voice tonight. We judge this round a draw on all cards.

50 Cent's new single 'My Life' featuring Adam Levine and Eminem: Hear it here

50 Cent is a weird case among rappers, isn’t he?

He put out one of the best-selling hip-hop albums of all time in Get Rich or Die Tryin’, and his personal narrative (trained by Jam Master Jay, shot nine times, re-discovered by Dr. Dre & Eminem, made a ton of money off Vitamin Water) is as ingrained in the popular consciousness as any mainstream star’s of the past two decades.

On the other hand, he’s had a string of duds and non-starters, both in the music world and in the straight-to-DVD universe. Lately, he tends to grab headlines only for Twitter-related nonsense. But he’s still a prodigious talent, and his upcoming album Street King Immortal might be the thing that puts him back on top of the rap world.

That album’s new single “My Life,” which features Adam Levine and Eminem, is submitted as Exhibit A. It falls into some of the traps that 50’s other work tends to fall into (he doesn’t seem to know what his audience wants nor what bandwagon to hop on, so he just tries to do everything), but the Levine-crooned hook is an undeniable earworm, and Slim Shady’s guest verse is the best thing he’s done in 2012 (which means is 73,000 times better than his phoned-in guest spot on the Rihanna album).

Give “My Life” a spin below: READ FULL STORY

Adam Levine and Minka Kelly in new Maroon 5 video -- WATCH

Aww, it’s always sweet to see two beautiful celebrities handling a stranger’s baby.

Maroon 5’s new album Overexposed hits streets today, and Adam Levine and co. have released a new video to celebrate. The clip is for the album’s lead-off track and second single “One More Night” and was helmed by Peter Berg, whose directing résumé includes Friday Night Lights (the movie and the show), Hancock, and Battleship.

You might expect an epic music video — the “Payphone” clip was a mini action film, after all — but the concept is on the subdued side. Levine plays a stressed-out boxer struggling to bring the bacon home to his wife, played by Minka Kelly, and their baby.

Things don’t end too well for our hero, whose wife ends up leaving him. But Levine’s still grateful Kelly showed up in the first place. As the giddy frontman said to MTV, “Thank you, Minka Kelly, for doing our video!”

Find out what Levine’s all hopped up about by watching the “One More Night” video below:


Maroon 5 'Songs About Jane' release includes 'This Love,' 'She Will Be Loved' demos: Hear them here -- EXCLUSIVE


In a few weeks, Maroon 5 will deliver the band’s fourth album, Overexposed. But first they’d like to remind you of their breakout debut, Songs About Jane, which is getting the rerelease treatment today in honor of its tenth anniversary.

Can you believe it’s been a decade since a young, Voice-less Adam Levine first entered our lives? To put that in perspective, take into consideration that Songs About Jane is older than: Kanye West’s College Dropout, the Postal Service’s Give Up, and most Carly Rae Jepsen fans.

But Maroon 5’s debut wasn’t an immediate hit. Its first single, “Harder to Breathe,” was only a modest success, topping out at No. 18 on the Billboard 100 when it was released in 2002. It wasn’t until two years later when band released their next single, “This Love,” that things took off: chart domination, a Grammy win, and the seal of approval from John Mayer, who told Rolling Stone, “It’s one of those perfect songs you always hope to write.” The album became the tenth best-selling album of 2004, two years after its release.

To get an idea of how that hit single — and its follow-up, “She Will Be Loved” — came to be, the Songs About Jane: Tenth Anniversary Edition includes a second disc containing demo versions of the tracks, which you can listen to here.

And as a bonus, we’ve also included an exclusive video of Levine and the guys trying to pick out a band name. (Let’s just say we’re not writing this post about a band named Maroon Poon.)

Check it all out in the videos below:


Maroon 5's 'Payphone' video: Guns, car chases, and spare change


It’s blockbuster season at the multiplex, so why shouldn’t music videos provide their own crash-boom-bang?

That seems to be Maroon 5’s philosophy. Last night, the band pulled back the curtain on the brand new video for their Wiz Khalifa-assisted single “Payphone,” and it has no shortage of gunfire, car chases, explosions — plus plenty of  frontman Adam Levine actually singing into a payphone.

The clip puts Levine in the middle of a bank robbery, and though he initially appears to be just a loan officer or something, he manages to steal a gun, bust out of the bank with a foxy lady, and end up becoming a sought-after fugitive himself. Along the way he steals Wiz Khalifa’s car and loses his shirt.

There’s a little bit of John McClane in Levine’s performance—could he have a future as an action star? Head on over to E! to take a look at the premiere. READ FULL STORY

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