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Amy Winehouse set to debut new music in Brazil

Amy-WinehouseImage Credit: Samir Hussein/Getty ImagesOutside of spot appearances here and there, Amy Winehouse has been missing in action since wowing us with her soulful vocals on 2006’s Back to Black. But NME reports that she finally may be making a real comeback. Starting this Saturday at the Summer Soul Festival at Il Divino Florianopolis in Brazil, Winehouse will begin a four-date stint where she’ll perform some new cuts. Her backing singer Zalon spilled the beans on Twitter, writing “Band rehearsing for Brazil tour! Get Ready! New songs.” And pictures of her rehearsing have been posted on a fan site.


New Amy Winehouse, 'It's My Party': Hear her Lesley Gore cover

Amy-WinehouseImage Credit: Samir Hussein/Getty ImagesIf there’s something we know our beloved little wayward beehive enjoys, it’s a good party. And apparently, this one ends in tears.

The 27-year-old Grammy winner returned to the studio recently for the star-strewn Quincy Jones release Q: Soul Bossa Nostra, due November 9, with her Back to Black producer (and recent subject of a Wino tweet-spanking) Mark Ronson.

You can hear their recording of Lesley Gore’s 1963 teenage cri de coeur “It’s My Party”
over at (via Soundcloud). The RonHouse pairing proves as Spector-esquely fruitful as ever—though frankly, whether the reasons are stylistic or substance-related, Amy’s penchant for slurring her vocals yields something closer to “Ish My Parrry.”

What do you think? Tell us in the comments section below.

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Amy Winehouse to Mark Ronson: 'You're dead to me'

Winehouse-vs-mark-ronsonImage Credit: Mark Allan/WireImage.comHe tried to take the praise for “Rehab,” she said no, no, no. Amy Winehouse is apparently none too pleased with producer Mark Ronson’s claim to U.K. late-show host Jools Holland that he “created” the finished songs on her Grammy-winning Back to Black from Winehouse’s own demos.

Wino took to her personal—not official and record-company sanctioned—Twitter page @amyjademermaid to vent her displeasure, posting: “One album i write an[d] you take half the credit. Make a career out of it? don’t think so BRUV.”

YouTube has footage of Ronson’s musical performance (with guests Boy George and Miike Snow’s Andrew Wyatt) on the show, which aired Friday night in England, but nothing of the interview. So it’s difficult to say for sure exactly how the songwriter and producer—there to promote his own new album—represented his part in Black‘s creation.

Suffice it to say, Winehouse’s tweet does not bode especially well for the pair’s ongoing professional relationship, though she did claim in July that her upcoming followup, which she described as “very much the same as my second album, where there’s a lot of jukebox stuff and songs that are… just jukebox,” as being ready “in six months at most.”

Winehouse and Ronson last worked together on a cover of Lesley Gore’s 1963 weepie “It’s My Party” for an upcoming Quincy Jones tribute album, to be released in November.

UPDATE: The Guardian now has the complete (and frankly, pretty reasonable-sounding) quote that so riled Wino: When asked to describe what he does as a music producer, Ronson replied, “Working with someone like Amy Winehouse, she would come to me with just a song on an acoustic guitar and then you’d kind of dream up the rhythm arrangements and the track around it, all sorts of things. It’s really different, artist to artist.”

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Amy Winehouse to sing 'It's My Party' for Quincy Jones

Amy-WinehouseImage Credit: Marc Broussely/Redferns/Getty ImagesIs this the beginning of Amy Winehouse’s comeback? The troubled soul singer is poised to release her first new music in years, the Associated Press reports.

Winehouse is said to have recorded a cover of Lesley Gore’s 1963 hit “It’s My Party” for Quincy Jones’ upcoming Q: Soul Bossa Nostra album. Her close collaborator Mark Ronson produced the track.

“It’s My Party” was one of Jones’ first major pop production credits before his legendary work with Michael Jackson. Its petulant, insistent tone fits perfectly with Winehouse’s strengths. And anyone who’s heard “Rehab” or one of their other five collaborations on 2006’s breakout Back to Black knows how arresting Winehouse can sound over a Ronson track.

Are you looking forward to hearing Winehouse’s “It’s My Party” when Q: Soul Bossa Nostra arrives in November? Think this song is a good fit for her? Hope this is the start of a full-scale return to music? Sound off in the comments.

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New Amy Winehouse CD: Singer says third album will be ready 'in six months at most.'

Amy-WinehouseImage Credit: Danny Martindale/WireImage.comAmy Winehouse has said that her third CD will be ready “in six months at most,” according to Briain’s Metro newspaper. Winehouse added that the collection is “going to be very much the same as my second album, where there’s a lot of jukebox stuff and the songs that are… just jukebox, really.”

The singer’s second album was 2006’s Back to Black which spawned the single “Rehab,” and won five Grammys. It also sold ten million copies around the world and established Winehouse as a major star. Of course, over the last couple of years, it is the singer’s often erratic behavior, rather than her vocal skills, that have made headlines, leaving many to wonder if she would ever make another CD.

What do you think of the news that Winehouse has a new album in the works? And what do you think she means when she says that it will feature “a lot of jukebox” material?

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Amy Winehouse and ?uestlove: Supergroup in the making?

questlove-winehouseImage Credit: Chago Akii-bua; Mischa RichterDoes ?uestlove ever sleep? Fresh off last week’s release of the Roots’ best album in several years, the hip-hop band’s drummer/mastermind is already teasing his next dream project: a supergroup consisting of himself and troubled wailer Amy Winehouse. This would be on top of the Roots’ Late Night With Jimmy Fallon job and their upcoming collaborative album with John Legend. Like I said, dude stays grinding.

?uestlove spilled the beans in an interview with Spinner at the Toronto Jazz Festival, where the Roots performed on Tuesday. He said international red tape is the only thing preventing him and Winehouse from jamming together. “[The supergroup is] definitely going to happen — it’s just that we have to work overtime to get her visa situation together,” he promised. “The closest she can come to the States is Jamaica.” He hopes to discuss this face-to-face with Winehouse when the Roots hit France next week. ‘Til then, they plan to continue “Skype-ing the s— out of each other.”

Until that visa issue is resolved, this may be more aspiration than reality. It’s a pretty awesome idea, though. All the drama in Winehouse’s personal life hasn’t made me one bit less eager to hear her follow up 2006’s Back to Black. If anything, sad to say, that kind of hard-lived experience could make her music even more compelling. And ?uestlove would be a brilliant choice to draw that quality out on record. As a drummer and producer, he’s helped coax amazing albums out of complicated personalities like D’Angelo and Al Green.

What do you think of this potential pairing? Anyone else psyched for ?uestlove and Amy Winehouse to team up?

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Amy Winehouse's dad releases an album, unleashes inner Sinatra

Mitch-WinehouseImage Credit: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty ImagesMitch Winehouse, the father of that erstwhile beehive of trouble and talent, Amy Winehouse (now reportedly healthy and happy in her new sobriety) has a Rush of Love.

Specifically, that’s the title of his debut record, consisting mainly of covers, with four originals—””no album of the usual Rat Pack standards,” he insists, “it is jazz, swing, crooning.”

The onetime cab driver admits he wouldn’t be in the business at all if not for his very famous daughter: “”As far as I’m concerned, there was no other way into the industry for me, because, you know, I wasn’t even a singer when I was younger. Maybe I’m giving a big up to the geriatrics of the world. Never too late.”

You can watch a recent UK television performance of the actually very Rat-Pack-standard-y “Rush of Love to Heart,” after the jump. Granted, Papa Winehouse has historically been about as press-shy as Speidi when it comes to addressing the bits and bobs of his daughter’s private life, but he seems like a decent guy—one self-aware enough to tell the show’s host, “I’m not silly; I know I’ve got the gig cuz I’m Amy’s dad,” before launching into his breezy, Sinatra-lite “Rush”: READ FULL STORY

Amy Winehouse rapping: How many seconds can you stand before you press stop?

A video of British songstress and perpetual trainwreck Amy Winehouse rapping — er, I guess that’s technically what she’s doing — has hit YouTube, and her nearly undecipherable rhymes don’t do anything to help her messy reputation. She wails her way through the homemade video, her heavy accent — yeah, let’s blame it on the accent! — causing her to stumble over many of the words she’s trying to get out. Truly, a smoky voice like Winehouse’s shouldn’t be wasted on such crap. Just put out a record of what you do best — folksy, soulful, raspy tunes!

But to be fair, it looks like she’s just messing around and having a little fun with her musical pal Zalon — who was nobody to me before watching this video. But Zalon: Not half bad! Kind of a Craig David-type I’d listen to. According to his website, he’s recognized “as the lead backing vocalist to Amy Winehouse.” Supposedly, he’s also sung alongside Mariah Carey, Blu Cantrell, and Lil’ John. And, apparently, Mark Ronson is co-producing his album, which is set to hit later this year.

But back to the clip at hand: It’s just over three minutes, and you can find it after the jump. In the comments below, tell us how long you made it before you hit the stop button. (I’m guessing it’s somewhere around 46 seconds, when Amy begins her murderous, and ear-splitting, shrieking.)


Amy Winehouse's 'comeback' gig: Trainwreck alert!

Sigh. Yes, she’s at it again. Just when it seemed like troubled singer Amy Winehouse might be getting it together a bit — she’s been working on a new album, which, despite all of the craziness, we’re dying to hear — she’s returned with another wacky episode. Winehouse was set to play her first concert of the year in St. Lucia on Friday, but she cut the show short after a somewhat kooky set. The official reason given for the aborted concert was bad weather, but before she left the stage Winehouse had apparently been forgetting lyrics and performing erratically. At one point, she reportedly fell down. Check out a clip from the St. Lucia show below, then let us know: Are you excited for a new Winehouse album? Or have you had about enough of her sorry spectacle?

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