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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2011 nominees include Beastie Boys, Bon Jovi, LL Cool J: Who got left out?

bon-jovi-beatie-boys-summersImage Credit: Chris Walter/; Ebet Roberts Redferns/Getty Images; Lester Cohen/Wireimage.comThe Rock and Roll Hall of Fame just announced its latest class of nominees via press release. The list of 15 artists covers a broad range of eras and sounds, from rock (Alice Cooper, Bon Jovi) to pop (Neil Diamond, Chic, Donna Summer) to folk (Donovan) to hip-hop (Beastie Boys, LL Cool J) and more. Inductees will be announced in December and honored at a ceremony next March.

As always, plenty of eligible acts didn’t make this first round. Last week names like Rush, T. Rex, the Smiths, Joan Jett, and KISS came up as potential nominees; none of them got the nod this time. (UPDATE: Rush documentary director responds to Hall of Fame snub: “It’s unfortunate”)

Take a look at the full list of this year’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees after the jump. Then let us know who you think the most egregious omissions are. Bear in mind that eligible artists must have debuted in 1985 or earlier. And, hey, if there’s anyone you’re glad the Hall did nominate — personally, I was psyched to see Chic, Darlene Love, and the Beastie Boys on the list — let us know about that, too. READ FULL STORY

Beastie Boys' Adam Yauch talks health, album plans

adam-yauchImage Credit: Steve Granitz/WireImage.comBeastie Boys rapper Adam “MCA” Yauch is on the mend after undergoing surgery and treatment for a salivary gland tumor last year. “I feel better,” Yauch told EW at the Film Independent Spirit Awards in L.A. on March 5. “It was touch and go there for a while, but I am finally getting my energy back.” (Yauch was at the awards to support nominated films The Messenger and Treeless Mountain, both of which were distributed by his company, Oscilloscope Laboratories; The Messenger‘s Woody Harrelson won Best Supporting Male.)

Next up: the Beasties’ album Hot Sauce Committee Part 1, whose release was delayed from last September due to Yauch’s cancer diagnosis. Yauch said they now hope to drop Hot Sauce this September. “It was really disappointing to have to hold the record and postpone the tour, but doctor’s orders. We may or may not [release the album] depending on how my health is come September. We want to but we have to play it by ear.”

Yauch said he and the other Beastie Boys are planning to give the album a final once-over soon. “I was just talking to Adam [Horovitz] and Mike [D] today on the phone and we were talking about working on it a bit. We finished the record over a year ago, so we want to take a look at it and re-evaluate and make sure it is what we want to put out there and that we are still happy with it. I don’t think we will change it up too much.” –Reporting by Carrie Bell

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Norah Jones gets remixed by Beck, the Beasties, and Santigold

Norah Jones has enlisted a surprise roster of bold-faced rock and hip-hop names to remix tracks from her forthcoming CD The Fall, due November 17. “With the way things are nowadays in the record business, every outlet wants extra content,” the New York-based songstress tells EW. “So we decided to have people I admire do some remixes. The Beasties Boys did one, and Beck, and Santigold. I love Santigold. There are elements in her record that inspired me to try little things here and there. Some of her songs are great pop songs, but they have all these cool instruments on them and they sound kind of organic even though they’re electronic. Those were the kind of sounds I was going for on my album.”

Jones also revealed that she almost approached Beck to oversee The Fall, before ultimately hooking up with Tom Waits and Kings of Leon collaborator Jacquire King. “I had a wish list of a few people I wanted to play with,” she says. “I really wanted to work with Joey Waronker because I’ve always loved his drumming on the Beck records. Beck’s name came up a lot when we were trying to pick people for this record. At a certain point I almost thought, ‘Well, maybe I should just ask Beck to produce because I keep looking to work with the people he’s worked with.’ But I didn’t try.”

Are you excited about the idea of hearing Ms. Jones retooled by the Beck and crew? Or just looking forward to the release of her new one?

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Best cover songs: What's your favorite?

Since the No. 1 album in the country right now is a cover album — Sugarland’s Live on the Inside DVD includes a bonus CD of them taking on Pearl Jam, Kings of Leon, R.E.M., and Beyonce — we thought it was a particularly opportune time to re-ask a perennial question: What’s your favorite cover song?

I’ve got a new one of late: Jay-Z taking on the Beastie Boys’ “No Sleep Til Brooklyn” while subbing in for them at this year’s All Points West music festival. It was a classy move, and it’s a fierce rendition:

A quick staff poll turned up some other classic suggestions, like the White Stripes’ “Jolene,” Jeff Buckley’s “Hallelujah,” Johnny Cash’s take on “Hurt,” and the we’re-secretly-15-years-old duo of Alien Ant Farm’s “Smooth Criminal” and the Ataris’ “Boys of Summer.” (Love that Black Flag shout-out.) But we sit around and listen to ourselves talk all day. We want your picks, Mixers! Give us enough good ones, and maybe we’ll make us a playlist! It worked for the heartbreaking songs, didn’t it?

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All Points West '09: Coldplay save the day

all-points-west-coldplay_lYesterday, Coldplay mesmerized at the closing night of this year’s very wet and muddy music fest, All Points West, held in Jersey City, NJ. Though there were many other fine performances, including sets by The Black Keys, Lykke Li, and We Are Scientists, none compared to the show put on by the Brit quartet.

During “Yellow,” hundreds of balloons were released into the sky and singer Chris Martin sang “Lovers in Japan” while swinging a Japanese paper umbrella around as colorful confetti poured on fans. The vocalist paid homage to the Beastie Boys (who pulled out from the festival after Adam Yauch was diagnosed with cancer) by performing “Fight For Your Right (To Party),” just as Jay-Z had tributed the trio on Friday with “No Sleep Till’ Brooklyn.” Coldplay also tipped their hat to the late Michael Jackson with an acoustic version of “Billie Jean.”

But it was one of the band’s closing songs, “The Scientist,” that seemed to move the mud-soaked audience the most. With Martin crooning into the mic with his signature falsetto, his fingers like gentle hammers on the keyboard, the heartfelt performance should live long in the audience’s collective memory. Which is a good thing. “You probably won’t see us again for a while,” Martin said, before leaving the stage.

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Photo Credit: Roger Kisby/

Jay-Z replaces Beastie Boys as All Points West headliner

One of the tour dates that the Beastie Boys had to cancel this week when Adam Yauch was diagnosed with a treatable form of cancer was a headlining gig on the first night of New Jersey’s All Points West festival next month. As disappointing as that news was — get well soon, MCA! — festival organizers have found one hell of a replacement act: The one and only Jay-Z will headline the Friday, Aug. 1 show, according to an announcement last night.

If you’ve seen Jay in concert, you know he rocks a crowd like no other. And his triumphant performance last year at Glastonbury in the U.K. proved the man knows how to headline a festival. (Check out his opening routine from Glastonbury ’08 below; some NSFW language.) As for this particular show, you have to assume Jay’s set will feature some fresh material from his long-planned The Blueprint 3, due in September. Plus, Coldplay are headlining All Points West’s third night. How much do you want to bet festivalgoers will get to see Hov and his pal Chris Martin share a stage during at least one of their headlining sets?

So, who’s psyched about this late-breaking addition to the All Points West line-up? Anyone thinking about buying a last-minute ticket now that Jay-Z’s been confirmed? Weigh in below.

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New Beastie Boys featuring Nas, 'Too Many Rappers': Hear it here

It came as a shock to learn yesterday that Adam “MCA” Yauch of the Beastie Boys has cancer in his left salivary gland, forcing the trio to nix a summer tour and push back the release of their next album, Hot Sauce Committee Part 1. A reassuring statement from Yauch’s publicists said the cancer is “very treatable” — Yauch even drolly referred to his diagnosis as “a pain in the neck,” get it? Anyway, here’s hoping for a full and speedy recovery. We’re pulling for ya at the Music Mix, MCA.

Meanwhile, this news is no reason to stop being excited about that upcoming shipment of Hot Sauce, whenever it may end up arriving. New Beasties tune “Too Many Rappers,” a collaboration with Nas, hit the Web over the weekend, much to the delight of New York golden age hip-hop heads like yours truly. It’s an unapologetic throwback, all chop-shop beats and “on and on, to the crack of dawn” rhymes. This thing could have been recorded in, like, 1986, and I love it. Check out “Too Many Rappers” below (some NSFW language), and let us know how it sounds to your ears.

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Beastie Boys ready 'Hot Sauce Committee Part 1,' more reissues

Beastie-Boys_l Four months ago, Adam Yauch told EW that Beastie Boys were working on “a pretty weird record.” One month ago, they announced the name of the album: Hot Sauce Committee. And today, they’ve added an intriguing flourish to the end of the title — it’s now Hot Sauce Committee Part 1, don’t you forget it — and revealed a September 15 release date as well as a tracklist including guest spots from Nas and Santigold. Sweet! Or perhaps I should say spicy!

Beastie Boys haven’t blessed us with an album since 2007’s instrumental The Mix-Up (which I found much more fun than EW’s reviewer at the time), and you have to go back to 2005’s To the 5 Boroughs for their last album with actual vocals. And Hot Sauce is only one of several cool projects the trio has coming up soon: 1994’s Ill Communication gets the deluxe reissue treatment July 14, and 1998’s Hello Nasty joins it on August 25. (Tricked-out editions of 1989’s Paul’s Boutique and 1992’s Check Your Head already arrived this January and April.) Looks like 2009 is going to be a banner year indeed for Beasties fans. Click through to the jump for the full Hot Sauce tracklist, then pipe up: How hungry are you for new Beastie treats?


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